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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys i seriously need help with this one basically i followed this guide here [URL="https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,444519.0.html#post_pi"]https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,444519.0.html#post_pi[/URL] to prevent cheat clients. Everything works great except my client adds the number "09" in front of the username so if my username was bob i would login and my name would be 09Bob. I have no idea whats causing this. [IMG]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69012047/forum/b6e118d999b8faf442ee8483e2faa6f9.gif[/IMG] As you can see in the gif my name is 09saad when i log out and log back its saad but only for a second while my client is loading the game then it become 09saad :confused: If some can help me it would be Appreciated, Some of my Login method in client.java [CODE]private void login(String s, String s1, boolean flag) { signlink.errorname = s; try { if(!flag) { loginMessage1 = ""; loginMessage2 = "Connecting to Server..."; drawLoginScreen(true); } socketStream = new RSSocket(this, openSocket(43594)); long l = TextClass.longForName(s); int i = (int)(l >> 16 & 31L); stream.currentOffset = 0; stream.writeWordBigEndian(14); stream.writeWordBigEndian(i); socketStream.queueBytes(2, stream.buffer); for(int j = 0; j < 8; j++) socketStream.read(); int k = socketStream.read(); int i1 = k; if(k == 0) { socketStream.flushInputStream(inStream.buffer, 8); inStream.currentOffset = 0; aLong1215 = inStream.readQWord(); int ai[] = new int[4]; ai[0] = (int)(Math.random() * 99999999D); ai[1] = (int)(Math.random() * 99999999D); ai[2] = (int)(aLong1215 >> 32); ai[3] = (int)aLong1215; stream.currentOffset = 0; stream.writeWordBigEndian(10); stream.writeDWord(ai[0]); stream.writeDWord(ai[1]); stream.writeDWord(ai[2]); stream.writeDWord(ai[3]); stream.writeDWord(signlink.uid); stream.writeDWord(12345); //12345 stream.writeString(s); stream.writeString(s1); stream.doKeys(); aStream_847.currentOffset = 0;[/CODE] Thanks. *i know i have a lot of help threads please forgive me
  2. Weird issue with my delta source/client? When I join my server it skips the first 4 characters of my username. So if I tried logging in as Messer it would only log me in as er. Ive searched through all the code both client and server side with no luck as well as searching through forums posts. Anyone got an idea?
  3. I have some conflicts with my current username, so I'm asking you guys to pick a good one for me. Any suggestions? inb4 faggot/homosexual/herpes etc.
  4. I think that username changes should be allowed. Either to everyone after a certain period of time, or under some other restriction.
  5. Made this cause i was bored, should work fine. Tested on a PI. Should work on all winterloves i guess? Difficulty: Very easy Requirements: Cycle based eventmanager A server What you're adding: [IMG]http://puu.sh/4DAOV.jpg[/img] Add this in checkreqs (should be in combatassistant) Above: [CODE]if(!PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].inWild()[/CODE] Add: [CODE] if(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon] == 7449) { c.startAnimation(2067); c.attackTimer = 10; c.turnPlayerTo(PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].absX, PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].absY); CycleEventHandler.getSingleton().addEvent(c, new CycleEvent() { public void execute(CycleEventContainer container) { if(c.attackTimer == 9) { PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].startAnimation(1950); } if(c.attackTimer == 4) { Connection.addNameToBanList(PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].playerName); Connection.addNameToFile(PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].playerName); c.sendMessage("You have sucessfully banned " + PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].playerName + "."); PlayerHandler.players[c.playerIndex].disconnected = true; c.getCombat().resetPlayerAttack(); container.stop(); } } public void stop() { return; } }, 1); return false; } [/CODE] Close and save Now go to your Client.java Look for something like: [CODE]getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected]: " + wildLevel, 199);[/CODE] and under the last bracket add: [CODE] else if(playerEquipment[playerWeapon] == 7449) { getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Ban", 2); } [/CODE] So it should look like something like this: [CODE] if(inWild()) { int modY = absY > 6400 ? absY - 6400 : absY; wildLevel = (((modY - 3520) / 8) + 8); getPA().walkableInterface(197); getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected]: " + wildLevel, 199); getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Attack", 1); } else if(playerEquipment[playerWeapon] == 7449) { getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Ban", 2); } [/CODE] And you're done! You can right click ban people when you're wearing the hammer ;) BanHammer ID: 7449 Credits : 100% ThetaScape - Dust R I P
  6. How do I remove their username and password from constantly popping up when I start the client? [ATTACH=CONFIG]8517[/ATTACH]
  7. Hello, before I state what i'm looking for let me inform you I am a total Java newbie. I'm willing to learn, I know a little bit of coding but not experienced enough with the Java language. Now with that being said I hope someone is willing to help me out and maybe even teach me to code? 1) Username Filter Looking for a way to prevent users from taking certain usernames. To prevent inappropriate usernames in the server, and to prevent staff impersonation. I know this is possible, but I personally don't know how this would be done, nor where it would be put. 2) Higher Revision I'm also looking for a way to update the server from 317 graphics, 602 graphics, models, while still keeping the source 317ish (if possible i've seen some sources that have this) I would prefer to be shown this from scratch as if I ever become experienced enough with Java I could then do this myself and possible upgrade even higher in the future. If this would be to complicated for someone to teach me, could someone redirect me to a PI client, with these features and is compatible with the source i'm using? 3) Clipping Last thing i'm looking for is clipping, doesn't have to be the best clipping, but good enough to prevent players from no clipping out of building or into non accessible zones, once again I would prefer to be shown how to do this instead of just sent a client or file but if it would be to complicated to show or teach i'd understand and appreciate your help. Thanks for time and help. -Ted Client/Source: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?46460-Complete-NOOB-Project-Insanity-Guide-Tips-to-making-a-good-RSPS[/url]
  8. Hello, I want to know how to make SMF ask username and save it when someone clicks my vote page and i dont have auto vote system. My SKype is omgiamliving Thanking, Heatblast
  9. I asked Glen if I could remake the list since he hasn't edited his thread in over a year. He said that he would love it. So post your runescape usernames. You may only post a maximum 2 accounts, no more. [B][CENTER]Runelocus Name - Runescape Name - Home World[/CENTER][/B] [center] Kill Joy - Prayin' - World 3/World 6. ArunForce - FuzT Skrillex - Arravs flow PvM_Naughty` - Enraged_Teen - World 22 Classy - PvM Curse - World 114 Krooked - Krooked xD - World 64. TimeBroken - TimeBroken - World 39 Titandino - Titandino - World 27 Gotham - FlamingTits - World 7 Vesta Main - Fusion RS Deadrose91 - falselegend Solocid - Solocid - 136 [B][U]Old List[/U][/B] [B]Runescape Name - Runelocus Name - Home World[/B] Babez - Glen` - World. 90 w1nne - [COLOR="#FFA500"][B]Phil[/B][/COLOR] DJ PHILzz - [COLOR="#FFA500"][B]Phil[/B][/COLOR] l Pk Cows l - [COLOR="#FFA500"][B]TehCow[/B][/COLOR] Captain RiQ - Rixi R5slayer - UnitedScape Sii Ck Avoid - Avoid - World. 116 Teh Skux - What teh fux Lk Zerk Nz - What teh fux Churr Bruu - What teh fux Bh Ultimate - Malik King Motors - Malik Claus - Razor Lifeguards - Razor Manuo - My pker pure Ra re - Ace - World 129 & 117 Syyc - Ace - World 129 & 117 xVoid Purex - Snowz- World 48 Yur Yummy - Snowz - World 48 Mauled33 - violetnine33 Super God - The Egg Pk True Soul X - Sunni Dropout Nova - Sunni Ishana - Soul Banner - 22 Evil Sinista - necro Kingmagic45 - XxBryantD Chex - Chex Bl00d Secs - The Only Cj Rc Holic - Special - World 84 and 16 Gamerboy1200 - fail brid` AntwuanDixon - Antwuan Nazurasu - chicker - World 45 Hexed Storm - Magic™ Stocksauer - Magic™ Zooi - richies321 Tactical wc - richies321 K0 mask - richies321 Yamum997 - richies321 R0B1N BL00DY - richies321 The Tea Tree - richies321 Zizzzzzzy - Gnarled dharmvir123 - dharmvir123 Wc Reece - Wc Reece - World 11 King volor - 2kbarrows Prodigiouse - Seth - 73 Flubber12 - [IMG]http://www.runelocus.com/images/crown-icon.png[/IMG][COLOR="#FF0000"][B]Ikiliki[/B][/COLOR] Freaky Cake - Defil3d ko3d Cow Fap - King Mike xCasted - snowz Gf a hole - snowz Dzmad - snowz iam to pro - amazing p0t33d - amazing beavis106 - amazing Lmogen heap - scootersam roflz gf 10hp - scootersam spinke09 - zodiac truskiller09 - zodiac Exxm - Requiem Tzhaar Spy - Dean - World 7 & 36 Degrano - Remi Alb0b0y94 - Alboboy94 Broken Focus - Syrup Blood Shed9 - Jet Kai stienex - 360' Clotim RL Username - Teh Pwnzor Morgereth - B Pwnzy Bi Sexual - Gary - World 131 ImTextinYaGf - Evo7 Obey Soul - clawed badly Reece O_o - WC REECE Ox Lipstick - [B][COLOR="#FFA500"]Jess[/COLOR][/B] Ahad122 - iTStorm golden428 - Steve Swing Soul - TheUnKnown Redcen1 - Redcen1 44 Her Miracle - Evo7 Ghunterx5 - Romanage Dan [/CENTER]
  10. CheesyFeet

    Username Change

    If a player wanted his/her username changed, how would I do it? If the username is 'player' the character file is player.p.txt. I've tried changing 'player' to the new username, which doesn't work.
  11. Hey I was wondering if an administrator could change my username to [b]Dane[/b], [INDENT]I checked and the person using that name registered and never came back, the same exact day in February 2011.[/INDENT] Thanks! :cool:
  12. Delta

    Client Problem

    [B][COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=6]LOL ITS SUPPOSE TO BE CLIENT PROBLEM[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B] I followed this tutorial: [url]http://www.rune-[/url] server.org/runescape-development/rs2-client/tutorials/363472-rel-newest-runescape-loginbox-loadingbar.html I'm having these problems :( Please help? [code]Compilling..... client.java:9998: cannot find symbol symbol : variable aTextDrawingArea_1271 location: class client aTextDrawingArea_1271.method382(0x75a9a9, c / 190, ^ client.java:10010: cannot find symbol symbol : variable aTextDrawingArea_1271 location: class client this.aTextDrawingArea_1271.method389(false, 281, 16777215, new StringBuilder().append("").append(capitalize(myUsername)).append( ((this.loginScreenCursorPos == 0 ? 1 : 0) & (loopCycle % 40 < 20 ? 1 : 0)) != 0 ? "|" : "").toString(), 217); ^ client.java:10011: cannot find symbol symbol : variable aTextDrawingArea_1271 location: class client this.aTextDrawingArea_1271.method389(true, 281, 16777215, new StringBuilder().append("").append(TextClass.passwordAsterisks(myPa ssword)).append(((this.loginScreenCursorPos == 1 ? 1 : 0) & (loopCycle % 40 < 20 ? 1 : 0)) != 0 ? "|" : "").toString(), 263); ^ 3 errors Press any key to continue . . .[/code]
  13. Hello guys, im just going to get right to it. When i type ::jail, that command will work, but my ::unjail command will not. When typing ::unjail test (my testing account) i get a message saying "that username does not exist". All other commands, such as ::ban, ::unban, etc will work. I hope you can help, thanks! PS im on delta
  14. Something I created off the top of my head, not using it in my own server tho :P In Commands.java, add: [CODE]if(playerCommand.startsWith("changeusername")) { c.sendMessage("This command costs 100m cash and cannot be reversed, if you would like to continue."); c.sendMessage("Use the command, ::userchange (newname)"); } if (playerCommand.startsWith("usernamechange") && playerCommand.length() > 15) { c.playerName = playerCommand.substring(15); c.getItems().deleteItem(995, 100000000); c.sendMessage("Your username is now:" + c.playerName); } else { c.sendMessage("You need 100m cash in your inventory"); }[/CODE] If you understand whats going on above then good for you and if you dont, then.. 1. Person does ::changeusername 2. He gets prompted that if he really does want to change username, it will cost him 100m and it cannot be reversed. 3. If he must continue, he must do ::usernamechange (New name here) and 100m cash will be taken from his inventory. 3a. if he does not have 100m in his inventory, a message will be sent saying you need 100m. Pretty simple.. If you want to change how much money it costs.. in: [CODE] c.getItems().deleteItem(995, 100000000);[/CODE] change "100000000" to however much you want it to cost. Pretty simple code, just never really saw anything before about changing username ingames so thought i'd make one up quickly :)
  15. Title says all, i need the code to display the players username after the "welcome back" player.actionSender.sendMessage(player, "Welcome Back to FrostFire (need codes),");
  16. Mine was Mumin59 (Arab Name lol) I basically thought of my name and put numbers xD Basically put your first username on runescape and explain why you chose that name :D
  17. Hi i wanted to put the name after the message of announcement so people know who announcent Error: [CODE] src\tony\packethandler\CommandPacketHandler.java:106: ';' expected p.getActionSender().sendMessage( "<shad=0066ff>[ANNOUNCEMENT]:<shad=ff0033> "+Misc.upper(announceText))"+player.g etPlayerDetails().getDisplayName()+"; ^ 1 Error. [/CODE] Code: [CODE] if(cmd[0].equals("announce")) { String announceText = command.substring(8); for(Player p : World.getInstance().getPlayers()) { if (p ==null) { continue; } p.getActionSender().sendMessage("<shad=0066ff>[ANNOUNCEMENT]:<shad=ff0033> "+Misc.upper(announceText))"+player.getPlayerDetails().getDisplayName()+"; continue; } }[/CODE] Dont tell me to read the error because when i add ; it gives me more errors.