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Found 13 results

  1. Because people think i leeched my dungeoneering base like i don't even know how inconsiderate these people our of my efforts. In here is a code which allows you to create novite all the way to promethium Armour/weapons. Enjoy and stop saying i leeched shit from matrix lmfao they don't even have this and this also includes level requirements per bar.! [CODE] This code has been removed, sorry... if you would like this code just send me a message. [/CODE] enjoy, and show me some respect next time i post a show-off like just f u haters :) [SIZE=4][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Do Not release this else where without my permission or claim it as you're own work! [/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=6]#ProIonic[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Not[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Matrix[/SIZE] [video=youtube;rkjc4Xsm51Q]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkjc4Xsm51Q[/video]
  2. Hey guys! Today I was thinking about how I could bring Black (g) , black (t), adamant (g) and adamant (t) in-game [URL=""]on my server.[/URL] And this is what I made of it, I'll release one code of it, it is isn't hard to make but here you go :) THIS CODE GOES IN INVENTORYOPTIONHANDLER.JAVA Don't forget to import this: import com.rs.game.player.Skills; Then add this: [code] //adamant platebody g if (itemUsed.getId() == 1123 || usedWith.getId() == 2357) { if (player.getSkills().getLevel(Skills.CRAFTING) == 99) { if (player.getInventory().containsItem(995, 10000000) && player.getInventory().containsItem(2357, 5) && player.getInventory().containsItem(1123, 1)) { player.getInventory().deleteItem(995, 10000000); player.getInventory().deleteItem(2357, 5); player.getInventory().deleteItem(1123, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(2607, 1); player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "You've managed to create an adamant Platebody (g)"); } else { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You need a adamant platebody, 5 gold bars ,10M gp AND 99 smithing to make an adamant platebody (g)."); } } } [/code] I know this is just a small one, but well you can easily do the rest :) If you will use it please use the thank button!
  3. Okay, as many know Project Insanity has a problem with smithing, so what I'm trying to do is either make a cycle event or a loop that will repeat the following void listed below, Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!! Basically what is happening on my server is that when you click x1, x5, x10, or xAmount it would only make one bar. So what I want to do is basically repeat the following code below and automatically make all the bars for the ores in your inventory. [CODE] public void smelt(int barType) { if (c.smeltAmount > 0) { c.getPA().closeAllWindows(); if (hasOres(barType)) { c.getItems().deleteItem(oreId, c.getItems().getItemSlot(oreId), 1); if (oreId2 > 0) c.getItems().deleteItem(oreId2, c.getItems().getItemSlot(oreId2), 1); c.getItems().addItem(barId, 1); c.getPA().addSkillXP(exp * Config.SMITHING_EXPERIENCE, Player.playerSmithing); c.getPA().refreshSkill(Player.playerSmithing); c.smeltAmount--; c.smeltTimer = 1; } else { c.sendMessage("You do not have the required ores to smelt this."); c.getPA().removeAllWindows(); } } else { c.getPA().resetVariables(); } } [/CODE]
  4. Can someone please tell me hot to add the smithing interface to a furnace when you use ore on it? The one where you chose which bars you make and how many? I have it activated but the bars are made automatically without letting me chose even though the interface shows up. I want to know how to make the interface work. Thanks.
  5. I am willing to pay someone about $10 to add a completely new Smithing, Firemaking, and Thieving system to my 317 PI server. It would be best over Teamviewer but other ways are okay too. Thieving - I want it to be where you get a different item per stall and then I can change prices by myself later (just the default; chocolate cake, silver dust, onyx or whatever) Smithing - Currently my smelting is really messy and doesn't really work. No matter what you click it only makes 1 bar. I just need a cleaner version that works well. Firemaking - Mainly I just need it to be clipped, any other positive modifications are good too though. Add me on Skype, my name is neeko6464 and we can talk.
  6. I am trying to fix my smithing on my server with another persons... this is the code that I'm getting errors from... [CODE] public void startSmelting(int barType) { if (canSmelt(barType)) { if (hasOres(barType)) { this.exp = getExp(barType); this.oreId = getOre(barType); this.oreId2 = getOre2(barType); this.barId = barType; smelt(barType); } else { c.sendMessage("You do not have the required ores to smelt this."); c.getPA().removeAllWindows(); } } else { c.sendMessage("You must have a higher smithing level to smith this."); c.getPA().removeAllWindows(); } } public void smelt(final int barType) { c.getPA().closeAllWindows(); World.getWorld().submit(new Event(1500) { public void execute() { if (c.smeltAmount > 0) { if (hasOres(barType)) { c.startAnimation(899); c.getItems().deleteItem(oreId, c.getItems().getItemSlot(oreId), 1); if (oreId2 > 0) c.getItems().deleteItem(oreId2, c.getItems().getItemSlot(oreId2), 1); c.getItems().addItem(barId,1); c.getPA().addSkillXP(exp * Config.SMITHING_EXPERIENCE, c.playerSmithing); c.getPA().refreshSkill(c.playerSmithing); c.smeltAmount--; } else { c.sendMessage("You do not have the required ores to smelt this."); c.getPA().removeAllWindows(); c.smeltAmount = 0; this.stop(); } } else { c.getPA().removeAllWindows(); this.stop(); } } }); }[/CODE] I know that I have to import a class or something to fix it but idk how to do that. Could anyone leave me 1 detailed comment on how to do it?
  7. I have tried every single tutorial on Google to fix this but to no prevail. I get an error that I am incapable of fixing every single time. My problem is, when you try to smelt some ore, no matter what you click it only makes one. But if you click "make x" it dc's you. Is there any actually way to fix this without getting errors? thanks, Nick
  8. I followed this tutorial on how to make a better Smithing system because my current smithing system is extremely sloppy and hardly works, [url]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/tutorials/355438-pi-real-smelting-x5-x10-xall-events.html[/url] <-- The Tutorial and I fixed a few things in the codes it gives but still get this error... src\server\model\players\skills\Smithing.java:65: error: cannot find symbol World.getWorld().submit(new event(1500) { ^ symbol: class event location: class Smithing src\server\model\players\skills\Smithing.java:65: error: cannot find symbol World.getWorld().submit(new event(1500) { ^ symbol: variable World location: class Smithing Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 2 errors Press any key to continue . . . ANY help is greatly appreciated! THANKS! Nick
  9. Well I've gotten no useful remarks toward this on the mopar forums, so I've decided to give this a shot! I am having trouble with the smelting interface on the cleaned up delta source I'm using. The problem is occurs when I attempt to use a Smelt 1, Smelt 5, Smelt 10, or Smelt X button in-game. What happens is exactly this: Nothing. I know there has to be a break in the code of the button, but I'm not sure as to where. I believe that my if(UsedOnItemID) code is correct, but just in case here is an example of the process used to make bronze bars from tin and copper: [CODE]if(UsedOnObjectID == 3044 && ItemID == 438 && playerHasItem(436)){ deleteItem(436, 1); deleteItem(438, 1); addItem(2349, 1); sM("You smith the tin and copper ore."); setAnimation(899); faceNPC(UsedOnObjectID); addSkillXP(800, 13); } [/CODE] In a normal server, this should work with no frame being sent, correct? On this one, if I delete the sendFrame code that calls upon the smelting menu, nothing still happens. I believe that the issue lies somewhere in this partition of code that seems to handle all smelting acts: [CODE] if (UsedOnObjectID == 3994 || UsedOnObjectID == 3044) { for (int fi = 0; fi < misc.smelt_frame.length; fi++) sendFrame246(misc.smelt_frame[fi], 150, misc.smelt_bars[fi]); sendFrame164(2400); // smelting = true; // smelt_id = ItemID; }[/CODE] I see a lot of references into the misc.java folder, but nothing seems awry. For the sake of my slight inexperience with it I'll post the lines of code this refers to: [CODE] public static int[] buttons_smelting = { 15147, 15146, 10247, 9110, 15151, 15150, 15149, 15148, 15155, 15154, 15153, 15152, 15159, 15158, 15157, 15156, 15163, 15162, 15161, 15160, 29017, 29016, 24253, 16062, 29022, 29020, 29019, 29018, 29026, 29025, 29024, 29023 };[/CODE] [CODE] public static int[] smelt_bars = { 2349, 2351, 2355, 2353, 2357, 2359, 2361, 2363 }; public static int[] smelt_frame = { 2405, 2406, 2407, 2409, 2410, 2411, 2412, 2413 };[/CODE] What I'm asking for help with is to find the break in code that makes the Smelt 1,5,10, and x buttons not work. If that is not possible, then some assistance in completely getting rid of the "What would you like to smelt?" frame would be very much appreciated. If you need any other pieces of code from the source, I will gladly post them for you. I do apologize for the wall of text, but I believe the problem lies herein. tl;dr Smith 1,5,10, and x is not working and in spite of my efforts, I cannot find a solution. Thank you all and have a wonderful day. Any and all help is appreciated. [I]On a side note,[/I]I've been wondering if there is a way to create or delete objects client-sided. I'm wondering this because when they're only created/deleted server-side, they still load up for a second. It looks really unprofessional to me, and the OCD part of me wants that fixed.
  10. So basically I'm going to go for 99 smithing and magic at the same time. To keep my insiration up, I decided to make this thread. I know my levels are low right now, though I already have the ores and nats for 99 in both, and calculated the time needed and how much money I would lose. Method: Superheating gold ore with gold guants. Aprox. cost: 81Million Aprox. money loss: 48Million (Depends on Gold prices) Aprox. gold bars per hour: *Will update soon* Aprox. xp per hour: *Will update soon* Aprox. hours needed: *Will update soon* [SIZE=5]Smithing Level: 65 Magic Level: 71 [/SIZE] If you have any tips please tell me. I am also buying about 50m RsGp, contact me at [email][email protected][/email]
  11. I need someone with 88 plus smithing to come and help me in dungeoneering. I need you to smith me a weapon. Post below if you are willing to help :)
  12. when i try to smith any kinds of bars my player dcs, any ideas?, i really need this fixed :(, im using erased-pkz video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZsdI26cTQg[/url] (Dont mind the youtube channel i used my sisters cuz she was logged in =])
  13. So like u can see in snippets, i added blurite, elemental and lime to mining Now I of course also have to get them smelted and smithed. There's where the shit starts, I'm used to DELTa since i only recently started with PI and i just tried to use the DELTA smithing (that sucks but anyways it would work) But of course *smart guy* it doesnt go that easy So now im asking u guys help I don't need to get the new ores in an interface or anything, would be much to hard now one would take his time to explain me that xD I just want to make that when I use the ore on the furnace it will be smelted and when i use the bar on an anvil it will give an item. Can some one help me with that? Thanks in advance