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Found 2 results

  1. I made this today because I was boreddddddddddddddd, and remembered I was always trying to figure out how to do Syntax highlighting like a year ago but just couldn't because i was a noob. I decided it would be a neat little thing to do, and well I did it :p. Supports pasting, inserting, and deleting(like it will update the colors). Probably going to add some cool stuff like the suggestions box on Eclipse, and have like fields and strings have their own colors. The color system is externally loaded so you can have your own colors, the file looks like this: [CODE] //default.sty extends:Color(0, 191, 255)-bold implements:Color(0, 191, 255)-bold import:Color(0, 191, 255)-bold if:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold else:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold while:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold for:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold true:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold int:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold boolean:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold char:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold long:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold void:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold null:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold return:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold catch:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold try:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold public:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold private:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold default:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold case:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold switch:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold protected:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold final:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold static:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold volatile:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold transient:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold byte:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold short:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold super:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold class:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold enum:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold interface:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold abstract:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold new:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold package:Color(0, 100, 0)-bold [/CODE] might've missed a few but who cares :p. I also need to improve performance a bit because for pasting i iterate through all the words in the document instead of the words at point a through point b(offset and length). here's a picture: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/dLSmK.png[/IMG][URL="http://i.imgur.com/dLSmK.png"][/URL] A little bit of math was involved in this, but not too bad. Btw this is MINE, not that other one off of google :p. I'll release this when I'm done :p.
  2. oracle is planning to change the syntax of java lambdas, to the syntax of C#. source: [url]http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/lambda-dev/2011-September/003936.html[/url] thoughts?