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Found 5 results

  1. Hello staff of @Runelocus. I am requesting a 614 source and client coder that is wondering to code a server just like Fatality614 for me. I am willing to split 50% of all donations and i also currently have $1.7k in paypal so i am willing to spend some money too.. The things you must have is Skype/Teamviewer.. You can code via teamviewer for starters then maybe i can dropbox etc etc.. I am wanting basically the same stuff as Fatality614 I have a list of stuff i want: Read Below: Fatality614 User Ranks Ing. Fatality614 Custom Quest tab. Working duel arena Maybe a minigame added Same home Same Commands Same Shops Select Prays (Working/Saving On Logout) Auto Vote/donate (I already have a working website). Maybe Working Dungeoneering Working Granite Maul Spec 100% Coded Korasi Working Clanwars Purple Portal (Want to be able to do commands as an owner like this for Example: ::easts not use the blue screen thingy ''~~'' What im willing to spend on this project? Around $500-750. Also 50% of all donations, must have skype and teamviewer please add me on skype: emma.rsps Code: Experience coding: How many years have you coded for: How many hours/per day can you be on for: Can you help me now: Age: Where do you live:
  2. [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT][B][I][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5][COLOR="#00FF00"]Hi guys! I have been searching for a source which is working and i havent been able to find a stable good source, and it would be awesome if some of you cool guys would help me out! Dont tell me to google it, cause ive allready tried like tons of times.. :P Peace out! <3 :D[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B] BTW! [COLOR="#FF0000"][B][I]MERRY CHRISTMAS[/I][/B][/COLOR]!<3 :) [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5][COLOR="#00FFFF"]NB: It must be a 614-718 server![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :)
  3. Requesting a clean source client and cache for me to starting coding on... 508+
  4. Would someone be able to link me to Project Echo v9.0 source/client/cache
  5. I have a 562 source, 562/662 client. I have the cache at the the root of my drive (C:\.rspsCache3). I have changed the update keys according to Dragonkk's post here : [HTML]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?50620-562-662-RSPS-Client[/HTML] However, I didn't change my update keys from this: [CODE]public static final int[] UPDATE_KEYS = {[/CODE] To this(cause when I do I get an error): [CODE]public static final byte[] UKEYS = new byte[] {[/CODE] I am not sure what I am supposed to do in order to connect my client to my source but I did change the to my IP address: ClientSettings.java [CODE]import java.awt.Color; public class ClientSettings { public static String getCacheDir() { return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/.rspsCache3"; //only change this if you edit cache } public static final String cacheLink = "http://www.epicscape.org/alexcache/cache3.zip"; //make sure it zip public static final int cacheRevision = 4; //change this if you edit cache public static final String ip = "";[COLOR="#FF0000"](changed to mine but left alone in this example)[/COLOR] public static final int port = 43594; public static final String background_music_name = "Scape Original"; //rs classic music <3 public static final String serverName = ""; //server name, also auto changes client title and load bar public static final String websiteLink = ""; //so it goes ur website instead of rs, example on acc creation terms service button public static final Color startLoadClientBackgroundColor = Color.black; //Color.black default public static final boolean disable_server_list = true; //dont disable this :D, ofc you may but then serverlist doesnt work anymore public static final boolean disable_ukeys_check = true; //containers table information check but ppl give weird names for stuff as: "ukeys" public static final boolean disable_keys_request = true; //if this true, disable_ukeys_check has to be true too, when this true, you can load client without connecting server /* * WEBCLIENT */ //for webclient all you have to do is jar and sign //I RECOMMENT YOU TO USE JARMAKER APP FOR THAT http://download.cnet.com/JAR-Maker/3000-2213_4-10588876.html //main-class: client //applet-class:client too /* * dont worry even trying hacking, this user is limited :) */ public static final String server_list_database = ""; //ip, database public static final String server_list_user = "tkoscap1_alex2"; //user public static final String server_list_pass = "lol"; //pass } [/CODE] Can someone please tell me whats going wrong? All I keep getting is a js5 connect error.