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Found 6 results

  1. how would one go about doing this? any helpful guides or people you can recommend that can help for such thing? money is no issue, all we need to know is the basics. any help would be great, thanks :p
  2. [FONT=Georgia]ohai, This is going to be brief, but we may talk further into it over PM, MSN. I have been in the whole forum thing for almost 5 years. The last forum I owned, maintained and developed was a gaming network and it had a perfect staff team aswell as administrator's. A couple of months ago I found that I wasn't really needed no more and I really couldn't find enough time for it any longer and was no longer needed there so as the founder I handed it down to the administrators and it's still up and running to this day, but they've made no change to the forum itself what I created. You may see the previous forum I created here: Glory Network: [url]http://gnforums.net/forums/[/url] I am looking for a project/forum to join that is guaranteed to be a success and be large, doing so I will bring all my experience and help to that forum. I specialize in all forum softwares and can do almost anything on them. I can do anything you ask from add-on/plugin modifications to theme development and everything inside your forum, including backend stuff. I do not want to be paid for my dues either. Want to know more or want to hire me? You can either PM me or we can talk over MSN @ [email][email protected][/email] Thanks, Equinox[/FONT]
  3. Okay guys, I've played lots of new servers and I know my stuff. If you want to make your server successful, you'll have to have: -At least $150 to spend for your first month and $40+ every other month. -Lots of dedication and time to develop it. -A team of very good staff who play at least 2-3 hours a day and who help out players at all times. -A decent forum which is made with either v-bulliten or SMF. A few guidelines to follow: -Make sure your staff are from different timezones so that there are staff online most of the time. -Don't pick too many staff. Usually 3-4 moderators and 2 administrators is good on a server with 30+ online at a time. -Good graphic designers always help. -Never give away more than 10m to any one player, and if you've just started out don't give away anything unless it's from voting. If you give away items for voting I'd suggest no more than 5m cash. -For theiving make the highest stall maximum 20k a click, and put a form of anti auto clicking like a random question or make it so that sometimes they lose a bit of health. -Make drop rates very low. -Try to keep your forum active; this makes it more popular. [U]Starting out:[/U] To start out, make a forum, a server, and add your site to a few toplists. Then buy a domain name for your site (usually costs $5-$10) and buy a VPS that can hold around 30 players (usually costs around $40/month). Make a webclient for your server, but make sure you have a download for your server too. With the other $100 you should buy advertisement on smaller toplists and maybe google (costs $5 for 14 days then $59 a month). If you have in the region of $500 you could buy advertisements on Runelocus or other big toplists. :D Anyway, I guarentee that you'll be getting lots of players coming in. The next step you need to do is to get your players to vote. An easy way to do this is to a make a voting system that can give you money or maybe points. On a vote4points you can make it like 5 points a vote and items cost a various amount of points, but anyway, find a way to get players to vote. If you get to around 30-40th place on the bigger toplists you can get around 500 redirects to your site a month. [U]Advertisement:[/U] Don't forget, you will still get players donating money to you. I'd recommend that 90% of donations should be invested back into the server on things like VPS and advertisement. This way you'll get more players coming into the server, donating more to you. A few good things to advertise on: Runelocus: I don't know the exact price but I expect it to be $600+ for a banner advertisement. Other Big Toplists: Around $500+ for a banner advertisement I think. Google: $59/month. Voting: Free. Spam other servers which aren't on the Runelocus toplist (risk of you orthe server being DDoSed) with a VPN so you can get back onto them and keep spamming them: $40 for a decent VPN but free to spam. If you spam servers which are on the toplist there is a risk of being banned from the Runelocus toplist. Big Gaming Sites: Not sure on the price but it'd be a lot. [U]Conclusion:[/U] You'll need a lot of money, but makin a server can be prophitable. Even if you want to make one for fun it still can cost but you could get your money from donations. You need to be dedicated to it and find a good set of staff, fix bugs and spend a lot of time on helping players. Hope your servers become successful, but still I'm sure many people won't have the money to start off. Hopefully this guide will help some people though. No more tiny empty servers? :p
  4. Do you need academic qualifications to succeed in life? Is academic qualifications key to success in life? Is academic qualifications a requirement to be successful? Debate.
  5. Hello runelocus, I've had this problem for awhile now, I basically gave up and shit but I'm SO SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of every SINGLE FUCKING SERVER being; "SOUL SPLIT CLAWS CHAOTICS TORVA KORASI ITEMS ARE LIKE 2000B EACH AND SHIT OH NOTHING NEW ABOUT THIS SERVER BASICALLY LIKE ALL THE OTHERS!" Soo tired. My original plan was a 2005 project. I took a blank PI, deleted all items from after December 2005 from Cache and ect, old 2005 gameframe... you get it. Anyhow what happens is If I have my client on localhost (which is how it's supposed to be for me) I can connect and everything is good. However other people who have their client set to the servers IP it will say "connecting to server" for a good 30 seconds then result in "No response" when I turn server off it just says "Error Connecting to Server". I do not understand why my server is doing this, I'm doing everything I have done in the past with private servers. Okay so I'm just going to explain everything I did so you guys can get an idea or not ask questions that won't help or cause this thread to have blown out convos on how to fix my problem. Did my No-IP bullshit. Portforwarded with Utorrent (It's not portforwarding, but it's something I'm doing temporarily until I get a new router) When I test if my ports are open it says they are. However people still can not connect. I don't understand. Can someone please help me. It's killing me. I wouldn't even bother with this shit if I found a legit server... however there is absolutely none.. So I have to make one if I really want a legit one. Please Help.