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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all me again, just bored out of my skull, working on a rsps atm lol, any way not my point I am posting this because I was meant to release this ages ago, I was debating on releasing my guild system too (None of this :: command to join/create etc guilds all interfaces). [B]THIS IS ONLY USEFUL IF (OBVIOUSLY STATING) YOU HAD A WIKI PAGE[/B] Any way. [B][COLOR=#ff0000]This is preferred on 480 client base (without the world map icon) either that or move the icon to where ever you want.[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#ff0000] [/COLOR] Difficulty: 3/10 Any way open client.java Start by searching for [code]private void chatJoin(long l) {[/code] Underneath that function put: [code] private void WikiSearch(String l) { try { if (l != ""){ if (System.currentTimeMillis() - WikiSearchTimer >= 30000) { launchURL("http://YOUR_WEB_SITE/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search="+l+"&go=Go"); WikiSearchTimer = System.currentTimeMillis(); } else { pushMessage("Unable to complete your request, you may only search per 30 seconds.", 0, ""); } } return; } catch(RuntimeException runtimeexception) { signlink.reporterror("47229, " + 3 + ", " + l + ", " + runtimeexception.toString()); } throw new RuntimeException(); }[/code] [B]Be sure to obviously replace YOUR_WEB_SITE with what ever your web address is.[/B] Next we want to add [B]WikiSearchTimer[/B], to do this find: [code]private long aLong1220;[/code] If you can't find that then look for [code]public final Sprite[] modIcons;[/code] Underneath that add: [code]private long WikiSearchTimer;[/code] You now have part of the search timer for the wiki search added (Though this is optional, but imo I prefer it) Next find [code] processMinimapActions()[/code] In that function add: [code] if(super.mouseX >= 522 && super.mouseX <= 555 && super.mouseY >= 135 && super.mouseY <= 164){ menuActionName[1] = "Staff list"; menuActionID[1] = 1605; menuActionRow = 2; menuActionName[2] = "Show Wiki page"; menuActionID[2] = 1603; menuActionRow = 3; menuActionName[3] = "Search for..."; menuActionID[3] = 1604; menuActionRow = 4; } [/code] Next to add the actions of each buttons. Find (Should only come up with 1 result under function [B]doAction() [/B]) [code]switch(l) {[/code] Inside that, add: [code] case 1603: pushMessage("Opening page to Wiki...", 0, ""); launchURL("http://YOUR_WIKI_SITE/"); break; case 1605: pushMessage("Opening page to staff list...", 0, ""); launchURL("http://YOUR_WEB_SITE_STAFF_LINK"); break; case 1604: if (System.currentTimeMillis() - WikiSearchTimer >= 30000) { inputTaken = true; inputDialogState = 0; messagePromptRaised = true; promptInput = ""; friendsListAction = 8; aString1121 = "Enter something in to search for on the wiki."; } else { pushMessage("Unable to complete your request, you may only search per 30 seconds.", 0, ""); } break;[/code] Now we need to make sure that [B]friendsListAction = 8[/B] is correctly assigned, else it won't work. Find [code]method73()[/code] Inside that, preferably after [B]if(friendsListAction == 7) {[/B] statement [code] if (friendsListAction == 8){ String l3 = promptInput; WikiSearch(l3); }[/code] Next find (though don't think it matters where this is placed; same with the other function) [code] drawXpOrb()[/code] And underneath that [B]function[/B] add: [code] public void drawWikiOrb() { if(super.mouseX >= 522 && super.mouseX <= 555 && super.mouseY >= 135 && super.mouseY <= 164){ wikiHover = true; } else { wikiHover = false; } if(!wikiHover) { ORBS[24].drawSprite(5, 132); } else { ORBS[25].drawSprite(5, 132); } }[/code] Next up find: [code] public boolean xpClicked = false;[/code] And underneath that add; [code] public boolean wikiHover = false;[/code] The next part you want to make sure is correct, else the client may crash is; [code]public Sprite[] ORBS = new Sprite[[COLOR=#ff0000][B]27[/B][/COLOR]];[/code] Be sure that number in red is 1 above highest number of the orbs in your [B]SPRITES/GAMEFRAME/ORBS[/B] folder. Next find [code]loadExtraSprites()[/code] You should see something like; [code] for(int i = 1; i <= [COLOR=#ff0000][B]26[/B][/COLOR]; i++) { ORBS[i] = new Sprite("Gameframe/Orbs/ORBS "+i+""); }[/code] Again, make sure that number highlighted is the highest number of your orbs in the sprites folder. [spoiler="As example:"] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/4hizmNe.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [B]How do I find out the MouseX/Y positions?[/B] Simple; ::fpson usually displays the mouseX and Y position, though if your going through this then you should already know. [B]I am getting a message asking to replace my files from the orbs.rar, what should I do?[/B] Don't replace them, simply rename the orbs you had just downloaded, and replace the last 2 digits increment of 1 above the highest orb number you have at the moment. Then replace [code] if(!wikiHover) { ORBS[[COLOR=#ff0000][B]24[/B][/COLOR]].drawSprite(5, 132); } else { ORBS[[COLOR=#ff0000][B]25[/B][/COLOR]].drawSprite(5, 132); }[/code] With what ever the new numbers are. [B]Can I remove/change the timer for searching?[/B] You can quite easy, and you can simply change the timer be replacing 30000 with what ever you want, it's pretty obvious though, and most likely all of you know this. That's it added! [spoiler="And the results:"] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6IzjLqY.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] The orbs can be [URL="http://up.ht/1mrhns8"]downloaded here[/URL] (Though you can design your own if you want) Be sure to leave a thanks if you find this useful.