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Found 13 results

  1. Just as the title says, I've been searching everywhere for a solution to this, I've manually looked threw all the files but i haven't found anything. someone suggested swapping the cache with a different one, so i did it and that didn't work obviously, just gave me a huge string of errors. I've decided to come here after several hours of attempting to fix this simple issue. I am using arios 498 full public and the Ide im using is eclipse but i also have netbeans. please help asap any help with be greatly appreciated. Edit: here's the dynamic region where i am getting a simple error on line 264. [url]http://pastebin.com/Qvv99KnV[/url] ---- Here is the christmas event handler you asked for squashy, ty in advance. [url]http://pastebin.com/PkyM7zNS[/url]
  2. When ever I equip my trident of seas or my tentacle whip I turn completely invisible, my models are cache packed. My ints: [CODE]case 15014: itemDef.name = "Trident of the seas"; itemDef.description = "A weapon from the deep." .getBytes(); itemDef.maleEquip1 = 1052; itemDef.femaleEquip1 = 1052; itemDef.modelID = 1051; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 420; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 1130; itemDef.modelZoom = 2755; itemDef.modelOffset2 = 0; itemDef.modelOffset1 = 0; itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wield"; itemDef.actions[3] = "Check"; break; case 15011: itemDef.name = "Abyssal tentacle"; itemDef.description = "A weapon from the abyss, embedded in a slimy tentacle." .getBytes(); itemDef.modelID = 4185; itemDef.modelZoom = 840; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 280; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 121; itemDef.modelOffset2 = 56; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wield"; itemDef.maleEquip1 = 4186; itemDef.femaleEquip1 = 4186; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wield"; itemDef.actions[4] = "Check"; itemDef.actions[3] = "Dissolve"; break;[/CODE]
  3. [MENTION=27793]Lukedawesome[/MENTION] On your old server you disabled the minimap and made it only accessible by using an item(newcomermap). You also made it so when you die, you loose your newcomermap and your minimap is removed. I'm sure I can figure out how to do this, I just have no idea where to start.
  4. WHATS THE COMMAND ? FOR TURN NPC IN A 742 RSPS ? I TRYED ;;npc 1 , and other , i can't
  5. Hi Agian got my other problem fixed for free :| ( giving the money to whoever helps with the problem first ) leave hotmail to paypal or skype so i can send it another way its 7$ not that much but its still money :| i cant turn on the server , i have no idea why , maybe the cache or something? not sure but this is my server ip dkfscapes.no-ip.org maybe you could fix it and i copy and paste or something? Server.Java on Source Side [CODE]package server;n import java.io.IOException; import java.net.InetSocketAddress; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import org.apache.mina.common.IoAcceptor; import org.apache.mina.transport.socket.nio.SocketAcceptor; import org.apache.mina.transport.socket.nio.SocketAcceptorConfig; import server.event.EventManager; import server.util.ControlPanel; import server.model.npcs.NPCHandler; import server.model.npcs.NPCDrops; import server.model.players.PlayerHandler; import server.model.players.Player; import server.model.players.Client; import server.model.players.PlayerSave; import server.model.minigames.*; import server.net.ConnectionHandler; import server.net.ConnectionThrottleFilter; import server.util.ShutDownHook; import server.util.SimpleTimer; import server.util.log.Logger; import server.event.Event; import server.event.EventContainer; import server.world.ItemHandler; import server.world.ObjectHandler; import server.world.ObjectManager; //import server.util.MadTurnipConnection; import server.world.ShopHandler; import server.world.map.VirtualWorld; import server.world.ClanChatHandler; import server.world.WorldMap; import server.world.WalkingHandler; import server.model.objects.Doors; import server.model.objects.DoubleDoors; /** * Server.java * * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Sanity * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Graham * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Blake * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Ryan Lmctruck30 * */ public class Server { public static lottery lottery = new lottery(); public static boolean sleeping; public static int cycleRate; public static boolean UpdateServer = false; public static long lastMassSave = System.currentTimeMillis(); private static IoAcceptor acceptor; private static ConnectionHandler connectionHandler; private static ConnectionThrottleFilter throttleFilter; private static SimpleTimer engineTimer, debugTimer; private static long cycleTime, cycles, totalCycleTime, sleepTime; private static DecimalFormat debugPercentFormat; public static ZombieCaves zombieCaves = new ZombieCaves(); public static boolean shutdownServer = false; public static boolean shutdownClientHandler; public static int serverlistenerPort; public static ItemHandler itemHandler = new ItemHandler(); public static ControlPanel panel = new ControlPanel(true); // false if you want it off public static PlayerHandler playerHandler = new PlayerHandler(); public static NPCHandler npcHandler = new NPCHandler(); public static ShopHandler shopHandler = new ShopHandler(); public static ObjectHandler objectHandler = new ObjectHandler(); public static ObjectManager objectManager = new ObjectManager(); public static CastleWars castleWars = new CastleWars(); public static FightPits fightPits = new FightPits(); public static PestControl pestControl = new PestControl(); public static int days, hours, minutes, secundes; public static NPCDrops npcDrops = new NPCDrops(); public static ClanChatHandler clanChat = new ClanChatHandler(); public static FightCaves fightCaves = new FightCaves(); public static RFD rfd = new RFD(); //public static WorldMap worldMap = new WorldMap(); public static long[] TIMES = new long[5]; public static void shutdown() { shutdownServer = true; System.exit(0); } //private static final WorkerThread engine = new WorkerThread(); static { if(!Config.SERVER_DEBUG) { serverlistenerPort = 43594; } else { serverlistenerPort = 43594; } cycleRate = 474; shutdownServer = false; engineTimer = new SimpleTimer(); debugTimer = new SimpleTimer(); sleepTime = 0; debugPercentFormat = new DecimalFormat("0.0#%"); } //height,absX,absY,toAbsX,toAbsY,type /*public static final boolean checkPos(int height,int absX,int absY,int toAbsX,int toAbsY,int type) { return I.I(height,absX,absY,toAbsX,toAbsY,type); }*/ public static void main(java.lang.String args[]) throws NullPointerException, IOException { Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook(new Thread() { public void run() { for(Player p : PlayerHandler.players) { if(p == null) continue; System.out.println("Saving all players..."); PlayerSave.saveGame((Client)p); } } }); try { WalkingHandler.getSingleton().initialize(); } catch(Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } /** * Starting Up Server */ System.setOut(new Logger(System.out)); System.setErr(new Logger(System.err)); System.out.println("Launching "+Config.SERVER_NAME+" Coded And created By Owner Kyle"); //MadTurnipConnection md = new MadTurnipConnection(); //md.start(); /** * World Map Loader */ //if(!Config.SERVER_DEBUG) //VirtualWorld.init(); //WorldMap.loadWorldMap(); /** * Script Loader */ //ScriptManager.loadScripts(); /** * Accepting Connections */ acceptor = new SocketAcceptor(); connectionHandler = new ConnectionHandler(); SocketAcceptorConfig sac = new SocketAcceptorConfig(); sac.getSessionConfig().setTcpNoDelay(false); sac.setReuseAddress(true); sac.setBacklog(100); throttleFilter = new ConnectionThrottleFilter(Config.CONNECTION_DELAY); sac.getFilterChain().addFirst("throttleFilter", throttleFilter); acceptor.bind(new InetSocketAddress(serverlistenerPort), connectionHandler, sac); /** * Initialise Handlers */ //VoteForCash.createConnection(); EventManager.initialize(); Doors.getSingleton().load(); DoubleDoors.getSingleton().load(); Connection.initialize(); //PlayerSaving.initialize(); //MysqlManager.createConnection(); /** * Clipped Following (NPC) */ try { WalkingHandler.getSingleton().initialize(); } catch(Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } /** * Server Successfully Loaded */ System.out.println("DKF-Scape Ip: dkfscapes.no-ip.org:" + serverlistenerPort); /** * Main Server Tick */ try { while (!Server.shutdownServer) { if (sleepTime > 0) Thread.sleep(sleepTime); engineTimer.reset(); itemHandler.process(); playerHandler.process(); npcHandler.process(); shopHandler.process(); objectManager.process(); lottery.process(); fightPits.process(); pestControl.process(); cycleTime = engineTimer.elapsed(); if(cycleTime < 575) sleepTime = cycleRate - cycleTime; else sleepTime = 0; totalCycleTime += cycleTime; cycles++; debug(); if(Config.SERVER_DEBUG) //System.out.println(cycleTime+"--"+sleepTime); secundes++; if(secundes == 120){ minutes++; secundes = 0; } if(minutes == 60){ hours++; minutes = 0; } if(hours == 24){ days++; hours = 0; } if(hours == 2 && minutes == 0 && secundes == 20){ PlayerHandler.updateSeconds = 60; PlayerHandler.updateAnnounced = false; PlayerHandler.updateRunning = true; PlayerHandler.updateStartTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); } if(UpdateServer) { if (System.currentTimeMillis() - PlayerHandler.updateStartTime > 15000) { System.gc(); Server.shutdown(); } } if (System.currentTimeMillis() - lastMassSave > 10000000) { for(Player p : PlayerHandler.players) { if(p == null) continue; PlayerSave.saveGame((Client)p); System.out.println("Saved game for " + p.playerName + "."); lastMassSave = System.currentTimeMillis(); } } } } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); for(Player p : PlayerHandler.players) { if(p == null) continue; PlayerSave.saveGame((Client)p); System.out.println("Saved game for " + p.playerName + "."); } } acceptor = null; connectionHandler = null; sac = null; System.exit(0); } public static void processAllPackets() { for (int j = 0; j < playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (playerHandler.players[j] != null) { while(playerHandler.players[j].processQueuedPackets()); } } } public static boolean playerExecuted = false; private static void debug() { if (debugTimer.elapsed() > 360*1000 || playerExecuted) { long averageCycleTime = totalCycleTime / cycles; System.out.println("Average Cycle Time: " + averageCycleTime + "ms"); double engineLoad = ((double) averageCycleTime / (double) cycleRate); System.out.println("There are " + PlayerHandler.playerCount+ " Players On DKF-Scape"); System.out.println("DKF-Scape is Running the Egine with: " + debugPercentFormat.format(engineLoad) + "Strain"); totalCycleTime = 0; cycles = 0; System.gc(); System.runFinalization(); debugTimer.reset(); playerExecuted = false; } } public static long getSleepTimer() { return sleepTime; } } [/CODE] And the Client Looks Something Like this Gonna ADD IN REPLY , THIS IS TO LONG :|
  6. Hey, i was wondering on how to turn a .txt file to a .php. I just finished coding my website and I was wondering how to turn .txt to a .php because i want to upload it to the internet
  7. Hey guys, im getting a error. when im trying to get mine server online, i will pay 2.5m rsgp, to the first one who can help me, u can take contact on msn with me Msn : [email][email protected][/email]
  8. [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]I logged into my Vps via Remote Desktop and have no idea what i'm supposed to do. If anyone can help me with this that would be great.[/COLOR][/B]
  9. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Well, I'm talking about prices of VPSs. Please consider the VPS pricing will be for Linux and Windows VPSs. I would like to know: [LIST=1] [*]How much would you pay for a VPS with 1GB RAM? Linux/Windows [*]How much would you pay for a VPS with 2GB RAM? Linux/Windows [*]How much would you pay for a VPS with 4GB RAM? Linux/Windows [/LIST] (realistic prices please) I would like replies to these questions with the number of the question and the prices for both OS. This thread is open for discussion of VPS pricing. I would like to request that there be no posts about any specific hosts or services. What the goal of this thread is: The goal in mind is for hosting companies (or services on here) to see what their [potential] clients would like to pay for a VPS. Knowing these prices, the companies may modify their plans and pricing to better fit the requests of their clients. What this means for [potential] clients: You can get the price you really want to pay instead of over paying for something just because someone said they're better than someone else. So, with this said, go ahead and voice your opinions!
  10. every time i click turn on server a box just shows up and dissipears but some times it just says unknown allot. this bothers me because i cant make a private server if all the servers i try i cant run offline if any 1 can help me ty, plz help
  11. i need help with my linux vps, i can't run my source, i alrdy made a run.sh, i'm kinda new to linux :eek: so add my msn if you wanna help me: [email][email protected][/email]
  12. Christopher`

    Turn ons?

    What are your's? Mine are innocent girls, and scene girls <3 Like this one here; [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/X5j5TJ.png[/url]
  13. I know that you can make an NPC turn to a player or other NPC but can you somehow turn it to a coordinate or to a direction like you turn objects? If so please explain o.o thx