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Found 21 results

  1. Hello i've just started with eclipse, but im having trouble understanding how to use it, for sure for the errors it gives. So im looking for some1 who has a few minutes free to help me out, just setting it up and explain me how to use it for my 317 source. If u want to help me, you can do it by skype (sharescreen) or teamviewer. my skype : nielskeeeeeeeen
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me get on the right track... What I want is a RSPS that is 317 with the original Runescape map and quests. I am fine when it comes to compiling and setting it all up, I just would like a pointer on where to look for the 317 source and the map. Thanks, tlf30
  3. K, I started this youtube channel : [URL="https://www.youtube.com/user/justathoughtiitk/"]https://www.youtube.com/user/justathoughtiitk/[/URL] Check it out. PS, IIT is like a dream college(like Harvard and stuff) in India, google it if u wanna know more.
  4. Hey guys, i just needed some help, with gaining experience and learning abit about RSPS servers and how to develop them. I just thought it would be good for me, as i got nothing going on in the summer holidays, and might aswell use my time, instead of sitting around. So i was hoping if someone could give me a heads up, on how to get started really. Things that would be helpful: > Basic Source + Client > List of Programs needed to get started > Basic knowledge i should learn >What sort of projects, i should start of with? And any other suggestions that could give me abit of a kick start. :D Thanks
  5. I have a couple of questions to all of the people who have tried to Start a Runescape Private Server. Question 1: When you first started your server up, did you ever make a budget first? Question 2: Were you successful in making your server without putting your own money into it first? Question 3: How long did you have to wait until you got your first donation? Question 4(optional): How much money did you spend in VPSs and Webhosting?(Include all of the software that may have been bought)
  6. Okay so for the past 2 months my server has been perfectly fine, it has never had a problem with connecting. but when I tried to login today I receive this message.. [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/36b7fdb3fb8664e4e03c5a1703484d04.png[/IMG] but I go onto the VPS to check and make sure all is running smooth and it is, shown by this picture.. [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/2ca5ac6c6034edde44f90363ef902b70.png[/IMG] I haven't changed a single thing on the website, client, server, vps or anything else.. What is going on? :S
  7. hello there , i am starting whit a new project and i need a second coder xp i got a great kind of server got dwarf cannon addet etc some great feauters but need some help! intersted?? add mee on skype! belg.liam
  8. I'm using the Lost-Realm 718 Source and one day i randomly started getting this error:/ I've done so much work on this source I don't want to have to start all over again.. Been working on it a few weeks and it just started saying this when I run the client, when I run the source file the server runs in 3.6 seconds but when I run the client either the .jar or the .bat file I get this error:/ Anyone care to help/point me in the right direction? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/TxVEhGf.png[/IMG]
  9. The programming on the server side without networking is pretty easy to me now. I just can't understand how the client sends packets and stuff and how it's translated into shorts. The only networking I've done is with kyronet, and that just sends objects directly over the internet. Is there a specific guide to how to tests for which packets do what? The client is so obfuscated that I figure anything out by myself. I'm pretty much just wondering how other people learned how to code a server from scratch.
  10. zainahmed1

    Getting started

    Can someone please help get started on my RSPS, I'm honestly a new coder and have no idea where to start Please, if you can help me, post below
  11. I have a starter pack problem... i feel really dumb. I am pretty good with computer files and stuff. I will put a few pictures of the problem since i am completely lost. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7722[/ATTACH] I can see that it is a error but i cannot find them or know how to fix them in there specific folder/files. So if someone can tell me how to do the first few i should be able to do the rest for me. It also is 77 errors total and there is a lot more than i showed. As they all revolve around the same string: Cannot find symbol Thanks for your time!
  12. I guess I have alot of questions but not necessarily questions that can be answered. I've spent the last few days looking at Java tutorials on the official website and I still know nothing. When I say nothing I mean not nothing! People say "Just go to official Java tutorials and learn" I've tried that, and I've alread read countless tutorials on how to start your own server and it simply doesn't work, or maybe it works but I just can't incorporate it with RSPS. I don't want to give up but now it's gotten me thinking "maybe running a server isn't for everyone?" I guess my simple question is, how did you get started, what did you do, what can I do to help myself? TL;DR - How'd you get started and what can I do that you did that could maybe help me learn about programming, better.
  13. Alright well I have a PI source, and i can't seem to get the client started could someone either Teamview with me or do skype screen watch? and help me out? it'd be a big help! Skype: element82196
  14. Can someone help me? Every source I have tried I never manage to log into it.. I have folowed countless guides but I still can't find what I'm doing wrong :s Also I tried alot of sources and most of the time I get 'could not find or load main class file'
  15. If anyone can help add me on skype or message me on here my skype name is owner_dak
  16. I am starting doing services as I am in need of cash right now, I will be doing quick things that people need for a cheap price! [B]Services:[/B] Webclient (Renamed & Non Renamed) [$2] Online highscores via Xamp or Webhost [$4] Castlewars with more efficient features [$15] New Item specials/attacks ect.. [$2 each] Newer bosses [Price varies on requirements for boss] Dungeoneering [$15] (Like Soul splits a bit) Construction like delta [$3] Need anything else done? Pm me or contact me via msn [email][email protected][/email] and we will discuss it and the price.
  17. Here's my Bank and Stats. [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/347d1lk.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2ur1lkn.png[/IMG] I got my Bank to that, starting from 2m not too long ago. I know this is nothing to brag about on such an account, but it's 100% non-botted. inb4uraccountisshit
  18. Well i am releasing because of this [url]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/353552-brutality-eco-beta.html[/url] It is retarded i don't know how he got my source but now i may as well release. Credits This was made by zant and titas and the client was made by titas i made hitmarks i made the source me Zant! titas made jail and titas gave me the source cleaned like 0.1% credits lol Pictures at [url]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/345640-realting-spawning-beast-hybriding-best-server.html[/url] Links [COLOR="Red"]NEW LINKS!!!!!! WORKING HP BARS TOO![/COLOR] Client & Source Link - [url]http://up.ht/ufjP61[/url] Cache Link - [url]http://up.ht/nIjzQP[/url] If you cann't take off mysql for highscores or vote your just dumb.. Apache don't you even say you had one thing to do with this...
  19. Mercenary

    Started animating

    Hey.. I recently found some videos and they were quite amusing and well made; I decided to try it out in adobe flash. Here's my first ever character; Tom. Say hi to Tom! [img]http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/ed288.gif[/img] Tom was made in Adobe Flash cs5 with a lot of trouble and redos lol. [img]http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/5764/drawk.png[/img] I might be making more of these things and actually start giving them life depending on your opinions.
  20. Hey guy's well ive recently started making my private server and so far it's going pretty well, there's only one problem; the start location. I've changed the coords of the start location here public static final int START_LOCATION_X = [COLOR="#FF0000"]2963[/COLOR]; // start here public static final int START_LOCATION_Y = [COLOR="#FF0000"]3381[/COLOR]; public static final int RESPAWN_X = 2963; // when dead respawn here public static final int RESPAWN_Y = 3381; Then I compiled and there's no change in-game? It still doesn't spawn are start at the set coords, anybody? Thanks in advance, Xodiara
  21. I thought this was funny. I blame the parents. Lol.