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Found 8 results

  1. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error? [code]starting... src\com\rs\game\player\dialogues\SlayerMaster.java:49: error: incompatible types : com.rs.game.player.actions.slayer.SlayerTask cannot be converted to com.rs.gam e.player.actions.Slayer.SlayerTask SlayerTask task = player.getSlayerTask(); ^ src\com\rs\game\player\dialogues\SlayerSet.java:108: error: incompatible types: com.rs.game.player.actions.slayer.SlayerTask cannot be converted to com.rs.game. player.actions.Slayer.SlayerTask SlayerTask task = player.getSlayerTask(); ^ Note: src\com\rs\game\player\Inventory.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 2 errors Press any key to continue . . .[/code]
  2. [B]Hey, JavaHelper here with a helpful way to get you back to EXP grinding on RSPS'[/B] Many people are encountering problems with their Java with things not running such as src.LoaderAPP. This is a workaround that should work and will allow RSPS' to load. It is a good way and is probably the best way. [B] THIS IS A WINDOWS-ONLY FIX, I'M NOT SURE OF MAC PROBLEMS AND SUCH [/B] [LIST=1] [*]First open up the Start-up menu located on the bottom left corner of your screen. [*]Next, you are going to want to search "Java" [*]After that, you are going to need to click on "Configure Java" [*]It should bring up a little menu, click on "Security" [*]Now it should show safety levels, just move the ticker down to medium! [/LIST]
  3. Ishana

    Types of players

    Something I found while browsing how to manage MMORPG and what kind of players I can expect and how to deal with cheaters, etc... Apparently cheaters are important in the game. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartle_Test[/url] It says that there are 4 most important type of players 1 - Killers (PVP) 2 - Achievers 3 - Explorers 4 - Socializers There are more like hackers, Griffers, etc.. but those I mentioned are the most important. This article : [url]http://gamedev.tutsplus.com/articles/game-design-articles/bartles-taxonomy-of-player-types-and-why-it-doesnt-apply-to-everything/[/url] pretty much explains everything about this "Bartle test". Anyways, I though I should share this for anyone who is interested in this :)
  4. There isn't alot of practical use to this topic's subject, but I figure it is cool to know what happens under the hood in PHP. :) You can find PHP and the Zend Engine's source code here: [URL="http://lxr.php.net/xref/"]Cross Reference:[/URL] [B]zend value/zval[/B] - A struct ([I]_zval_struct[/I]) containing information about a variable. A zval is essentially a variable in PHP. [B]zval value[/B] - A union ([I]zvalue_value[/I]) which holds the value of a zval (according to its value's type). These values include: a double, long, zend object, HashTable, and string. This proves types such as resources, integers, nulls, and booleans are all represented as longs. A union holds the data of one value at a time. Types in PHP are defined in the Zend Engine in the [B]Zend/zend.h[/B] header file. The header file contains the zval struct, which within that contains the [I]zvalue_value[/I] union which holds the actual [I]variable data[/I] and a [I]type identifier[/I]. [code]typedef union _zvalue_value { long lval; /* long value */ double dval; /* double value */ struct { char *val; int len; } str; HashTable *ht; /* hash table value */ zend_object_value obj; } zvalue_value; struct _zval_struct { /* Variable information */ zvalue_value value; /* value */ zend_uint refcount__gc; zend_uchar type; /* active type */ zend_uchar is_ref__gc; };[/code] The [I]zvalue_value[/I] union defines PHP's [B]internal[/B] variable data types. Although integers and floats exist as types in PHP, they aren't actually stored as these types in variables. Instead, values are stored as: [LIST] [*]Booleans, bytes, shorts, and integers are stored as longs. [*]Floats are stored as doubles. [*]Chars (including a single char) are stored as Strings. [*]Resources have a long identifier which is used to identify the resource type. [*]Arrays are actually HashTables. [*]A null is well... a null. [/LIST] The [I]zend_object_value[/I] is a special struct specifically for objects which will (hopefully) be covered in later posts. The [I]type[/I] field stores a numeric representation of the type of the data which is stored. These types are defined in the same file: [code]/* data types */ /* All data types <= IS_BOOL have their constructor/destructors skipped */ #define IS_NULL 0 #define IS_LONG 1 #define IS_DOUBLE 2 #define IS_BOOL 3 #define IS_ARRAY 4 #define IS_OBJECT 5 #define IS_STRING 6 #define IS_RESOURCE 7 #define IS_CONSTANT 8 #define IS_CONSTANT_ARRAY 9 #define IS_CALLABLE 10[/code] You can look deeper into PHP's types by exploring functions such as gettype() or settype() and the various value functions (intval(), strval(), etc.) in the [B]ext/standard/type.c[/B] and [B]Zend/zend_operators.c[/B] files. The [I]refcount__gc[/I] and [I]is_ref__gc[/I] are used for garbage collection, and they are just used to store a count of references to this variable.
  5. TYPO IN THE TITLE: .cfg was meant to be .txt Well, for some reason I can't seem to open my character files on my source. Obviously that's a real pain in the a**. They currently have the .dat file extension, and I'd like to have them as a text file, or have the .txt extension. Does anyone either... 1. Know how to convert them and make my server create .txt char files instead? 2. Know how or what program to use in order to view these files properly? I can't use the simple Notepad program that comes with Microsoft Windows or else it will appear as so... [CODE]¬í sr [email protected]”¨_À°6 I playerHeadIconI playerHeightI playerPosXI playerPosYI playerRightsI playerStatus[ bankItemst [I[ bankItemsNq ~ [ playerEquipmentq ~ [ playerEquipmentNq ~ [ playerItemq ~ [ playerItemNq ~ [ playerLevelq ~ L playerNamet Ljava/lang/String;L playerPassq ~ [ playerQuestq ~ [ playerXPq ~ xp ...[/CODE] It's even longer than that, that's just the piece BEFORE the 10,000 spaces between everything... As you can see, it's practically impossible to work with it in this format. I've tried Google searching for .dat file openers and such but they all don't seem to work, as they either don't display it any better or it's even more of a mess. Any help, advice or even directing me onto the pathway of success is greatly appreciated! Thank you, have a nice day.
  6. fathompower

    Drop Types

    What are the Different Drop types??
  7. What are the different Drop types??
  8. Whomever helps my server will get their name included on my forums, of course, and in-game reward if they choose. OR We have $25 in donations so far. We can give this to any helpers. Needed Update List (will update as completed) 1. Slayer (BADLY) 2. Monster Drops & Rates (you can just tell us where to look and how to change, no Teamviewer necessary [I hope]) 3. Need DClaws Spec. Ours actually currently has NO spec. If someone could add 4-hit Spec. we'd all apprecticate (Remember, Reward) I can also pay RSGP if insisted. Thanks from DClawz Community in Advance!