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Found 35 results

  1. I use this code. [PHP] if(j == 6502) { int file = 2571; if(FrameStart[file] < 1) Class36.methodCustomAnimations(false, file); int[] frames = {46,63,144,57,97,138,78,157,93, 66,42,114,114,132,149,140,109,46,0}; int[] delays = {3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,0}; anims[j].anInt352 = frames.length-1; anims[j].anIntArray353 = new int[frames.length-1]; anims[j].anIntArray354 = new int[frames.length-1]; anims[j].anIntArray355 = new int[frames.length-1]; for(int i2 = 0; i2 < frames.length-1; i2++) { anims[j].anIntArray353[i2] = frames[i2]+FrameStart[file]; anims[j].anIntArray354[i2] = -1; anims[j].anIntArray355[i2] = delays[i2]; } }[/PHP]
  2. ive looked around and tried a few tutorials but they dont work for some reason
  3. [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/256tmqv.png[/IMG] Not sure?
  4. But i dont kno how to make the weapon use the special attack. anyone help please =]
  5. Emenensty

    Ags without spec

    just want to know the codes of the ags I got this right now in my combatassistant.java: case 11694: case 11696: case 11730: case 11698: case 11700: c.playerStandIndex = 4300; c.playerWalkIndex = 4306; c.playerRunIndex = 4305 Here is a gif of what the emote is without spec: [url]http://gyazo.com/a7fb5d0b9942d4dff08af0c8103e5909[/url] I just want it to be like a normal ags in normal runescape. The hit emote is different on my rsps. Cheers, Emenensty
  6. My magic shortbow spec hits only 1 time.... i did the [CODE]c.doublehit = true;[/CODE] something like that. And it still didn't work :( but it worked for my ags :eek: Any ideas how to double hit with my magic shortbow special :eek: ? Help please. :) if you need me to post a code then ill do it tomorrrow when i come back from school kuz my mom turned off the internet in our house so we can re arrange things,etc. Btw im in school doing this >.> :)
  7. If i spec any player it's works fine it will be freezing and can't move and with the barrage gfx. It's works fine. But, if i spec any npc it doesn't show me the barrage gfx and the npc doesn't stops, he can move. How to make the NPC same the players? Here is my zgs code: [code]case 11700: c.startAnimation(4302); c.gfx0(1221); c.specAccuracy = 1.23; c.specEffect = 2; c.hitDelay = getHitDelay(c.getItems().getItemName(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon]).toLowerCase()); break;[/code]
  8. Everywhere I look people say go to combatassistant and edit blah blah but I don't have a combatassistant my specs are in the client.java, I've tried removing all the delays but the spec still isn't instant it's just faster like a dagger, anyone have any idea how to make it instant?
  9. how i can fix the ags spec? any idea about that?
  10. this is a quick snippet on changing the instant slayer task/full godwars killcount into a spec restore button **sorry its abit messy, i forgot what i replaced the new coding with** >_> server sided- Clickingbuttons.java replace case 107229 with [CODE]case 107229: if (c.inWild()) c.sendMessage("you cannot restore your spec in the wildy"); else if(c.specAmount < 10.0){ if (c.specRestore > 0) return; c.specRestore = 30; c.specAmount = 10.0; c.getItems().addSpecialBar(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon]); c.sendMessage("Your special attack has been restored, only every 30 seconds."); } break;[/CODE] client.java add [codepublic int specRestore = 0;[/code] and also below [code]if(isDead && respawnTimer == -6) { getPA().applyDead(); }[/code] add [code]if(specRestore > 0) { specRestore --; }[/code] so it looks like this [code]if(isDead && respawnTimer == -6) { getPA().applyDead(); } if(specRestore > 0) { specRestore --; }[/code] client sided- rsinterface.java replace the first 2 lines below [code] public static void extraEquipment(RSFont[] TDA) { RSInterface rsi = addInterface(27620);[/code] with [CODE]AddInterfaceButton(27621, 3, "Interfaces/Equipment/BOX", "Restore special", 27640, 1, 40, 39); addTooltip(27640, "Restore Special");[/CODE] and also below [code]addTooltip(27644, "Teleport to Donator Island!"); addText(27624, "Information:", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); addSprite(27634, 0, "Interfaces/Options/LINE");[/code] replace the next 4 lines with this [code]addText(27625, "Restore special attack:", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); addText(27647, "Restore your special", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 0); addText(27626, "Attack every 30 seconds", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 0); addText(27627, "as long as your not in wildy..", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 0);[/code] and your done, feel free to post any errors
  11. Divine-X

    Spec Ops: The Line

    Thoughts on Spec Ops: The Line? I got it last night. It's good so far. Only problem I have is I can never find any ammo refills lol.
  12. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mErMONNoyBo[/url] ~~Finnaly my third video, It took me a long time and here it is. Enjoy/Rate/Subscribe/Love. If you liked it please thumbs up. My name while pking is: Genuine Spec. Join my Friends chat to chill out: Genuine Spec
  13. How i can change spec amounts of weapons, like d claws is 50% to 40% just need to know. 562+.. oh and how i can change special attack from melee to mage ( korasi ) third thing, if i use ags 2 times u know 1spec of ags is 50%.. then i am on 0%.. thats good.. but just 3seconds later u got 25% amount of spec again -.-... i want that many time slower.. like rs.. and that it gives 10%/10%/10% not 25% in 3 secs.. thanks.
  14. Does anyone know what happened to this server? Im trying to find it, has the name maybe changed?
  15. Alright im using the new insanity x source with the full screen client ect. So when i spec with a korasi its like the real rs one but its all messed up Player goes invisible and the spec hits both the player and the enemy? [IMG]http://puu.sh/n8LR[/IMG] heres the code in itemassistant. [IMG]http://puu.sh/n8MY[/IMG] Any help would be much appreciated I have $4 on paypal if that would help anyone?
  16. hi guys.. i am goin to show how to make staff of light almost fully work for rs2hd [IMG]http://img807.imageshack.us/img807/1653/84838766.png[/IMG] here we go: first go to player.java and put these some where [code] //staff of light public int Sol = 0; public int Sol1 = 0;[/code] after that put these in some where else which is look similar: [code] if(Sol1 > 0){ Sol1--; } if(Sol1 == 60){ Sol1--; } if(Sol1 == 1){ getActionSender().sendMessage("The force from staff of light vanished!"); Sol = 0; Sol1--; }[/code] after that search for this: [code] public void hit(int damage) {[/code] under that put this: [code] if(Sol == 1){ graphics(2320); damage = damage/2; }[/code] then close and save after that go to ActionButtonPacketHandler.java and search for this [code] case 884: switch(buttonId) { case 4: player.usingSpecial = !player.usingSpecial;[/code] under that put [code] if(player.specialAmount == 100) if(player.getEquipment().get(3).getDefinition().getId() == 15486) { player.animate(12804); player.graphics(2319); player.sm("You are shielded by the spirits of the Staff of light!"); player.specialAmount = 0; player.Sol1 = 60; player.Sol = 1; } if(player.specialAmount == 0) if(player.getEquipment().get(3).getDefinition().getId() == 15486) { return; }[/code] so it's gonna be at the end like this: [code] case 884: switch(buttonId) { case 4: player.usingSpecial = !player.usingSpecial; if(player.specialAmount == 100) if(player.getEquipment().get(3).getDefinition().getId() == 15486) { player.animate(12804); player.graphics(2319); player.sm("You are shielded by the spirits of the Staff of light!"); player.specialAmount = 0; player.Sol1 = 60; player.Sol = 1; } if(player.specialAmount == 0) if(player.getEquipment().get(3).getDefinition().getId() == 15486) { return; } break;[/code] that's all ;) i hope u guys like it ....................................................................................................... staff of light vs npc: [IMG]http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/7381/alhassa1.png[/IMG] staff of light vs player: [IMG]http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1489/alhassa2.png[/IMG] if you have any error post it here
  17. First thing you want to do is go into ItemAssistant.java and find the following [CODE]case 1305: // dragon long [/CODE] looks some thing like down there case 1215:// dragon dagger case 1231: case 13899: case 10887: case 5680: case 13905: case 5698: case 1305: // dragon long <-- search for this under add case 11694: <---Inbetween those cases add this case 13350: case 11698: case 11700: //SOL case 11730: case 11696: c.getPA().sendFrame171(0, 7574); specialAmount(weapon, c.specAmount, 7586); break; u should have spec bar now ------------------------------------------------------------------- Next you want to go into CombatAssistant.java and search for this below [CODE]case 11694: // ags c.startAnimation(7074); c.specDamage = 1.25; c.specAccuracy = 1.85; c.gfx0(1222); c.hitDelay = getHitDelay(c.getItems().getItemName(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon]).toLowerCase()); break;[/CODE] kk so below the break; do enter 1 time and add this below --------------------------------------------------------- [CODE]case 13350: c.gfx100(1224); c.startAnimation(1872); c.specAccuracy = 5.00; c.specDamage = 2.00; c.ssSpec = true; c.hitDelay = getHitDelay(c.getItems().getItemName(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon]).toLowerCase()); break;[/CODE] --------------------------------------------------------------------- This get u the spec look and the emote :P Next go to line 2897 search for case 11694: then add case 13350: [CODE]case 11694:[/CODE] Just add [CODE]case 13350:[/CODE] AND it should work now hope this help looking forward on more guilds (: here are my stats from my server kingdomscape :) [CODE]item = 13350 Korasi's_sword A_Void_Knight_Sword 1 1 1 60 70 -2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 70 0[/CODE]
  18. ok here i got my server demo but i only have dds and claws spec working i want every dragon wep work and any godsword work could some 1 tell me what to do for fix the spec and afther how to put the spec animation ty p.s sorry for my bad englich i need to work my grammer XD
  19. I need help, when i use the d claw spec on another player(not npc) it will disconnect me, why is this. On another note when i try to spec a npc it will just hit it not use the spec. Help on both, but mainly the top one. Help is appreciated. -note-This is from the renegadepkz source
  20. Need Help then spec with d claws is bug wrong emote who can help what need to do or can help me. or do for me please
  21. i have the ::spec command and works perfectly. I also wote the spec cmmand n the quest tab. know all i neeed is to get the spec when i click it. please show me a guide bout this? Also would i be able to mke it that players in a specific area could only use this like in a bolean?
  22. Ok so i want to have a spec restore for donors. it can iether be an objecct.(you click it and u gain spec to 100%) an Object Or a button in a quest tab. Also dont let the player get more than 100 spec. Ok yea so if u hav a guide please post. thanks
  23. Im spending paypal for someone that will help me with the korasi spec