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Found 30 results

  1. So basically i downloaded a client and a source but from where do i get the cache for a client/source that doesnt come with a cache,for example i used to use TrisidiaX V3 and after i downloaded client/source i searched for cache and downloaded it,do client/source work with any cache??
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a RSPS source with a good amount of functional quests. I assume there won't be any with all of them, however I am trying to find one that at least has some. Thanks in advance.
  3. lolkinghi guys what should i put in compile.bat and run.bat because it wont run both of them and i got the newest java version and i put the right version in both of them so anyone can help me with that? please tell me what should i put i have "DevilScape Source And Client"
  4. Few friends and I are trying to do something with a RSPS, and were looking for a source to use. Been coming across a lot of just really lack of commented code or just no comments at all. I mean [I]yeah[/I] we could try to go through read and refactor it all and figure whats what...or just go like jump out a window. [B]or[/B] are there any just barebones sources that just have essentials done? So we know whats what right from the gecko. Thanks in advance
  5. Anyone got a working 667 or a 637 source with clients& cache - i can use. Feather's is full of bugs and shit
  6. I am switching my current server to a new source/base, however, I cannot find a decent enough source. What do you guys think? My server is completely ECO based. Skilling & PKing are the way to make money. I am looking at a few, but I would like to get a feel for what you guys think is the best source I should use. I really need a 317 revision, with any type of 400+ gameframe and quests added inside, along with working minigames and the normal shit needed. I have looked through so many sources the past 72 hours and did not know if they have had any major bugs so I skipped past them. I need some desperate help, lol. Thanks!
  7. Hello, my name is Sirpwnsamin, and I am curious to know as to where the client and source downloads come from, and what goes into creating one. How did the original person that made the source get it? I am pretty sure they didn't just re-code all of runescape form scratch, so if anyone knows, please leave some help below. Thanks! Also, if this isn't in the right place, tell me and I will move it.
  8. Does anyone know any actual good 317 sources with d claws and fully working godswords? Every one I try that has claws/gs has really delayed combat where it takes forever to attack and are just generally bad. I want a nice stable 317 to brid with my friends on so if anyone knows of one that would be appreciative! And also I'm dumb with this stuff but can you play on any client??
  9. I saw the starter pack is a really old version. Where can you download the current one the real runescape is using?
  10. i'd appreciate it very much ~ :p
  11. Hi all. I'm new to private server stuff and I was wondering: Can I obtain a source that is exactly like the original RS? With everything functioning like in the real game, without all the strange stuff that some private servers have. If yes: Please post a link to a site where I can download such a source. (preferably from around 2010-2012, or link me a list with many revisions) If no: Please explain why these can't be obtained. Also I'm not planning to make a public server with this. Thanks
  12. what are the best server sources from 317 to 508 versions ?
  13. Where do the sources for private servers originate from? How close are they to the original game? (Or oldschool runescape, as it is) Specifically, I'm looking to find the exact formulas which determine how you hit what you hit in combat.
  14. Hi, I have recently come back to Private Servers from an extremely long break and find myself wanting to code my own again. I last coded back in 2007 when you use to click objects to train skills haha, if anyone remembers those days (hay stacks for attack xp) lol. But I want to start with something simple, and I figured that a 317 server has a good amount of basic content I could get to work on, I have taken a brief look around the server downloads section but can't find exactly what i'm looking for. Thanks for any response.
  15. I am in need of a source that I can code from scratch and have it be original. Anybody have anything?
  16. Hey guys, let me start out by saying I know the prefix says 508 but I am actually looking a 525 source which is not a prefix option when creating a thread. So me and my friend have been playing OSRS lately and our combat levels are still far too low to pk. So I decided I would put up a server on Hamachi for just him and I to pk for fun. The problem is that I cannot find any 525 sources that are not on megaupload or have been deleted. If any of you guys have any decent 525 pking sources a link would be greatly appreciated. The source must work on the Dragonscape ip changing client though. Thanks for any help.
  17. how to put your rsps sources online???? i have a 718,i did everythign eles ,just need help with that i dont know how to put the sources online ,and i cant run the sever with out it , please help and i allready port forward ,allready did no-ip ,still does not work ,it wont let me load it ,with out the sources runner i allready did the JARMaker ,put im having problems runing it [ATTACH=CONFIG]7664[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7665[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7666[/ATTACH]
  18. how to put your rsps sources online???? i have a 718,i did everythign eles ,just need help with that i dont know how to put the sources online ,and i cant run the sever with out it , please help and i allready port forward ,allready did no-ip ,still does not work ,it wont let me load it ,with out the sources runner i allready did the JARMaker ,put im having problems runing it [ATTACH=CONFIG]7664[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7665[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7666[/ATTACH]
  19. Is there any older school sources out where DCLAWS and AGS are actually in game? If so, please do link.
  20. I have errors when compiling or running some 317 server sources and clients. im almost sure my environmental variables are set, ive set my path and class path to the according jdk and jre version. i also change them in the run.bat and compile.bat files. Im on a mac, but i have downloaded a software called parallels it lets you do things through a windows interface. i got it as making a sever on a mac is 10x more compilcated, but i doubt this has anything to do with the errors. Please contact me on skype: Braedon Boettcher.
  21. When i download and click the run button it says no path specified? I am new to this so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.
  22. can someone please link me to some 614 and / or cammy pvp sources please, I can't find any of those 2 in the forums..
  23. Anybody knwo of any good 525 pking source's? if you do pm me a link or just post in comments
  24. Nhz


    Anyone know any good sources, 317 oldschool, it can have customs like dragon whips,lime whips, Anyone know what source is the source that, TribulationPK aka TRPK made their server with, :)
  25. The title says most of it but if you have any good sources has to be 317 then please post in description with download link or link to download thanks :)