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Found 3 results

  1. Gemu


    So, as this is about suicide, this debate will generally be based off biased opinion. However, that should not change the matter! As there is a debate on religion, that's basically solely opinion based. Regardless, I'm not here to talk about this, I'm here to debate the subject of suicide! Let's get started, shall we? Suicide has been a big topic for many years, and will be for many years to come. Unfortunately, where it hurts others, it can also save the one committing this act. To some, suicide could be considered selfish and harmful. Whereas, to others, it could be a means of escape. Though, there will always be the fact - suicide will hurt your loved ones. Thus bringing me to my question; do you think suicide is okay? My answer to that would be - yes. Suicide is perfectly fine in my eyes. If one cares little enough about one's life to deliberately take it; then I don't think that person deserved it to begin with. I know that may sound harsh, but look at it this way: This individual got so low in his or her life that this individual took his or her life away. This person obviously wishes that he or she didn't have that life at all, or could have made due without it. Where, they may cherish some of the happy moments and hopes that one will retain these memories after death, they also are likely in much pain and see suicide as the only means to escape the pain. However, there is the argument: Suicide is selfish, reckless, and harmful to those around you. There could be better ways of escaping the pain than taking your own life away. Selfish? That may be - no argument there, really. Nonetheless, you aren't in this person's shoes. You don't know what this person is going through, and calling this individual selfish is likely not going to help your case. Reckless, not so much. It's not that this person one day got the idea, "hey, let's go jump off a building and die!" And immediately enacted this thought. This person is likely to have thought about this thoroughly for months, perhaps even years, ahead of time before finally committing the act. Harmful to those around you? Of course it is! However, there are some people out there who just simply lack a conscious. They don't care whether or not it is harmful to those around them. Also, like myself, there are existential nihilists. Being trapped in a world where you believe everything is pointless doesn't suit to one's fancy too well. Regardless, the people who love you will always be hurt when you die. There is no stopping that. So, please provide your input! Especially if it differs my opinion, I always love a good debate. I hope it was a good read, and thank you for reading if you've made it this far!
  2. well, my brother is really thinking about it because well he suffers from anixity depression, so its very very very hard for him, our father is just a complete asshole like at a few times I though about it also because of all the shit he puts us though, but how do I convince him not to do it, because like really at this stage we just want to move out and tell him to go f**k himself for all the pain hes put both of us though, 3 months ago he tried to hang himself, but somewhere in his heart or head he knew it was not worth it. I just need help on what to do, me and him are really broke, I've spent money into mining bitcoins so I can get enough cash transfered to bank account so me and him can move out, but its just not fast enough. Like does anyone have any advice? Like its hurting me on the inside to know what he is saying, its making me depressed. He's also threatening to start cutting, like honestly I just don't want him to go I just don't know what to do. like, anyone please?
  3. GkCha0z


    Have any of you ever come close to committing suicide? Or just continue to contemplate suicide? If you got over it, how did you? What made you change your mind? Thanks if you can answer any of these. Would be appreciated.