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Found 1 result

  1. Hello staff of @Runelocus. I am requesting a 614 source and client coder that is wondering to code a server just like Fatality614 for me. I am willing to split 50% of all donations and i also currently have $1.7k in paypal so i am willing to spend some money too.. The things you must have is Skype/Teamviewer.. You can code via teamviewer for starters then maybe i can dropbox etc etc.. I am wanting basically the same stuff as Fatality614 I have a list of stuff i want: Read Below: Fatality614 User Ranks Ing. Fatality614 Custom Quest tab. Working duel arena Maybe a minigame added Same home Same Commands Same Shops Select Prays (Working/Saving On Logout) Auto Vote/donate (I already have a working website). Maybe Working Dungeoneering Working Granite Maul Spec 100% Coded Korasi Working Clanwars Purple Portal (Want to be able to do commands as an owner like this for Example: ::easts not use the blue screen thingy ''~~'' What im willing to spend on this project? Around $500-750. Also 50% of all donations, must have skype and teamviewer please add me on skype: emma.rsps Code: Experience coding: How many years have you coded for: How many hours/per day can you be on for: Can you help me now: Age: Where do you live: