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Found 2 results

  1. https://discord.gg/76btRTf - https://www.icarus-ps.org - Icarus is a brand-new 317 RSPS striving to be the very best! We've taken our time to choose our most favoured source and client to develop into our very own style of play! Take on tons of bosses or simply skill to your heart's content in this content-packed bazaar! We update DAILY and strive to achieve perfection. Boasting some fantastic Semi-Custom items such as the Infernal Sanguinesti Staff whilst bringing you demanding OSRS Content such as Nightmare of Ashihama - we can assure you'll never be bored! Here's just a few of our endless features; - Beautiful HD Client with Smooth Textures and Working Animations... Some of the finest textures you will ever find on an RSPS! Fantastic Custom Areas and Multiple Donator Zones w/ Varied Perks Custom Donator Zones w/ Varying Perks, Tons of Donation Rewards, Beautiful Home Area! CUSTOM BATTLE ROYALE MINIGAME. Think you're the best!? Take on the whole damn server, Free-For-All! TONS of Monsters and Bosses to take on incl. Wilderness Bosses and Slayer Bosses + Pets Nightmare of Ashihama, Justiciar Zachariah, Porazdir & more.. DAILY DEVELOPMENTS and we're always welcoming new ideas! Come and have your say.. Content being added daily! Tell us what you want to see and you may just get it! ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED STAFF plus a Friendly Community, Currently in OPEN BETA We work around the clock to ensure the safety and security of our people! Developers with REAL experience. JOIN US AND BECOME THE BEST! ICARUS RECENTLY ADDED: BLOOD CHAMPIONS MINIGAME INFORMATION: http://icarus-ps.org/forums/index.php?/topic/43-introducing-blood-champions-stadium/&tab=comments#comment-101 INTRODUCING HYDRA NEW ADDED BOSSES
  2. RevivalScape™ RevivalScape is a brand new 317 Based Server that loads up to 500+ Revision! Here at RevivalScape there's only two priorities - Keeping the Server up for as long as possible, and Listening to what our Players want to see at RevivalScape! Although we're a small community of around 60-70 players, we're growing by the day and have a skillful development team. RevivalScape is now fully released, come along and join our Discord and enjoy the company of our Community! - FFA Custom Minigame where everyone has the same gear and items, so there is no excuse to death, but bad PK'n - Custom Quests - Custom Minigames - Care packages and Wilderness chest! - Custom Bosses - Zombie graveyard Minigame - Reworked & Improved Slayer: A massive extension to OSRS Slayer system, including superior, group tasks and a lot of new unlockables! - Over 25 bosses, most likely to increase till 30 + - Wilderness EXP Zone (x2 EXP)! - Great Economy, unlike many other servers, we aim to have a good balanced economy. - Daily Updates. - Custom interfaces - Resizable and Fullscreen - Around 100 Achievements! - Loyalty Titles and Loyalty points - Vote, Donation, Energy Fragments, Stardust and many other custom point stores! AND MUCH MUCH MORE Join us today via Discord! ~ https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU Download link : https://www.revival317.com/files/file/3-revivalscapejar/ https://www.revival317.com/files/file/3-revivalscapejar/ https://www.revival317.com/files/file/3-revivalscapejar/ Forums link : https://www.revival317.com/ https://www.revival317.com/ https://www.revival317.com/