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Found 44 results

  1. Hi i am new to eclipse and rsps trying to learn . the rsps source and client are set up a little different that the one i first learned how to set up on eclipse . when i get the client window running it gets stuck on "connecting to update server " and i get this error
  2. Huge noob right here cannot get this server to start working, its ChronicScape 718 final release and when I try to run it this happens; [attachment=42:5a2fb660c3b421929476a3bb8e81215f.jpg] I have changed IP and port and all that and still being a noob, help pl0x It says checking for updates for Chronicscape - 0%
  3. Hey guys, i just got a Selox server running, i set it up on my laptop (Its got the resources to spare), i compiled the client, and its working, the only downside is, it will not "update" pst 2% on my Arch Linux computer. I compiled it on my Arch Linux computer, which is what has the server on it, then i transfered it to my brothers Mint machine, it works, in a Vbox, it works, but when i load it in my Arch Linux machine, it sits at 2%. 1% means it can't connect, I've gotten that error already. 2% means it can connect, but can not transfer any data. In order to troubleshoot i set up my old server, which has less RAM but will still work, ran the server on it, and everything is fine, other computers can connect just as the server on my Arch Linux laptop, but, my client still gets stuck at 2%. So I'm for sure going to want to set the server up on my laptop and run it from there, now that i know its not a localhost issue. I verified with netstat -lantp that a connection was being made, both locally and on the correct server when i was running it on my second server, just no data was transferring. How do i fix this?
  4. Imperiorx


    Hi guys, everytime i try to open the client it doesnt load and stuck: [ATTACH=CONFIG]10790[/ATTACH] what do i have to do?
  5. hey! So the problem is that i can run the server on, but when i change the ip adress to mine the server doesn't load anymore stays at 1%. So anyone knows how to fix this?:gg: Much regards Volcane
  6. I've added new models cache packed, now when I start my client, it gets stuck at requesting models. Yes my models are in .gz form. How can I fix this and if you need me to post any codes, I will.
  7. guys i made a jar file and porforwarded correctly and server is running the JAR file runs fine on my computer but when someone else downloads it..it gets stuck on checking for updates 0% please help me please please please
  8. I am trying to use the nexon 637 cache just to learn about making rsps's but after i've set it up i open it and it gets stuck on 1%. Could someone help me out? Thanks
  9. my99

    Cache helping, stuck

    Hey guys, im searching for a good cache for 718+ version and i dont know where to put it after download, help me plz..
  10. Firstly, I'm not the owner of the server just a player but anyway whenever I run the client it get stucks at 0 on searching for updates, as far as I know all the other people can. I figured out it's a router problem since I hotspotted from my phone and it worked. Server source is matrix718. Any help appreciated thank you.
  11. So i'm very new at rsps's and recently i've decided to make one but now i've ran into a problem, the server is running fine but whenever i run the client and log in it gets stuck at loading - please wait (0%) :S please help.
  12. Guys I'm having a client problem it opens and everything but when its about down to load it freezes at "Unpacking Media 80%" Heres a picture [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/screenshot20120712at413.png/][IMG]http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/6185/screenshot20120712at413.png[/IMG][/URL] Can anyone help?
  13. I am currently making a RSPS for myself and close friends. i do not plan to release it to the public i just wanted something to have fun on. So i downloaded the citellum client and server files and set everything up. My issue is when i jar my client and send it to someone they get stuck at loading 0% but when i run it myself it loads fine and i can play it without any issue. I have already port fowarded and set the IP in loader.java
  14. I have been stuck on this quest on rs hor a while and I cant get out of the dungeon can someone help?
  15. Okay, so I have been working on a server locally for a while, I went to put it online so I can get testers and start getting a player base. Whenever I port forward and everything it just says "Client Loading 0%" on all my testers computers. I have no idea what is going wrong if you need more info to help me or Team View etc. please pm me asap.
  16. Hey guys i jarred my client and did everything good so when i open client.jar in my computer it works perfect but when i open the page of the webclient in my site it stucks at "starting up" and dont move and they are the same client.jar what i can do for it! and this is pic of my problem: big size: [url]http://www.upload.ee/image/3043665/Untitled.png[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]7377[/ATTACH] this is my signlink.java [CODE]package sign; import java.applet.Applet; import java.io.*; import java.net.*; public final class signlink implements Runnable { public static void startpriv(InetAddress inetaddress) { threadliveid = (int)(Math.random() * 99999999D); if(active) { try { Thread.sleep(500L); } catch(Exception _ex) { } active = false; } socketreq = 0; threadreq = null; dnsreq = null; savereq = null; urlreq = null; socketip = inetaddress; Thread thread = new Thread(new signlink()); thread.setDaemon(true); thread.start(); while(!active) try { Thread.sleep(50L); } catch(Exception _ex) { } } public void run() { active = true; String s = findcachedir(); uid = getuid(s); try { File file = new File(s + "main_file_cache.dat"); if(file.exists() && file.length() > 0x3200000L) file.delete(); cache_dat = new RandomAccessFile(s + "main_file_cache.dat", "rw"); for(int j = 0; j < 5; j++) cache_idx[j] = new RandomAccessFile(s + "main_file_cache.idx" + j, "rw"); } catch(Exception exception) { exception.printStackTrace(); } for(int i = threadliveid; threadliveid == i;) { if(socketreq != 0) { try { socket = new Socket(socketip, socketreq); } catch(Exception _ex) { socket = null; } socketreq = 0; } else if(threadreq != null) { Thread thread = new Thread(threadreq); thread.setDaemon(true); thread.start(); thread.setPriority(threadreqpri); threadreq = null; } else if(dnsreq != null) { try { dns = InetAddress.getByName(dnsreq).getHostName(); } catch(Exception _ex) { dns = "unknown"; } dnsreq = null; } else if(savereq != null) { if(savebuf != null) try { FileOutputStream fileoutputstream = new FileOutputStream(s + savereq); fileoutputstream.write(savebuf, 0, savelen); fileoutputstream.close(); } catch(Exception _ex) { } if(waveplay) { String wave = s + savereq; waveplay = false; } if(midiplay) { midi = s + savereq; midiplay = false; } savereq = null; } else if(urlreq != null) { try { System.out.println("urlstream"); urlstream = new DataInputStream((new URL(mainapp.getCodeBase(), urlreq)).openStream()); } catch(Exception _ex) { urlstream = null; } urlreq = null; } try { Thread.sleep(50L); } catch(Exception _ex) { } } } public static String findcachedir() { String str1 = System.getProperty("os.name"); if (str1.startsWith("Mac OS")) { boolean exists = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/ExilCacheV10/").exists(); if (exists) { return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/ExilCacheV10/"; } else { File f = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/ExilCacheV10/"); f.mkdir(); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/ExilCacheV10/"; } } String as[] = { "C:/" }; if ((storeid < 32) || (storeid > 34)) storeid = 32; String s = "ExilCacheV10"; for (int i = 0; i < as.length; i++) try { String s1 = as[i]; if (s1.length() > 0) { File file = new File(s1); if (!file.exists()) continue; } File file1 = new File((new StringBuilder()).append(s1).append(s).toString()); if(file1.exists() || file1.mkdir()) return (new StringBuilder()).append(s1).append(s).append("/").toString(); } catch(Exception _ex) { } return null; } public static String sencondDir() { File file = new File("./"); if (!file.exists()) file.mkdir(); return file.toString(); } private static int getuid(String s) { return 234523; } public static synchronized Socket opensocket(int i) throws IOException { for(socketreq = i; socketreq != 0;) try { Thread.sleep(50L); } catch(Exception _ex) { } if(socket == null) throw new IOException("could not open socket"); else return socket; } public static synchronized DataInputStream openurl(String s) throws IOException { for(urlreq = s; urlreq != null;) try { Thread.sleep(50L); } catch(Exception _ex) { } if(urlstream == null) throw new IOException("could not open: " + s); else return urlstream; } public static synchronized void dnslookup(String s) { dns = s; dnsreq = s; } public static synchronized void startthread(Runnable runnable, int i) { threadreqpri = i; threadreq = runnable; } public static synchronized boolean wavesave(byte abyte0[], int i) { if(i > 0x1e8480) return false; if(savereq != null) { return false; } else { wavepos = (wavepos + 1) % 5; savelen = i; savebuf = abyte0; waveplay = true; savereq = "sound" + wavepos + ".wav"; return true; } } public static synchronized boolean wavereplay() { if(savereq != null) { return false; } else { savebuf = null; waveplay = true; savereq = "sound" + wavepos + ".wav"; return true; } } public static synchronized void midisave(byte abyte0[], int i) { if(i > 0x1e8480) return; if(savereq != null) { } else { midipos = (midipos + 1) % 5; savelen = i; savebuf = abyte0; midiplay = true; savereq = "jingle" + midipos + ".mid"; } } public static void reporterror(String s) { System.out.println("Error: " + s); } private signlink() { } public static final int clientversion = 317; public static int uid; public static int storeid = 32; public static RandomAccessFile cache_dat = null; public static final RandomAccessFile[] cache_idx = new RandomAccessFile[5]; public static boolean sunjava; public static Applet mainapp = null; private static boolean active; private static int threadliveid; private static InetAddress socketip; private static int socketreq; private static Socket socket = null; private static int threadreqpri = 1; private static Runnable threadreq = null; private static String dnsreq = null; public static String dns = null; private static String urlreq = null; private static DataInputStream urlstream = null; private static int savelen; private static String savereq = null; private static byte[] savebuf = null; private static boolean midiplay; private static int midipos; public static String midi = null; public static int midivol; public static int midifade; private static boolean waveplay; private static int wavepos; public static int wavevol; public static boolean reporterror = true; public static String errorname = ""; }[/CODE] And 1 more thing how i update my client cache i uploaded my cache in size 60mb and i added later 9 custom items and 1 spirit pic so how i update it so this new stuff downloads to other players cache in there computers :) and thanks
  17. Does anyone know how to fix?
  18. Alright so me and a friend set up a dementhium source test. He is hosting from his regular ip he is also portforwarded. But when I run the client it gets stuck at fetching updates. And it just sits there intill he restarted the server then it connected. it does this everytime anyone know?
  19. What's going on guys? I Jarred and Signed my new 637 server. But, when I double click it, it stays at 1%. I left it there for an hour and a half, but it hasn't moved, clearly it won't. I know some people might ask if I jarred and signed correctly, so i'll show you what I did: Output File: Desktop Input Directory: BronzeGod/Source (The source is where all of the .class and .java files are). Manifest: Main-class: RunClient (With Capital R and C) Then hit create jar! Went to Jar Signer, Signed JAR File: Blank Jarsigner Location: C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.7.0_07/bin/jarsigner.exe Generated a keystore and entered simple things for the Allias and Public and Private key. Entered the information again (Keystore Alias and keys) then signed jar, all with NO ERRORS. Then the .JAR appears on my desktop, so I double click it, and it opens. But it stays at Checking for Updates 1%. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone! :)
  20. Hello guys I've downloaded matrix 718 source and client. Whenever i try to run the client on my ip , (Plasma-scape.no-ip.biz) it doesnt work for some reason. But when i run my old source on ip Plasma-scape.no-ip.biz it will work perfect. so i think something is wrong with my Matrix 718 client , can someone help me (SORRY MY ENGLISH IS NOT VERRY WELL!)
  21. i made my rsps .jar client it works and i have people playing my server now, but some people cant dl files so they need a webclient on the webclient all i get is this screen[ATTACH=CONFIG]6326[/ATTACH]
  22. could it be cause i changed all my ips in client loader and gamestub.java to my ip and didnt leave my client as and if so could you tell me what ip is for my client im fairly new at making private servers. (oh btw im using rscalifornia source) also tried 127.0.01 as all ips same error and when i compile i get recompile with -Xlint but i was told b4 that was ok... if not can you help me with that also
  23. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2ji2q1.jpg[/IMG] Hey Runelocus, I keep getting this error, I even reuploaded the first cache without added models and sprites and it still gave me the error :/
  24. I'm on this 711 private server right, and neither the client nor webclient is working I've played it yesterday and and today it's not working. This happened to my other computer yesterday. Suddenly it started working for a bit ( on the other comp) then that stopped too. Now 2 of my pcs and my laptop doesn't run it ( the webclient or the client) BASICALLY what it says is Checking for updates - 1% and it's stuck there. It never moves. and on all three I've run the game with no problems. Suddenly it's happening to me idk why. I'll try explain in further detail. Computer 1. Laptop 2. I was playing on computer one, it was working fine. Then I went on Laptop 2 and that was also working. I went back to computer 1 and for some reason that wasn't working! I had laptop 2 next to me so I fired up the client on that, and it was working perfectly. After a bit computer one was working again, working as in going past checking for updates 1% and logging in etc. UPDATE = I get this error when I launch the webclient = error_game_js5crc.ws