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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone.. [url]http://up.ht/1pPTj2b[/url] thats my server but everyone when they run it they get an error: [url]http://gyazo.com/4cb007473af45b85621597c47ddf109f[/url] How do i fix it? PLEASE HELP ME, i really need to get my server up...
  2. Hello and welcome to my project :) I actually thought naming it to "TurmSplit" would be nice :), i plan on doing ALOT of amazing things that players want.. also there are many custom weapons, which i KNOW many people want, such as god partyhat, cyan (with stats) and pink (will add stats to it), those are the main phat customs, there are over 10 others. Also there are weapons, Such as Frostmourne, if anyone knew it from "Unrealage", twin blades of gods, heaven's sword, and many more. Things i pan on fixing: 1: Since the Xp rates are very high, so high that i got 99 thieving in 5 clicks on the stalls, i have 3 plans: 1: Lowering the xp rates 2: (not sure about it though) Keeping the xp rates as they are, depending on my players opinions when the server is up 3: (Also not sure) making MAX cape require all 200m xp's instead of 99s, which i would also take opinions on :) 2: Shops: the problem with the shops is that they have MANY items that shouldn't belong there, such as spirit shields, mystery boxes, chaotics, etc. and you buy them all with coins, not any type of points How i plan to fix it: Removing some items from shops. doing it tomorrow probably :) 3: Prices: The prices for SOME items, are EXTREMELY HIGH. for example: charms cost 500k per charm.. which they should cost about only 1 gp lmfao!!! Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions for what i should work on PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment on this asap, because the server is coming up in the next two days, and i need to tell my partner if there is anything we need to add ;) My forums: (still working on) [url]http://turmsplitrs.forumclan.com/[/url] Feel free to join them, so you can be updated with the servers news until its up :) TurmSplit By: Pro (ME) Ace (co owner