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Found 69 results

  1. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Zgk7zka.png[/IMG] [B]About Us[/B] Set and Get is a company that provides premium programming services, our developers deliver a quality code which is easy to use and understand. Besides our premium programming services we also provide premium support to the code we have placed, if you got any questions about our code or if you have problems with it we will repair the code for free. [B]Experience[/B] Set and Get's programmers are mainly Java programmers but also have experience with languages such as; Ruby, PHP, HTML, .NET, C# and C. [B]Revisions[/B] Set and Get is able to provide services for all RSPS revisions, no matter what base. [B]Price[/B] Set and Get works on per-job basis, this means you'll pay per service and not per hour. We always talk/negotiate about the price till we find the perfect price for your service. [B]Contact[/B] Website: [url]http://setandget.com[/url] E-mail: [email][email protected][/email] Skype: Markoza1998 [B]T.O.S.[/B] [spoiler=T.O.S.]SECTION 1 1.1. All payments to Set and Get go through PayPal. 1.2. Once Set and get received the payment, we will start development. 1.3. Set and Get don't refund any payments to Set and Get unless your situation is stated in Section 2. SECTION 2 2.1. If Set and Get isn't able to do your service and you have already sent us a payment, then we will grant you, the customer a full refund. 2.2. If the product doesn't function as described or isn't as described, we will grant you, the customer a full refund. SECTION 3 3.1. Set and Get guarantees, that all the code we place in your source is fully functional as you described it to us. (unless we have negotiated, then the last description of the product counts.) 3.2. We are not responsible for any damages to the code that you, the customer has issued. SECTION 4 4.1. Set and Get holds the right to cancel or decline a service at any time, for any reason. 4.2. Set and Get holds all the rights of the code, any changes that damage our code will cancel our warranty.[/spoiler] [/CENTER]
  2. Okey so i have both of those sets, but no boots and gloves to both. I need the models and ints for the boots and gloves of Sagittarian & celestial set. So if u have them be as kind to post em below. Or explain me how to know what item has what models, since i got another source where it has the gloves and boots. But idk how to know what models the item use.
  3. my give donor command doesnt seem to work, im also having trouble finding the setRights method so i can copy it for setDonator, but it doesnt seem to be working nor saving.
  4. So im trying to set up vote, and i just have one quick question not sure where to ask and i cant find any answers online. For the RuneToplist V2 vote buttons, where do i find the[COLOR="#FF0000"] SITE-ID-HERE[/COLOR] for runelocus vote for server? I looked everywhere and cant find. And the link for the vote does not end with = on the regular vote page. Thanks in advance! [CODE]RuneLocus link is required for this voting script to work Example url: http://www.runelocus.com/toplist/index.php?action=vote&id=[COLOR="#FF0000"]SITE-ID-HERE[/COLOR]&id2= Beware it should always end with an =[/CODE]
  5. so i just edited the old one to download a dif cache! but it downloads the old one!! some one please add me on skype and double check that im doing everything correctly!
  6. Hello, it has been something that i have wanted to do for a while now but i am not an expert in any of the needed skills in order to actually start a server, or even put one together. I'm looking for somebody who is experienced in making servers that is willing to help me out (from having nothing installed to having a vps and an online server.) I'm not doing this because i think i can make a bunch of money off donations, i just think it would be really cool to run a server that my friends and i could enjoy together! and let me make this clear, I'm not asking you to work for/with me for free! although what i pay you wont be a lot, you will be payed for the work that you do! all of this can be discussed via skype/oovoo. if you're interested, and knowledgeable in creating servers, contact me at; Email: Chongykid*gmail.com (says i must have 2 posts to post links...) Skype: ericrchong thanks for checking out my thread!
  7. First of all, I want to say that I tried lots of tutorials, but most of them are for localhost servers. However, I want to use a 317 in a webclient on my own Debian server which I'm currently renting. I tried everything for the past 2 days, so please don't be mad that I should be better at using Google. Nothing is working and it's really frustrating. Can someone help me to set this up/link me a decent tutorial? Thanks in advanced to the person who will give me a decent answer.
  8. Hi I might sound like a noob but im pretty old school just come back to this and found awesome servers and I would like to put some monsters in for myself and friends. lolking
  9. Gircat

    My "set up"

    I'm using my SmartTV as a computer monitor. Kind of big but I like it. <3 [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2pze1pf.jpg[/IMG]
  10. [CENTER][URL="http://www.gtlvote.gamingtoplist.net/"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/4ZT19.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] [COLOR=#000000][B][I]Changelog[/I][/B][/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#000000]New Admin CP and Installation page theme.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]Theme System.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]More Callbacks. (RuneLocus, Rune-Server & Top100Arena)[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]Toggle Callbacks.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]User and IP can only vote once per 12 hours.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]Since some toplists are using 1 vote per 24 hours, we've made so you can just click on the button if you've already voted in the past 24hours. And it will count as voted.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]Re-Coded JAR file, added GUI system[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]Can turn on/off GUI on Admin CP.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]New "New GTLVote version has been released" message design.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]Better Settings Page.[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#000000]And alot more![/COLOR] [/LIST] Themes: [B][URL="http://gtlvote.gamingtoplist.net/themes"]GTLVote - Voting Script.[/URL][/B] Download: [B][URL="http://gtlvote.gamingtoplist.net/runescape"]GTLVote - Voting Script.[/URL][/B] Having issues?: [B][URL="http://gtlvote.gamingtoplist.net/ticket/"]Ticket System[/URL][/B] [B]Some Demos[/B] [URL="http://codeusa.net/vote/#?step=1"]CodeUSA - Voting[/URL] [URL="http://desolationx.net/vote/#?step=1"]DesolationX - Voting[/URL] Here's the tutorial for Project Insanity: [SPOILER=PI] [quote] I am writing a tutorial on how to add GTL Vote V1.1 (Not released yet and this won't work on V1.0) Firstly: Server.java add this import: [code]import org.Vote.*;[/code] Still in Server.java find: [code]public static PestControl pestControl = new PestControl();[/code] Under that add: [code]public static MainLoader vote = new MainLoader("MYSQLHOST", "MYSQLUSER", "MYSQLPASS", "MYSQLDB");[/code] Done in Settings.java; Save and quit. Then in Commands.java; also add this import: [code]import org.Vote.*;[/code] Still in Commands.java add this command: [code]if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("check") || playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("reward")) { try { VoteReward reward = Server.vote.hasVoted(c.playerName.replaceAll(" ", "_")); if(reward != null){ switch(reward.getReward()){ case 0: //rewards break; case 1: //etc default: c.sendMessage("Reward not found."); break; } c.sendMessage("Thank you for voting."); } else { c.sendMessage("You have no items waiting for you."); } } catch (Exception e){ c.sendMessage("[GTL Vote] A SQL error has occured."); } }[/code] Done in Commands.java; Save and quit. Now, go to server files and in the "deps" folder, add the Vote jar file. Now edit your compile.bat and add this: [code]deps/GTLVote.jar[/code] So that it looks something like this: [img]http://i.imgur.com/9ibNq.png[/img] Now save that and edit your run.bat file and add this: [code]deps/GTLVote.jar[/code] So now it looks like this: [img]http://i.imgur.com/06q4T.png[/img] Now compile & run and that should be all. Remember, this won't work until GTLVote V1.1 is released. [/quote] [/SPOILER] Here's the tutorial for 667/***: [SPOILER=667] [quote] Hello, This is how to set up GTL Vote V1.1 on 667/*** revision servers. Firstly in Launcher.java [code]import org.Vote.*;[/code] Then still in Launcher.java (right at the top below "public final class Launcher {") [code]public static MainLoader vote = new MainLoader("Host", "User", "Pass", "db");[/code] Then you can close Launcher.java Open Commands.java Add this import at the top: [code]import org.Vote.*;[/code] Still in Commands.java. In your playerCommands add: [code]case "check": case "reward": try { VoteReward reward = Launcher.vote.hasVoted(player.getUsername().toLowerCase().replaceAll(" ", "_")); if(reward != null){ switch(reward.getReward()){ case 0: //vote id 0 break; case 1: //vote id 1 break; //add more here default: player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "Reward not found.", player); break; } player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "Thank you for voting.", player); } else { player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "You have no items waiting for you.", player); } } catch (Exception e){ player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "[GTL Vote] An SQL error has occured.", player); } return true;[/code] BUT CAREFUL BECAUSE THERE IS ALREADY A CHECK COMMAND!! (It's advised to change that one to "CheckIP") Now add GTLVote.jar to data/libs (or just your libs folder, which ever you use.). Compile + done! [/quote] [/SPOILER] And now, the website sided tutorial: [B]1. Download the .ZIP file. 2. Extract it on your website, folder can be called whatever you want (vote, voting, etc..) 3. Enter the link (ex. [URL="http://www.yoursite.com/vote/"]www.yoursite.com/vote/[/URL] and it should redirect you to /vote/install 4. Fill in your database information (Do not use the old database, you must create a new for V1.1) 5. Click on Submit, fill your settings, click on submit, fill the voting links (Don't forget to read the comment boxes), click on submit, fill your Reward list & click on Submit. 6. You've now installed your GTLVote V1.1 on website.[/B] Your website must allow Remote MySQL (We recommend a webhost with cPanel) If you have cPanel on your webhost, but don't know how to set up "Remote MySQL". Then follow this tutorial: [B]1. Login to your cPanel on your website. ([URL="http://gamingtoplist.net/forums/URL"]http://yoursite.com/cpanel[/URL]) 2. You'll see a search field on the left side, type "Remote MySQL" in the field. 3. It should show this: [URL="http://gamingtoplist.net/forums/URL"]http://i.imgur.com/6JeTS.png[/URL] 4. Click on the icon and you will see a page like this: [URL="http://gamingtoplist.net/forums/URL"]http://i.imgur.com/3J9fE.png[/URL] 5. In the field, you'll have to write your server IP and then click on "Add Host" 6. Your MySQL should have been allowed to be remoted by your server, which let's the server use your website's mysql.[/B] [COLOR=#000000]If you're using Xampp on the same computer as your server, then it's fine. You'll just have to type the correct MySQL information. If you're using 000Webhost, this would not work. 000Webhost does NOT allow Remote MySQL. We suggest this webhost: [/COLOR][URL="http://hawkhost.com/"][COLOR=#000000]HawkHost[/COLOR][/URL] [B][U]Remember:[/U][/B] If you are using RuneLocus callback, put your callback url on RuneLocus to "[URL]http://yoursite.com/vote/php/callback.php[/URL]" And on RuneToplist, put the callback url to "[URL]http://yoursite.com/vote/php/callback.php?callback=[/URL]" [B]Credits[/B] [I]RuneToplist : GTLVote base(RuneToplist Voting script V2) Zerak : GTLVote Dylannnn : GTLVote.jar[/I] Have any questions? Please post below. Thanks, Zerak.
  11. Hello guys i got my server wroking and now i want to manage spawn "home" And the teleports i tryed looking in every file can't find Coordinates of spawn "home" spot. There is no confing file at my source. i am using Renegadepkz source :confused:
  12. hello, i have a big problem my and me friends was host a server hi host it but hi quit now i whanne host it but its dont work .. i dont know for sure my pots ar okey this ar me settings Local IP Local Start Port 43594 Local End Port 43594 External IP External Start Port 43594 External End Port 43594 Protocol both Description non Enabled on its a ziggo ubee can someone help me please sorry for the bad engels
  13. hello, i have a big problem my and me friends was host a server hi host it but hi quit now i whanne host it but its dont work .. i dont know for sure my pots ar okey this ar me settings Local IP Local Start Port 43594 Local End Port 43594 External IP External Start Port 43594 External End Port 43594 Protocol both Description non Enabled on its a ziggo ubee can someone help me please sorry for the bad engels:)
  14. I was trying to make a command to set my Hitpoints to what ever I wanted, but I can't figure it out. I want my health to be like 20000 or something. Something like this: [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/oiazs.png[/IMG]
  15. How do I set exp rates on every skill and how do I move shops on a 704 I use to run a 508 but it was... not updated enough, could anyone help? Ps. I will reply as soon as I get home from class, thanks for any / all the replys
  16. Hey , I need someone that knows how to make a webclient and client ( Cache downloading automatically ) please ? Post your skype and i will add u ! Thanks
  17. Hi guys, I have already forwarded the port 43592 and im pretty sure that my environmental variables are correct, but every damn tutorial I follow on youtube always leads me to failure, when they are successful with it. I have a windows 7 cpu, its a decent computer, and there wouldnt be any restrictions with it, its more of the user, in this case, me. I see people set up basic servers within 15-30 minutes. it all just doesnt make sense to me how the source connects with the client and how i can get others to join... but that's what I would pay YOU for! IF you can help me set up a decent server, idc if its 317 or something other than 317, I am willing to pay 20$, or if you do it now, ill pay 30$$. Im super frustrated and honestly just need this done ASAP, and need help! If you can help me, or know someone that can help me, please let me know! hit me up on here or skype : ttgcali Please hurry! :)
  18. so pretty much my server wont let me connect and the server run doesnt even say im trying. my port is open, rune locus server status checker says its online, i changed ip in client to still didnt work. i tried it with the right ip and still nothing. had jdk and jre and i set my enviormental variables. im running windows 7 if that helps.
  19. If u can set up a working vote shop for like spin tickets and other items, and how they can claim it in game add me on skype
  20. [img]https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/481086_4331041601092_1335936130_n.jpg[/img] 14g-00g, and I plan on going to either a 2g, or 0g, Should be here tomorrrowwwwww
  21. For users that use a client downloaded from the forum: Open up the folders you have downloaded and locate the "client.java" file. Right click it and edit with a text-editor like Notepad. You'll have to find the default/old IP address and port. i can't find client.java file and where i can find default/old ip ? peace
  22. How do i go about enabling users to login with their own passwords. As it is i only have my account but i can login without a pass. Thanks
  23. how do i set my enviromental tables?
  24. I don't know how to set my player rights without being able to manually edit the player files, there's no commands for it either.
  25. I have my source, client, and I also set my no - ip. I don't believe I have to port forward because I can't right now. Whoever helps me and sets it up gets co owner. Add me on Skype, Divine.sins