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Found 6 results

  1. I was editing the item cache for my server, and I managed to figure out how to save. I started to edit the keys and values and learned that it can control bonuses, requirements, animations, etc... I didn't know what keys were which so i searched and found 1 result (after searching for half an hour) that brought me a small list of what each key was. it told me which keys gave bonuses, special bar, normal attack animations, and level and id requirements. I thought that was all I needed but I realized that there were keys higher than 800 in the items, and anything over 800 was not on the list. I also could not find an npc key and value list. Is there a list out there, of all the keys and values of npcs and items? Thank you for your time!
  2. Hash

    Chart Of Values

    Since this is dead these times, I am thinking of bringing sometimes some news from around the world so we can discuss what we want. As some of you may or may not know, in Quebec province, Canada, there's been a chart of values released recently. It's currently in the stage of general assemblies where many associations and groups come and defend their points on it and whether they are for it or not. For those who don't know it, here are some important points you must know: [list] [*]Limit the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols; [*]The wearing of kippas, turbans, burkas, hijabs and "large" crosses would be banned for civil servants while they are on the job. [/list] What comes here from the minister who created it is that people working in the public jobs must represent the state as neutral and not encourage their religious preferences or belonging. This is the debate that caused the biggest controversies around the province and Canada for a while and is debated a lot at the moment and for the next two months. As of these information, you may now discuss of it and here is some complementary information: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec_Charter_of_Values[/url]
  3. toxicx666

    exp values

    Hey everyone I downloaded the runelocas starter pack and my goal is to just play by myself with high rates. So could anyone please tell me how to edit the exp values. Or please link me to a private server package with high rates that is mostly vanilla. Thank you
  4. I have dumped low- and high level alchemy values for every item in the 662 item list I had. The alchemy information was taken from the unofficial RuneScape Wiki. Feel free to contribute by submitting a list of item names that were added after build 662. If you can, please use this format: [code]id:Item name[/code] Here is a small example list: [code]7437:Spork 7438:Spork 7439:Spatula 7440:Spatula 7441:Frying pan 7442:Frying pan[/code] My dumps are formatted like this: [code]4151 48000 72000 4152 48000 72000 4153 20000 30000 4154 20000 30000 4156 2000 3000 4157 2000 3000 4158 12400 18600 4159 12400 18600 4160 36 54 4161 4 6[/code] Any item left out is [I]hopefully[/I] not supposed to have an alchemical value. [B]Download:[/B] [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?7q1y1s1dtthar6c"]alchemical-values-662.zip[/URL] (Mediafire.com – 30.51 kB) Sincerely Nouish :3
  5. === I SOLVED THIS, CHECK POST #4 :D === Alright so I do have a Public Boolean for whether or not you're in Fun Pk, [code]inFunPk()[/code] and I was going to try it here in my PlayerAssistant [code] if (Server.playerHandler.players[c.playerId].connectedFrom != o.lastKilled && c.duelStatus == 0) { o.pkPoints = (o.pkPoints + 3); o.sendMessage("You received 3 PK Points"); o.sendMessage("You wiped the floor with " +Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName)+ "!"); o.lastKilled = Server.playerHandler.players[c.playerId].connectedFrom; o.getPA().addSkillXP(150000, 23); //c.getPA().addSkillXP(-4000, 23); if (o.earningPotential >= 85) { o.earningPotential -= 40 + Misc.random(50); int random = (int)(Math.random() * (xEP.length - 1)); Server.itemHandler.createGroundItem(o, xEP[random][0], c.absX, c.absY, xEP[random][1], o.playerId); o.sendMessage("You received an EP drop, Congratulations!"); o.sendMessage("Your EP decreased to: "+c.earningPotential+" :(."); } } else { //c.getPA().addSkillXP(-4000, 23); o.sendMessage("You do not recieve PK Points because you have killed " +c.playerName+ " twice in a row, fight others!"); if (o.earningPotential >= 85) { o.earningPotential -= 40 + Misc.random(50); int random = (int)(Math.random() * (xEP.length - 1)); Server.itemHandler.createGroundItem(o, xEP[random][0], c.absX, c.absY, xEP[random][1], c.playerId); o.sendMessage("Your EP decreased to: "+c.earningPotential+" :(."); } } } }[/code] but I don't know how to make it give different Pkp's. I would like if you're in fun pk to only get 1 Pkp but if you're in the wild you get 5. Anyone help, please? Not too savvy with java so any help is appreciated :P
  6. I have a hashmap of two objects, but it seems to return different values because the hashcode is different. Ex. [CODE]HashMap<HashMapTest, String> newMap = new HashMap<HashMapTest, String>(); newMap.put(new HashMapTest("test"), "line"); System.out.println(newMap.get(new HashMapTest("test")));[/CODE] the hashcodes are different when I put it in the hashmap and when I get it from the hashmap. Is there any way of fixing this?