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      This is a 100% real screenshot from MSN days

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  2. My suggestion for your starter kit is that you upload a complete file. I downloaded it twice and tried to unzip it, and both times winRar told me that it was incomplete/corrupt. I'm sure I can find an appropriate alternative on this forum but it's a bit annoying to waste my time downloading something that I cannot open. This isn't a complaint, just a suggestion that will make you guys look more professional.
  3. i already set the starter pack for what ever i want but there's a problem i want to make it only like 2 starter packs per ip and i dont know how to do that anybody got an idea how? thanks :D
  4. I want something simple (317) and something that would be good for a beginner programmer, but it would be very helpful if it also worked for mac :). Please leave any recommendations, thanks!
  5. Hey runelocus, first thing to do is go to source folder and go to src\com\rs\game\player\starter andclick on Starter and it should show [CODE] if (starter == 0) { player.getInventory().addItem(1856, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(995, 10000000); player.getInventory().addItem(3105, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(3842, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(1725, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(2414, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(1323, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(542, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(544, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(656, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(863, 1000); player.getInventory().addItem(10499, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(1381, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(558, 1000); player.getInventory().addItem(4587, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(12852, 1); } [/CODE] thats where you will change the starter so for example player.getInventory().addItem(4587, 1); 4587 will be replaced with your item code and the 1 is for how many of that item they will revieve. once your done save compile and there you go! merry christmas! :D
  6. Hey guys! So i started to make a server today and compiler doesn't work? i have this in it: [QUOTE] @echo off title Skills-Scape - Compiler C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_05\bin\ pause[/QUOTE] and it says c:/ isnt an intern ( its dutch so cant translate an 100% ) Can anyone help me please?
  7. I was wondering how I can update everything? Like the combat animation is just fucked up, how would I change the starting levels and items etc? if there are any guides would be useful please can't seem to find one
  8. i keep getting errors when i try to compile it and nothing seems to work
  9. I am creating a small 317 [PI] Starting Kit for all the noobs to RSPSs. I was wondering what all the coding noobs wanted to start with in the community. So I'd like some feedback! Here's what the server has so far. [LIST=1] [*]I've made the compiler + run files work flawlessly. No updating from the user needed at all. Only requirement is that they download JDK before use. [*]I've tweaked crafting (To make it a little more like real rs) [*]I've completely added Herblore. It's at 100% (If you don't count potion drinking. Which some potions work ((kinda)) but most don't when the drink option is used) [*]I've completely added Woodcutting. It is slightly buggy but hey, it's an amazing base. [*]I've added 95%+ of the NPCs from real RS into the game with their correct spawn points and walking patterns. [*]I've added multiple, original shops. [*]I've completely revamped Lumbridge. There still lacks dialogues, a couple doors and world item spawns (Like the bronze picaxe found atop of the castle archway). But it does have Bob's axe shop and the General store 100% replicated form origional RS. [*]I've added a crappy Firemaking base. But hey... it's a start for people. [*]I've tweaked some of the spellbook custom teles from the original release of RL Starterpack [*]I've made the newcomer's map work. [*]I've made experience lamps work as well. The item "lamp" gives the player's level * 10 xp in the chosen skill. The item "antique lamp" gives the player's level * 50 in the chosen skill. The item "gamer book" gives the player's level * 500 in the chosen skill. [*]I've made perfectly working random gifts (Gifts >1% rare items <2% and >30% experience giving rewards and < 30% >=100% 1 gold) [*]I've started tutorial island (It's just the very start of it. Like maybe 5% of it I've done.) [*]I've also made the Report Abuse button nearly work. It just doesn't recognize the person who was reported last 60 seconds of chat. [*]I've added a few skill guide menus. But haven't worked much on those. Just the first five skills of the first column have been worked on. [*]I've added an ability that if the player's Herblore skill is equal to or higher than level 20, you can use a Pestle and Mortar on a gold bar to crush it into 1000 gold pieces. [*]I've added a new client that is one .jar file and direct connects to the server (as far as I know, it has no bugs but could wield some if someone who is experienced in RSPS coding goes snooping through it.). So this new client is just one file and can be sent out to friends to direct connect to the server. I didn't make it my friend did. Credits go to him. His name is Canain. [*]I've also added a few very helpful commands "::help", "::help2" and "::help3" which display all the commands within the server. They are seperated from Administrator, Developer and Other commands. I've also added a few other commands such as ::char and ::bank. [/LIST] Here are some things I plan on adding before the release. [LIST=1] [*]Working clue scrolls [*]Staff Zone (I don't like the idea but I'm sure everyone else does) [/LIST] Things suggested that I plan on adding before the release. Things suggested that I do not plan on adding before the release.
  10. okay so im new to this runescape privet server buiness. and i downloaded all the stuff for the privet server when i try to complile i get 100 errors and i tryed the stuff that was post at top of this forum (the sticky thread) and when i try to logg on i keep getting error coneecting. if anyone knows how to fix those two problems it would be greatly apprecated.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice 317 Source, I can use to learn & make some mistakes on , I'm looking for something with all the options coded in, But maybe a blank canvas so I can start editing and doing stuff my self. :) Would be nice :D Please let me know if anyone here knows what one they would recommend. Maybe one that is easily edited and has the correct layouts in the client.java and etc. Because I find some when the server is 'Run' it's isn't quite configured properly
  12. ~~UPDATE~~ After searching based on falconpunch's recommendation I found this Source. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?92391-Project-Insanity-Normal-PI-All-dupes-fixed&highlight=Project+Insanity[/url] It seemed to download fine and when I pushed the Run . bat files it loaded up. Also, animations seem to be working fine, Thanks!!! Hello All, I am new to RSPS, last week I downloaded the Starter Pack and started playing with it, I was making good progress editing things and getting familiar with the code but then I realized almost none of the animations worked and was told in a previous thread to scrap it for a newer version. So, I am looking for the simplest RSPS download with most things working. I don't care what release number I just want something that is simple to download and set up. I get confused when downloading, with the Starter Pack the Client and Serve came bundled together, it seems like most downloads the people post 1 part and suggest finding the other from someone else, how do you know which versions work with eachother? Also, when do you need to worry about cache? I see some versions require you to download cache but the 317 Starter Pack didn't, so if someone could explain or make the download as easy as possible I would be eternally grateful. I don't care about Mini games or PK'ing. I just want good code to start, by good code I mean, Compiles/Runs when downloaded and most things work like skills and animations mainly. Hopefully this all makes sense, Thanks! if not just let me know what doesn't.
  13. Hi guys, before asking any questions I would like to tell you some things. First of all, I have never had a rsps ever in my life (I only had a Minecraft server, which I mention because it's also java built). Second of all, I am a quick learner but a lazy learner and that's the reason I hate learning something by the book. Everything I know about making a Minecraft server is self-learned after experimenting (and of course failing many times) and doing everything all by myself. Anyhow, this time I want to make a Runescape-Like Private Server and currently I am looking for a neat pretty much blank noob-friendly source with a client. With a Minecraft server is easier because there are only 2 java files that are important (the server and the plugins) other than that is pretty much configuration. Something that I learned by the time I went scouting for a client and a source is that the server making isn't that easy. The perfect thing for me right now (and I know this is very hard to find, almost impossible if I want it to be free) is a client with a source that has the major stats working, with a decent item database and with the possibility of adding npcs, minigames, even prayer and magics. I really want a Runescape-like server and not a pure PvP or pure minigame server. Thanks a lot in advance, Rares
  14. Hello, How can I change the client starting screen from the Client StarterPack found here [url]http://www.runelocus.com/tools/starterpack.html[/url] I can't find the picture that is loaded into the background for logging in. Also, the attack animations don't work on this starter version, is there a patch somewhere or is it just an accepted flaw in the 317 starter pack?
  15. Hi guys, I'm quite new to rsps coding although I am decent in java. I have been using the runelocus starter to try to learn the ropes but the biggest problem I am having is that there are no player combat emotes they just stand still while they fight and I cant seem to add them in. Any help would be great. Even if you just tell me what file that is handled in. Thank you.
  16. I T

    Starter Package Help

    How do i change the ip adress to mine in the server files? (Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, i'm quite dumb when it comes to runescape private servers).
  17. Why am I not listed as a author? Its based off my Riotscape....
  18. pkedu

    Starter limit

    yo runelocus i made a starter and everytime you log on it gives the starter, heres my starter in player.java [CODE] if (starter == 0); { for (Player p2: World.getPlayers()) { p2.getPackets().sendGameMessage("<col=01DFD7>Welcome<col> " + getDisplayName() + "<col=01DFD7> to pkedursps 718!</col>"); FriendChatsManager.joinChat("help", p2); p2.getInventory().addItem(1323, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(1323, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(1333, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(4587, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(1215, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(542, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(544, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(1725, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(11118, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(1949, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(6568, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(3105, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(2441, 100); p2.getInventory().addItem(2437, 100); p2.getInventory().addItem(2443, 100); p2.getInventory().addItem(3025, 200); p2.getInventory().addItem(15273, 1000); p2.getInventory().addItem(20068, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(841, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(884, 1000); p2.getInventory().addItem(861, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(4151, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(1381, 1); p2.getInventory().addItem(554, 1000); p2.getInventory().addItem(558, 1000); p2.getInventory().addItem(555, 1000); p2.getInventory().addItem(557, 1000); starter = 0; } }[/CODE] Any suggestions? until then im going to have to spawn people theyre starter :/
  19. [IMG]http://gyazo.com/40955becabf7ae45d963590e5de12b99[/IMG] I opened the client folder and clicked on the run.bat because that's what I thought I was supposed to do according to [IMG]http://gyazo.com/b1211c995f365cc5115db11e7ae604ec[/IMG] I followed steps 1 and 2 correctly and downloaded jdk and jre7. Could someone please help me? P.S. thanks Emily for redirecting me here.
  20. I have set up all the port forwarding and got the recent JDk restarted comp also (this is my first time setup) java wasnt being recognised so i added the path im know stuck on another thing i cant connect to my server error connecting i get this command not sure if it correct or not javac: no source files. Anybody help me just getting it up and online i can try and figure the rest out my self
  21. ok so i dl it and all this good stuff, but i cant seem to make it into a .jar i have tried everything. and im using a vps so how would i connect the server with the client via vps this is for the starter pack from runelocus msg me on here or skype me at Floridaboy9041
  22. I need some help with Matrix 718. I've come pretty far myself, i removed all NPCs successfully, and removed the beginner tutorial, because i didn't want it. But new players don't get any starting items, so i can't really find where to put it in, so i could really use some help. I know pretty much how to make a starter pack, it's just WHERE to put it. Thanks, - [I]QuviN [/I].
  23. So I need some help with what to do about this problem. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6957[/ATTACH] I have checked the internet and found any answers.
  24. Hey guys, im new to all this rsps making stuff. Kind of. I had one server up and running at one point but it was too laggy. Its been a while since i have done anything else. I downloaded the starter kit. Got the JDK 7u45 or something like that. But when i go to compile and save after i put in my servers name host name and port number. At first it said something like "java: no source" and a few other things. But now it dosent say anything. It just gives me the location of where the thing is.. Can anyone help me please?
  25. I would like to tell you noobs the best way to keep your server name being changed multiple times as this can save your time! And just to let you know...the good coders, don't read this because you probably know it. In Settings.java (com.rs) Search something like this; Make sure it has your RSPS title in the highlighted area above. [CODE]public static String SERVER_NAME = [COLOR="#FFFF00"]"YOUR SERVER NAME"[/COLOR]; [/CODE] Now, search in ALL your files for your server name. And replace them with the following: [CODE]"" + Settings.SERVER_NAME + ""[/CODE] Do that for every code you find. And make sure to add this import: [CODE]import com.rs.*;[/CODE] NOW...save and compile. Once you do that, you can change your title just by changing the following: [QUOTE] [CODE]public static String SERVER_NAME = [COLOR="#FFFF00"]"YOUR SERVER NAME"[/COLOR]; [/CODE] [/QUOTE] And save and compile. Then your done! Simple and easy. AND a lot less time waste as you may end up with errors in the future and look back and think, "what a waste of time that was putting new names in.." Good luck!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: