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Found 14 results

  1. wing

    Fixing Spell casting

    Hello all! Currently the only way to cast a spell is by autocasting and single casts don't work. I tried looking in Magic.java, but I'm not quite sure how to fix this. Some hints or assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Wing
  2. Hi having major glitch... when i use any kind of spell on players who's same combat as me i can kill em (IN SAFE-ZONE) Its not PvP source! also need any good code for clipped magic when using spell's on npc's/player's that i dont run to em. Thank-you.
  3. Good Evening all, just another quick one. The teleports i have in the spell book, i changed one of their names but when i click the teleport, it opens up a few subsidiary teleports on text, i just want to locate where these are so i can change the names and tele coords to them too, for example in one of the pictures the 'Agility Teleport'. Help is very much appreciated. Images: [url=http://pbrd.co/YbhpB8]Pasteboard — Uploaded Image[/url] [url=http://pbrd.co/YbhWTN]Pasteboard — Uploaded Image[/url]
  4. vatospec

    spell books fail

    whenn i want cast a spell i only run to my target but i do nothing when i want to auto cast same thing if u know what the problems is comment below.
  5. The Lunar Spell Book on Impact 3.0. [video=youtube;8Hik-8W_3Nk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hik-8W_3Nk[/video] Comparison Video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUBLh3qqb7E[/url] List of Spells: [LIST] [*] [*] Bake Pie [*] Monster Examine [*] Cure Other [*] Humidify [*] Cure Me [*] Teleport Waterbirth [*] Tele Group Waterbirth [*] Cure Group [*] Stat Spy [*] Teleport Khazard [*] Tele Group Khazard [*] Superglass Make [*] Dream [*] String Jewellery [*] Stat Restore Pot Share [*] Boost Potion Share [*] Teleport Fishing Guild [*] Tele Group Fishing Guild [*] Teleport Catherby [*] Tele Group Catherby [*] Teleport Ice Plateau [*] Tele Group Ice Plateau [*] Energy Transfer [*] Heal Other [*] Vengeance Other [*] Vengeance [*] Heal Group [*] Spellbook Swap [/LIST]
  6. I know the problem, I have the wrong interface clearly. I took a PI source and used a "clean" client. So yes, every time I attempt to open a lunar spell book it freezes.. I understand the problem.. I just don't know how to fix it, or specifically what the problem is.. Client side? Server side? Can someone please help? I can't get help anywhere...
  7. I have the Altar Of Guthix object already spawned, but everytime I click on it it says "your mind fills with lunar" or something like that. But then my client freezes and then I have to reopen it. How do I fix this and get lunar spells? This is a PI source. Thanks
  8. I've been messing around with this for the past 20ish minutes, anyone know how to change a spell name? Like making it so where it says "Smoke Blitz" and changing that to "Storm of Armadyl" Anyone got any advice? [img]http://screensnapr.com/e/Gl68zL.png[/img]
  9. For some reason I have been having the strangest problem with my teleporting spells in the magic tab. Even though I have the code that should allow me to change the text you see when scrolling over the teleport, it still will not change the text. I've tried everything. Anything from rearranging the code in a different form to putting the code in a different place within the text handler. I'm not an idiot. I know how to code these scripts and have had success with these exact codes on other sources. The source I am using is a deltascape base, yet is HIGHLY modified. But not to the extent where the text handler should not be working, because I know damn well the text handler is working for other texts within my source. Take a look at what the problem is. For example, I am trying to make a yanille teleport over the trollheim teleport in the normal magicks tab. Here is the code implemented within my texthandler.java for a varrock teleport spell, when I go to the magicks tab, it reads "Level 25: Varrock Teleport" just as it would in regular runescape. I just want it to say, "Varrock Teleport" and nothing else. I could care less about the description or the amount of runes it takes. The varrock teleport code I have is as follows... [code] c.sendQuest("Varrock", 1300); c.sendQuest("Teleports you to Varrock.", 1301);[/code] However, it still does not change the text over the varrock teleport tab, it still reads the annoying "Level 25: blah...." jibberish you see in runescape, any ideas on why this might be? Any help is appreciated! Thanks much.
  10. ok i did the public static final int LUMBY_X = #### and it still dident change im trying to change the home button can anyone help public static final int LUMBY_Y = ####
  11. hey so when ever i try to witch from normal spell book to lunar book it freezes and i have to reload client and it doesn't switch what is wrong can some on help with like step bye step or go on team veiwer and help plz and thanks!
  12. in clickingMost.java there was originally [CODE]case 73136: case 4143: case 50245: // edgeville teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest(" Which Pking zone? ", 2470); c.sendQuest("Edgeville", 2471); c.sendQuest("Varrock -Multi-", 2472); c.sendQuest("Mage bank -1v1-", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break;[/CODE] and that worked. Then I wanted to add more PK teleports so i switched it with [CODE] case 73136: case 4143: case 50245: // edgeville teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("PK Teleports", 2493); c.sendQuest("Varrock", 2494); c.sendQuest("Mage Bank", 2495); c.sendQuest("East Drags", 2496); c.sendQuest("Castle Drags", 2497); c.sendQuest("44 portals", 2498); c.sendFrame164(2492); break;[/CODE] That works but the tele's do not because I have no idea where to add them. [EDIT] i think i found where to add them but the case numbers need to be changed [CODE]case 73100: case 4140: case 50235: c.triggerTele(2732,3485, 0); c.killMyNPCs(); c.resetfollowers(); c.frame61(0); break; case 9167: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(3087,3497, 0); c.killMyNPCs(); c.resetfollowers(); c.frame61(0); if(c.teleEffect == 2) c.triggerTele(3020+misc.random(2), 4815+misc.random(2), 0); c.killMyNPCs(); c.resetfollowers(); c.frame61(0); break; case 9168: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(3244, 3511, 0); c.killMyNPCs(); c.resetfollowers(); if(c.teleEffect == 2) c.closeInterface(); break; case 9169: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(2539+misc.random(2), 4716+misc.random(2), 0); c.killMyNPCs(); c.resetfollowers(); c.frame61(0); break;[/CODE]
  13. Hey all, I made a new home, and i've put the X, Y coords in my config.java at lumby, but the home teleport , teleports me to the old home everytime, so i used ::mypos, and searched the config.jave for the old home coords, but they don't seems to be in there ;/ Hoep you understand what i mean, had to type fast ><
  14. hey i am having issues getting my spell books switch in the donator tab to work for anything after the first donator rank i type here is the code to do with switching [CODE] case 107230: if(c.isDonator == 0 && c.isRDonator == 0 && c.isSDonator == 0 && c.inWild()) { c.sendMessage("You cannot be in the wilderness when using this!"); return; } if (c.playerMagicBook == 0 && c.isDonator == 1 || c.isRDonator == 1 || c.isSDonator == 1 && !c.inWild()) { c.playerMagicBook = 1; c.setSidebarInterface(6, 12855); c.setSidebarInterface(0, 328); c.sendMessage("You switch your magic to : Ancients."); c.getPA().resetAutocast(); return; } if (c.playerMagicBook == 1 && c.isDonator == 1 || c.isRDonator == 1 || c.isSDonator == 1 && !c.inWild()) { c.playerMagicBook = 2; c.setSidebarInterface(0, 328); c.setSidebarInterface(6, 16640); c.sendMessage("You switch your magic to : Lunar."); c.getPA().resetAutocast(); return; }[/CODE] In everyplace it says "c.isDonator == 1" is the only spot that works like if i put "c.isSDonator == 1" there then it will work but if i dont when i click switch i jsut get this message and nothing happens [CODE]"You switch your magic to : Ancients."[/CODE] if you know whats wrong please help