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Found 88 results

  1. [b]Hello guys, I'll be quick, I did a custom Donator Tab, and I need to change the Notes Icon: [img]http://i42.tinypic.com/24qiyhx.png[/img] And instead the Notes Icon put this icon: [img]http://i41.tinypic.com/otow2w.png[/img] I've already changed the Icons on the Cache, but it doesn't work.. Any ideas? [COLOR="#FF0000"]NOTE: I'm using PI base.[/COLOR][/b]
  2. Ok so I've been all through the cache and I found these images and I deleted them. I re uploaded the cache, logged back in game and the images are still there. I found a way to disable the option when clicking which works just as good, but I don't need the images there for any reason. My plan is to keep the "master" and "pure" option (which is at the top of the scroll bar) so players can just jump into end game/pk if they don't wish to level, then where the rest of the images are I'll be added information and other things. I know how to do all of this though so all I need help with is removing the images. [img]http://i.imgur.com/TiEEdHu.png[/img] Edit: I'm also getting a Error: T2 53,53,53 and a bunch of other numbers when opening/depositing items into a bank. The opening/depositing works fine no issues at all it just spams the log with that error. Here is my case 53: in client.java, any other code I may need to post let me know. case 53: needDrawTabArea = true; int i7 = inStream.readUnsignedWord(); RSInterface class9_1 = RSInterface.interfaceCache[i7]; int j19 = inStream.readUnsignedWord(); for(int j22 = 0; j22 < j19; j22++) { int i25 = inStream.readUnsignedByte(); if(i25 == 255) i25 = inStream.method440(); class9_1.inv[j22] = inStream.method436(); class9_1.invStackSizes[j22] = i25; } for(int j25 = j19; j25 < class9_1.inv.length; j25++) { class9_1.inv[j25] = 0; class9_1.invStackSizes[j25] = 0; } pktType = -1; return true;
  3. Hi there, I had a question about How to replace the regular Quest tab of a 718 nowadays with the original Quest tab. Its about this interface [IMG]https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/10403537_488186004659577_4609392091685780753_n.jpg[/IMG] i know that it is displayed in interfaceManager, I can just completely remove it. Or change all the text, But this is not what i want to do. I want interface 190 Displayed wich is the quest interface, And i want Quests to be displayed in it. Does any 1 knows how to get this done? or atleast explain it? thanks.
  4. [B]hey so I think I'm doing the right thing here but not 100%. I'm trying to make the bottom right tab on my client clickable and making a custom interface for it. For now all I need help with is getting it to be clickable.. [/B] [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/20pympw.jpg[/IMG] [B]AND I think this is where I'm supposed to be editing ?[/B] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/iw0rb6.png[/IMG] [B]Not 100% sure what the number is for the tab.. [/B]
  5. So how do i get rid of hard coded skill tab i searched thru rsinterface and deleted the skill folder in the cache. Im adding in a diffrent skill tab and when i first login it shows the hard coded one but if i go to my client options and switch it between game frames it will eventually load the new one i added [URL="http://gyazo.com/bcad31b8fc2bda90f33dc798ccc0d91f"]Picture of when i first login[/URL]
  6. Please help me, can't find how to fix the weapon tab flickering in wilderness: [video=youtube;hDf3KElwBXI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDf3KElwBXI[/video]
  7. Ok so I added a tab interface with a hoverButton. Works fine. But when I have a regular pop up interface it just shits the bed. Nothing works. Not even the close, not a single button hovers. Look at this. I have no idea what is wrong. Yea the button is out of place but its just for testing purposes. [url]http://imgur.com/w546T32[/url] [SPOILER=Code][CODE] public static void spawnInterface(TextDrawingArea [] tda) { RSInterface Interface = addInterface(22000); addSprite(22001, 1, "Interfaces/Panel/IMAGE"); addHoverButton(22050, "Interfaces/Panel/LEARN", 0, 112, 23, "Learn", 0, 22051, 1); addHoveredButton(22051, "Interfaces/Panel/LEARN", 1, 112, 23, 22052); setChildren(3, Interface); setBounds(22001, 6, 7, 0, Interface); //Background setBounds(22050, 60, 125, 1, Interface); //Close Button setBounds(22051, 60,125, 2, Interface); // Close Button Hover } [/CODE][/SPOILER] Edit: Looks like hovers only work on tabs.....wtf
  8. jaide

    quest tab

    [B][SIZE=5]i have this quest tab:[/SIZE][/B] [ATTACH=CONFIG]9567[/ATTACH] [B][SIZE=5]I want to change to this one not excatly but i will change it later [/SIZE][/B] [ATTACH=CONFIG]9568[/ATTACH]
  9. well as it says im looking for where to find the code to the quest tab and well I cant find It I have looked in client where I thought it would be but no luck at all so any ideas where I may find it? texthandler.java does not exist in my source or client that option doesn't work either.
  10. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/woSIOEo.png[/IMG] So I tried to fix it my self... What I did was basically remove it totally from RSInterface.java. Then I tried to follow the tutorials to add a quest tab or a spawning tab. But sadly nothing worked :/ I just want a tab that will display server statistics( players. rank. slayer task. etc. etc.) or a spawning tab ( barrows set. mage set.) I will rep! Thanks!
  11. EternalX

    718 quest tab

    does any know if matrix 718 quest tab works?
  12. Client.java (Source) [CODE]public void process() {[/CODE] Right under the void add: [CODE]getPA().sendFrame126("1", 640); getPA().sendFrame126("2", 663); getPA().sendFrame126("3", 7332); getPA().sendFrame126("4", 7333); getPA().sendFrame126("5", 7334); getPA().sendFrame126("6", 7336); getPA().sendFrame126("7", 7383); getPA().sendFrame126("8", 7339); getPA().sendFrame126("9", 7338); getPA().sendFrame126("10", 7340); getPA().sendFrame126("11", 7346); getPA().sendFrame126("12", 7341); getPA().sendFrame126("13", 7342); getPA().sendFrame126("14", 7337); getPA().sendFrame126("15", 7343); [/CODE] This will clear the first 15 rows and such. You can then edit the text to whatever you want. Example: [CODE]getPA().sendFrame126("Welcome to PI", 640);[/CODE] You can also display characters stats. eg pest control points, players online etc, which can be useful. Here's an example: [CODE] getPA().sendFrame126("Players Online: "+PlayerHandler.getPlayerCount()+ " ", 640); //quest journal title getPA().sendFrame126("Player Statistics", 663); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Lock Status", 7332); getPA().sendFrame126(" @[email protected]"+expLock+" ", 7333); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Points", 7334); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126(" @[email protected]"+pcPoints+" ", 7336); getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Points", 7383); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126(" @[email protected]"+magePoints+" ", 7339); getPA().sendFrame126(" @[email protected]"+Server.npcHandler.getNpcListName(slayerTask)+" ", 7340); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Slayer Task", 7338); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Remaining", 7346); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126(" @[email protected]"+taskAmount+" ", 7341); //quest title getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Player Kills:@[email protected] "+KC+"", 7342); getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Player Deaths:@[email protected] "+DC+"", 7337); getPA().sendFrame126("@yelProject [email protected]", 7343); [/CODE] Good luck!
  13. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ujzYIQ0.png[/img] [B]Sprites Download:[/B] [url]https://mega.co.nz/#!u4RhjSgL!LRs9D04Jx9NA8AEJnfpVbE-Z5U8Wp69kf00QqrL7DHU[/url] [code]public static void infoTab(TextDrawingArea[] tda) { RSInterface tab = addTabInterface(6000); addText(6100, "Information", tda, 2, 0xff9933, true, true); addText(6101, "Players Online: @[email protected]", tda, 2, 0xff9933, true, true); addSprite(6001, 0, "/Interfaces/infoTab/SPRITE"); addSprite(6002, 1, "/Interfaces/infoTab/SPRITE"); addText(6200, "@[email protected]: @[email protected]", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6201, "@[email protected]: @[email protected]", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6202, "@[email protected]: @[email protected]", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6203, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Voting Points", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6204, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Slayer Points", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6205, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Pest Control Points", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6206, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Duel Points", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6207, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Donator Points", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6208, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Kills", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6209, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Deaths", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6210, "@[email protected][@[email protected]@[email protected]] Kill/Death Ratio", tda, 0, 0xff9933, false, true); addText(6211, "@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]", tda, 0, 0xff9933, true, true); tab.totalChildren(17); tab.child(0, 6100, 95, 8); tab.child(1, 6101, 95, 240); tab.child(2, 6002, 0, 35); tab.child(3, 6001, 0, 32); tab.child(4, 6001, 0, 230); tab.child(5, 6200, 15, 40); tab.child(6, 6201, 15, 55); tab.child(7, 6202, 15, 70); tab.child(8, 6203, 15, 90); tab.child(9, 6204, 15, 105); tab.child(10, 6205, 15, 120); tab.child(11, 6206, 15, 135); tab.child(12, 6207, 15, 150); tab.child(13, 6208, 15, 170); tab.child(14, 6209, 15, 185); tab.child(15, 6210, 15, 200); tab.child(16, 6211, 95, 215); }[/code]
  14. lord boss

    quest tab

    how i can change im using lost realm [ATTACH=CONFIG]9226[/ATTACH] to this ?[ATTACH=CONFIG]9227[/ATTACH]
  15. Musicmasta

    Quest Tab

    Has anyone found a way to modify the quest tab? Not the quest completion status, but renaming the quests entirely.
  16. I got the sprites and tried to add into rsinterface.java but got some errors. Is there any tutorial on this?? If anyone can help, please post below!
  17. For those who wants to keep the original quest tab. And want to unlock mosts quests. Make a new file called QuestConfigs.java and copy+paste this : [CODE]package *ur direction*.content; import *ur direction*.model.Player; import *ur direction*.net.ActionSender; public class QuestConfigs { public static void SendQuestList(Player player) { //* F2P QUESTS *\\ player.getActionSender().sendConfig(281, 1000); // Learning The Ropes player.getActionSender().sendConfig(130, 4); // Black Knight's Fortress player.getActionSender().sendConfig(29, 2); // Cook's Assistant player.getActionSender().sendConfig(222, 3); // Demon Slayer player.getActionSender().sendConfig(31, 100); // Doric's Quest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(176, 10); // Dragon Slayer player.getActionSender().sendConfig(32, 3); // Ernest The Chicken player.getActionSender().sendConfig(62, 6); // Goblin Diplomancy player.getActionSender().sendConfig(160, 2); // Imp Catcher player.getActionSender().sendConfig(122, 7); // The Knight's Sword player.getActionSender().sendConfig(71, 4); // Pirate's Treasure player.getActionSender().sendConfig(273, 110); // Prince Ali Rescue player.getActionSender().sendConfig(107, 5); // The Restless Ghost player.getActionSender().sendConfig(144, 100); // Romeo & Juliet player.getActionSender().sendConfig(63, 6); // Rune Mysteries player.getActionSender().sendConfig(179, 21); // Sheep Shearer player.getActionSender().sendConfig(145, 7); // Shield of Arrav player.getActionSender().sendConfig(178, 3); // Vampire Slayer player.getActionSender().sendConfig(67, 3); // Witch's Potion //* MEMBER QUESTS *\\ player.getActionSender().sendConfig(939, 1000); // Animal Magnetism player.getActionSender().sendConfig(433, 154); // Between a Rock player.getActionSender().sendConfig(293, 87); // Big Chompy Bird Hunting player.getActionSender().sendConfig(68, 10000); // Biohazard player.getActionSender().sendConfig(655, 145); // Cabin Fever player.getActionSender().sendConfig(10, 100); // Clock Tower player.getActionSender().sendConfig(964, 3000); // Contact! player.getActionSender().sendConfig(399, 85); // Creature of Fenkenstrain player.getActionSender().sendConfig(869, 1000); // Darkness of Hallowvale player.getActionSender().sendConfig(314, 99); // Death Plateau player.getActionSender().sendConfig(794, 153); // Death to the Dorgeshuun player.getActionSender().sendConfig(440, 86); // Desert Treasure player.getActionSender().sendConfig(622, 632); // Devious Minds player.getActionSender().sendConfig(131, 132); // The Dig Site player.getActionSender().sendConfig(80, 10); // Druidic Ritual player.getActionSender().sendConfig(0, 11); // Dwarf Cannon player.getActionSender().sendConfig(335, 188); // Eadgar's Ruse player.getActionSender().sendConfig(934, 97000); // Eagleas' Peak player.getActionSender().sendConfig(299, 124); // Elemental Workshop I player.getActionSender().sendConfig(896, 124); // Elemental Workshop II player.getActionSender().sendConfig(641, 365); // Enakhra's Lament player.getActionSender().sendConfig(912, 98000); // Enlightened Journey player.getActionSender().sendConfig(844, 37500); // The Eyes of Glouphrie player.getActionSender().sendConfig(671, 120); // Fairytale I - Growing Pains player.getActionSender().sendConfig(810, 120); // Fairytale II - Cure a Queen player.getActionSender().sendConfig(148, 99); // Family Crest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(435, 435); // The Feud player.getActionSender().sendConfig(17, 159); // Fight Arena player.getActionSender().sendConfig(11, 111); // Fishing Contest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(521, 99500); // Forgettable Tale... player.getActionSender().sendConfig(347, 102); // The Fremmenik Trials player.getActionSender().sendConfig(553, 37500); // Garden of Tranquillity player.getActionSender().sendConfig(180, 6); // Gertrude's Cat player.getActionSender().sendConfig(482, 109); // The Giant Dwarf player.getActionSender().sendConfig(437, 400); // The Golem player.getActionSender().sendConfig(150, 361); // The Grand Tree player.getActionSender().sendConfig(382, 36); // Haunted Mine player.getActionSender().sendConfig(223, 148); // Hazeel Cult player.getActionSender().sendConfig(188, 97); // Heroes Quest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(5, 83); // Holy Grail player.getActionSender().sendConfig(351, 153); // Horror from the Deep player.getActionSender().sendConfig(445, 8765); // Icthlarin's Little Helper player.getActionSender().sendConfig(705, 36800); // In Aid of the Myreque player.getActionSender().sendConfig(387, 244); // In Search of the Myreque player.getActionSender().sendConfig(175, 75); // Jungle Potion player.getActionSender().sendConfig(139, 134); // Legends Quest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(147, 80); // Lost City player.getActionSender().sendConfig(465, 1); // The Lost Tribe player.getActionSender().sendConfig(823, 1440); // Lunar Diplomancy player.getActionSender().sendConfig(604, 350); // Making History player.getActionSender().sendConfig(14, 183); // Merlin's Crystal player.getActionSender().sendConfig(30, 98); // Monks Friend player.getActionSender().sendConfig(365, 32); // Monkey Madness player.getActionSender().sendConfig(423, 3240); // Mountain Daughter player.getActionSender().sendConfig(517, 300); // Mourning ends part 1 player.getActionSender().sendConfig(574, 354); // Mourning ends part 2 player.getActionSender().sendConfig(192, 158); // Murder Mystery player.getActionSender().sendConfig(905, 1470); // My Arm's Big Adventure player.getActionSender().sendConfig(307, 333); // Nature Spirit player.getActionSender().sendConfig(112, 111); // Obervatory Quest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(416, 640); // One Small Favour player.getActionSender().sendConfig(165, 123); // Plague City player.getActionSender().sendConfig(302, 84); // Priest in Peril player.getActionSender().sendConfig(714, 980); // Rag and Bone Man player.getActionSender().sendConfig(607, 137); // Ratcatchers player.getActionSender().sendConfig(678, 369); // Recipe for Disaster player.getActionSender().sendConfig(496, 684); // Recruitment Drive player.getActionSender().sendConfig(328, 356); // Regicide player.getActionSender().sendConfig(402, 213); // Roving Elves player.getActionSender().sendConfig(730, 100); // Royal Trouble player.getActionSender().sendConfig(600, 450); // Rum Deal player.getActionSender().sendConfig(76, 78); // Scorpion Catcher player.getActionSender().sendConfig(159, 166); // Sea Slug player.getActionSender().sendConfig(339, 888); // Shades of Mor'ton player.getActionSender().sendConfig(602, 93000); // Shadow of the Storm player.getActionSender().sendConfig(60, 35); // Sheep Herder player.getActionSender().sendConfig(116, 178); // Shilo Village player.getActionSender().sendConfig(874, 500); // The Slug Menace player.getActionSender().sendConfig(709, 698); // A Soul's Bane player.getActionSender().sendConfig(616, 614); // Spirits of the Elid player.getActionSender().sendConfig(723, 311); // Swan Song player.getActionSender().sendConfig(568, 200); // A Tail of Two Cats player.getActionSender().sendConfig(449, 350); // Tears of Guthix player.getActionSender().sendConfig(26, 168); // Temple of Ikov player.getActionSender().sendConfig(359, 177); // Throne of Miscellania player.getActionSender().sendConfig(197, 38); // The Tourist Trap player.getActionSender().sendConfig(111, 9); // Tree Gnome Village player.getActionSender().sendConfig(200, 5); // Tribal Totem player.getActionSender().sendConfig(385, 300); // Troll Romance player.getActionSender().sendConfig(980, 500); // The Great Brain Robbery player.getActionSender().sendConfig(635, 5360); // The Hand in the Sand player.getActionSender().sendConfig(317, 99); // Troll Stronghold player.getActionSender().sendConfig(161, 10); // Underground Pass player.getActionSender().sendConfig(571, 654); // Wanted! player.getActionSender().sendConfig(212, 13); // Watchtower player.getActionSender().sendConfig(65, 10); // Waterfall Quest player.getActionSender().sendConfig(992, 992); // What Lies Below player.getActionSender().sendConfig(226, 7); // Witch's House } }[/CODE] Then simply go to ur login method ( for 562 located in ActionSender.java ) and add: [CODE]QuestConfigs.SendQuestList(player);[/CODE] [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Dont forget to import the file.[/COLOR][/B] Hope u guys like it took a long time to figure all configs. Updated ( 14-06-13 ): added more quests 2/3 are yellow i can't get them green
  18. Hello , Ive been trying to add teleport commands in my quest tab , But i cant figure out how ? My quest tab looks like this : [ATTACH=CONFIG]7510[/ATTACH] Can you please help or explain this to me please ? Thanks
  19. I have been looking at over on how to remove this tab! [url]http://gyazo.com/fa46dc25cf92699fbac893e058d2f3cf[/url] No tutorials! Can someone help me thanks:)
  20. hi al yesterday on my thread before this i got a nice tut about everything in my quest tab etc but now at the owner section i had i putted "Stefano"and i got "FStefano" NOTE : I can change everything that will work except the Fstefano if i name it like anything else it stays the same. (i also got this error in my client cmd prompt. : Error: T1 - 123,0 - 36,36 code : (whole quest tab) (RSinterface.java) [CODE]public static void questTab(RSFont[] TDA){ RSInterface Interface = addInterface(638); setChildren(4, Interface); addText(29155, "Quests", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); AddInterfaceButton(29156, 1, "Interfaces/QuestTab/QUEST", 18, 18, "Coming Soon", 1); addSprite(29157, 0, "Interfaces/QuestTab/QUEST"); setBounds(29155, 10, 5, 0, Interface); setBounds(29156, 165, 5, 1, Interface); setBounds(29157, 3, 24, 2, Interface); setBounds(29160, 5, 29, 3, Interface); Interface = addInterface(29160); Interface.height = 214; Interface.width = 165; Interface.scrollMax = 1700; Interface.newScroller = false; setChildren(105, Interface); addText(29161, "Owner :", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); addHoverText(29162, " Stefano ", "Owners & Coders", TDA, 0, 0xff0000, false, true, 150); addText(29163, "Register on :", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); addHoverText(29164, "@[email protected] still coming", "Register", TDA, 0, 0xff0000, false, true, 150); setBounds(29161, 4, 4, 0, Interface); setBounds(29162, 8, 22, 1, Interface); setBounds(29163, 4, 35, 2, Interface); setBounds(29164, 8, 53, 3, Interface); setBounds(663, 4, 67, 4, Interface); int Ypos = 83; int frameID = 5; for(int iD = 29165; iD <= 29264;iD++){ addHoverText(iD, "", "View Quest"/*"View Quest Journal, "+iD*/, TDA, 0, 0xff0000, false, true, 150); setBounds(iD, 8, Ypos, frameID, Interface); frameID++; Ypos += 15; Ypos++; }[/CODE] please i need help how to fix it here is a picture also : [ATTACH=CONFIG]7333[/ATTACH]
  21. PMSL

    Quest Tab String ID's.

    Hello, Does anyone know how to customize the Quest Tab's Quest Strings? Cheers, Andy
  22. Hi, I'm an old server hoster and I want to know how to edit the Quest tab on a z508/525 server by Codeusa
  23. Can someone help me with the quest tab? Im useing naughtyscape to begin coding. Can someone help me please?
  24. I looked at tutorials and i still didnt get it. Can you guys help me? Is it client sided or server sided? I want to add like donator zone stuff in it :)
  25. Source: Naughtyscape 317 Client: Naughtyscape 317 Cache: Naughtyscape 317 Problem #1: When I click on the tab that would be the notes tab in regular Runescape, it freezes my whole client and doesn't even open the tab. Problem #2: As seen in the video, I've changed every possible background that could be in the Cache and it still shows up with the standard "Naughtyscape" background and then transitions to my background once the log in box appears. Problem #3: I'm having trouble adding the "Dragon Kiteshield" to my server. I looks good in the inventory and equipment tab, and also has the correct stats. But when you wield it, It is like a sack with a bone arm in it. I added the model into the RAW folder in the cache. [B] Problems #1 & 2: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzvwyrAP1NU&feature=plcp[/url] Problem #3: [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/e2Ou1H.png[/url][/B] [B][COLOR="#00FF00"] PROBLEM 3 FIXED![/COLOR][/B] If you have solutions to any of my problems, feel free to post a comment below. And no I'm not just gonna change the background and add a custom item then call it my server. I'm still in the process of adding Nex and Ganodermic Beast, and a few other things. Also, the videos will clear a lot of things up if your confused. ~Elmo aka Starkzter