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Found 40 results

  1. [CENTER] Hello ************. Can someone help me with 718 titles behide the person Name i try'd everything. here the title i want to be hide the person name title == 144523 ? male ? "<col=FF00FF> The Dragon King</col>" : "<col=FF00FF> the Dragon Queen</col>" : [/CENTER]
  2. I'm trying to play a server and no matter whether I use the downloaded client or the webclient, I get the error 'requesting title screen' followed by 'connection error retrying in __seconds' I've looked all over the place for a solution and finally decided to make a new thread because I can't find a fix. I've established it's something to do with the cache of the server. I've tried deleting and redownloading several times and the problem still occurs. I'm using a 64 bit version of Windows Ultimate and I'm running version 7 update 60 of java. Any help would really be appreciated.
  3. Why this was done? To make it easier for you; you know which title you are giving to player instead of checking them all trought live game. I have a different use for this though, and I want to contribrute RSPS community. TitleManager.java (com.rs.game.player.content) [CODE]package com.enso.game.player.content; import com.enso.game.player.Player; /** * * @author Fuzen Seth * @information Represents a title manager. * @since 22.6.2014 */ public class TitleManager { /** * Title instance. */ private Titles title; /** * @author Fuzen Seth * @information Holds the title ids. */ public enum Titles { JR_CADET(1),SEARJANT(2),COMMMANDER(3),WAR_CHIEF(4), SIR(5),LORD(6),DUDERINO(7),LIONHEART(8),HELLRAISER(9),RUSADOR(10), DESPORADO(11),BARON(12),COUNT(13),OVERLORD(14),BANDITO(15),DUKE(16), KING(17),BIG_CHEESE(18),BIGWIG(19),WUNDERKIND(20),VYRELING(21),VYREGRUNT(22), VYREWATCH(23), VYRELORD(24), EMPEROR(26), PRINCE(27), WITCH_KING(28), ARCHON(29), JUSTICIAR(30), THE_AWESOME(31); private int titleId; private Titles(int titleId) { this.titleId = titleId; } public int getTitleId() { return titleId; } public void setTitleId(int titleId) { this.titleId = titleId; } } /** * Get the titles. * @return */ public Titles getTitle() { return title; } /** * Removes the title from player. * @param player */ public void removeTitle(Player player) { if (!(player.getAppearence().getTitle() > 0)) { player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage", "You don't have a title."); return; } player.getAppearence().setTitle(-1); player.getAppearence().getAppeareanceData(); player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage", "Your title has been removed."); } /** * Adds player a title next to his username. * @param player * @param title */ public void setTitle(Player player, Titles title) { this.title = title; player.getAppearence().setTitle(title.getTitleId()); player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage", "Your title has been changed."); } } [/CODE] Add this stuff in player java: [CODE]private TitleManager titleManager = new TitleManager();[/CODE] Now this with other getters. [CODE] public TitleManager getTitleManager() { return titleManager; }[/CODE] Add this in Appearence.java [CODE] public int getTitle() { return title; }[/CODE] Little tutorial: How would I now call a title / how I set it to player? Super easy, this is how you do it. [CODE]player.getTitleManager().setTitle(Titles.THE_AWESOME);[/CODE] Hope it helps. ;)
  4. why does my RSPS im creating get stuck after i open the jar, i open the jar and it says Loading screen 0% and just sits there
  5. Hey guys, I need help changing the title screen of the client. I know how to edit the background and the login box, but how about the Runescape logo that goes across the top of the login box? I am referring to the oldschool title screen (317). I cannot find the image anywhere in the client folder. Thanks!
  6. EDIT: Found out it was my cache missing.
  7. Hi there, I've been working on this all day, trying different methods people have suggested but it doesn't seem to want to work! Basically, I'd like to create a Jar file so people can play my game - to do this I need to zip the cache files and do all that mumbo jumbo. I've zipped the files inside the cache folder (including the sprites folder) and uploaded it to dropbox. I've created a CacheDownloader.java file and entered the url for my cache. I then went to the signlink.java file to change the findcachedir() string, and this I think is where my problem lies. When I change the code from: [code] public static String findcachedir() { return "./Cache/";[/code] to [code] public static String findcachedir() { boolean exists = (new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Cache/")).exists(); if (exists) { System.out.println("Directory exists"); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Cache/"; } else { File f = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Cache/"); f.mkdir(); System.out.println("Directory doesnt exist, making directory"); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Cache/"; } }[/code] and try and load the client, it prints the "Directory exists" but then the client freezes at "Requesting Title Screen"! What have I done wrong?
  8. search playerUpdate.writeString(Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); and replace with this color needs change =) //playerUpdate.writeString(Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); if (p.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("")) { playerUpdate.writeString("<b><col=CD1076>KING </b><col=ffffff>"+Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); } else if (p.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("")) { playerUpdate.writeString("<b><col=CD1076>RANK HERE </b><col=ffffff>"+Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); } else if (p.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("")) { playerUpdate.writeString("<b><col=CD1076>RANK HERE </b><col=ffffff>"+Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); } else if (p.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("")) { playerUpdate.writeString("<b><col=CD1076>RANK HERE </b><col=ffffff>"+Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); } else { playerUpdate.writeString(Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(p.getDisplayName())); } if this is wrong area plz message me this my first help thread
  9. My friend gave me a blank Deathly source, and the title says DeathlyPvPz. I thought you would change in GUI.java but I have no such file. I have also checked RSinterface.java and jframe.java and nothing. If you can tell me here please do
  10. ok so im not a noob or anything, ive used the searchbar, cant find anything to help. basically i have a perfect jarred client file along with a perfect index.html, but for some reason it wont load perfectly lol. it has nothing to do with the sprites, i even deleted the cache from %userprofile% reloaded the webclient on the page and it will download the cache completely but when it comes time to load, it wont load the title screen. no clue what to do, the coding and jar file is impeccable, along with the autocachedownloader. i have a 317 source with a 601 client. add me on skype, i will not check this forum post because i am far too busy with bringing my server out of the beta phase.... add me on skype... cody.dusavage... need prompt assistance, we have players and all we need is to finish the webclient, to take a look at this error first hand, go to... [url]http://bushidoscape.net/play/[/url]
  11. [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2gtrv2f.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/20t2brd.png[/IMG]
  12. i have updated all the compliers and run's there working prefectly fine , but the client will pop up and get a connection error and won't load up.
  13. Archange1


    The problem here is that the original 'title.png' is flipped and rotated or something. :confused: I've never seen anything like this before, and I'd like to know either a way to edit my image to the proper dimensions so it will appear normal, or a way to stop it from rotating/flipping the image. The client I'm using is 'PkPlanet', and the revision is 317. Here is the original image that was used: [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/2dspxfr.png[/IMG] And here is the image I would like to use: [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/27zf79c.png[/IMG] Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.
  14. codyth

    title help

    So I have a 718 source that im learning to code and whatnot.. thought id give it a try. Im trying to add custom titles. I found this in my appearance.java [CODE] public void generateAppearenceData() { OutputStream stream = new OutputStream(); int flag = 0; if (!male) flag |= 0x1; if (transformedNpcId >= 0 && NPCDefinitions.getNPCDefinitions(transformedNpcId).aBoolean3190) flag |= 0x2; if(title != 0) flag |= title >= 32 && title <= 37 ? 0x80 : 0x40; //after/before stream.writeByte(flag); if(title != 0) { String titleName = title == 666 ? "<col=C12006>Phantom </col>" : ClientScriptMap.getMap(male ? 1093 : 3872).getStringValue(title); stream.writeGJString(titleName); }}[/CODE] So I found that, and i saw that that is a title(tested in game by doing title 666. works.), so I tried adding this underneath that [CODE] String titleName1 = title == 100 ? "<col=C12066>Owner </col>" : ClientScriptMap.getMap(male ? 1093 : 3872).getStringValue(title); stream.writeGJString(titleName1)[/CODE] When I try that in game(doing title 100), it doesnt work. Does anyone know how I could possibly make it work? Ive been messing arround with the code for hours now and stupid me cannot figure it out.
  15. Darker

    Interface 275 Title

    Ok, now wtf? i cant find the String for the title, already tried 0, 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9 10. [img]http://gyazo.com/b3b50f61db99c5e32794bbeaaab2ab42.png?1344318870[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/5535ebb8d6078922a43631fdae58b871.png?1344318374[/img]
  16. 667 how can i add like if you have 800 kills you can do title 3 (war-chief) an idea?
  17. [CODE]public static String findCacheDir() { String cachePath = System.getProperty("user.home") + "/.SkyRune_cache_32/"; File cacheDirectory = new File(cachePath); if (cacheDirectory.exists()) return cachePath; else { System.out.println("Creating Cache directory..."); cacheDirectory.mkdir(); System.out.println("Cache diretory created: " + cachePath); return cachePath; } }[/CODE] Can anyone tell me why my client is getting 'Error - Requesting Title Screen'. That's my find cache directory.
  18. Hey RuneLocus, I've made a webclient but I'm getting the 'requesting title screen error' Here's the picture; [IMG]http://www.survivalpkz.com/client/error/title.png[/IMG] Here is what is in my cache.zip [IMG]http://www.survivalpkz.com/client/error/cache.png[/IMG] Can anyone tell me whats going on. Thanks.
  19. Basically i have high scores added to my server, pkingbandit.net/highscores.php, if you go to them though and hit someone name or go click another page it takes you to some wierd website? Ive searched every file 1 by 1 and all at once, there is NOT 1 link of that site in there. Could someone come and take a look or tell me why its taking me to a diff website?
  20. Hey, Is there any way that i can edit it so that i can get a custom loyalty title for Owner/Co-Owner? Like ::title (#) something like that i'm wanting to add a loyalty title that says "My Server Name" Then "Owner" And Then "My Name" iv'e been trying to search for the loyalty title that are in-game but i can't find them can anyone help me create this title? for my self. And another title that say's "My Server Name" Then "Co-Owner" Then "Player Name" And i want these in blue... if anyone can help me thanks guys.
  21. Hello rune-server I keep having this problem where when i log out of my server, it will save my character, but it autosaves over the loyalty title, so if i go into char files, make my character title = 3 and then save it and log in, it has title 3, then if i log out, and go to char file it has title = 0, and then if i log back in it has title = 0 so theres no title or whatever title 0 is. Please help with this problem thanx. Here are my files u can look at to see if there is anything causing this. [URL="http://up.ht/IdfSd3"]http://up.ht/IdfSd3[/URL] - (Client.java client sided) - hybrid pvpscape client i think. [URL="http://up.ht/Idg9fS"]http://up.ht/Idg9fS[/URL] - (Player.java from server files) - i think it was insanityX at one time not sure. [URL="http://up.ht/IdglvT"]http://up.ht/IdglvT[/URL] - (Playersave.java from server files) I've followed both of these tutourials to get the titles on my characters, and in the chatbox. Rune-server link Tut 1 = [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/snippets/350858-adding-all-loyalty-titles.html"]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/snippets/350858-adding-all-loyalty-titles.html[/URL] Rune-server link Tut 2 = [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-client/snippets/368755-loyalty-titles-chatbox-colour.html"]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-client/snippets/368755-loyalty-titles-chatbox-colour.html[/URL] Please/thankyou, any help is appreciated, have a nice day. Matt Please no - "do some searching or lmgtfy or other sarcastic/negative remarks" you will be swiftly reported.
  22. Yea , basically the Title asks it all :P .
  23. Basically have no clue as to where I can change the "Soulsplit Points shop" portion of this shop, I changed everything else. I'm using a PI source, thanks :o please inform me of the direct folders and such that I have to go to :p [IMG]http://i926.photobucket.com/albums/ad106/qqbowqq2/halp.png[/IMG]
  24. ok so I am using the DangerZone[508] source and client, but there are a few things I dont know how to do. One being changing the title screen (background you see when logging in), and changing what it says above the loading bar, e.g. right now it says "DangerZone[508] is Loading... Please Wait...". I fanyone whould be so kind to take some time and help me, much would be appreciated!