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Found 22 results

  1. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Ib9Cxqf.png[/IMG] [URL="http://runestory.com"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/CEKutaa.png[/IMG][/URL] [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3]BETA[/SIZE] 2.05 [URL="http://runestory.com/preview"]RuneStory Preview Gallery[/URL][/FONT] [IMG]http://www.runestory.com/preview/4.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.runestory.com/preview/15.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.runestory.com/preview/16.png[/IMG] [/CENTER]
  2. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/bhkiuq.png[/IMG] Updates and more can also be found at one of our other online homes! [URL="http://worldofdomination.net/"]Website Home[/URL] | [URL="http://worldofdomination.net/forum/index.php"]Forums[/URL] | [URL="https://twitter.com/WodNet"]Twitter[/URL] [U][B]General[/B][/U] As the owner and founder of W.O.D, I am getting the server to a point where i need some feedback and an experienced rs playing team to help critique and mold my growing combat system. Anyways, there's not much else too it, I'll add you on skype and/or have client uploaded on our website. [U][B]Staff Enlistment Info[/B][/U] Interested in being apart of a great growing community from the start? Getting a chance to co-create the content of the game? Maybe, just be one of the first elite players to get ahead of the game? We are nearly ready for our beta program and with that in mind, i know i will need some staff and help around the community! I think it's best to get a team and get to know each other before we launch. Those of you who are interested in being apart of my staff team will be subject to an interview with i or another administrator. I'm looking for forum staff and future in-game staff that look forward to helping others and have a positive fun attitude while enjoying my server. Remember, one hand washes the other... If we keep our community strong from the beginning and are there to assist, i like to think they will go and help someone else after. If you are interested, post a little about yourself and the part you wish to play in our community. [U][B]Pre-Beta/Beta Program[/B][/U] If you are interested in giving your feedback on our existing game content and want a special right to access our community before full game release, then post here now! Our intensively growing game needs live feedback to help determine the path of our game! Beta testers are subjectively required to some bug and feedback posting. [U][B]Story/Content Writers[/B][/U] I love the idea of my players writing stories for the server, enjoying the open fantasy of what they love best. I'm opening positions to those who want to write stories and content ideas for our server. This is an absolutely open mind position, if you can think it... You can write it. ([B]withing 'PG-13' context[/B]) Post if you are a great writer or just a beginner with some fresh ideas! We'd love to have you! __________________________________________ Thanks for reading, Lou. [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?96996-World-of-Domination-Let-the-fight-begin!&p=766387#post766387"]Heres the project thread if you wanna take a look.[/URL] Thanks, Post if interested.[/CENTER]
  3. K so, I'm gonna start by saying I'm basically an atheist. But a few years ago some weird shit happened that almost turned me. I went with a friend to his pentecostal church a few years back, and pentecostals are into some weird shit. Tongue speaking, prophets, prophecy, healing, etc. So basically the service went on, was the most epic church service I've ever been to, niggas shouting and demons and omg. Then the preacher[supposedly a prophet type thing] said something along the lines of, "Everyone I point to does no accept the Grace of God" or some shit like that. Pointed to a few people, me included. That was creep tip off 1. Then, after a lot more crazy pentecostal shit, the service ended. Some bald kid with a big ass blue ring thing came over to me and mah friend and his parents, shook my hand and looked at me, and walked off. Like seirously what the fuck is that about. Almost got me. Btw just sharing this story cus I'm bored, talking to that friend about it, and this was one of the most interesting religious occurances that've ever happened to me.
  4. Amelia

    Love Story!

    Removed cause ya'll are douches
  5. Hash

    Ass story #2

    Now, on Episode 2 of Ass story, be prepared for the next chapter! Story begins here... We are back in the room surrounded by cheese-looking walls, where Jimmy the pickle has been kidnapped. But will he accept the challenge given to him by the paper on the ground....? Yes, he accepts it! (no one knew he would accept, eh). He starts thinking on a solution on how to beat that ugly as fuck duck face. There he goes; Jimmy runs to the wall, take a piece of the wall, runs to the girl and flushes it in her mouth. Meanwhile, while she's trying to spit it, he spill pickle juice in her eyes while eating a piece of her boobs. It's super effective! She yells, cries, but is still alive. He decides to take the last shot to defeat her: his super pickle back-flip followed by hand-shake and pulling her arm until it tears out. It works perfectly until the girl sends his a duck face who hits him hard and gets him on the floor. But guess what? Jimmy gets up again and do his final attack again! He succeeds, she bleeds like a lost camel and falls on the floor. He takes his loot: a t-shirt of Barney and shorts of grass. He gets teleported back to Taco Bell with these ridiculous clothes on, thinking of what just happened. [I]Should I go home or not...? Yes, it's time to relax![/I] Jimmy the pickle walks slowly back home while eating peanut butter toasts and doing jumping jacks on his knees. Once at home, he opens his TV, sits on his rocking chair and watch the news. He then sees something wrong with them... what could it be? Only in next episode of Ass story!
  6. Hash

    Ass story #1

    Few hours in the skin of a pickle... One glorious day, where Jimmy the pickle had won his 10 kilometers marathon, something very fun happened. Jimmy was walking back home, sweating all the water he could have drink the past days, under the summer. He was so proud of himself that he decided he would eat some Taco Bells. He enters, sits on the rocking chair (hell yes), and waits for the waitress, who arrives only 1 minute later. She asks him what he would like to eat, but notice something; his color! She stares at him and asks him if he's sick or something. With all his humor, he answers that he's green only because he's a pickle. She laughs, throws him a rock in the face and takes his command; he orders a hamburger with ketchup, onions and salad, but NO pickles (we never knew why). While waiting for his hamburger, he starts walking on his hands and gets kidnapped by a metal pipe. When he wakes up, he's in a cheese-looking bedroom surrounded by bees who wants to drink his delicious pickle juice. He asks himself: [I]Why the fuck am I in this weird place? I don't have my sex lipstick![/I] That's the moment where he gets slapped by a duck face and a wild girl appears in front on him. Knowing Jimmy is a boy, he gets frustrated at this ugly as fuck face and wants to destroy it. A challenge appears on the ground and he takes it, here's what is written: [I]you must defeat that ugly as fuck duck face to escape from this cheesy-looking bedroom and get back to the Taco Bell you were earlier.[/I] Jimmy is in a dilemma where only his courage can save him... will he accept or not the challenge? Only next episode will tell you!
  7. Many of you know, he was an old moderator on Moparscape. I found this while looking around. I think it's a good troll. >> The truth is, It was just over a year ago. I can still remember that day. Such a cold, sad day. You see, we used to have a moderator named Ownager3. He was a great moderator, and most peoples favorite. He was just recently promoted to global moderator. You see, Ikiliki was also a moderator. They knew each other in real life, and would often hang out and were just generally friends. They were out driving when Ikiliki got into a car accident. Not your typical accident, an extremely critical one. It took place on a bridge and the car flew into the sea below. Ikiliki quickly got out and Ownager3 was drowning. He could've saved Ownager3, but greed overtook him. He knew if Ownager3 was gone, he would be the favorite. He would be the new global moderator. And so, he fled from the car and ran away, leaving Ownager3 to die. People began to notice Ownager3 was not visiting the forum. Ikiliki just told them he was having real-life problems. Until a member here, named Niall, decided to look him up and see if he could get into contact with him. That's when he stumbled across an article detailing the horrendous crash. There it was, Ikiliki and Ownager3's names. Jon, Ownager3's first name, had drowned. Miraculously, Ikiliki had escaped. The article included an interview where Hank (Ikiliki) had told that he had tried desperately to get Jon out, but failed. Niall confronted Ikiliki, and asked about it. Strangely, Ikiliki cracked. He told Niall the whole story. About how he placed a forum position before a friend's life. Niall was outraged and banned Ikiliki. The story is still secret, and this post is against the rules. Niall will most likely ban me for this post, but I feel it's needed. R.I.P. Ownager3 LOL.
  8. Politician

    Back story?

    /Requesting deletion
  9. This is the true story oh Osama Bin Laden's death [video=youtube;R0Qwuyp325o]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0Qwuyp325o&feature=related[/video]
  10. CodyV20

    TRAGIC Story

    Hopefully that caught your attention, any-who. Pretty sad. [CENTER][img]http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/424246_348469228508816_100000372240419_1198438_316503952_n.jpg[/img][/CENTER]
  11. Time

    True Story Bro

  12. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/znwqab.png[/IMG]
  13. Wiz975

    The story of Wiz

    [B]It's wierd... Every community I've been on, litteraly every community of RSPS (RuneLocus too) I've been hated by EVERYONE, and was been forced to quit. I try to be myself, I try to be goody-goody, I try to not tryhard, but it always comes in the end that everyone hates or dislikes me, and I'm forced to quit. It's not the server's community fault or anything, it's obviously mine, I just don't even know what I have to act like to be beloved by a community. There was only one community in which I was loved that I became all the way to a head administrator rank, but the server shut down (Pkz-Evolution), and it was quite successful, but every other RSPS community I've been to, everyone hates me and wants me out. I'm like an ogre, I try to fit in and have others like me, but in the end no matter what, everyone hates me for who I am. How do I change myself?[/B]
  14. [CENTER][img]http://www.damnlol.com/i/4d825006fccc76029f66df8843055752.jpg[/img][/CENTER]
  15. Cyrose

    So.. the story.

    If you've missed what happened, or just "in the dark" on the whole situation that's happened over the last couple days; I'm here to inform you of the true story.. from several different parties. While I was questioning some of these people, I've gotten different stories. I've used my decisiveness to decide which aspects of each story to take, and formulate a "true" (biased) story from me. Now, while I'm all sure you understand, any story will be biased; while I'll try not to be biased.. this has a little bit of everything. So, the people I've talked to about this.. "situation": [indent]- Dean - Hadyn (SiniSoul) - Andrew (Codeusa) - Situations - olSquare[/indent] Keep in mind, I haven't contacted any of the Runelocus moderation.. in an attempt to understand the perspective of the ones whom are at fault. Righty oh, then. Situations and olSquare got access to Anthony`'s administrative account through the use of a RAT program, embedded in the files of a client that use a batch file. Now, try to understand that most servers use batch files; and this is daily routine for Anthony`. As daily routines become more and more common, security is weakened; and the ability of being alert is faltered. Upon running this batch file, Situations got access to Anthony`'s account. At this point, Dug (Ikiliki) hasn't been around for almost 10 hours; and it would be almost 24-48 more hours to his return. I've heard he was kidnapped by some people (Potastic) and then saved by Ziek` (Chad).. but in reality, I [B]think[/B] he may have just been on vacation. Anthony` shouldn't receive any form of punishment for this mistake, and ultimately; it'd be unjustified should be demoted. This could easily have happened to anyone.. unfortunately, it had to occur to Anthony. Now, back to the plot line. Situations and Square knew that Dug was going to be absent for a period of time, not sure how they know, but they knew. They began by removing the administrative and moderation powers from the Runelocus team, and had Anthony`'s hacked account as the only one with power. However, they were switching back and forth to Rune-Server's chatbox, (of course) to update the community there of their personal proceedings. That's what the Rune-Server moderator (Jeff) asked for an admin account.. in which was made shortly after asking. Now, keep this in mind. Jeffreh's account had it's password changed no more than 30 minutes after it was created, and then they deleted Anthony, Ikiliki, Toonshorty and demoted all of the Global Moderators. Cart is the only one with a crown, at this time. I then contacted Hadyn (since he has contact with Andrew) and asked him of the situation. He told me that Andrew was planning to steal the account back from Square/Situations, by brutal forcing the vBulletin boards with a PHP injected scripting software. Here's where my controversy comes in.. 1 - I don't honestly believe that Andrew has the ability, nor skill; to "brute force" into vBulletin's systems. Not for lack of programming skill, nor hacking ability. No, no.. simply for the way he expressed "brute forcing". He isn't knowledgeable of the actual definition of brutal forcing, and it makes me giggle (hehe) to think that someone with such "prowess" can accomplish such things. We'll find out the true story soon though. There was no deal made, but Andrew (reluctantly) gave the only administrative account to Joe and then was passed to the access of all Global Moderators. This was a good step for Runelocus, and this gave Ikiliki enough time to get back; and handle the situation. So, there's the true story. Nobody got access to the cPanel, there aren't any RAT's in the announcements; and this story is mainly for Ikiliki. I know that half of the moderation team will IP-check this account, so I won't bother hiding my identity. This is Ninin, and I don't regret posting and informing myself of this situation. May Dug read this will peace of heart, and know that Runelocus wasn't ever in legitimate danger. Tooooodles.
  16. "Fuck my cousin woke me up and I thought she was a ghost so i hit her with a clock and now shes bleeding everywhere and is unconscious and the clock isnt working so I don't know what time it is help me what do I do"
  17. >be taking a shower >wash ass with shower head >little spray of hot water shoots up my hole >feelsgoodman >do it more >couple of wet farty bubbles squeak out >get hard >push shower head up my ass and spray boiling water on prostate >balls starting to twitch >suddenly i'm ejaculating semen and diarrhea >boiling diarrhea shooting from my mouth and nose >bathroom flooding with septic half-digested food and semen >sister comes in, starts writhing on the floor massaging stinking semen mix into her vagina >don't you ever knock? >she starts giving birth to puppies >every puppy has my face
  18. iRepo

    Cool Story, Bro.

    Well, my friend just sent me this, tell me what you think. >be 15 years old >school trip to a fucking zoo >animals and so forth >go in elephant house >oh god it smells so fucking bad >strench of elephant shit burning back of my throat >feel something grab my wait >elephat picks me up with its trunk >srsly wtf >forces me up another elephants vagina >fo no good reason i get naked >walking round inside elephant's vagina >for no good reasion I ge tnaked woops said that already >walking round elephants womb >holy shit my sister is in here too >suddenly everything starts shaking >look out of hole in cervix, see huge elephant penis thrusting in and out >we both reach down elephant pee hold and massage it from inside >feelsgoodman >it's throbbing and pulsing >hot steaming semen erupts over our arms >i punch my sister in the tits for a laugh >she is so turned on >massaging elephant cum into each other while I punch her tits and kick her in the cunt >we're still in there >zookeepers push sandwiches up elephant's cunt for us >we have wireless internet in here
  19. [CENTER]Prologue[/CENTER] The noise was buzzing through Billy's head. He couldn't get it to stop. He had heard the noise once before. Only once. It was five years ago. He was only 9 at the time; he had no idea what was happening. He was in the Mess Hall, during his school's Lunch Hour. That was when the lights went off. All of the kids started screaming, as the adults were trying to keep them calm, even though they too were scared shitless. Billy had gotten out of his seat, against all protocol. He stumbled through the bustle of children, dodging plates and plastic cups. As he made his way for the Cafeteria door, he was stopped by a tall, silhouetted figure. The person picked him up with one arm and hoisted him on his shoulder. He was speaking to Billy, but it was hard to make out what he was trying to say with the siren going off in the corner of the room. Billy thought he could hear something short of "Billy, we need to get out of here! Now!" As the man ran down the hall, Billy on his shoulder, practically paralyzed from fear, a voice came over the Intercoms. "Attention! We are currently undertaking a Lock-Down. Faculty and citizens, please remain calm. We require that you stay in your designated dwelling, or the nearest room possible. Thank you." "Billy!" The man looked at him, mounted on his shoulder. "Do you know what is happening?" Billy looked back at him, and tried to spit the word out; No. But he was still in shock. Instead he nodded his head. The man sighed and looked around. Noticing the bathroom, he runs inside the Men's entrance. As he lets Billy off of his shoulders, he began to explain this event to him. "Your father has left the Vault, Billy." Billy's expression went from shocked to shaken. "I'm sorry, but you need to get out of here too. We both do... Stopping in here to explain this is hurting our time... But you need to kno--" Before he could finish his sentence, the bathroom door busted open. "Get on your fucking knees!" a uniformed guard shouted as they took the man by his arms. "Sir..!" Billy shouted. "Who are you?!" "Cameron!" He shouted back. [CENTER] I will be adding more to the story later on, I just needed something to get me started. (By the way, yes, this is Fallout 3 based. xD[/CENTER]
  20. This is basically Chapter 1... In Line of Fire A short story by Christopher of Runelocus.com It's the year 2508, the United States and Pодина (was known as Russia, 75 years ago) have been at war for the last 13 years because of a selfish decision made by Pодина. This has been the longest war since the 'War on terrorism' in early 2001. The war has made a lot of states from the United States split off from the rest of the Country. The memory of the United Nations has been long gone since the first attack on the United States in 2495. I've been a soldier since I was 17. A lot of good men were drafted because of this war... Some wanted to go, but others refused and were sentenced to life in prison for being 'traitors' of the country. I was pressured into becoming a Navy SEAL by my parents, they expected great things from me... I guess I should say a little more about myself. My name's Patrick, but most people call me 'Moose'. I'm 6'9" without my boots, 7'2" with them... I'm at a huge 245 pounds with 13% body fat. I wouldn't call myself a strong guy, but I do have a lot of definiton. I wrestled throughout High School, and College; I was a national champion. I wouldn't say I was a bad kid, but I wasn't perfect either. I'd always get into fights with others, but I maintained my 3.942 GPA during school. I've been in the Navy SEALS for well over 10 years. Right when I finished school I went to Basic Training Camp. I worked my ass for 6 months to become a SEAL. Graduation day came, and our Drill Instructor told us that only 15% would survive throughout our Military service. I'll be damned if I'm in the 85%. I was lucky enough to make it onto SEAL Team 8, which is the Support team of the SEALs. I've always liked thing's that go "boom". My main objective for most missions were to lay down explosives on an Enemy's transportation, may it be a ship, a car, even a helicopter. I've had the chance to work on LSS, which is Long Sniper Support. I think I enjoy LSS more than explosives. It just gives me a thrill it pull that trigger to help my other team members. My team and I would do as many missions as 7 a month, by the time I was 21, I have already been on 134 missions, and to 49 different countries. That's 9x more than the regular soldier will ever be on in his lifetime. Some missions would be harder than others, but my team and I would always find a a way to do it, be it by going undercover, or just using one of our 'special' tools. Our last mission had been the most dangerous though. SEAL team 8 has been ordered to give support to the infamous SEAL Team 6, which is the United States' best SEAL team. My team was only told that we would be giving support, but it was far more than that. Most of our missions go without injury or death, but this one just ruined everything. A SEAL Team 6 member named Hiji (I assume that's just a nickname, seeing as if he gave his real name, people would look for him and try to murder him or his family/friends) and I were up in an Eagles Nest... A tower that gives a LSS 360* view around him. He didn't talk much, but I'd try to spark up a conversation while we waited to recieve further orders from the President of the United States. All I knew about the mission, is that we were basically 'hunting' a prized figure of Pодина. I didn't know who, exactly, but I knew they were important one way or another. Suddenly, I hear on the radio that ground troops are being attacked from the tops of buildings, then it happened. All hell broke loose. Without warning, Hiji took 7 well-aimed shots, and killed 9 people. He just looked over at me when he was reloading the clip of his gun. Right when he looked back down the scope, I blunk once, and saw Hiji on the floor with half his head missing. The SEAL team 6 LSS was shot and killed! What was I going to do?! I quickly grabbed the radio from my side and tried to contact the ground troops. "Roger, roger. This is Eagle eye, do you copy? Over" I said it quickly, but understandable. when I was waiting for a reply, all I could hear was static, but then finally... "Uh.. Yeah, this is Cisco. Whatcha' need Eagle eye? Over." Said the scratchy voice coming from the radio. Without hesitation I said "Cisco, This is Eagle eye 2, I have a man down in the nest, I repeat. Man down in the Nest! Over" Waited a few minutes for a response, but then I thought 'what if the ground troops were dead? What would I do then?...' I never heard from Cisco again. I knew that it was up to me to finish this mission. I looked over at Hiji's dead body, and noticed he had an evasion kit on his vest. I thought to myself that if I couldn't make it back to my team, I could use whatever is in that kit to get out of the country. With that thought lingering in the back of my head, I took aim down my rifle, took a deep breathe, and told myself I will make it out alive. SWOOSH The first bullet wized past my head, almost ending my life. I was in shock, but I stuck through it and slowed my breathing... Found my target, and pulled the trigger. Direct hit, through the left lung. I almost started to celebrate, but then I remembered there was more than one shooter trying to find me before I found them The bullets kept wizing by me, some almost hitting me, and others completely off. I must be lucky that the enemy has such a horrible shot... It was finally turning dark, and I knew that it was my chance to make my escape. I grabbed the evasion kit, and Hiji's pistol that he had holstered on his leg. I reach the bottom of the Eagle Nest, and knew that if I walked out in my Military uniform, people would know I was in one of the squads. I look through the evasion kit and found about $10,000, and regular clothes. I quickly changed and peaked my head outside the door. The coast was clear, I slowly walk out with my finger on the trigger of the Pistol I had in my pants. I started walking North East (to the closet US Army Base) with caution. I hear walking behind me, without realizing; I turned around, gun drawn screaming "PUT YOUR HANDS UP". I finally realized what had just happen, and I see a scared 14 year old boy at the end of my gun. I slowly lower the weapon, not knowing what the boy would do. I could see the fear in his eyes. "I'm sorry, sir! Please don't shoot me!" "Don't be sorry. You shouldn't have snuck up on me like that. It could've gotton you hurt, or worse... Killed" I tried to explain calmly, whilst putting the gun back in my pants. "What were you doing following me anyways, boy?" "I was trying to warn you, soldiers are roaming the streets at these hours... It's not safe for anyone... I want to offer you a roof over your head until sun-up..." 'It seems like the boy has good intentions, but I'm not entirely sure about his parents... If he has any.' I thought to myself for a moment "Alright. I'll go with you, but only until sun-up." The boy prompted me to follow him, while doing so I was looking around, mostly up at the roofs, just incase we were ambushed again. We come up to a rusty-looking shack door, it was obviously old. The boy looked around promptly, then procedded to knock at the door. We see a slide open, with a pair of eyes glaring at me. The boy quietly murmured something, the door man closed the slide, and slowly opened the shack's door. The boy, who's name was still unknown, looked back at me, and gave me a 'It's ok, they're friends' type of look. I had to trust him, no matter the stakes.
  21. Darkmen167

    True Story

  22. [video=youtube;lh4hVXacjxo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=lh4hVXacjxo[/video] This is dedicated to my friend Kill Joy :) This is a very sincere video to me I just found it now :)