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Found 8 results

  1. xifer8121

    Shop Troubles

    on one of my shops, i want the items bought from it to be able to be sold back for the same price. for example: in my shop claws are 250m. but when i sell them back their 150k. lmfao any help?
  2. So I have a few issues I have been unable to come up with a fix for if anyone would be willing to help. Issue 1: DropEditor won't work. I can ADD drops, but it adds them ALWAYS at 100% drop rate with quantity of 1. If I change the drop percent or the amount and repack drops, it still converts back to how it was originally. I searched google for a fix, but have yet to come upon anything but "take out the space between drop and editor" which did not fix the issue. Issue 2: The dungeeoneering shop works for some but not others. Myself, multiple other users, and my mule accounts can purchase items from the dungeoneering shop. But select few, a mod included, can't. No error is given and google again provided no help. Final Issue(no big deal): How to rotate the direction NPCs face if I use unpackedspawnlist for my spawns?
  3. Hi i got a few troubles within my 718 source, when you start playing the client. you can go to all the shops, even adding new shops works, adding new new npc's that function as shops works also. but now we come to the point i made a new price for tokkul, tokkul costs 100mill [ATTACH=CONFIG]8838[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]8837[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]8839[/ATTACH] thats good. but as you can see in picture 1, tokkul is buyable. and once you bought it picture 2 i looked how much the shopkeeper wants to buy tokkul back, it was 76923076 but that is wrong. i want that if you buy it for 100mill, it sells for 100mill. so that its equal and picture 3 is that the shop doesnt even want to buy it back. it shows the sellback price. but its not sellable there O.o if any 1 could help me with this is wud be gratefull ^^
  4. if (getEquipment().getRingId() == 1337 && getHitpoints() <= getMaxHitpoints() * 0.90) {// priority WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { int count = 1; @Override public void run() { if (count == 0) stop(); getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "Your hammer heals you 100 lifepoints."); count--; } }, 0, 5); } i have it in player.java but it just spam heals so is there a way i could make it stop and then check back through to see if players hp is below 90%? sorry its very hard to explain but i tried my best hope you understand thank you!
  5. I'm being set up by a friend with a girl who's a 10/10, and three years older than me. She's in college, I'm still in highschool. She's way out of my league, what should i do?
  6. If you leave a fix in the comments I will send you some money over Paypal. Whenever a donator on my server PM's anyone it shows this: [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/169rxw8.jpg[/IMG]
  7. Starkzter

    [PI] Nex Troubles

    So, Nex is really hard and takes a lot of people to legit beat it on my server. But if you keep dieing and going back and attacking then dieing, Nex never regenerates health. So you can just keep doing that until Nex dies and get the loot. So, I tried to stop this by making it so you can only teleport to Nex every 10 minutes. But after implementing that I then realized something. What if you die and you want your loot back. Or what if you kill Nex but run out of food and forced to teleport. So my question is, which file can I find where to make a NPC regenerate health. I've tried searching some things throughout my source folder but the search option on my computer is messed up. It doesn't search for the word inside of the documents only on the names. It has just started doing this recently. I don't want you to spoon feed how to do it for me I just need to know where I can find it. EDIT: I only want it to regenerate health when it isn't being attacked or when no one is at nex EDIT 2: I just got finished defining the Nex area
  8. Yesterday, a friend of mine sorted my webclienting out and uploaded via 000webhost. everything was fine, but today they have cancelled my account? can anyone reupload the necesary files to a hosting site for me? as far as im aware all the necesary stuff has been done and the clients still jarred.