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Found 71 results

  1. I just purchased a VPS today and i am having troubles setting up port 43594. I've checked on both runelocus and canyouseeme to see if the port is open and it is not. I am willing to pay someone via Paypal to either help me configure this or for someone to do it them self. Thanks
  2. I've tried it myself but I just can't do it, willing to pay some money for it. add me on skype : mariovrooij
  3. Hello, today I have taken up the challenge of running a server, I have had some prior coding knowledge (not a lot), but I never have had a server ran on a VPS before, so it would be great if someone could assist me with getting my vps up and running and my server being able to run off it, thanks in advance. EDIT: You can contact me on skype: Nemonax2 [SIZE=4]~Nemonax~[/SIZE]
  4. Hey Runelocus peeps. I recently made a 718 RSPS but I need help with VPS hosting. I don't know how to use it because whatever VPS website I go on it always asks me for a domain etc. Oh and if you guys know a good and reliable VPS please tell me. Also I have a couple questions if you guys could help me. 1. Does your computer have to be on in order to let the VPS host for you? 2. Most reliable VPS for RSPS hosting out there? I'd be glad if you guys could help me! You could message me at skype: yoitskevman or just simply help me below. :)
  5. Hello! ------------------------ To begin, thanks for clicking on my thread! I haven't been on Runelocus in quite some time and have taken a liking to RSPS once again after a 6 month break. This time I'm back with a brand new idea, a Zombie Survival RSPS. ----------------------- So I've created this thread to firstly, tell you about me, what I want to create, what I might need, a bit of help and advice and a way you can contact me. My name is Callum Bass, I'm 14 years old. I currently live in London and I love to program. I've been working with various languages such as VB, Python, HTML, PHP and Javascript. I've coded RSPS for over 2 years now, and have been playing Runescape and Private Servers since I was 7. After having a 2 week holiday to Spain, I lost interest in RSPS. I began to get bored and eventually stopped running my small server named PreLumby. Since then, I've practiced coding in Unity and Creating Windows Form Applications. Now, I've had an odd inspiration to be part of something new, something different. Now, I love to create and I feel brainstorming/expanding on ideas is crucial, so I've formed a list of things I plan to install from scratch into my server. It consists of : [LIST] [*]Multiple Types of Zombies ( Ranging from Weak - Strong ) [*]Zombie Bosses which Spawn Randomly [*]Caskets which are dropped around the World [*]Hunger and Thirst Interfaces [*]Hunger and Thirst Countdown's ( Death once 0 ) [*]Multiple shops containing Rare Items [*]Z-Tokens obtained from Zombie Bosses [*]Random Survivors offering XP and Rewards [*]Small Quests around the World completed by players for XP [*]Slow XP Rates to add challenge to the game [*]Guide Books for beginners [*]Voting for XP or Other Crucial Equipment [*]PVP World and Safezones for Beginners and Others [*]New, Sleek Client Login Design [*]Attractive and Enticing Server Website [*]Timed Support Drops ( Players Notified and Once clicked recieve vital items ) [*]Server messages notifying players about events and other important matters [*]Many Other Things! [/LIST] ---------------------------------- Now, this is only a short list on what I hope for in the Server. I have yet to brainstorm names but don't expect it to be very hard. I know servers like this won't take a couple of days to create, I don't plan to leech a popular source and client and release it as my own. I have to admit I did leech, but now I want to challenge myself, create something I can say I helped to make. I've done plenty of research and found a few projects based on this idea, and I think I have found the main issue. Updates, games and genres like these cannot be created and left to stand on there current features, they need to be improved and upgraded constantly. This idea can be made big and taken to a whole new level, but programmers aren't putting everything they have into the project, where as I am willing to. -------------------------------- The reason I posted this on Runelocus is because I've been here for 2 years now and I know alot of the community ( Also worked with a few ) . I know I can trust some people, and realise this would probably be the best place to advertise my server and open positions. Finally, Im looking for other developers, people with a passion and experience with these types of games, I need people who are willing to put in as much effort as I am. I'm not looking for hosters or website designers quite yet, but I need people who know how to work with 317 servers, enough to make this dream happen and worth while. -------------------------------- If you feel you are the right person for the job, please contact me on Skype at : cjb162 ( avoid messaging me on Runelocus and I don't always check it straight away! ) . I'm not looking at recruiting many people, only a small team. Thanks for your time and I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about my big, crazy idea.
  6. Hey guys, It has been a LONG time since I have attempted to make a server (about 6 years.) and it seems things have changed. I really wanna get back into the game again and wish to make my own once more. If you are skilled in coding, please add my skype Kredz2, or pm me, or simply reply. either or. I have no clue what im doing anymore and i would appreciate any and all help. Also, If you are able to help me, and help get it online and running, you are guaranteed Co-owner. Sincerely, XxKeruloxX
  7. Hello Runelocus! I am new, i am trying to set up a 718 server for myfriends and myself. I have a working source and client that i can get on. I just cant get it online for others to use. I also need help adding various things. I am willing to pay if you are good enough!!! $$$$$ Please have skype and teamviewer. My skype is "runekid40". Feel free to add me on skype or message me here! Thanks everyone! :D
  8. Hello, I'm Woohoojin, and I recently built a server in my basement out of spare parts from previous computers and really want to start up a private runescape server. I have no experience with this whatsoever, so I'm looking for someone who wants to set it up for me. You will have complete access to my server computer via teamviewer at all times, and all I will do is play on the server. You will control everything on the server, and I will give very little input. Add me on skype if you're interested : christian.scillitoe
  9. Hey there, I'm trying to setup a 742 server and I was just wondering I have a 718/742 client and source, i read something about downloading a cache should i do that if so how do i add it to my rsps. Thanks
  10. Hello everybody I am in the process of making a Runescape private server, but I am having trouble setting it up. I have already purchased a VPS but cannot setup the server correctly. I am having lots of trouble as I have spent all day trying to figure it out. If anyone would be glad to help me please pm me!;) or add me on skype mvpblitz
  11. So you want to host your own website on your server? This tutorial will explain the basics of setting up a website, plus some insights of benefits of hosting your own website. [B]Note:[/B] This tutorial is for the intention of your website and .htaccess, you have come to the wrong place if your expecting some coding related help (IE PHP). .:: Legend ::. Setting up your website - Altering httpd.conf -- Changing permissions to access certain directories -- Changing default port - Altering php.ini -- Suppressing errors -- Limiting connections for MySQL Masking links/files Forbidding access to your website Customizing error pages [spoiler=Setting up your website] [spoiler=Installing xampp] There are a few things you must know in hosting locally; 1. Hosting a server locally can carry risks, IE DDOSers/Hackers, so make sure you have a good system and anti-ddos etc. 2. It isn't wise to host a website on the server you run your game servers on, as for obvious reasons if the virtual machine goes down, both will obviously be down. 3. In a lot of cases, people host a website on an alternative host, though if you don't have the cash, or if you want the website to be hosted locally for other reasons, then this would be the option. Lets get started. First off download [URL="https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html"]Xampp [/URL] Follow the instructions below; [B]Step 1 (Selecting what to install): [/B][IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/xampps1.png[/IMG] Id not recommend installing Filezilla server itself unless you intend to send files to your website host via another computer. [B]Step 2 (Choose directory; this isn't mandatory.): [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/xampps2.png[/IMG][/B] And then simply click next through all the rest until installed.[/spoiler] [spoiler=Altering httpd.conf] Open httpd.conf via left-clicking the Xampp icon down in the task menu bar, and opening the Apache window. [spoiler=Changing permissions to access certain directories] This picture will give you an idea of allowing or denying access to a certain directory or root directory of the website, as per example in the image, C:/wamp/www/mcadmin is a directory to which is denied access, though currently commented out. [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/httpd_docrootallowdeny.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Changing default port] This other picture is an example of changing ports for the website connections, the default port is 80, though you may change this port to any number to connect with (I wouldn't recommend using the following ports; 21 or 3306 - [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers"]See list of common ports in use[/URL]), so if you change the default port to 1234 you would connect as per example; 12.345.67.89:1234 [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/httpd_port.png[/IMG] [/spoiler]The pictures are pretty much self explanatory. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]If you make any changes to the httpd.conf then save and reload the webhost server.[/B][/COLOR] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Altering php.ini] Open php.ini via left-clicking the Xampp icon again, and go to PHP. [spoiler=Suppressing errors] The picture below shows how to suppress errors or show them, including warnings. [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/phpdotinierror_reporting.png[/IMG] I personally use [B]E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE [/B]So for example, change [B]error_reproting = E_ALL [/B]to [B]error_reporting = E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE[/B] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Limiting connections for MySQL] The next picture is probably the most important, if you are running from a virtual machine, and wish to limit the connections to the MySQL databases, you can do so as example, though if you have a decent VPS or a dedicated server then if you want to, you may leave this. [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/phpdotinimysqlmaxcon.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [B]Port 80 is already in use by Skype, what should can I do?[/B] There is no way to change its port, just make sure Skype isn't running in the background if you wish to use port 80, though I wouldn't know who would use Skype on their own virtual machine [B]I can't connect to my website via my computer, what's gone on![/B] In all likely hood, you haven't allowed Xampp's web server past your firewall (httpd.exe), this is a simply solution; First off, open Control Panel, navigate to Windows Firewall. Either allow the program to open the necessary ports, or open the port through Advanced Settings. Port 80 (obviously), TCP protocol. [B]How do I know if others can connect to my website? [/B]Well, you will know either by loading the website up from your own computer, or go to [URL="http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/"]Yougetsignal[/URL] and check through there, or for shorter/faster way, go to [URL="http://isup.me"]isup.me[/URL] (This link will only work for default port 80) [/spoiler] [spoiler=Masking links/files] [B]Note:[/B] Before continuing on this, make sure the following apache module is enabled, see image below for example; [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/apacherewritemodule.png[/IMG] If you wish to mask your pages, basically to replace index.php?i=example with i=example then create a .htaccess file in the directory of your files you wish to mask, and place the following example below; [code] Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule i=(.*)$ name_of_page.php?teststring=$1 [/code] So, for the pretty much basics; The file [B]name_of_page.php[/B] [php] <?php echo $_GET["teststring"];?> [/php] This file will give you the output of the string in question [/spoiler] [spoiler=Forbidding access to your website] If you want to block access to certain people, you may do so from this example, though this is a very very basic method, people can easily find their ways around being blocked. Again, open/create .htaccess in the directory, preferably root directory. [B]Basic method to blocking a specific IP[/B] [code]Order Allow,Deny Deny from 12.345.67.89 Allow from all[/code] [B]This example will explain how to block the range of an IP from 0 to 255[/B] [code] Order Allow,Deny Deny from 12.345.67.0/24 Allow from all[/code] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Customizing error pages] This is pretty basic in how to change those pages, whether it be 404/500/403 once Again, open/create .htaccess in the directory, preferably root directory. [B]Page not found 404[/B] [code] ErrorDocument 404 /no_page.html [/code] [U]Make sure the redirected page starts with "/" excluding the quotes.[/U] This method can be repeated with any of the error pages. [/spoiler] This concludes the basics to creating a website on your virtual machine! I hope this is found to be useful, any inputs are welcome if I have missed anything out. (Writing this straight after work = tiresome.) [I]If there are any typos/incorrect context, then I apologise, half asleep here :L[/I]
  12. Hello, so recently i got myself a 718 rsps, started playing it no problem, my problem now is making myself admin/owner. I read through some other tuts but couldnt seem to figure it out. If someone could please help me that would be much appreiciated! Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi guys i was trying to play with my friends but idk how to set the ip on loader.java file idk if its there or somewhere else i gotta set it i made a jar file and sent it to my friend but his thing is stuck at 1% idk where to put the ip using no ip thing public static final int SUB_BUILD = 1; public static final int PORT_ID = 43594; public static final String SERVER_IP = "localhost"; public static final boolean DISABLE_USELESS_PACKETS = false; public static boolean webclient = true; public static String webpage = "rune-force.org"; public static String getWebClientCachePath() { return getWebClientCachePath(SUB_BUILD); }
  14. i need help setting up a 751 Server and client, any suggestions are welcome
  15. I am currently frustrated at the errors I been getting and unable to successfully fix fully. I haven't this coding stuff in years, any ways I had it working multiple times and it still works. Its unable to work for everyone at the same time. First my co-owner wasnt able fixed it for him now he has a version he kept that does and he can play so i know the server is online and everything it may just be a simple fix that i am blindly missing(most likely is). 2 other people cant use either. It has the cache updater in it and it works updates and verifys. After the update it stops at "checking version" and doesnt progress any further. I will pay someone to do it. If interested add me on skype d.w.101 Need ASAP
  16. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  17. Please add me on skype, I have all the stuff on the vps just can't get it online My skype: xeexeexee2 Thanks!!
  18. my skype is roorndfws add it and please help:) theres no run.bat in my source and i need help:)
  19. Just bought a vps today dont know how to set it up help please?
  20. [B]Base: [/B]? [B]Revision:[/B]317 [B]The Problem:[/B] Alright so I got [B]Varrockscape[/B], which I got from here, to work on the different pc's on my network. All I had to do was change the server= to my pc's ip address in the client.java file. When i try to do this with [B]Project Exile[/B] I do not see the same server= in the client.java file. Does anyone know how to get project exile to work on the same network?
  21. Hi I got a Linux CentOS VPS and I would like help setting up my PI RSPS on it. Please add me through skype if you would like to help me out sebastian.calcopietro Thanks Sebastian Calcopietro
  22. Hello, I purchased a cheap VPS with 2gb of ram with the CentOS operating system, and I want to run my server on it. Can someone set it up for me? I can offer to pay 5 dollars Please add my skype, Sebastian.calcopietro Thanks
  23. Hi, Just trying to setup a server, which I have the source to... but I can't login (and neither can friends). Teamviewer help, or I can skype share screen and you can tell me what to do, would be great! Thanks, would be very much appreciated. -if all works out well, i may compensate you for your time :) email me at: [email][email protected][/email]
  24. Hey everyone, so I bought a VPS since my server is doing quite well and I have no clue on how to set it up with the client. If anyone can help I'll do whatever I can to pay you back, thankyou! :)
  25. Have done portforwarding , can get server running and runs on pc , also works on a different pc when i play on moparscape webclient and enter my server ip , need help getting client working for computers and compiler. PM me if you could help please.