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Found 5 results

  1. Contact ASAP Need Skype Age Where you are from Skills Reason!! Eco/718
  2. Contact ASAP Need Skype Age Where you are from Skills Reason!! Eco/718
  3. This is a super easy assignment. The goal is: how many lines can you reduce your solution to (hint: functional programming)? Rule: Each statement must go on its own line. For example, if you're using Java, you cannot do hi();hi();hi();hi();hi(); and say you only used one line. Task: Print the sum of all the multiples of thirteen or nineteen up to 690,690. My code in Ruby: [CODE] (1...690690).select {|x| x % 13 == 0 or x % 19 == 0}.inject {|sum, x| sum + x}[/CODE] If the number ends with 55, you're probably correct. Have fun!
  4. Hey guys im wondering if its possible for me to have my freind host my server without me having to send him all the source files? ifso how do i do it?
  5. [IMG]http://i53.tinypic.com/2djxgcj.png[/IMG] Made for my game I was developing "warfare of the 3 kingdoms" but has since been scrapped. Here were sprites I made that could of been used. The character there is the "fashion man" who wasn't to play much part in the storyline. Grey armour was random armour I made for the kingdom of wei, and is not historically accurate unlike the blue one below it which is - taken from an illustration in ancient chinese literature. I posted this here because iki says noone does pixel art - you can comment if you want tho [email protected] do not know why there's a giant black line on the blue armour on the bottom, didn't show up when i made it