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Found 1 result

  1. [CENTER][SIZE=5][CENTER]Vigorous-Eco[/CENTER][/SIZE][/CENTER] Vigorous-Eco is a brand new server ran by ACE. The server is a 317 with 99% up time promised as it is VPS Hosted. The forums with the web client are located at: [url]http://vigorouseco.webs.com/[/url] [SIZE=6][CENTER]Some key things to note are.[/CENTER][/SIZE] Features: *Amazing Combat *Full Chaotic + PvP Armor Degrading *Fullscreen *All Nex Armours With Effect *Curses 100% *Quick Prayers *Skillng Zone *New Runescape Hitsplats *All Dupes Fixed *Many Pk Locations *All Skills Functioning *Dragon Claws 100% *Fast Fluid Client *Perfect Eco *Amazing Stability *Perfect Switching *New Runescape Cursors *Amazing Graphics *Xp Counter *Fun Minigames *Unique Content *Full Member System *Unique Clan Chat System *Many Trainning Locations *A Lot Of Bosses *Fun Killstreak System *Symbol Support *Dicing *Frost Dragons - System *Revenant Cave *Autocasting [video=youtube;AfJ6sWy2Ic8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfJ6sWy2Ic8[/video]