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Found 16 results

  1. [SIZE=7][URL="http://www.06prime.com"]Website[/URL][/SIZE] [IMG]http://www.06prime.com/images/logo.png[/IMG] Hello & Welcome to 06Prime! 06Prime is a server that is currently being coded by a dedicated group of developers. Are goal is to create a successful 2006 server to recreate the golden days of RuneScape. Many people make the argument that you should just play 2007, but it obviously isn't the same as 2006. Please tell your friends about 06Prime & stay active on our forums! 06Prime Development Team Mod Kieran - Developer Mod Zoro - Developer Mod Josh - Developer Mod Spencer - Web Developer [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/2EJAV.gif[/img] Combat [color=green]PvP fully complete PvN fully complete NvN system working X-logging (if disconnected during combat, logs out only after 60secs or death) Perfect max hit formulas Perfect accuracy formula Every weapon special attack Equipment effects (i.e. barrows) Equipment requirements Degradable equipment Weapon poisoning[/color] [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/HhYtx.gif[/img]Magic [color=green]Every modern combat spell Every ancient combat spell Can't mage through walls Staves that give unlimited amount of runes working Charge w/ godspells Iban blast/Slayer dart Weakening spells Teleblock/binding/freezing Every other spell including: B2b/B2p Charging orbs Alching/Superheat Enchanting jewelry [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/C2xH2.gif[/img] Ranged Bows/arrows Throwing weapons (knives, darts, javelins, throwing axes) Crossbows (the regular one and karil's) Can't shoot through walls Ranged distances (9 steps for long range, 7 steps for normal) [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/t0SHW.gif[/img] All bones bury-able Every prayer working properly Prayer bonus affects prayer drain rate [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/4Ou9K.gif[/img] Emptying and refilling rocks All ores can be mined Mining gems at shilo village Mining granite and sandstone (1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg) Correct pickaxe finding and animations Prospecting Random chance of obtaining gems Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/Bbq6R.gif[/img] All bars can be made All bars can be forged into items All equipment can be produced Ring of forging Correct animations, interfaces and objects used [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/HFOC2.gif[/img] All fish can be caught Big net fishing Vessel fishing(put a raw karambwan as a bait in the vessel and catch karambwan) Correct item requirements Fishing spots located all around the world Correct animations Moving fishing locations Fishing Platform [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/Xvfj1.gif[/img] Meats Flour collecting Bread Pies Stews Pizzas Cakes Wine Hot drinks Potatoes Diary Brew making Cooking gauntlets Eating food (in pieces) Correct animation and timing used [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/QrNzk.gif[/img] Stumps and regrowing trees Correct hatchet finding Correct hatchet animations All trees cut-able Correct fell chance algorithms Birds nest falling out [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/0HOQK.gif[/img] All logs light able Adding and depleting of lightened logs Firelighters Pyre log firemaking mort'ton temple(making sacred oil) Sacred oil to make pyre logs(correct doses) All lighting sources Colored fires "Backward" firelighting Ashes appear after logs burn out Correct animations Clipped [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/YnmBh.gif[/img] [color=yellow]Gnome, Wilderness, Pyramid and Brimhaven courses usable Run energy affected(weight + level) Force movement mask Correct animations used[/color] [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/4jFcc.gif[/img] Correct animations Herb Identifying All potions can be made Correct first and secondary ingredients Coconut making Item grinding(pestle use) Poisoning weapons(all types) Can pour doses into other potions (must be the same potion) [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/KbkQ8.gif[/img] NPC thievery working with correct stunning formula Can thieve from stalls and can get caught by surrounding guards Doors lockpicking and chests Correct animations and graphics used [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/5zdcP.gif[/img] Cutting gems Making amulets, necklaces, and rings Stringing amulets and necklaces Tanning normal, hard, and dragon hide Crafting normal, hard, snakeskin, and dragon hide Crafting snakeskin Spinning wool and flax Making pottery Attaching studs [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/bUmTj.gif[/img] Use of the Abyss Rock mining Tendrils chopping Boil burning Eyes distracting Gap crossing Passage Skulled when entering Prayer drained to 0 Dark mage repairing pouches All altars working Correct multiple crafting Use of Pouches included Talismans "pull" to altars Tiaras enchanting Combining runes and their uses Mist runes Dust runes Mud runes Smoke runes Steam runes Lava runes Binding necklace(100% of combining rune if wielded, and has 15 charges) [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/I4pJ6.gif[/img] All logs can be fletched Option interface for short or long bow (shafts if normal log) Can string bows Can make bolt-tips Darts Brutal arrows making Bow stringing Can make arrows [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/HtjDm.gif[/img] All slayer masters Every monsters added for every tasks Burthorpe tasks Canifis tasks Edgeville tasks Lost city tasks Shilo village tasks Tips on killing monsters 'Special monsters' requires a specific slayer level and equipment to slay Slayer shops All slayer masters working Can ask for an easier task at burthorpe if you have a too hard task All equipment working Item that finishes off some monsters Equipment that are required to fight some monsters Special monsters(Zygomite and mogre) Slayer gem working [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/6DPd9.gif[/img] Allotments All vegetables working Correct crop timings Flowers All flowers and their effects working Correct flower timings Herbs All herbs working Correct herbs timings Hops All hops working Correct hops timings Fruit Trees All fruit trees working Correct sapling growth timings Correct fruit tree growth timings Trees All trees working Correct sapling growth timings Correct tree growth timings Gardeners Watch over crops working Correct payments per type of crop Compost Bin Supercompost making Compost making Bushes berries regrowing after being picked Correct bush timings All bushes working Tool Leprechaun Store items working Swaps noted items All farming patches working Correct disease chance algorithm Special plants Spirit trees teleport to tree gnome Calquat trees Belladona trees Cactus trees All tools working Magic secateurs [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/fqb62.png[/img] Duel Arena [color=yellow]Castle Wars Fight Caves Fight Pits[/color] [color=yellow]Barrows[/color] [color=red]Pest Control Fishing Trawler Gnome Ball Bar crawl Blast Furnace Champion's Challenge Chompy hunting Games room Jungle Clean Up [color=yellow]Pet Care[/color](70% done) Rogue Trader Rogue's Den Splitbark Armour Temple Trekking Tzhaar Caves[/color] [color=yellow]Magic Training Arena[/color] [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/R4MMI.png[/img] Get music/sound packets Get music/sound playing All areas have music (f2p done) All sounds added [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/KKQ7R.png[/img] Tutorial Island Improved quest system (made it very simple, so the quests can be added very fast) Rune Mysteries Quest Cook's Assistant Sheep Shearer Imp Catcher Zamorak Mage Miniquest Magic Arena Miniquest [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080320193236/runescape/images/archive/3/37/20090906074416%21Lamp.png[/img] Genie Drunken dwarf Ent tree Explosive mining rocks Flying pickaxe heads Flying axe heads Whirlpool fishing Big fish stealing equipment Evil chicken Freaky Forester River troll Rock golem Shade Spirit tree Zombie More to come... [img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/QR4Lh.png[/img] Ground items (items wait for 60 seconds before becoming public, then disappear after an additional 150 seconds. Untradable items disappear after 180 seconds from being dropped) Water fillables (using vials, buckets, jugs, etc. on water sources) Pickables (cabbages, onions, wheat, etc.) Skill interfaces Item weight Treasure trails Clue scroll system Kill some monster to get the key for a chest/drawers (level3 clues) Puzzles Simple Clues Puzzle : hover your mouse on the hint icon to get a hint Anagram Scrolls Challenge Scrolls Cryptics Coordinate(need sextant, chart, and watch to dig) Speak to clues key to open drawers and chests Digging clues Map Scrolls Search Scrolls Mage book making(torn pages) Every clue level reward(25+ rewards) Npcs dropping clue scrolls Npcs dropping clue scrolls [/color] [ATTACH=CONFIG]8383[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]8384[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]8385[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]8386[/ATTACH] [color=Red](More pictures will be added)[/color]
  2. Well as most of you will know that recently 2006Scape has been taken down but now also Near-Reality has been shut down. Near-Reality has been open ever since I started playing Runescape Private Servers, which was roughly 4 years ago. [url]http://www.near-reality.com/forums/news/655963-near-reality.html[/url] - Near-Reality shutdown announcement [url]http://www.2006Scape.com[/url] Simple redirects to the Runescape website [url]http://www.arrav.com[/url] Simple redirects to the Runescape website [url]http://pwnxile.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=451368ea5ecb094e2d8d468eccb4a9dc&action=forum[/url] - Also offline now [url]http://www.ps-inception.com/[/url] - Another server down Some users from other communities have also been discussing wh [B]Whats going to happen next to RSPS?[/B] Bare in mind that Jagex could also shut down RSPS communities such as Runelocus, Rune-Server etc.. Not just individual servers there self. EDIT: Arrav has also received a call from Jagex recently apparently UPDATE: Arrav has now been taken down! To cover the Runelocus community make sure that this is done like Mopar has: [url]http://www.moparscape.org/lawstuff[/url]
  3. I downloaded a PvP server source and client and I'd like to change it to an eco server. Some things I'd like to remove are the ::master, ::pure, ::setlevel, and ::item. Thanks.
  4. [img]http://eypic.net/images/elliotnun.png[/img] This is by far the favorite one I've made. I didn't really use a tutorial, though I was inspired by one in particular: [url]http://www.gamexe.net/photoshop/halo-reach-signature/[/url] I didn't follow it at all. I just was inspired by the 2 colors on each side of a render. I quickly glanced at this tutorial: [url]http://www.signaturestop.com/full-signature-tutorials/final-fantasy-signature-tutorial/[/url] To read about the liquify tool and make the loop that goes behind the render. The original stock: [url]http://eypic.net/images/girlswsps.jpg[/url] Please, please, please CnC.
  5. BZB

    Taking guns away

    Do you believe they should take guns away, give your opinion.
  6. Hello everyone, I just got a invoice from my webhost requesting me to remove the .jar for my webclient. Claiming that the report came from JAGEX themselves, the message below is exactly what they wrote. [QUOTE]21st September 2012 To Whom It May Concern; I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I am the owner or am authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner. The information in the notification is accurate. I have good faith to belief that the use of the material identified below has not been authorised by the owner, its agents or the law. Concerning ([URL=*[/URL]) (IP Address:" --.--.--.--.--- ") ("the Website") I represent Jagex Limited ("Jagex"), developer and publisher of massively 20 multiplayer online games. Jagex has owned and operated RuneScape, the 20 well-known online multiplayer adventure game, at the website [URL="http://www.runes="]www.runes[/URL]cape.com<[URL="http://www.runescape.com/%3E"]http://www.runescape.com/>[/URL] since 2001. There are currently over 205 million active registered players of the game worldwide. Under Sections 512(c)(3) and 512 (d)(3) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C 512(c)(3) and 512(d)(3)), we are hereby giving you notification that; 201. Jagex Limited (UK registered company number 03982706) is the exclusive owner of the copyrights in and to the RuneScape massively multiplayer online game, the associated [URL="http://www.runescape.com%3Chttp://www.runescape.com/="]www.runescape.com<http://www.runescape.com/[/URL]> website and the text, artwork, logos and other material appearing there in, except where otherwise stated. a) A full and representative list of the RuneScape material can be viewed at [URL="http://www.runescape.com%3Chttp://www.runescape.com/%3E."]www.runescape.com<http://www.runescape.com/>.[/URL] 2. The Website has reproduced, without consent or license, elements of the RuneScape material, and is knowingly providing links to a pirated and modified RuneScape Game Client. a) The website is involved in unauthorized distribution of a modified RuneScape Game Client, also known as the (Runerebellion). The pirated 20 and illegitimately modified version of the RuneScape Game Client is provided for public access at the following address(s): ([URL][/URL]) The (Runerebellion) Game Client is a duplication of the official RuneScape Game Client materials (including copyrighted names and artwork) available for review at [URL="http://www.runescape.com%3Chttp://www.runescape.com/%3E"]http://www.runescape.com<http://www.runescape.com/>[/URL], reproduced without consent or license. Reproduction and modification of the RuneScape Game Client is only possible by circumventing the protective systems enacted by Jagex Limited, thereby gaining access to, and distributing, part of the code for the RuneScape game. This is a clear breach of copyright, involving copying of the code as well as the appearance of the game in terms of overall impression, interfaces, text and images. In accordance with Section 512(d) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 20 you are bound by law to prevent the referring or linking of users to an online location containing infringing material by using information location tools, including a directory, index, reference, pointer or hypertext link, in order to claim a safe harbour from liability for contributory and vicarious copyright infringement. Accordingly, Jagex Limited requires that you act expeditiously to remove, 20 or disable access to, the web page listed above. Should you have any concerns, please contact [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]<mailto:c= [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]> or 0844.588.6689. Yours faithfully, ------------------------------------------------- /Simon-Geoffrey Parker/ Copyright& Intellectual Property Liaison Jagex Games Studio tel: +44 (0)844 588 6689 fax: +44 (0)844 588 6690 St John's Innovation Center Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WS United Kingdom [/QUOTE] So what do you think about this? Is Jagex finally going to take action against rsps? If they are, why pick on a small 20-60 player based one? I personally don't like the sounds of this at all..
  7. [B][B]well whats to say i have done everything already and i am looking for a big team to take care of forums and in game hassle while i take care of the development side of things. i don't have time to mess about and will get rid of you in a flash if you mess up. - had to get rid of my old site dev was way to lazy.[/B] [COLOR="#FF0000"]1. Must have MSN - I don't use skype 2. Must have some experience with RSPS. 3. Must be Mature and have common sense [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]So past the annoying bits haha[/COLOR] Well about myself i currently own and run one server, planning to open a second in a week. i am a people person and i don't mess about, i like reliable hardworking and loyal people. What im looking for you will be based over two servers. [LIST] [*]Four. administartors [*]Three super moderators [*]five. moderators [*]ten. server supports [/LIST] How to apply leave a note here saying applied and inbox me this format [QUOTE]Name: Age: Type of spot wanted: Past experience: MSN: Experience in Runescape in-General: Why should i take you on (give a good reason) :[/QUOTE][/B]
  8. I guess I have alot of questions but not necessarily questions that can be answered. I've spent the last few days looking at Java tutorials on the official website and I still know nothing. When I say nothing I mean not nothing! People say "Just go to official Java tutorials and learn" I've tried that, and I've alread read countless tutorials on how to start your own server and it simply doesn't work, or maybe it works but I just can't incorporate it with RSPS. I don't want to give up but now it's gotten me thinking "maybe running a server isn't for everyone?" I guess my simple question is, how did you get started, what did you do, what can I do to help myself? TL;DR - How'd you get started and what can I do that you did that could maybe help me learn about programming, better.
  9. I'd like to point out that it isn't that wise to create a bot anymore.. Because they're actually taking legal actions against bot developers. I'm only posting this to make sure that you've been warned.. ;o [url]http://www.develop-online.net/news/39563/Imminent-court-ruling-to-choke-Runescape-hackers[/url] Oh by the way, if you had iBot, you're fucked. "[I]In the next few weeks our websites, domains, code and [B]customer details will be passed over to Jagex along with details of all those people who we know have developed scripts for iBot and sold or re-sold those scripts[/B][/I]"
  10. [url]http://maps.google.com/[/url] >Get Directions >The Shire to Mordor >Get walking directions
  11. So i decided i would go pk yesterday. I started out dh pking and it was fun, i made quite a bit but i died a few times for 1 reason. The stupid polypore staff. A kid had like some armour that looks like polypore not sure what it is though. But basically he had that, poly, arcane shield and stream. When i was looting he tbed me and started to hit me with polypore. I got comboed out by a 501 and then a 450. I thought wtf, i need that thing. I go the ge and buy it, its like 800k for 3k charges? 3k charges last a long time and for 800k its easy to get. Then you add in that you can barrage, armadyl, tb, and stuff with it and add the hits from that it makes for a very gay weapon. Idk about you guys but i honestly think it should be like crystal or something and be quest related, and should be way more. 800k for a weapon that hits constantly even if your in like full dh. Im not saying get rid of it but im saying change it to a lot more, how do you guys feel about it?
  12. Anyone else do this? [IMG]http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/1470/6e25370986654730943b847.png[/IMG]
  13. Link to source: [URL="http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,495448.0.html"]http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,495448.0.html[/URL] So I have quite big problem. I have coded that source since two last week and today I tried connect to different IP to my server. Its says error connection. And in cmd wont happed anything. I have done all portforwarding, no-ip duc, allowed port from firewall. Other sources take connections but this wont... Source details: PI 317 So if someone can get me out from this problem Ill gladly pay 10 $ to you.
  14. [video=youtube;PK7P7uZFf5o]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK7P7uZFf5o[/video]
  15. I have an idea if it would work. To the people that use proxys. Is there a way to ipjail. Im just asking no trolling :P Like er time they log in they get jailed. Have any body tryed that yet?