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Found 6 results

  1. I've been curious of this for a while now seeing ever since Cart was promoted twice. I haven't seen any "Sectional Moderators" or "Jr. Global Moderators" in a long time. Therefore I'm curious if guys plan on promoting anyone? Yes, this is a suggestion because those usergroups are just chillin' down there all alone. Thanks. :gg:
  2. People who specialize in a certain section of the forums is a great idea and leads to good moderation on the forums overall. The only problem is that all the sectional moderators have died...or at least I haven't seen them in forever.
  3. [B]Has your thread been moderated? Please report the thread, posting more copies will simply be ignored.[/B] [B]1. No bumping, no spamming and no double posting.[/B] [INDENT]This includes blatant bump posts like:[/INDENT] [B][INDENT][INDENT][quote]bump[/quote][/INDENT] [/INDENT] [/B] [INDENT]This also includes other members posting spam in an attempt to bump. For example, when people post things such as:[/INDENT] [B][INDENT][INDENT][quote]Join it's supur fun yo or Everyone join, we need more staff and players![/quote][/INDENT] [/INDENT] [/B] [INDENT]Even if you aren't double posting, that is spam and it is bumping. [COLOR=red][B]ONLY you are allowed a single update bump every 24 hours, no one else is allowed to bump it for you[/B]. Meaning that the bump must contain new information as a reason to bump your thread, and it is only allowed every 24 hours so you can ensure that your thread doesn't die. You're not allowed to create new accounts and pretend to be other people, you WILL be caught, and you will be punished accordingly.[/COLOR][/INDENT] [B]2. No posting multiple advertisement threads.[/B][INDENT] You're only allowed [B]one[/B] advertisement per server. NOT per person. Meaning you can't have an admin, mod, and the owner of the server all post an advertisement. They will be [B]deleted[/B] and the posters [B]will[/B] receive infractions accordingly. I shouldn't even have to state this rule because it's so obvious, but apparently it isn't to some people. [/INDENT] [B]3. If your server is banned from the toplist/status page, you can not post it in the advertisement board.[/B][INDENT] The advertisement board is another advertisement privileged that Runelocus provides. If you abuse one of them, you are no longer permitted to use any of them. Don't attempt to simply change the name of the advertisement either. [/INDENT] [B]4. No claiming "leeched".[/B][INDENT] Claiming leech without proof will result in an infraction. If you find something that really is directly stolen, report the thread or send a PM to the mods, without posting in the thread. Posting that something is leached is spam, starts fights, and is hypocritical considering 99% of you guys "leech" to a certain extent. [/INDENT] [B]5. No IP's or URL's in the thread title[/B] [indent]If it's seen, your thread will be deleted without warning.[/indent] [b]6. You must follow the format provided below, or a very close variation[/b][INDENT] [B]6.1 Thread Title[/B][INDENT]Must contain the name of your server and the revision [B]only[/B]. No URL's or IP's, and [B]nothing else[/B], simplicity is key in this situation.[/INDENT] [B]6.2 Banner[/B][INDENT]A banner is not required, but [B]strongly[/B] suggested. They must be a understandable size. If your banner is too large, it will be removed.[/INDENT] [B]6.3 Downloads[/B][INDENT]All links must be valid and appropriate. A virus scan is required on anything that is not purely java (for instance, executable installers). Only post links [B]once[/B]. Posting a link more than twice will result in your advertisement being deleted.[/INDENT] [B]6.4 Server Information|Features[/B][INDENT]A well thought out and descriptive list of features and other important and interesting information about your server. Lists of commands are NOT allowed. Hosting machine specs would be considered as information.[/INDENT] [B]6.5 Server Images|Videos[/B][INDENT]Images of the servers features, activities, etc.[/INDENT] [INDENT]There is a limit of 20 images, 5 gifs, and 5 videos allowed in a single advertisement thread. Going over this limit can cause pages to lag and is just overkill. - Try to remember that your first three images must be OUTSIDE of a spoiler tag, therefore they are visible when first visiting your thread, without user interaction.[/INDENT] [B]6.6 Server Updates|Logs[/B][INDENT]The recent and dated updates and events corresponding with your server.[/INDENT] [B]6.7 Closing Information & Support Signatures[/B][INDENT]Please provide a visual and the URL of the image for support signatures.[/INDENT] Please remember that all images must follow the forum's image rules. Use common sense, if you think it's just right, it's probably too big. [COLOR=red]Keep in mind that an advertisement must have at [B]least[/B] 3 images of the server in-game. If you don't know how to add images, read this thread [URL]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?513-Guide-to-making-a-good-advertisement[/URL] before making your advertisement. So if you should fail to follow these guidelines accurately enough you will be warned (depending on how many posts your thread has received) or your thread will be [B]deleted[/B]. Not locked, [B]deleted[/B]. [/COLOR] [/INDENT] [B]7. This board is NOT for advertising hosting/programming opportunities.[/B][INDENT] That would be the [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?51-Services"]services[/URL] board. Any of this type of thread will be deleted. [/INDENT] [B]8. No adf.ly or sharecash.us links.[/B] [INDENT]Any links like these will be not tolerated.[/INDENT] [B]9. You may not abuse font size.[/B] [INDENT]Using font size to illuminate your page is a wonderful idea, however, abusing such privileges will result in your advertisement being removed. You have no say over the decisions of the moderation, and therefore, we decide if the font is too large.[/INDENT] If you fail to follow these simple and obvious rules, you will be punished and your thread will be [B]deleted[/B], not locked.
  4. In my opinion you guys should use this as the crown, because it would look better then the current admin crown with an arrow. :P [img]http://imgtool.in/images/crownicon.png[/img]
  5. I think that the Runescape Market section is getting fairly popular and mods obviously can't handle it (i have a scam report since july 24th and still hasnt been handled, lots of people don't use the appropiete layout for buying/selling accounts, ETC) or we could just remove it (please) discuss :D
  6. Yo, noticed that the Sectional Mod Crown a gold one is, thats why i made quick a sliver. That would be better for Sectional Mod i think. [IMG]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/4318/sectionalmod.png[/IMG] Link: [url]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/4318/sectionalmod.png[/url] What u guys think about it?