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Found 31 results

  1. Im very close to finishing my rsps all i need help with is making it public please someone add my skype "deathreats" Paying paypal to help!
  2. Im very close to finishing my rsps all i need help with is making it public please someone add my skype "deathreats" Paying paypal to help!
  3. Hey Guys i'm new at coding and i wanted to make thieving stalls which give a certain amount of cash and experience, does anyone know where to start. Willing to pay someone to help me add them, message your skype below, or any guides that you think will help, i'm coding on a 317 delta thank you. Ignore the picture sorry.
  4. saw a skype quote generator someone released the other day claiming its 100% unique and trying to sell it. decided to steal it and re-write his half arsed attempt at coding. yes its ugly as fuck but it's that simple I couldn't be arsed making a proper theme or stealing one of Aion's [img]http://gyazo.com/a1115f0975b02624efe7f8e0d5021a88.png[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/063a832c373f3c89d9d3e939bc36d7ff.png[/img] [B][U]ngl its pretty fun to troll with[/U][/B] [img]http://gyazo.com/a16407eea93041551a7c3ef8ccd3c23e.png[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/0de33bb226e0aa762a539a438958695a.png[/img] Download >(need .net 4.0+) [url]http://uppit.com/7uuvf2qyq8di/SkypeQuoteGenerator.zip[/url] virus scans + sandboxie [img]http://gyazo.com/59cfd8cf0f33c32ff75d6c542366d9b3.png[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/123b0f7422e686a843dad34008ecb212.png[/img] [url]https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/7eb600ba372421ea58ec54839da273994a8e327b7de8fca1a99832604339f9b3/analysis/1403991026/[/url]
  5. Trying to set up a rsps for my first time and it's getting frustrating. I'm looking to pay someone who is fairly online and willing to answer my noob questions over skype. Please pm me your skype if you can help.
  6. Need someone to help me Port Forward I am willing to give them up to an Administrator Rank if you can help if that is what you desire. More info: Skype: Bacreator
  7. title pretty much says it if you want to Skype and help me I woiuld appreciate it but my Skype doesn't allow me to show my screen if you want to teamview me go ahead and add my Skype and ill let you help me the only think I really need done is what to get for a vps and how to .jar it so if you could .jar it for me and if you could add the vps in the files necessary I would appreciate your help no I don't pay people that's dumb haha Skype: zizema660
  8. [SIZE=6][COLOR="#008000"]I keep getting the 100 errors with my runelocus starter pack. I have tried many things and have tracked down "the problem" but, there isn't one even though it says there is. So I would appreciate if someone could take a look with skype or fix it over team viewer for me! Thanks for any help in advanced! -Messina[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  9. help please. would be so much greatly appreciated. thanks. skype: igottachopperinthacar
  10. okay so i have done everything needed i got a static ip port forwarded got the updated jdk etc.. got a no-ip.org checked my ports were open. everything needed to run the server, but i simply cannot get ONTO the clients server it self, so ill download a source and client ill compile the source with my no-ip in the client.java and sometimes in the gui folder, it will be fine apart from notes, about xlint. ill run the server with start the CMD box will open like server started NPCs spawned etc, the usual, now i get onto the client, loads up, takes about 30 seconds of the client freezing for it to say, no response from server, please retry or choose a different world. Comment your skype if you would please help, thankyou:)
  11. hey, i tried taking the pouch files out of mentios and compiling but never worked just got errors so, figured ill ask the pros lol. if u got anything add me on skype or reply here. skype - brandon.nash3
  12. hi, i need help adding items and fixing some bugs and add 138 combat level will do it over teamviewer and skype and willinb to pay runescape money or 07scape moiney skype:ish3zz
  13. [CENTER] PrestigeScape 728! [font=times new roman][size=24pt][color=limegreen]~PrestigeScape~[/color][/size][/font] [size=18pt][color=orange]DownLoad Links are below![/color][/size][/center] [color=pink]Website: Coming soon *Within 24 hours*[/color] [color=blue]WebClient: Coming soon *As well with the website*[/color] [color=teal]Please note We still are under construction so please be patient with all updates -Thank you :)[/color] [center][size=18pt]What we have to offer![/size] Features: - 24/7 VPS 4gb Hosted - No Lag - Stable Eco - Daily Challenges - Clue Scrolls - Donor Zone - Old and new Runescape Armor - Loyalty point system with shop - Various shops. - Dominion Tower - Lava Flow Mining - Jadinko Lair - Frost Dragons - Bork - Tormented Demons - New Godwars - Squeal of fortune. - Bone's on altar. - Hunter. - All the GodWars Dungeons. - Fully working Nex. - Curses, ancients etc. - Working Revenants. - Queen Black Dragon - Fight Kiln - Fight Caves - Custom Dung - Working chaotics - Working Flowers and Dicing - Warriors Guild - Random Events - Custom Home teles - Full abyss -And many much more! *Note we are still in development so please be patient with server updates! :) [size=24pt][color=teal]~Media~[/color][/size] [color=pink]<3 Skilling <3[/color] [img]http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/3062/201303112216561364x728.jpg[/img] [color=orange]<3 90% Working G.E *Minor bugs that need to be fixed please be patient with me <3[/color] [img]http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/3647/gepicforserver.jpg[/img] [color=teal]<3 All Working Interfaces!~! <3[/color] [img]http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/6299/serverpic2.jpg[/img] [color=purple]<3 ~Vote Shop For Days~ <3[/color] [img]http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/8181/runescapewannabe.jpg[/img] [color=green]~All Skills Working~[/color] [img]http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/5608/allskillsworkingpic.jpg[/img] [size=24pt][color=purple]~~Downloads~~[/color][/size][/center]- [center][size=18pt][color=red]~~MediaFire~~[/color][/size] [size=10pt][color=green]http://www.mediafire.com/?yi9iu5daxa0a7p5[/color][/size] [size=18pt][color=orange]~~Uppit~~[/color][/size] [size=10pt][color=purple]http://up.ht/XEDyMU[/color][/size] [size=24pt][color=purple]Staff :)[/color][/size] [size=10pt][color=orange]Owner - Khaos AKA - Saeede[/color][/size] [size=10pt][color=blue]Co - Owner - Kyle (Me)[/color][/size] [size=10pt][color=teal]Developer - Jaded AKA Rick [/color][/size] [size=10pt][color=green]Mod - Rayn[/color][/size] [color=red][size=36pt]<3 Server Start Up Challenge!~! <3[/size][/color] [size=10pt][color=purple]- OK so being the fact that all skills work on the server, I am programming(Putting together a server start up challenge) to encourage players to play hard and be respectful and you will be rewarded. *On that note*Players who succeed in all of the following will be rewarded with the completionis't cape, and any item of your choice. [/color][/size] [color=orange]-Must have 99 in all skills of Coarse.[/color] [color=orange]-Must have Mined 5000 Gold ore. [/color] [color=orange]-Must have fished 5000 Rocktail.[/color] [color=orange]-Must have cut 5000 magic logs[/color] [color=orange]-Must have burned 5000 magic logs (Obtaining inferno adaze)[/color] [color=orange]-Must have completed 500 laps on the gnome agility course.[/color][/center]
  14. once again another exploit/weird thing i just found out step 1) make a skype account here [url]http://www.skype.com/en/[/url] step 2) for people to add you use a link like this as a url- [code]skype:yourusername?add[/code] for people to call you use this - [code]skype:yourusername?call[/code] or you can use this as a simple template [code][URL="skype:YOUR SKYPE USERNAME?add"]http://www.rsps-tutorials.com/images/skype.png[/IMG][/URL*][/code] remember to remove the * on the last [/url*] tag
  15. please contact me on skype as soon as possible! someone who has good knowledge please! my skype is : AreaTommyR
  16. [CENTER]Hey everyone I have a Teamspeak 3 server that I am willing to let all of the community use at all times 24/7 This a better option than Skype, as Skype is P2P meaning someone can easily get your IP! On our TeamSpeak 3 server your data is routed through us then out to the other users meaning higher voice quality and security The TS3 IP is ts.missiontech.us join us and have fun! Leave any questions or concerns below [/CENTER]
  17. bigbadke12

    Need help!

    I have currently been trying to run nexus 718, but I keep getting this error: [IMG]http://oi50.tinypic.com/2djqclw.jpg[/IMG] If someone could either tell me the problem that would be great or I can do skype screen share.
  18. Be sure to ask what the links are, and why they're asking to run Java.. He's banned on here, but I don't want any morons to fall for these stupid tricks. He said he's made over 250M, but I doubt it. [8/6/2012 12:57:54 AM] x25xquinton: Want free memberships? Use these pins for them! [url]http://billing-runescape.com/*****************226749008[/url] Full of membership pins, 30 and 90 days! Please thank me! [8/6/2012 8:35:20 AM] Dean A: L [8/6/2012 2:13:08 PM] x25xquinton: Im basically giving up on rs as i lost about a 250m pot yesterday dicing, the acc still has some stuff on it but ima do a giveaway in exactly 5hrs. Hope you all are there and heres a small clip of the account and bank, [url]http://***********************/*****************2123063925[/url]. [8/6/2012 3:38:37 PM] Dean A: lol [8/6/2012 3:38:39 PM] Dean A: u think i'm that dumb [8/6/2012 3:38:42 PM] Dean A: that was pretty good tho [8/6/2012 3:38:43 PM] Dean A: l0l [8/6/2012 3:40:48 PM | Edited 3:40:49 PM] x25xquinton: lol y ( (flag:gb) lol and ) [8/6/2012 3:40:58 PM] x25xquinton: earn it then [8/6/2012 5:07:54 PM] x25xquinton: Ok sorry guys but the giveaway is going to be pushed back as im busy IRL, i went dicing and i came out on top guys. Im going to giveaway the acc and stuff still and here are the stats [url]http://***********************/*****************67554520[/url] and here is the new bank [url]http://***********************/*****************148378500[/url] for all of those that think dicing isnt here, im sorry that your dumb as i use IRC dicing on Smokin mils, its 5:10 pm now, at 9pm i will be giving it away, GL everyone. I almost fell for the second one (link looked pretty real, until it asked to run Java), but I don't play RuneScape, so I couldn't give a shit. I see that the links are blocked now, but regardless, you shouldn't trust him if you saw this message.
  19. I'm looking for people to skype with while we play runescape. We can help eachother and have a laugh while doing something in runescape. If your interested pm your skype username here and lets start talking!
  20. Jonas

    MSN or Skype

    I wanted to know if you guys use MSN or Skype. In my opinion is Skype much better than MSN.
  21. I just want to try figure out why my server is not working (specifically the compiler). My skype name is :ixidrummerkingixi Please add and give me help.
  22. Xray


    Hai This is where you can easily learn peoples skypes. I will always be skype if I'm on my computer. I also have a webcam for video chats. Illstart it off My skype name is: oh.hell.naww