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Found 52 results

  1. Hello I am currently selling server setups. This means any 317 revision. Includes: - Lessons on setting up source and client - Lessons on setting up router/firewall settings - Lessons on where to find certain information for source editing - Whole server/client setup (will do it remotely if possible) - Mysql setup(extra) - Html coding and where to find files/how to setup your own site - Forums setup as well Interested? Just send me a message an we can get a price depending on needs/wants. I have couple years of java under my belt
  2. Dear RuneLocus, So I got a VPS, and I'm hosting my files with XAMPP on it. Yesterday I went and purchased a domain, I put the nameservers to the ones from my VPS. To bad that isn't enough probably, I got Windows 2008 R2 as operating system. If someone can help me with this, that would be highly appreciated. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  3. hello everyone i am trying to make the vote systeme on my forum im usuing free forum (proboards) if someone can help me with that will be really appreaciat pm me on forum or add meon skype skype: mini-max213
  4. So, basically i cant get up 317 server because of dumb mysql or whatsoever problems So who is interested add me skype: nealcspro And you'll keep ur dev rank
  5. Hey guys. I know how to Eclipse... But I don't know how my project files for an RSPS should be arranged. Do I just unpack server and client into one folder then open that folder in Eclipse? Any help would be appreciated :) (UNRELATED ERROR I NEED HELP WITH) Also, when running server and client, im getting the error "error_game_js5connect". Any help on that would be appreciated :)
  6. Hey guys, What's up!?! So I am looking for a couple of people or 1 person that will take lead of the project I want to do. I basically want a 317 Runescape Private server. I'm willing to pay for the dedi server no problem. And I'll split donations 50/50 to the person that creates the server for me, I'll just do the advertisements and the payment of the server. Including Promo Advertisements on the Private server forums. If you're interested please add me on skype: Nathan.James900
  7. [SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=7][SIZE=4]Hi, I am looking for someone to help me run a runescape private server. After it is set on my computer and people can download it I will be fine. I am looking for someone to help me set it up using team viewer or some program like that. I will be happy to pay for this sort of help. I depends on how much you ask for. I am looking for a 474 server. Please Email me or reply to this post if you're interested in helping me out. P.S I am on a iMac[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  8. [CENTER][COLOR=#000000][FONT=impact][SIZE=7]~Bootstrap Highscores~[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR] Built from scratch with Bootstrap and Bootswatch themes. (also for some reason includes my playercard generator) [URL="http://i.imgur.com/pqLWS51.png"]Clicky for Preview[/URL] [URL="https://mega.co.nz/#!EIJllCyR!HSwsHawKllOgUbniwLUB7JMq4WhrKYmVlhUVNeb8JIU"][SIZE=3]Download Files[/SIZE][/URL][/CENTER] Features: [LIST] [*]Pagination (Multiple pages) [*]Search & Compare [*]100% Safe from XSS, Injections, etc. [*]Playercards Included [*]Fully Responsive (iphone & ipad compatible) [*]5+ Different themes included [/LIST] Alrighty, first thing is first, setup your highscores database (You can call it whatever you like, but remember we'll need it later). Below is the SQL query you're going to run on this database (If you already have an existing database with this structure, then you can skip this part): [code] CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `hs_users` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `username` varchar(40) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `rights` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `overall_xp` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `attack_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `defence_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `strength_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `constitution_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `ranged_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `prayer_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `magic_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `cooking_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `woodcutting_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `fletching_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `fishing_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `firemaking_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `crafting_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `smithing_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `mining_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `herblore_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `agility_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `thieving_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `slayer_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `farming_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `runecrafting_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `hunter_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `construction_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `summoning_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, `dungeoneering_xp` int(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_bin AUTO_INCREMENT=0; [/code] Now then, download and unzip the archive, you should now have a highscores folder. Upload this to your webhost. If your website is not premium, its most likely that it does not support RemoteSQL and you will NOT be able to continue. Ope nthis folder and navigate to templates/highscores/connect.php There you will find everything related to the making a connect to the database. This applies to all of the pages within highscores, and on the playercard generator. Just edit this one page, and all SQL stuff will work right. [code] define ("site_name", "Foxtrot"); #site name define ("hs_host", "localhost"); #database host, usually localhost define ("hs_user", "root"); # sql username define ("hs_pass", ""); #sql password define ("hs_name", ""); #sql database name define ("hs_table", "hs_users"); #database table define ("site_url", "http://yoursite.com/highscores/"); #used for playercard links define ("max_results", 25); # results per page define ("max_pages", 30); # max number of pages $con = new mysqli(hs_host, hs_user, hs_pass, hs_name) or die($con->error); [/code] The website part should now be setup and full working. That's all there is to it :3. Im afraid I cannot help much with the server since each server has SQL setup differently, but here is an example code. If your server does not have MySQL, then you won't be able to continue this. Sry ;_; EXAMPLE: [code] public static final String[] SKILLS = {"Attack", "Defence", "Strength", "Constitution", "Ranged", "Prayer", "Magic", "Cooking", "Woodcutting", "Fletching", "Fishing", "Firemaking", "Crafting", "Smithing", "Mining", "Herblore", "Agility", "Thieving", "Slayer", "Farming", "Runecrafting", "Hunter", "Construction", "Summoning", "Dungeoneering" }; [/code] [code] rs.updateString("username", username); rs.updateInt("rights", player.getRights()); rs.updateLong("overall_xp", getTotalXp(player)); for (int i = 0; i < 25; i++) { rs.updateInt(""+Skills.SKILLS[i].toLowerCase()+"_xp", (int)player.getSkills().getXp(i)); } rs.updateRow(); [/code] [code] public static long getTotalXp(Player player) { long totalxp = 0; for (double xp : player.getSkills().getXp()) { totalxp += xp; } return totalxp; } [/code] Should be it I hope. Has fun ;3
  9. Which forum should I use? Any help by distributing the HTML via reply here? I need it download via mediafire or the full package tutorial... I NEED HELP ASAP!!! and which autopay ,when they buy something and will automatically redeem in game??
  10. Any help that helps me, much appreciated :) Skype - CaesarLeaks
  11. willing to give co-developer rank or money your choice! we got source + client all you need do is fix them + make them work on our vps to get paid / profited ;) leave skype names
  12. Hi, Holy Divinity 718 is looking for a co-leader. The website, vps & server have already been set up. Everything is coded and working. We're looking for a person who is mature and can be online allot. It would be very help full if you know how to advertise and also spent your time in this. We already have paid advertising but getting players takes allot of effort and we really need a person who can help us with this. You can send me a message on skype if you're interested. Please stick to skype as this will be how we are going to communicate. A microphone is not necessary . Please note that this is a serious project and we're looking for a serious co-leader. In the meanings of that it has cost us lots of time and money already and we are going to continue. You really have to be active and have a great motivation to do this. It's not a ''i'm going to do this for a month and then suddenly the server closes.'' Thanks for taking your time to read this. Friendly greets, HolyDivinity Skype: HolyDivinity Website: [url]www.Holy-Divinity.eu[/url]
  13. i would like to know how to get a price editor setup and running, as i find it hard to edit prices manually
  14. [CENTER][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][SIZE=6]DediSlots | RSPS Hosting[/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE=3]Hi, RuneLocus users, we are here today to inform you about our Runescape Private Server hosting. We have created an easy to use panel that allows you to start a RSPS with a click of a button. We have support ready to go in case you would like to use your own custom source. When you buy, your server will be delivered within 24 hours, and you will be given panel information. This panel information will have InsidaX loaded and ready to go, along with your own website with webclient all preloaded. Support can assist if you would like to use a custom source, simply open a ticket and we will take care of it.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][video=youtube;wxqdElY_yvE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxqdElY_yvE[/video] Watch the Panel in Action^ Features: 10Gbit DDos Protection (Free) RSPS Panel Blazing Fast Nodes No Portforwarding RSPS is On 24/7 Managed Support (Ready to assist or setup your own custom source) Your own Website + Webclient We accept Bitcoin and Paypal, if you pay with BItcoin please open a ticket or contact us on skype! [url]http://dedislots.com[/url] Skype: thatexistenthuman --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plan #1 Managed Support RSPS Control Panel 2x CPUs 712mb RAM 10Gbit DDos Protection $5 ----------------------------------------------------- Plan #2 Managed Support RSPS Control Panel 3x CPUs 1GB RAM 10Gbit DDos Protection $9.98 ------------------------------------ Plan #3 Managed Support RSPS Control Panel 4x CPUs 2GB RAM 10Gbit DDos Protection $14.99 [/SIZE] (if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it mods) [/CENTER]
  15. i have a webclient setup but it doesn't work for my mac, how do i get it to work for mac?
  16. I'm having issues setting up my server Sapphire on my Ubuntu vps. I don't know much about Ubuntu as I'm used to Windows but can't afford a Windows vps. My skype is gripper.rl please help!!!!
  17. [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/private.php?do=newpm&u=66058"][IMG]http://puu.sh/4iqVk.png[/IMG][/URL] [HR][/HR] [B][U]Vouches:[/U][/B] [quote name='Danielxx']Vouch for Evolution Designs, very good work and quick. thanks alot[/QUOTE] [HR][/HR] [B][U]Recent Works:[/U][/B] [CENTER][I](Non water marked images will be displayed after payment.)[/I] [IMG]http://puu.sh/4Qk8n.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [URL="http://www.****************/market/virtual-items/selling/514837-social-rocket-buy-twitter-followers-instagram-followers-more.html"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/303AdT8.png[/IMG][/URL]
  18. Raw Envy

    My Current Setup

    [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/Setup_zpsd52567aa.jpg[/IMG] Let me know what you think or if you have any questions then ask away lol :)
  19. Looking for a person that can successfully and completely add auto donation/voting to my 614 source. I do have an active webhost as well ready. We can discuss payment of course, as long as it can be fully done, webhost side and server side as well. It must work completely on your side, i won't be doing any coding on this project.
  20. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZrYTp3r.jpg[/IMG]
  21. Basicly i'm new to hosting private servers, and i've never hosted one on a vps/vpn before, it has always been my laptop/desktop and my laptop gets hot really fast so i would like some help with setting one up, and where to find a good reliable cheap vpn/vps network, pm me in forums or reply to this, thanks for taking your time to read this it really means alot =]
  22. Scotticus

    New Setup

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#008000][B]Here is my new setup (Saving for another 22" Screen.. Hence the tiny one) Sorry about the sizes of the pics, Taken from my 14MP Digital camera :p [/B] [/COLOR][/SIZE][IMG]http://www.xlightcorex.org/DSCF1001.JPG[/IMG][SIZE=3][COLOR=#008000] [/COLOR][/SIZE] [IMG]http://www.xlightcorex.org/DSCF1002.JPG[/IMG]
  23. What is your environment to program in? Programs you like to use, music you listen to, and general setup? Here is mine :) [Spoiler=My Setup] I use the latest release of [URL="http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/"]Eclipse [/URL]for programming in Java. This is my normal set up through eclipse: [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Dm0Fz.png[/IMG][/CENTER] When designing GUI's I use windows builder (a plugin for Eclipse). [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/wNb5i.png[/IMG][/CENTER] Then I use either Pandora, Youtube, or ITunes for music entertainment. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HrSIX.png[/IMG][/CENTER] With surround sound to make it loud :) Resource sites I use are: [LIST] [url]http://www.exampledepot.com/egs[/url][/LIST] [LIST] [url]http://stackoverflow.com[/url][/LIST] [LIST] [url]http://www.java-forums.org/java-tutorial/[/url][/LIST] & more. [/Spoiler] What's yours?
  24. axter

    Post your Setup!

    Post your setup, I thought mine was pretty cool, (even though my desk is kinda fucked), so here's mine: [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/24b4si0.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2zfom6r.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/2w4y7ub.jpg[/IMG] (Redbull happens to be my favorite energy drink, besides water ;)) Btw if anyone knows how to hide/organize wires, please tell me LOL.
  25. Hey, I'm going to be showing you in detail how to set up and manage a vBulletin. Once purchasing a vBulletin licence they give you a download link. Extract the .rar with [URL="http://www.rarlab.com/"]winrar[/URL] I suggest unzipping only "Upload" to your desktop. Now open Upload > Includes Find "config.php.new" 1. Rename the file to "config.php" 2. Open it up with a text editor, I use [URL="http://notepad-plus-plus.org/"]Notepad ++[/URL] Assuming you have a database already created with a user with full privileges we can move on (Tutorial for Web Hosting part coming soon) 3. Only change the writing in [COLOR="#FF0000"]RED [/COLOR] [CODE]<?php /*======================================================================*\ || #################################################################### || || # vBulletin 4.2.0 Patch Level 3 || # ---------------------------------------------------------------- # || || # All PHP code in this file is ©2000-2013 vBulletin Solutions Inc. # || || # This file may not be redistributed in whole or significant part. # || || # ---------------- VBULLETIN IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE ---------------- # || || # http://www.vbulletin.com | http://www.vbulletin.com/license.html # || || #################################################################### || \*======================================================================*/ /*-------------------------------------------------------*\ | ****** NOTE REGARDING THE VARIABLES IN THIS FILE ****** | +---------------------------------------------------------+ | If you get any errors while attempting to connect to | | MySQL, you will need to email your webhost because we | | cannot tell you the correct values for the variables | | in this file. | \*-------------------------------------------------------*/ // ****** DATABASE TYPE ****** // This is the type of the database server on which your vBulletin database will be located. // Valid options are mysql and mysqli, for slave support add _slave. Try to use mysqli if you are using PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1+ // for slave options just append _slave to your preferred database type. $config['Database']['dbtype'] = 'mysql'; // ****** DATABASE NAME ****** // This is the name of the database where your vBulletin will be located. // This must be created by your webhost. $config['Database']['dbname'] = [COLOR="#FF0000"]'Databse name'[/COLOR]; // ****** TABLE PREFIX ****** // Prefix that your vBulletin tables have in the database. $config['Database']['tableprefix'] = ''; // ****** TECHNICAL EMAIL ADDRESS ****** // If any database errors occur, they will be emailed to the address specified here. // Leave this blank to not send any emails when there is a database error. $config['Database']['technicalemail'] = '[COLOR="#FF0000"]your email[/COLOR]'; // ****** FORCE EMPTY SQL MODE ****** // New versions of MySQL (4.1+) have introduced some behaviors that are // incompatible with vBulletin. Setting this value to "true" disables those // behaviors. You only need to modify this value if vBulletin recommends it. $config['Database']['force_sql_mode'] = false; // ****** MASTER DATABASE SERVER NAME AND PORT ****** // This is the hostname or IP address and port of the database server. // If you are unsure of what to put here, leave the default values. // // Note: If you are using IIS 7+ and MySQL is on the same machine, you // need to use instead of localhost $config['MasterServer']['servername'] = 'localhost'; $config['MasterServer']['port'] = 3306; // ****** MASTER DATABASE USERNAME & PASSWORD ****** // This is the username and password you use to access MySQL. // These must be obtained through your webhost. $config['MasterServer']['username'] = '[COLOR="#FF0000"]Database User'[/COLOR]; $config['MasterServer']['password'] = [COLOR="#FF0000"]'Database Password'[/COLOR]; // ****** MASTER DATABASE PERSISTENT CONNECTIONS ****** // This option allows you to turn persistent connections to MySQL on or off. // The difference in performance is negligible for all but the largest boards. // If you are unsure what this should be, leave it off. (0 = off; 1 = on) $config['MasterServer']['usepconnect'] = 0; // ****** SLAVE DATABASE CONFIGURATION ****** // If you have multiple database backends, this is the information for your slave // server. If you are not 100% sure you need to fill in this information, // do not change any of the values here. $config['SlaveServer']['servername'] = ''; $config['SlaveServer']['port'] = 3306; $config['SlaveServer']['username'] = ''; $config['SlaveServer']['password'] = ''; $config['SlaveServer']['usepconnect'] = 0; // ****** PATH TO ADMIN & MODERATOR CONTROL PANELS ****** // This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and // moderator control panels reside in. You may wish to do this for security purposes. // Please note that if you change the name of the directory here, you will still need // to manually change the name of the directory on the server. $config['Misc']['admincpdir'] = 'admincp'; $config['Misc']['modcpdir'] = 'modcp'; // Prefix that all vBulletin cookies will have // Keep this short and only use numbers and letters, i.e. 1-9 and a-Z $config['Misc']['cookieprefix'] = 'bb'; // ******** FULL PATH TO FORUMS DIRECTORY ****** // On a few systems it may be necessary to input the full path to your forums directory // for vBulletin to function normally. You can ignore this setting unless vBulletin // tells you to fill this in. Do not include a trailing slash! // Example Unix: // $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = '/home/users/public_html/forums'; // Example Win32: // $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = 'c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\vb3'; $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = ''; // ****** USERS WITH ADMIN LOG VIEWING PERMISSIONS ****** // The users specified here will be allowed to view the admin log in the control panel. // Users must be specified by *ID number* here. To obtain a user's ID number, // view their profile via the control panel. If this is a new installation, leave // the first user created will have a user ID of 1. Seperate each userid with a comma. $config['SpecialUsers']['canviewadminlog'] = '1'; // ****** USERS WITH ADMIN LOG PRUNING PERMISSIONS ****** // The users specified here will be allowed to remove ("prune") entries from the admin // log. See the above entry for more information on the format. $config['SpecialUsers']['canpruneadminlog'] = '1'; // ****** USERS WITH QUERY RUNNING PERMISSIONS ****** // The users specified here will be allowed to run queries from the control panel. // See the above entries for more information on the format. // Please note that the ability to run queries is quite powerful. You may wish // to remove all user IDs from this list for security reasons. $config['SpecialUsers']['canrunqueries'] = ''; // ****** UNDELETABLE / UNALTERABLE USERS ****** // The users specified here will not be deletable or alterable from the control panel by any users. // To specify more than one user, separate userids with commas. $config['SpecialUsers']['undeletableusers'] = ''; // ****** SUPER ADMINISTRATORS ****** // The users specified below will have permission to access the administrator permissions // page, which controls the permissions of other administrators $config['SpecialUsers']['superadministrators'] = '1'; // ****** DATASTORE CACHE CONFIGURATION ***** // Here you can configure different methods for caching datastore items. // vB_Datastore_Filecache - to use includes/datastore/datastore_cache.php // vB_Datastore_APC - to use APC // vB_Datastore_XCache - to use XCache // vB_Datastore_Memcached - to use a Memcache server, more configuration below // $config['Datastore']['class'] = 'vB_Datastore_Filecache'; // ******** DATASTORE PREFIX ****** // If you are using a PHP Caching system (APC, XCache, eAccelerator) with more // than one set of forums installed on your host, you *may* need to use a prefix // so that they do not try to use the same variable within the cache. // This works in a similar manner to the database table prefix. // $config['Datastore']['prefix'] = ''; // It is also necessary to specify the hostname or IP address and the port the server is listening on /* $config['Datastore']['class'] = 'vB_Datastore_Memcached'; $i = 0; // First Server $i++; $config['Misc']['memcacheserver'][$i] = ''; $config['Misc']['memcacheport'][$i] = 11211; $config['Misc']['memcachepersistent'][$i] = true; $config['Misc']['memcacheweight'][$i] = 1; $config['Misc']['memcachetimeout'][$i] = 1; $config['Misc']['memcacheretry_interval'][$i] = 15; */ // ****** The following options are only needed in special cases ****** // ****** MySQLI OPTIONS ***** // When using MySQL 4.1+, MySQLi should be used to connect to the database. // If you need to set the default connection charset because your database // is using a charset other than latin1, you can set the charset here. // If you don't set the charset to be the same as your database, you // may receive collation errors. Ignore this setting unless you // are sure you need to use it. // $config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8'; // Optionally, PHP can be instructed to set connection parameters by reading from the // file named in 'ini_file'. Please use a full path to the file. // Example: // $config['Mysqli']['ini_file'] = 'c:\program files\MySQL\MySQL Server 4.1\my.ini'; $config['Mysqli']['ini_file'] = ''; // Image Processing Options // Images that exceed either dimension below will not be resized by vBulletin. If you need to resize larger images, alter these settings. $config['Misc']['maxwidth'] = 2592; $config['Misc']['maxheight'] = 1944; /* #### Reverse Proxy IP #### If your use a system where the main IP address passed to vBulletin is the address of a proxy server and the actual 'real' ip address is passed in another http header then you enter the details here */ /* Enter your known [trusted] proxy servers here. You can list multiple trusted IPs separated by a comma.*/ //$config['Misc']['proxyiplist'] = ','; /* If the real IP is passed in a http header variable other than HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, then you can set the name here; */ //$config['Misc']['proxyipheader'] = 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'; /*======================================================================*\ || #################################################################### || # Downloaded: 22:11, Sun Mar 3rd 2013 || # CVS: $RCSfile$ - $Revision: 62099 $ || #################################################################### \*======================================================================*/ [/CODE] 4. Now we upload the files to the webhost. The easiest and fastest way would be to [B]ZIP not RAR[/B] and upload it with file manager instead of FTP it takes time uploading 3000 files with FTP. 5. Once [B]ALL[/B] files have been uploaded you can move onto the installation process [B][url]http://yourdomain.com/install/install.php[/url][/B] 6. It will then ask you to enter your customer number do so no (login to [URL="http://vbulletin.com"]vbulletin.com[/URL] Go to members area and at the top you can find your customer number. 7. Hit next and enter a User/Password for the first Admin and just keep hitting next until the installation is done. 8. Once the installation is done it will ask you to go to AdminCP, it wont let you until you delete the file install.php that can be found in install > install.php then go ahead and log into admincp That's it the forum is setup, I will be giving more tutorials on vBulletin as requested. Let me know how I did, This is all from the top of my head no sources used.