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Found 11 results

  1. Hello All! I am looking to buy a source and client that has the current Old runescape staking interface. I will also be paying for changes to been done to the provided Source and Client. Please reply here with your contact information. Thanks !
  2. [video=youtube;VO0X_2lUB7w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO0X_2lUB7w[/video] 2 intense 4 me.
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  5. The source I got (solitude) already has staking disabled. I'm only hosting it for me and my friend, so ofc, I want to have staking. Could somebody please tell me how I can enable it again?
  6. I am 92 Cb, RS Name: Solocid Rules: 1. No armor 2. No corrupt & Dung weapons 3. We stake 6M in items (i.e Full Rune G etc...) because cash staking was ruined by Jagex 4. We go to a world with less people 5. Max Cb I can take is 105 Peace
  7. Due to spammers in world 54 jagex decided to mute the whole world like they previously did in world 148.
  8. high105

    Pi Staking

    Ok so I made a hidden admin playerRights == 10 And I fixed all of the ways of them giving items away, but when I staked it still doesnt work. I copied the admin staking and made another for prights 10 And it still didnt work. I've tried a few other things but nothing works Note: I'm only trying to make it so playerrights == 10 cannot stake. Base is PI, thanks.
  9. well what which ones would you guys rent, if you were going to rent.
  10. in my server tommorow is my birthday and i wanna add new things cuz of my birthday so i chosed staking(i have duel arena but dont work) and nex so i need help in that please very important please if anyone can help me free please help my love soso
  11. I was thinking about getting into boxing or something and was wondering what skills i need. I was just fighting a level 37 and my combat is 102. She almost killed me but i managed to kill her :P We bet 4m. She had a dfs and summoned a minotaur. She seemed to be doing a magic spell. I wish i knew what her skills were so i could use that :P But tell me some good staking accounts