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Found 233 results

  1. [B][U][SIZE=6][COLOR="#000000"]Backscape[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B] Hey guys, my name is [B]Peter[/B]. I recently found one of my old servers and decided that it would be fun to try and get it running again=) It is a 317 server with almost every skill working well. [COLOR="#000000"][B]Features:[/B][/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Npc Clipping[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Player Clipping[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Working Clues[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Most Doors[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Trading[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Following[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Music[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]PVP[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Quest System[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FF0000"]Sounds working (Haven't been implement yet)[/COLOR] [COLOR="#000000"][B]Skills:[/B][/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Agility[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Cooking[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Crafting[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Farming[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Firemaking[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Fishing[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Fletching[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Herblore[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Magic[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Mining[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Prayer[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Runecrafting[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Slayer[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Smithing[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Thieving[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Woodcutting[/COLOR] [B][COLOR="#000000"]A Bit More Information:[/COLOR][/B] When you first enter the game you will spawn on the island of Miscellania. I haven't completely decided the items that the player is to start with yet. So right now it is the normal inventory from completing tutorial island. I plan to have all custom quests with custom rewards. The rewards will include items for pvp and skilling also exp. [B][COLOR="#000000"]Who I'm Looking For:[/COLOR][/B] People who.... -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Can help manage the server(Such as Moderators/Administrators).[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#FFA500"]Will Suggest new ideas and who are interested in improving the overall quality of the game.[/COLOR] -[COLOR="#00FF00"]Know Java=).[/COLOR] If you posses any of the attributes listed above please contact me here on the forums or on Skype. Skype: peterfarb
  2. Ok, so let me explain my intentions here for anyone who cares to read this. My server base is based off of older 317 sever called epicurus. I've been around a while my self owned my own server before. I plan on making this a very successful sever I will pay people for their services and time if they want that, but i prefer them to join the dev team to make a good community and help create a well balanced server. I can gaurentee with the ideas and time I have put into rsps I know what people want. Again I will cover all expenses for VPS, and website and if I absolutely have to I'll pay for services. But just hit me up on Skype if interested. Edit > I now have 1 server sided coder, looking for a client sided developer, and I can do the website myself but I needed help with some things So iwas looking for someone that was better then myself at Web development. Skype: stenen.clark73 Thanks for your time
  3. Im trying to start a PS. Im 24 years old and am looking to do this with someone who is trying to actually get some things going that in the future could be beneficial for us. Im in need of a Coder, graphics designer, and web site management ive got the fund to take this thing off the ground just need help with some of the other issues of starting a ps pm me or post here if interested.
  4. I'm not actively looking for a group or partner so don't come into this with the thought that I owe you something. I just have a bit of free time on my hands and wouldn't mind investing it into something productive. We can talk more specifically on skype but just for a lowdown here are some of my skills: - Java Programming - GFX Design - Marketing - Administration - Web/Forum Development - Financial Management Hate to sound intimidating and blunt, but I feel like a skype chat would be a better way to decide if you want to work with me than a huge well made thread. The two servers I've devoted the most time to were Fatality614 and Notorious317, both of which came out to be [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=2]#2[/URL] on RuneLocus for a while. This time i'm going for [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1[/URL] .
  5. [CENTER][IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/aahlas.png[/IMG] [B]Gathering a team:[/B] I am currently gathering a team for a project I am going to be working on, hopefully with others in the near future. As you can see, the project I am soon to work on is entitled 'Insignia'. And yes a stable team would be perfect. One with members who enjoy developing and understanding important rules we'd have among ourselves. [B]What is Insignia?[/B] Insignia will be a 317 server (either PI, Asteria or Hyperion based, strawpoll below). But giving the look and aspect of 'Old School RuneScape' however I do not intend to create a full re-make of OSRS, but a similar concept sounds exciting. I want to create something, that would be more community sided. I know their is a lot of people taking a liking to osrs, but also others who disagree with it as it is not as they hoped it to be. Hopefully I can create something, we can create something outstanding to the community. For others to come & enjoy in their free time.[/CENTER] [B]Main goals for Insignia:[/B] [LIST] [*][I]Creation of a unique and playable server. [*]A successful beta testing before release of Insignia [*]An enjoyable & stable development team. [*]And ofcourse, in the end a successful server.[/I] [/LIST] [CENTER][B]How we will run Insignia:[/B] I happen to have a decent in-come, a lot more than what's needed to get Insignia up & running and for it to continue to run throughout the years to come, and as long as people want it to stay, it shall stay. Their is no need to worry about paying for anything if you become a part of the Insignia Staff Team. All I want for the developers are staff of Insignia is for them to have an entertaining & educational experience whilst developing Insignia.[/CENTER] [B]The staff I require: (Ordered by most important)[/B] [LIST=1] [*][I]Server Developers [*]Graphical Artists [*]A moderation team, in the near future. [*]Web developers if possible. [*]Management team[/I] [/LIST] [I]If you'd like to join this adventure in creating what could be a top server. Feel free to send me a private message on here, or you can send me a request on Skype. I'd be more than happy to accept your request[/I] [B]Skype:[/B] PRSM.RSPS
  6. Hello all, I am attempting to form a development team for a runescape private server I wish to host. The base was a very successful server and was able to run itself over the years however it closed due to owner problems. However, the base is no where near perfect (yet, I already have a list of all stuff that will assure longevity of the game). The server is a very interesting economy server with not too high experience rates so players really do get sucked into the game-play. I already have a VPS to host the server on. All donations will go towards the development team (you get what you put in) as I will be paying for the VPS out of my own pocket. To be eligible for the team please note you must have the ability to: 1) Work with MySQL, please have some experience with this 2) Create your own code from scratch, do not come to me with internet tutorials as these are mostly half-done leeches 3) Knowledge of the combat formulas as I believe perfect combat formulas are very important 4) Spot dead code within files 5) Stay organized 6) Knowledge of dupes and dupe fixes are a plus If you believe you would be a valuable asset to the development team please feel free to contact my skype. Skype name: Ahhhhhhhhhhhkk (11 h's) Showcase of previous work you have done will be a big plus. Edit: In need of client developers.
  7. Today it has came to my attention that I am in need of a team for my up-coming server development. I have been working on somewhat of a re-make for a little while now and I feel it's coming along smoothly. If you become part of my team, there's nothing you need to worry about other than to do what's needed. The server itself will not struggle as it will all be paid for, we already have a website up and running and upon beta/releases we will have dedicated servers up and running for the server to run smoothly. The server will be some-what of a remake, with a lot of unique features making sure it's not identical to RuneScape as it was, but something new so we don't all get bored. Everything that is to be added to Insignia, will be well planned and well considered before integrated into the server. [B]Server Name:[/B] Insignia. [B]What team we need:[/B] [LIST] [*]x1 Server Developer [*]x2 Designers [*]x3/4 Website/Forum Administrators [*]x2 Forum Moderators [*]x1/2 Server Management Team [/LIST] [B]What should you have?:[/B] [LIST] [*]Previous work in the areas you're looking for. [*]Self motivated, but can motivate others. [*]Enjoy what you do and love to see content progress [*]Dedicated to what you enjoy. [/LIST] If you feel you fit any of the categories listed above, feel free to apply for the team by messaging me on skype. I can assure to you that the team will be fun and enjoyable, and in the end we should have an incredible server developed for us to manage and enjoy. [B]Skype:[/B] prsm.rsps
  8. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oLToPmD.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [SIZE=4] Sorry, all our spots are filled. But why not join the website and support us by posting, making friends and being a player?[/SIZE]
  9. We should remove the Content Team Applications board as to what Steven has been saying, its no longer in use or hiring. That's all, Thanks.
  10. As the title above sais, Mostly experienced with 718+ but would prefer to jump on board a lower revision, either post below or private message me to discuss further details.
  11. [B][CENTER]Introduction[/CENTER][/B] [CENTER]Hello guys and welcome to my thread discussing my personal attributes and why I'm wanting to join and collaborate with a ongoing Project or Development team. I'm currently 19 years old and go away on the June 1st to join the British military; but as of now apart from keeping up with my fitness I am absolutely bored out of my brain; so if I could conjoin with a project or team that would be great so I don't end up dieing of boredom [B]Skills & Knowledge :[/B][/CENTER] [LIST] [*][B]OK Grammar[/B] [*][B]Team Leadership[/B] [*][B]Graphic Design[/B] [*][B]Vast Knowledge in RSPS's & RS[/B] [*][B]Meh at Java[/B] [*][B]Experience in RSPS Teams.[/B] [/LIST] [CENTER][B]Personal Details:[/B][/CENTER] [B]Age: [/B]19 [B]Name:[/B] Dylan / Flu [B]Nationality:[/B] UK [B]TS / Skype / Mic / Headset:[/B] Yes [CENTER]If you're wanting to ask any other questions please post them as a reply or PM me and I'll reply as fast as possible. Thanks, Fluent.[/CENTER]
  12. Hey guys! so first let me introduce myself:" my name is ahmad, i'm a 17 years old guy from israel. i've been developing php, html, java scripting and sql for 4 years now, i've had a rs service page for few years and recieved a great respond and made some money:P anyways i've had a rsps in 2011 named jokerscapex i believe it was a 317 source, i've closed it because i couldn't pay for the VPS anymore so uhmm whatever. I've been interested in those new versions of sources for a while now and decided to try my luck again on RSPS. i've created a new server and named the project TechnoX-Pkz and i'm looking for a support team for my server. positions available: GFX Developer: Must be a pro with using photoshop etc. i don't really know much about GFX lol so whatever. Website Developer: Must have great knowledge with PHP, HTML, SQL at least. Coder: Must be able to code well not just a coder in name. I'll be running few test before accepting anyone to join the team. I'll cover all the expenses regarding the VPS, Webhosting and advertising. What will u get from all that: a forum rank. an ingame rank if u really start proving yourself trusted i'll consider to start paying you (if shit succeeds ofc) website shit thats added: 100% working highscores with signature for each user. voting system. IPB forums 100% coded. webclient. jarred client done. contact us. website future: login from ur ingame account and access to cpanel. store with auto claim shit ingame. ingame shit: i'll give u link to website to server once i accept ur application bc it's still in beta and i don't want to public it yet. anyways i'm serious about this project and hopefully i can have ur cooperation. add my skype for more details: Joker678.pb thanks.
  13. Hello Everyone, I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Kai, nickname is Kaizee and do prefer to be called by my nickname unless we have a good relationship as friend, in which you can call me Kai. I have been playing Runescape itself since 2004 and been playing private servers since the best part of 06 I would say. I have done a fair bit of coding such as changing prices for items, renaming items, shops, modifying the statistics that are given to specific items etc however on this coding, for 317 specifically we are going back about a good 4 years. I am 20 years old and currently am working as an IT Systems Analyst aswell as taking the role of an IT Technician in which I deal with an international company that is part of a group of companies in which needs me to be more or less constantly traveling to different countries, at least 3-5 companies per year. I want to create a private server which is 317 based, call me oldschool but that is the era I was brought up in, I don't mind having Vesta, Statius, primal and chaotic coded in, however I just cannot deal with the later models released, more to the edge of how runescape itself is now for example. I am looking for a serious team, I am looking to create a massively stable server in which is Economy based also, I wish for it to be massively suitable for PKers, Skillers, Bossing along with all items actually having a worth in the game and not easily gainable, but not too hard to be gained that the server is pointless playing because its too hard to progress. The seriousness of the building of this server is vital. I am more than financially stable, I 'will' and I repeat, I 'WILL' be creating a pay system when the server gets that far down the line that we have a regular income for the server, that I will be able to have my staff team earning a wage out of this. Please do note the wage will not be able to live off, it will be a reward for being dedicated and devoted to the server on making it better for not only yourself but everybody that comes, visits and stays. Contact me on the following: TeamApplications"at"outlook.com I will not be accepting any rookies or amateurs for a team I apologise in advance. My only goal it to make this server strong, secure, stable and most importantly, fun for everybody. I want Developers, Web Developers, forums administrators/moderators, in-game administrators/moderators. When you send me your application, I want the following: Full Name Country Currently Situated Years Of Experience What work you have published or taken part in and what specifically you played your part in Skype Name Reason why I should make you part of my team Photos of work you have created I 'WILL' Require you to take part in a teamviewer session where I want you to create a freestyle of coding, from scratch and I will be testing you to see if it is actually you doing the coding, I will ask you to stop, reposition items etc to make sure it is not a video you are showing me on TeamViewer! Minimum Age Of 16 (Must Tell Me Your Age) Thank you to everybody who has read this,
  14. I only do coding. Nothing with the cache. Wont ask for anything on return. Addme on skype = "Luay.husam" Thank you.
  15. funnylb

    Need a 562 Team :)

    Skype: "Luay.Husam" lets make a historical rsps :)
  16. Hello there, I'm currently looking for a team to start hosting with. I'm looking for a coder and a web developer to create a domain and forums. I will take care of the hosting, i will host 24/7 from my computer, or i could buy a VPS depending on the team. I havn't got a source yet since i want to make that decision with my team, what revision to use etc. Message me on skype if you're intrested! skype= iLullee
  17. Forums guy- coder- Staff members - community helpers- pretty much all there is. Coders - Depending on ur ability to be awesome can put u in a awesome spot i shall pay for u to be AWESOME. forums guy- i need someone with a vast exp. to manage and basicly start up a nice page - also will be paid for being awesome staff members/community helpers- mainly will be testers to start and once grow i will put you where i see fit thus being -mods-helpers etc. Yours truely, Uncivil Uncivilscape - 317 -
  18. Hey to anyone reading this i have been a part of server before i was head admin and dealt with player issues and i am an active player in game i have been playing rsps and rs for over 7 years and i have basic coding experience not enough to make a server my myself but some. im looking to be an addition to someone server im active and willing to be a good admin or mod please reply to this message if you have any questions or are interested in my services. :P
  19. Hi guys, I am currently in need of an advertisement team. Please let me know if you are interested, you will be compensated. Server info: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?103450-Telarium[/url] -Drew
  20. Hello, I am new to programming, but know a little bit on how to program. I am using the SpawnScape 614 source, yes haha gross right? Well, I fell in love with this server and it's ways when the server was still up. (This was the UNreleased source, edited by Co Pure Gs during Nexus614.) I am looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of the server, especially 614s+. Please fill out this application: Name How old are you: Years of experience programming java: Have you owned any servers in the past (if so link and name with revision): What you will do if you are picked to help develop: If you have any other questions please PM me for my skype or just pm me. Thanks. P.S. I know I didn't list any payment plans, because of right now there are none, until we get a number of players that are donating and what not, there will be none, this will be just out of the enjoyment of your heart. :P
  21. We have a 90% complete server right now and we are looking for a single individual to help with a few things we have questions on. [B][U]Current status of the server;[/U][/B] [B]Friends only, staff only [/B]- We are not live as we are still working on kinks before anything is set and stone. We want a good product before throwing it out there for the world. [B]Website Status[/B] - I'm currently in development of the website/forums as we speak. Should be done within the next 24 hours or so. [B]Hardware [/B]- We have very powerful equipment, this isn't some $10 a month deal that we are coming up with out of our ass. We are already well into the hundreds of dollars spent on this project. [B][U]Important things to know;[/U][/B] [B]This will not be some layed back job[/B] where you sit at home with your hand down your pants and make money. This is something that will be worked on daily (if you can't get on no big deal, we all have real life to take care of) [B]Things will not be put on hold; [/B]We want to take care of our server and players. We want to keep up to date and punch of development updates at least twice weekly. Things that break will be fixed in a timely manner and things that need to be fixed will be fixed in a timely manner. If people don't keep up the staff list will change accordingly. There will be a to-do list and things assigned to people, almost like a job. [B]We are not teenagers;[/B] We are adults that have come here to make a project that people will enjoy. This isn't play time and we aren't here for a short run, we are in it for the long game. This doesn't mean you have to be an adult to be apart of our team but if you don't act like it the chances of you staying will be slimmed. [B]You get paid for the work you do;[/B] This isn't some free labor stuff. This is stuff that will have a large payout in the end of things. The person we chose will have a large chunk of donations contributed to them after expenses for the server. I have experience running businesses and I'm not afraid to treat this as a business itself. If you want to be apart of something like this reply to the thread and include your name and how I can contact you. You will have a trial phase as well as a test to see if you can keep up in this line of work. [B][U] Do you have what it takes?[/U][/B] Regards, Collin
  22. im redeveloping my server, a fresh revamp. looking for the following: 1 developer for the server/client(Admin/co-owner) will be discussed 2 beta testers who will potentially become mods 1 Forum Developer/Mod and more people if they would like to join our venture. What i currently have setup Dedicated server: 5G RAM Quad core CPU E5420 1GB uplink 120GB SSD and our IPB/IPS Forum Please add me on skype gb-rodney and visit [url]www.desolation718.com[/url]
  23. Hello. i am the current owner of EmporiumX and we are currently in need of a web developer. we have a current website ( [url]http://emporiumx.org/[/url] ) but we are in high need of some professional forums for out server. if you are interested in this position of the Team add me on skype @ purecoolbow1