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Found 1 result

  1. [B][I][CENTER][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Orange"]Take The Extra Mile And Smile :)[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Smiling can be a Healthy way to distribute positive feelings and can make one feel very good at times. Reasons To Smile: It's been proven that Smiling can benefit our health such as: > Make the face seem Younger > Relieves Stress for those who are Sad/Mad > Boosts The Imune System > Lowers Blood Pressure > Makes You The Best You Can Be Reason Behind This: Haven't you noticed when you Smile you take better care of yourself than those who are Stressed, I myself noticed this at times when i'm Mad/Sad at times i'm like Fuck whatever happens, it is what it is. Though when your happy you have lots of Motivation to do many things. Reasons Not To Stress: You tend to take little care of yourself when your stressed and so does your Body! > Causes Breakouts (Obviously Nobody Wants This) > Raises Blood Pressure > Increases Depression > Increases Anxiety > Makes You Look Older > Nobody Likes A Grouch Reason Behind This: Usually those who are Mad/Sad seem to take out there anger on themselves and/or other people which can cause envy between one another. Would you like to be the guy sitting alone at lunch that nobody even wants to look at? Don't Worry Be Happy! (Dat Refference) Well then there some out there that I personally know that think: My life sucks.. what is there too be happy about... Well there's many things: The Fact That Your Alive: Think of your life in the future, once your a grown man or women you can shape your life to whatever you want it to be. When your in your 20's expect a magical time. You can hang with friends and find your true love in the process and have so much fun. Wouldn't you want to do that? You Have The Basics: Think about those below you that wish to have your life, those who live in poverty don't have what you have. They wish to have food on the table and a clean shower to bathe in, they want clothes to keep them warm and a roof above there heads to keep them safe. You should always be happy about that. Friends: Think about your friends, they would always love to see that smile of yours so why not give what the people want? When you smile they smile. Nobody wants to be friends with one who pity's himself all the time. That's boring. They want someone who loves to be themselves and that are grateful for what they have.[/COLOR] [B][I][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Orange"]Music Choice:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Music can also affect your mood in a Positive or Negative way. How do you notice this? Listen to the music you play, try to understand the meaning behind it, there's a difference. There's music that make you want to get up and excite you the whole day, there's music that motivates you and makes you want to excerise and there's that music where it makes you want to completely kill someone and/or give you thoughts of hurting someone. Now the difference can be spotted in these 3 Music Examples, these are popular releases: Motivation:[/COLOR] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5YJfPBqPNE"]Remember The Name - Fort Minor[/URL] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Graceful/Excite:[/COLOR] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZhQOvvV45w"]Good Life - One Republic[/URL] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Hate/Envy: Songs that express hateful quotes and/or homicidal thoughts. Try Changing Up Your Music Style And You'll Notice A Difference In Your Mood.[/COLOR] [SIZE="5"][B][I][COLOR="Orange"]Why Not To Depress Yourself:[/COLOR][/I][/B][/SIZE] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Depression can get critical when it comes to your heath. It can get so bad that you literally are afraid/paranoid to get out of the house, to the point where you need someone to get your food from the grocery store. It can get that bad, do you want to stay in your house forever? Not meet anyone, Afraid to leave the house, Paranoid? Once it gets that bad you can get out of it but it'll be very very hard. So basically you just wasted your life and now you can't leave your house forever. Isn't that a horrible way to waste a life that you can only live once?[/COLOR][/CENTER][/I][/B] [CENTER][B][I][COLOR="Cyan"]Remember Guys All It Takes To Have A Good Day Is Just Smile :)[/COLOR][/I][/B][/CENTER]