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Found 108 results

  1. Hey guys this is me in the video and my youtube page it's pretty damn new as far as content goes but if you play you should add me on steam or something. [url]http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/therealfilthy[/url] [video=youtube;IhQijDKnKCo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhQijDKnKCo[/video]
  2. [video=youtube;sseU_Gx7wIE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sseU_Gx7wIE[/video] hope you guys enjoyed it server: exiledrsps
  3. Thelilshaw3

    Video Help

    Could someone help me create a video for my rsps server, who is good at making a introduction and editing. Thanks, Msg me on here or Add me on skype: Melilshaw3
  4. [SIZE=4][CENTER][URL="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bKCNC-6qw9lx7Dxs2h7wg"]CHANNEL: CLICK HERE[/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE=3]Explanation: [/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Hello everyone, I recently opened a channel that is meant too just help out peoples server and getting it some type of publicity too help it grow. I will mainly be uploading promos, and any type of video related too you're server that you would like uploaded. The first video's uploaded will be FREE OF CHARGE. This is so I know if this channel will be beneficial or if it will not get any views so I know whether too keep it up or not.[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]Rules:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]You must leave a "Vouch" on this thread. You're video must not contain any profanity or anything bad in that sense. The video must be Less then 5 minutes long. (Avoid uploading problems) You're server MUST include some type of forums or website too show that it is some way legit. (Obviously) YOU'RE VIDEO MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY COPYRIGHT MUSIC / CONTENT.[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]How too get you're video uploaded:[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Add my SKYPE: Likeaphoto1 OR Pm me on these forums. You must have a Youtube Ready video uploaded too youtube Unlisted, Public or Private. (I will not download any files or accept Files through skype.) Thank you for reading![/CENTER][/SIZE]
  5. Is this still possible? I know it used to be for a while but now you need a capture card mainly BUT I was wondering if someone knew a different way to just have the feed go directly to PC to capture it with like lets say XSplit or some other program? Let me know!
  6. shk

    Video Maker

    We need a video maker for our server , please contact me via pm or post here , tell me ur skype and we'll talk .. reward will be given :D
  7. What's your preference? I want a video series that yields a strong independent programmer.
  8. [video=youtube;VO0X_2lUB7w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO0X_2lUB7w[/video] 2 intense 4 me.
  9. I used to be simple minded like most of you, but now i'm a juggalo thanks to this video. I hope it helps all of you convert to juggaloism. [video=youtube;ulGaxBPk2jI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulGaxBPk2jI[/video]
  10. [CENTER][video=youtube;Ii6L_Aux9RU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii6L_Aux9RU[/video][/CENTER] Thoughts? This video is amazing
  11. I believe this got leaked, the video was recorded about 5 years ago(When he was 14). [video=youtube;HYuIoFai3Sw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYuIoFai3Sw[/video] Its terrible.
  12. I'm still working on this and it's quite obvious it's not finished. There are a few delays & the song is still copyrighted. Let me know what you think. [CENTER][video=youtube;2r8GK_Uqd80]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r8GK_Uqd80[/video][/CENTER]
  13. please enjoy! [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM3s-0NfEXc[/url] Our future movements will be a fund raiser for cancer research!!
  14. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXDjRMkcNbo[/url]
  15. So this boy made a video because he got 1 like on his video and hoped for 3-5 likes. During the night, someone posted this on Reddit and this got on the frontpage and now the video has approx. 393 000 views and 69 000 likes. Here is his channel and the main video posted, he's pretty funny: [url]www.youtube.com/embed/vZcDjcaSHvc[/url]
  16. [video=youtube;SABJeGdDjkk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SABJeGdDjkk[/video] Updates shall be made if needed. Have a fantastic Christmas and an outstanding new year everyone. Stay safe and I'll be back again next year :) :cool:
  17. NoXIp

    Funny Ass Video

  18. hey guys, please check out my new edit then message me on runelocus and I will do you a edit or an intro for free! [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVwNEDdPUck[/url] please like comment and subscribe :)
  19. I know it is really short, and doesnt include many features, but i would like you know if it is visually pleasing. Because this is done in sony vegas i need to know the small things to make it better with out upgrading software. [video=youtube;MHmlQvhXKkM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MHmlQvhXKkM[/video] :fp: it was hard to sync to the song after the beginning
  20. Hey Guys, Are you looking for a video editor someone to make an advertisement for your server or edit any of your current videos. I do both, I will work with you 1on1 to make sure you get the best for your money only message me if you're interested and I will show current work as I am currently working on several products with a few clients. I work for a low cost and am very fair with my prices as I don't want to charge a lot. [B][U]COD/OTHER GAMING VIDEOS:[/U][/B]I will work 1 on 1 with you to create the best montage you tell me how you want it I will do it. Details: Advertisements: The advertisements I do start from 0:30 - 3:00 (Minutes) and depending on the time it takes will be the amount charged this is than again all further details that we will discus. Pk videos: I can edit all pking clips from EOC - Old school RS usually are around 3-7 Minutes long. [ I also do any type of videos such as Montages for video games , and In real life videos ] [B][U]Previous work:[/U][/B] I have just worked with [I]Luka2005[/I] on the forums who is the owner of [U]Vicious Revolution [/U] [URL="http://VR-PS.com"]http://VR-PS.com[/URL] making the advertisement for his server. [B][U]Video:[/U][/B] [video=youtube;8tKTTVr2NpE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tKTTVr2NpE[/video] [url=http://postimage.org/][img]http://s24.postimg.org/oarfoly05/Awesome.png[/img][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/app.php]screenshot program[/url] Review by Luka2005: "HUGE VOUCH, Awesome work, never seen a better video editor. Just watch the video and you'll understand what i mean!" Other previous work was taken off my old computer as it wasn't backed up when computer crashed. If you're interested we will get the right product for you and I will show other projects I am working on. [B][U]Hours:[/U][/B] Hours projects will be worked on. [I will be available to get hold of 24/7] [B]Monday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Tuesday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Wednesday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Thursday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Friday:[/B] 6-7 PM [B]Saturday:[/B] 12-6 PM [B]Sunday: [/B] 2-9 PM [B]If a project is to be rushed we will discus further details.[/B] [B][U]Footage (Video):[/U][/B]Depending on how you would like to do it you can send your videos to me via [U]DropBox[/U] or another source you would like. I can also film the footage myself seen in the video above [U]Vicious Revolution[/U]. We will talk in further details if there is a problem. All payments are made VIA Paypal and how everything works is I will make your video and show it to you (Will have my details spammed all over) and if you want to purchase it I will remove all the details and send you the raw video that you can than put under your name and directly upload it to any site you please. Prices from person to person can change all depending on the amount of time and the length I give cheap prices and are roughly working on a handful of videos at a time but always make room for new customers. Best way to contact me is through [B]SKYPE: XTOMUCHX[/B] We will than chat into further detail and I will show you examples and get the results you need. All the best, PM me on this site. Best way to contact is skype: [B]XTOMUCHX[/B] Additional Details: Music/Effects(A lot , A little, Flashes...ETC...)/Length is determined by you and what you vision. Project I'm currently working on: [B][U]1[/U][/B] as of Thursday,May 23,2013 [url=http://postimage.org/][img]http://s10.postimg.org/pk8o8a8s9/Profesional_Video.png[/img][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/]image hosting[/url]
  21. I need someone that is very good with video editing, reply here with videos you have worked on, and pm me with your skype, i pay good.
  22. Made a little tutorial for people who do not know of this little "mini-quest." [video=youtube;b0Fi0oS9tHA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0Fi0oS9tHA[/video]
  23. this is my oldschool bank video, ive gained 6mill gp since then, and before this bank video happened ilost full black t, full d'hide g and 4mill gp so yeah [video=youtube;VDn3rTOq0YY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDn3rTOq0YY[/video] enjoy
  24. Make a Video for RSorder to Win 100M [url=http://www.rsorder.com/rs-gold][b]runescape gold[/b][/url] The detailed rule can be found here: [url]http://www.rsorder.com/profile/news/read/id/492[/url]
  25. Hey guys, its been a few months since I've been on here bc i was thinking about quitting RSPS for good but decided to come back. I'm glad to be back and be a part of Runelocus though :) Anyways my problem I'm having is my sprites seem to corrupt my cache when adding them in the image achieve. I've made a video so y'all could see what I'm talking about, if y'all could help it would be awesome :) Sorry if the music was too loud :/ [video=youtube;vdmpqrc2Itw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdmpqrc2Itw&feature=youtu.be[/video]