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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I'm currently having a problem with others getting onto my rsps. I'm using a 562 version of spawnscape and I can log on perfectly. But others are getting the error connection timed out... I have port forwarded correctly I think using 43594 as a port and I have put my no-ip.biz In for then changed it back once I uploaded the file to mediafire. I have also compiled and have the source and my client running once they try to log on. I also have no-ip.biz running and I is giving me all checks. BUT! the website canyouseeme.org is saying that it can't see me and gives me error connection timed out. Please help me!
  2. pyrepk

    connection timed out

    ive been trying to get my server live for a cpl days. ive changed the ip in my clientsettings to my no-ip, portforwarded and port 43594 is open, compiled it all but it says connection timed out? why? i have also downloaded the no-ip duc and have it running. have all green checks. and help would be appreciated and if someone can help me get it live i will make them admin. i spent months coding and dont want it to go to waste.
  3. First declare in player.java [CODE]public long banStart; public long banEnd;[/CODE] Add this to playerSave: [CODE] } else if(token.equals("ban-start")) { p.banStart = Long.parseLong(token2); } else if(token.equals("ban-end")) { p.banEnd = Long.parseLong(token2);[/CODE] [CODE] characterfile.write("ban-start = ", 0, 12); characterfile.write(Long.toString(p.banStart), 0, Long.toString(p.banStart).length()); characterfile.newLine(); characterfile.write("ban-end = ", 0, 10); characterfile.write(Long.toString(p.banEnd), 0, Long.toString(p.banEnd).length()); characterfile.newLine();[/CODE] Go to commands.java add [CODE] if (playerCommand.startsWith("timedban") && c.playerRights >= 1 && c.playerRights <= 3) { // use as ::ban name try { String[] args = playerCommand.split("-"); if(args.length < 2) { c.sendMessage("Correct usage: ::ban-playername-time"); return; } String playerToBan = args[1]; int secondsToBan = Integer.parseInt(args[2])*1000; for(int i = 0; i < Config.MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if(Server.playerHandler.players[i] != null) { if(Server.playerHandler.players[i].playerName.equalsIgnoreCase(playerToBan)) { Player o = Server.playerHandler.players[i]; o.banStart = System.currentTimeMillis(); o.banEnd = System.currentTimeMillis()+ secondsToBan; o.disconnected = true; Connection.addNameToBanList(playerToBan); Connection.addNameToFile(playerToBan); break; } } } c.sendMessage("You banned the player: "+playerToBan+" for "+secondsToBan/1000+" seconds"); } catch(Exception e) { c.sendMessage("Player Must Be Offline."); } }[/CODE] Go to RS2LoginProtocolDecoder find: [CODE] if(Connection.isNamedBanned(cl.playerName)) { returnCode = 23; }[/CODE] Replace with: [CODE] if(Connection.isNamedBanned(cl.playerName)) { PlayerSave.loadGame(cl, cl.playerName, cl.playerPass); if(System.currentTimeMillis() < cl.banEnd) { returnCode = 23; } else { cl.banEnd = 0; Connection.removeNameFromBanList(cl.playerName); } }[/CODE] Go to command.java again find the normal ban command find disconnected = true under it add: [CODE] Server.playerHandler.players[i].banStart = System.currentTimeMillis(); Server.playerHandler.players[i].banEnd = Long.MAX_VALUE;[/CODE] ::timedban-playername-time No process used. EDIT: banStart is not used but its just a way of looking when the person was banned.
  4. well when i try loggging in on my server which is not on line it says: connection timed out. please try using a different server. can someone help me?
  5. well when i try loggging in on my server which is not on line it says: connection timed out. please try using a different server. can someone help meh?