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Found 10 results

  1. Take the following code into consideration: [HTML] <center><button onclick="myFunction()">Click here to enter name.</button> <p id="NAME"></p> <script> function myFunction() { var x; var person=prompt("Please enter your name","enter name here"); if (person!=null) { x="Hello " + person + "! Click the button below to continue!"; document.getElementById("NAME").innerHTML=x; } } </script> [/HTML] Now if I wanted to use that persons name in a sentence on a different page, how would I go about doing that? Thanks in advanced, i'm working on an html based rpg game to try and learn more about this language, your help is much appreciated :) Edit: also, how would I go about starting the js without pressing a button?
  2. Hello, I'm just curious as to why variables such as Booleans, Int's etc. save their state in the Player.java file but not in others? If I create an int in a random class as such: [code] public class RandomClass { int randomInt = 0; } [/code] and then change the state of that int in say, a command. When I log out and back in, the int will have reset back to 0. However, if I do exactly the same for an int in the Player.java file, it will save it to what ever state it's been set to. This is probably a really newbie question but it's 1 of many things I don't understand. How would I go around getting it to save the int's from other class files? Kind Regards, Andy
  3. hey i need some help Setting up my Evriomental Variables on my winds 7. need someone to help me over Teamviewer so i can start coding
  4. i am very new to making my own rsps my server compiler comes up as javac:file not found so i tried to change my ev's and i ended up deleting my "path" stuff ... now when i turn on comp it pops up "java updater not working" can somone help me out plz i cant even find "classpath" an i dont know what was in the "path" originally which i think is whats fucking up my updater tyvm for whoever helps me getting started
  5. I wasn't sure if this was the right section or not, but I decided to post here because no one had posted in the 508 Client Hacking Help section since March 2012. Anyway, I want to know what the item option variables are. Here's an example of one of my items right now: [CODE]case 14001: class142.anInt2274 = 40207; class142.aClass124_2296 = Class14_Sub2_Sub2.method263(1178, "Dragon platebody");//Item Name class142.anInt2317 = 0;// model rotation 1 class142.anInt2286 = 0;// model rotation 2 class142.anInt2293 = 0;// model offset 1 class142.anInt2285 = 0;// model offset 2 class142.anInt2311 = 44576;//inventory/drop model class142.anInt2273 = 900;//model zoom break; [/CODE] What I want to add is a Wear option as at the moment it only has Use, Drop and Examine options. Can someone help me out? I can't find this anywhere online.
  6. Hi, this is my 3rd JavaScript tutorial and it will be about different types of variables There are two types of variables, a global and a local variable. A global variable a a variable created anywhere in your script, not in a function. A local variable is a variable that is created [b]inside[/b] of a function. [code]<html> <head> </head> <body> <script type="text/javascript"> var g = "bacon tester"; function iSean() { alert("Hello there"); } function iCoke(){ alert("Bye bye now"); } function iStart(){ var h = "ham tester"; iSean(); iVar(); document.write(h); document.write(g); } iStart(); document.write(h); </script> </body> </html>[/code] So, from the script above can see that 'G' is a global variable, and 'H' is a local variable. There are certain rules that apply to these variables though that I will explain in this tutorial. A global variable is one that you can call from both outside, and inside a function. So in the script we can see that Variable G is being called from inside of function iStart. If you were to run this on Chrome, or any other browser it would should you it is being used by printing out on the screen "bacon tester." but now let's say we wanted to use variable H that we created in iStart and try to write it on the screen by calling it [b]outside[/b] of it's function, nothing will happen. So what I'm getting at is, global can be used anywhere at all times, local cannot. It's like the function is saying "no, i created this so you cannot have it!" and will not allow anything to happen to it. That's basically all you need to know from this tutorial, is how to use those two types properly. It's pretty easy to remember to, global = world wide, local = near by. Don't pay much attention to the alerts being used in the first two functions, if you read my second tutorial you should be able to understand what's going on there and why I made a function just to call them.
  7. Having trouble setting up your Environment Variables? About a year ago I created a program that automatically sets them for you after setting the path of your JDK. [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?76i4isrtarblxqj"]http://www.mediafire.com/?76i4isrtarblxqj[/URL] [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/bec5yu.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/5nu2qw.png[/IMG]
  8. Okay, so I am trying to make a runescape private server using CheezScape, and when I go into my environmental Variables, I look and find the Variable: PATH. Yet, I cannot find the Variable: Classpath! What do I do?
  9. Im Using PI base and alot of tutorials I follow I can usually never find the symbol c.whatever How Do i Declare these variables
  10. Thanks for all the help, I got everything all setup. It was a retarded fix on my part =\