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Found 12 results

  1. [HR][/HR] [B]Recommended tools that you should have before you consider proceeding:[/B] [URL="http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v5.9.3.html"]NotePad++[/URL] [URL="http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm"]WinRar[/URL] [URL="http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-7u1-download-513651.html"]Java JDK[/URL] (7.1) [URL="http://www.java.com/en/download/chrome.jsp?locale=en"]Java[/URL] [URL="http://pastebin.com/2BCyDE07"]Co-ordinates (custom made by me)[/URL] Item ID list NPC ID list [B]WILL ADD SOURCE AND CLIENT SOON![/B] [HR][/HR] [B]Guide Legend[/B] -Introduction -Changing Stating Location -Changing Starting Package -How to add/change log-in message -Spawning NPC's -Adding Shops -How to add NPC drops and change drop-rates -How to change Prices -Adding/Changing Global Objects -Changing XP Rate -Changing the Max skill level from 99 -How to edit player in-game attributes (Skill level, rights, bank items etc...) -How to make various Commands *Teleportation commands *Item Commands *How to add player rights to commands -TIPS [HR][/HR] [B]-Introduction (Skip if needed)[/B] Does you 'Favourites' bar look like this? [IMG]http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww237/Zezamu6/Untitled.png[/IMG] Crowded with multiple guides that are an absolute nessesity to your DeltaScape developments? Would it be a shit load more simple if they were all compiled and easy to read and follow? Well lucky for you, you have come to the right place... This guide will in fact include many guides that have already been posted multiple times in the past and no doubt the future, but this guide differs from all of those one hit wonders by having everything you could possibly need, all-in-one! [HR][/HR] [B]-Changing the Starting location[/B] Possibly One of the Two main things that attract first time users to your server, your starting zone should be vibrant & welcoming to users, it should be the hub of your server, containing the many things that your players require, so make sure you choose a nice and large area that should be able to contain things like shops & portals, so basically the general HUB of your server! 1. To get started, you will want to open up your server folder and look for [B]config.java[/B], and open it. 2. Press Control+F and search for: [CODE] // initial x and y coordinates of the player [/CODE] Under that you should see: [CODE] heightLevel = [B]#[/B]; toX =[B] ##[/B]; toY = [B]####[/B]; [/CODE] 4. Change these: [B]#[/B] = Hight level of player (0 Is ground level) [B]##[/B] = X co-ordinate [B]####[/B] = Y co-ordinate [HR][/HR][B]-Changing Starting Package[/B] Maybe the second most important aspect to getting your new players interested in your server is the humble starter pack, I say this because it is what give's your players the tools needed to gain levels, earn money etc... The starter package should contain the bear minimums without it becoming too much of a challenge for players to earn Gold, or too valuable in which you will get people repeatability drop-trading the riches and what-not... 1. Open up [B]client.java[/B] 2. Press Control+F and search for: [CODE] if (starter == 0) { [/CODE] Under that you should see: [CODE] addItem([B]#[/B], [B]##[/B]); [/CODE] 4. Change these: [B]#[/B] = ID of item [B]##[/B] = Amount of item [HR][/HR] [B]-Spawning NPC's[/B] NPC's are the backbone of any RSPS, with out them, the game would only consist of skilling and would be rather boring. So lets get Started... [HR][/HR] [B]-Adding Shops[/B] Adding shops to your server is vital to it's economy by supplying players with the equipment they need to thrive on your server, while it could also be the worst thing to it if you start adding rare's to a shop, so don't go to over board. 1. Open up [B]Shops.cfg[/B] 2. you should see: [CODE] //-----ShopID---ShopName----------------------------------------Sell----Buy-----Item----Amount--Item----Amount--Item shop = 1 Aubury's_Rune_Store 2 2 554 50000 555 50000 556 50000 557 shop = 2 Ranging_Armor_Shop 2 2 3749 500 1065 500 1099 500 1135 [/CODE] EXPLINATION [CODE] //-----ShopID---ShopName----------------------------------------Sell----Buy-----Item----Amount--Item shop = 1 NAME_OF_SHOP_HERE # # ID AMOUNT [/CODE] # = Change to 1 to only buy and sell what the shop has stocked - Change to 2 to buy and sell anything! [HR][/HR] [B]-How to add NPC drops and change drop-rates[/B] Have you found that your NPC's are not dropping an item too regularly, too often or not at all? Just follow these simple steps to change all that! 1. Open up [B]npcdrops.cfg[/B] 2. In there you should see: [CODE]//abbysal npcdrop = 2263 5509 1 10 npcdrop = 2263 5510 1 7 npcdrop = 2263 5512 1 5 npcdrop = 2263 5514 1 2[/CODE] 3. I'll explain what these do [CODE]npcdrop =[B] # ## ### ####[/B][/CODE] [B]#[/B] = Monster ID [B]##[/B] = Item ID [B]###[/B] = Amount Being Dropped [B]####[/B] = Rarity of the item [HR][/HR] [B]-How to change Prices[/B] Having the power to change the prices of items plays a big part in your server, you wouldn't want to play a server were the prices are jacked up high e.g Rune Platebody = 100K, neither would you want to play a server were they are only 1k each. [HR][/HR] [B]-Adding/Changing Global Objects[/B] Adding static objects to your server is a great way to add diversity between RS and a RSPS, you can do various things with object placing, be it a skilling zone, or a portal that tele's a player to your special zone. Either way, it is a greate way to customise your server (y) 1. Open up your [B]client.java [/B]2. Press control +f and search for: [CODE]public void NewObjects()[/CODE] 3. Most sources will already have objects placed in there so you should see something like this: [CODE]makeGlobalObject([B]#, ##, ###,[/B] 0, 10);[/CODE] 4. Explanation [B]#[/B] = X co-ordinate [B]## [/B]= Y co-ordinate [B]###[/B] = Object ID [I]*note[/I] - Keep the last two numbers like that, unless you know what you are doing [HR][/HR] [B]-Changing XP Rate[/B] The XP rate on a server can make or break a player, whether it is because it was to difficult/easy for him or her to level up, because just like in RuneScape gaining the max skill is an accomplishment, an idea length of time taken to get say 99 should be around about 1-7 day's, I'll leave it up to you to figure out a nice rate. [HR][/HR] [B]-Changing the Max skill level from 99[/B] Is gaining level 99 in your skills seem a bit too low or easy? You can amp up the game by super-charging you players with higher skill ability's to either flaunt off, 0wn up or to gain access to secret content that is only accessible at it's highest peaks! 1. Open up your server file and look for [B]client.java[/B] and open 2. Press control+F and search for: [CODE] public int getLevelForXP(int exp) { [/CODE] Under that you should see something like this: [CODE] public int getLevelForXP(int exp) { int points = 0; int output = 0; if (exp > [B]####[/B]) return [B]##[/B]; for (int lvl = 1; lvl <= [B]##[/B]; lvl++) { points += Math.floor((double) lvl + 300.0 * Math.pow(2.0, (double) lvl / 7.0)); output = (int) Math.floor(points / 4); if (output >= exp) { return lvl; } } return 0; } [/CODE] 3. Change the values accordingly: [B]####[/B] = Amount of XP it takes to achieve your max level [B]##[/B] = What you would like your max level to be 4. Open up [B]Player.java[/B] and search for the same line: [CODE] public int getLevelForXP(int exp) { [/CODE] And you should see something familiar: [CODE] public int getLevelForXP(int exp) { int points = 0; int output = 0; for (int lvl = 1; lvl <= [B]####[/B]; lvl++) { points += Math.floor(lvl + 300.0 * Math.pow(2.0, lvl / 7.0)); output = (int) Math.floor(points / 4); if (output >= exp) return lvl; } return 0; } [/CODE] 5. Change accordingly: [B]####[/B] = Change to max level [HR][/HR][B]-How to edit player in-game attributes (Skill level, rights, bank items etc...)[/B] 1. Open up your server folder and search for your [B]character folder[/B] & locate the desired [B]user[/B] you would like to edit, and open it. 2. It should look like something similar to this (THERE WILL BE MORE IN THERE, THIS IS JUST THE BASICS): [CODE] [ACCOUNT] character-username = Test USERNAME character-password = Testing PASSWORD [CHARACTER] character-height = 0 HIGHT LEVEL - 0 defult (ground) character-posx = 3088 X CO-ORDINATE character-posy = 3489 Y CO-ORDINATE character-rights = 0 PLAYER'S RIGHT character-lastconnection = localhost LAST CONNECTED FROM character-special = 100 AMOUNT OF SPECIAL LEFT character-energy = 100 RUN ENERGY LEFT character-brightness = 0 BRIGHTNESS LEVEL character-fighttype = 1 TYPE OF ATTACK STYLE character-pin = 0 BANK PIN character-retaliate = 0 AUTO-RETALIATE (ON/OFF) character-pcpoints = 0 PEST CONTROLL POINTS character-assault = 0 BARBARIAN ASSULT POINTS? [/CODE] [HR][/HR] [B]-How to make various Commands[/B] What is a private server without commands? Like literally one of the key aspects of what defines a private server, that and the easy skills and money :P So now I am going to show you the basic formats of the commands so you can start implementing them your selves! [HR][/HR] [B]-TIPS[/B] * Always remember to compile either your Server and/or Client (depending on witch file was modified) via the compiler.bat * I would suggest spending at least 1-2 weeks playing around with various sources that other players have made, these can be found in the 317 download section * I would suggest having some sort of brain on your shoulders, what I mean is, being rather good at mathematics & good'ish English skills * You are expected to blow up a few sources, but it's all part of your learning experience * If you are thinking about running/maintaining a good server, I would suggest reading through a java book e.g 'java for dummies' * If you are confident enough to edit values in your server the most resourceful files are your client.java, config.java, CFG Folder etc * Always keep a back-up, I would suggest backing up your source after any major successful updates * To Find Item ID's, try looking in item.cfg in the CFG file! (95% of the time, the ID's are incorrect) Portable Item ID list included with tutorial) * To Find NPC ID's, try looking in NPC.cfg in the CFG folder! (95% of the time, the ID's are incorrect) Portable NPC ID list included with tutorial) * When searching for tutorials for Project Insanity, remeber to include the key word PI [HR][/HR] [B]*Note[/B] *This guide is almost an exact replica of my past guide [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?46460-Complete-NOOB-Project-Insanity-Guide-Tips-to-making-a-good-RSPS"]Complete NOOB 'Project Insanity'Guide + Tips to making a good RSPS[/URL], but converted to DeltaScape. *I will be adding to this guide as I go along, I have only been using DeltaScape for a week or two. *Please Suggest any guide you would like to see implemented as I will be adding to this guide continuously. *If possible, could you please contribute to this guide since Delta is a foreign source to me :| (will include 100% credit and link to your page)
  2. mummeli

    Tips for beginner

    Hello, i'm here to ask help, as I am very new to coding, i've just looked to catches etc, so I don't know anything :/ Been playing rs since 2004, and rsps' since 2007, and now I am interested to learn to code, so can you guys tell me how you started coding and started to learn the code, and should I read a java book or something, ? All replies are appreciate, thanks :)
  3. Hi, I'm trying to start coding again. I haven't coded in years and figured I'd make my owner server. The problem is... I have no idea where to start. I don't know which base to start with, how to code anything, or even how to get a development team started. Any help please?
  4. We provide best Nifty Options Tips. You can expand your businesses in trade as well as capital in few days. We provide a precise and accurate info for the MCX Trading Tips.. [url=http://www.sirfpaisa.com/]Options Tips[/url]
  5. Hi guys are you interested to work under MCX Trading Tips then you can join for here...
  6. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/KQaoU.gif[/IMG] i need tips and stuff. thanks
  7. Im Working on a new 317 server but i wanna make it have f2p pking only , so like delete all members weapons with specs and stuff, but i'll still keep the members minigames etc, so training can be faster, stuff like pc i'll put like Pot set for an amount of points, or like 25 Rune 2h's for whatever amount of pts, haven't decided yet but you get the picture, I just would like some help with what source and client i should start off with to create a f2p server
  8. first :P [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/Miido_AD/Tocontinue2.png[/IMG] Skrillex [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/Miido_AD/skrillex.png[/IMG] New Logo [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/Miido_AD/miidonewlogo.png[/IMG] Just added lighting in this pic (gradient,curves,vintage,light,etc....) [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/Miido_AD/Lighteffectbyme.png[/IMG] And an Eye |I haven't finished yet I wanted to make something different here so i added some trees liquify them and added eye with some light and some gradient curves etc.... [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/Miido_AD/Eye.png[/IMG] Ye I'd Like some tips on making it better please, thx. :)
  9. Hello Guys this is my first vertical signature I've done recently [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/Miido_AD/1stvertical.png[/IMG] I know might look ugly or so much things going on I just wasn't sure what to do so I really could get some tips, and Thx. ;) Edit: Tips I mean how to make it better :P
  10. I was thinking. Should I create a source mixed with old school and new school combined? Old School Features: No Over-Powered Items Like Godswords, D Claws, Torva Just old school armour and weapons from 2006-2007 No New Prayers Including Curses, Piety, Chivalry Only Goes Up To Smite No Dungeoneering/Dungeoneering Weapons And Armour Maybe 459 GameFrame New School Features: New Hitsplats with Fading Including Critical FullScreen 2006-2009 Bosses New Character/Item Models 602 Anims Skilling/ECO/PK Would you guys play a Mix like this?
  11. Hey im working on a edgeville f2p pking server, probly gonna add in f2p skilling too, but i just need to know, what would be a good source and client to start for a f2p server, with least members features as possible, im gonna try to get rid of them. I used to code 317's awhile back, so now i feel like coding a f2p source, shudnt be to hard i hope. I'll Post Updates how the server is doing once i get started =] (TO MODS): I noticied i posted this in the wrong section, so when a mods see this, can u move this thread to help pls, thx.