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Found 7 results

  1. So yea i just got my invite and my beta key and im downloading this game! Its gonna be epic!! So who else got the beta invite? Heres my proof lol: [ATTACH=CONFIG]9374[/ATTACH]
  2. The ESO will now be for PC, Mac, XBOX One, and PS4! [url]http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/[/url]
  3. In case no one knew.. [url]http://www.gamebreaker.tv/mmorpg/leaked-elder-scrolls-online-gameplay/[/url] If it goes down I'll re upload it and provide a download link. Edit: The Elder Scrolls Online - Leaked gameplay footage - Video Dailymotion.FLV (115.7 MB) [url]https://mega.co.nz/#!lIomnSYD!Bjwz2zQ2Z-srWx_PsofP2y0XIu0A4k4EP6KShOiNyHI[/url]
  4. [COLOR="#0000FF"]Your going to be adding points given to people when they kill npcs and Challenge Scrolls from which require you to kill npcs, a shop to spend those points and commands to spend those points. Files Edited: client.java, shops.cfg, NPCHandler.java, player.java, npcdrops.java, autospawn.cfg, potions.java, item.java, and maybe item.cfg depending if you like your prices.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Difficulty: 2-5/10.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"] To begin, Open up your client.java and search for -[/COLOR] [CODE]character-bow = [/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]right above that line add this -[/COLOR] [CODE]characterfile.write("character-npcs = ", 0, 17); characterfile.write(Integer.toString(npcs), 0, Integer.toString(npcs).length()); characterfile.newLine();[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this means - characterfile.write("character-npcs = ", 0, 17); = go to your character file and add the line character-npcs = then a 0 and character-npcs = ' is equal to 17 characters. characterfile.newLine(); this means that there is a new line after that. Next, still in your client class find this:[/COLOR] [CODE]character-pcpoints[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]and under that add this :[/COLOR] [CODE]} else if (token.equals("character-npcs")) { npcs = Integer.parseInt(token2);[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is make sure that the line, character-npcs will be written in your players character files. now open your player class and add this:[/COLOR] [CODE]public int npcs;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is declare npcs as an int and makes it save so it wont reset on logouts. Now you need a way for your players to get npc points, i will show you two ways to do this: 1: To make it so every kill gives the same amount of npc points, this way is a lot easier. open your npchandler class and find this:[/COLOR] [CODE]if(npcs[i].npcType == 1264){ temp.saraKills += 1; temp.sM("Saradomin Points: "+temp.saraKills+""); }[/CODE] and right above that add : [CODE]for(int d = 0; d < 10000; d++) { if(npcs[i].npcType == d) { temp.npcs += 1; temp.sM("You receive an npc point for killing the "+temp.GetNpcName(npcs[i].npcType)+"."); } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is declare the letter d an an integer (number) worth all numbers between 0 and 10000. The next line says that if the npc you kill has the id of d(any id) you will receive an npc point and a message saying you got said npc point. 2: The other way to do npc points will take a really long time depending on how many npcs you have on your server because you do them all individually, the advantage of this is you can easily change the amount of npc points awarded for killing an npc, of course you can use them together but then the message from the main npc points would be wrong. Annyywayy find this :[/COLOR] [CODE]if(npcs[i].npcType == 1264){ temp.saraKills += 1; temp.sM("Saradomin Points: "+temp.saraKills+""); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say if you kill an npc with the id of 1264 your sara kills will increase by one and it will send a message telling you your killcount. above that add this:[/COLOR] [CODE]if ((npcs[i].npcType == 3810) || (npcs[i].npcType == 3814)){ temp.npcs += 3; temp.sM("You kill a "+temp.GetNpcName(npcs[i].npcType)+" and recieve 3 npc points"); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say if your npc id is equal to 3810 or 3814 you will recieve 3 npc points and send a message with the npcs name and how many npc points you just got To edit this all you would have to do is Change the npcTypes and if you want more after the second to last closing ) add this[/COLOR] [CODE]|| (npcs[i].npcType == xxxx)[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What that says is "or if the npc that you kill has the id of xxxx it will do whatever it was doing to the other ones. Now you know how to add npc points and save them to your characters and how to make them given to players by killing npcs in two different ways. Now i'll show you how to add commands to spend those points. Open client.java back up and search for[/COLOR] [CODE]if(command.startsWith("onpickup")[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]above that but below this:[/COLOR] [CODE]private void customCommand(String command) {[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]add This[/COLOR] [CODE]if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("vesta") && npcs <= 2499) { sM("You must have at least 2500 npc points to purchase Vestas gear."); } if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("vesta") && npcs >= 2500) { npcs -= 2500; addItem(9800, 1); addItem(9801, 1); addItem(9802, 1); addItem(9803, 1); sM("You purchase vestas armour and weapons for 2.5k npc points"); sM("You have "+npcs+" npc points left"); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What that does is add two simple commands., the commands have to be in that order or it wont work correctly The first command says that if you have 2499 or less npc points it will send you a message saying you must have at least 2500 npc points to buy this item. The second command says that if you have 2500 or more npc points you will lose 2500 npc points and it will give you all of vestas things, if those ids are your vesta gear, then it will send you two messages, the first one will say you have bought the vestas gear for 2.5k points and the second message will tell you how many points you have left. That is a command to buy things using npc points. Now i will show you how to add a shop using npc points. in client.java search for[/COLOR] [CODE]myshopid == 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]until you see something like this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (MyShopID == 8) { if (playerItemsN[Slot2] >= TotPrice2) { if (freeSlots() > 0) { deleteItem(6529, GetI[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Directly above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (MyShopID == 20) { if (npcs >= TotPrice2) { if (freeSlots() > 0) { npcs -= TotPrice2; addItem(itemID, 1); server.shopHandler.ShopItemsN[MyShopID][fromSlot] -= 1; server.shopHandler.ShopItemsDelay[MyShopID][fromSlot] = 0; if ((fromSlot + 1) > server.shopHandler.ShopItemsStandard[MyShopID]) { server.shopHandler.ShopItems[MyShopID][fromSlot] = 0; } } else { sM("Not enough space in your inventory."); break; } } else { sM("Not enough points for this item."); } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say if your shops id is 20, it will take npc points when you buy items and it will say you dont have enough npc points to buy this item if you don't have enough points next search for this again[/COLOR] [CODE]myshopid == 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]then under that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (Slot4 == -1 && MyShopID == 20) { sM("You don't have enough Npc points."); break; }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]this chcks if you have enough npc points to buy th object you are trying to buy. next scroll up till you see this[/COLOR] [CODE]int Slot2 = 0;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]under that declare this int[/COLOR] [CODE]int Slot4 = 0;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]You are simply declaring slot 4 as and int. Next Search for the my shopid == 8 thing again above it add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (MyShopID == 20){ sM(getItemName(removeID)+": currently costs "+ShopValue+" points"+ShopAdd); } else { sM(getItemName(removeID)+": currently costs "+ShopValue+" coins"+ShopAdd); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]That will make it so when you click the item it will say how much it costs in npc points instead of in coins and if the shop id isnt 20 it will be in coins again. next search for[/COLOR] [CODE]myshopid != 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]until you see something like this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (Slot == -1 && MyShopID != 8 && MyShopID != 14 && MyShopID != 15) { sM("You don't have enough coins."); break; }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]after the 15 add this[/COLOR] [CODE]&& MyshopID != 20[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]next search for the != 8 thing again and just like you did last time add this after it[/COLOR] [CODE]MyshopID != 20[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]And what that will do is make it so when you click on an item in shop 20 it will give you the price in npc points instead of coins now search for this[/COLOR] [CODE]wanneshop = 20[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]okay if there is something there to find just remember or write down the npcid for a minute but if you do not have any results search for this[/COLOR] [CODE]wanneshop = 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]and directly under it add this[/COLOR] [CODE]} else if (NPCID == ****) { PutNPCCoords = true; WanneShop = 20; [/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What that does is if you click on the npcid **** it will check the npc coords and open the shop 20 in your shops.cfg ( we will be editing that in a minute.) All you have to do with that is add an npcid and remeber or write it down. Now open your shops.cfg file and add[/COLOR] [CODE]shop = 20 Npc Point Shop 2 2 2572 100[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]that will make it so when you click your npc from client.java it will open this shop.(make sure there are 4 tabs) and after that you just edit it like any other shop. Now open your autospawn.cfg and add this[/COLOR] [CODE]spawn = **** 3279 3396 0 3279 3396 3279 3396 1[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this will do is spawn an npc at the coords of 3279 3396 and it will have a walk type of 0 and can walk in the box created by the next 4 x and y coords and then a 1. Obviously you can change the coords just use this format[/COLOR] [CODE]spawn = (npcID) XCOORD YCOORD 0 MAXX MAXY MINX MINY 1[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Thats it I believe for Npc points, if I missed anything just let me know.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]-----------------------------Challenge Scrolls-----------------------------[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]To begin open your potions class and scroll down till you see a pot thing, it'l look like this[/COLOR] [CODE]case 3046: if (System.currentTimeMillis() -c.potionDelay < 700) return; c.foodDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); c.potionDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); c.setAnimation(0x33D); c.sM("You drink some of the magic potion."); c.sM("You have finished your potion."); c.deleteItem(3046, slot, 1); c.addItem(229, 1); c.playerLevel[6] = c.getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[6]) + 4; c.sendQuest("" + c.playerLevel[6] + "", 4014); c.magePotTimer = 60; if (c.playerLevel[6] > c.playerLevel[c.playerMagic]) c.playerLevel[6] = c.playerLevel[6] += 4; c.sendQuest("" + c.playerLevel[6] + "", 4014); break;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Now above where it states the case add this[/COLOR]: [CODE]case 2726: c.deleteItem(2726, 1); c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); break;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Thats saays if you click on a casket it will give you three items from your challenge.reward array in Item.Java and delete your casket. Now above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]case 7281: c.sM("Kill the Chaos Ele to complete your Challenge Scroll"); break;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]That says when you click on the challenge scroll with the id of 7281 it will send you a message telling you to kill the chaos ele. Now open your NpcHandler and search for[/COLOR] [CODE]if(npcs[i].npcType == 1264){ temp.saraKills += 1; temp.sM("Saradomin Points: "+temp.saraKills+""); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (temp.playerHasItem(7281, 1) && (npcs[i].npcType == 3200)){ temp.deleteItem(7281, 1); temp.addItem(2726, 1); temp.sM("You complete your challenge and recieve a casket."); } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]that says if you kill the chaos elemental and you have the challenge scroll from earlier it will delete the challenge scroll and add the casket from earlier. Now to make c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); worth something! Open your Item class and search for [/COLOR] [CODE]randomBarrows()[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]public static int Challenge[] = {9994, 9986, 9987, 9988,9989, 9990, 9991, 9993, 9927, 9927, 7782, 7791, 7797, 7478, 9981 ,9918, 9917, 9899, 9856}; public static int challengeReward() { return Challenge[(int)(Math.random()*Challenge.length)]; }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say that when something adds an item from challengeReward it will give you a random item from Challenge, and those numbers are Item Ids. now to add a way for people to get the challenge scroll. open your npcdrops.cfg[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]and under any drop add in[/COLOR] [CODE]npcdrop = ****(tab)7281(tab)1(tab)1[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]**** = npcid What that does is makes the npc you choose drop the challenge scroll with a one percent drop rate[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]------------------Price--------------------[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Okay now if you want to change the prices of the items in your npc point shop simply open your item.cfg and search for the item id next directly after the items examine info, second text area, there are 15 numbers the first three are prices, im not sure what order they go in but the are the buying value the high alch value and the selling value, just change them to what you want them to be and your done.[/COLOR]
  5. Download (Client, cache, and source) [SIZE="1"]Used my webhost since uppit isn't working[/SIZE] [url]www.cataserver.org/Cataclysm [CRS].zip[/url] Features: -All skills almost perfect -Clipping -Region Music -Music turn on and off in client -Good combat -A lot of clue scrolls -Over 100 shops -Lots of quests -Premium system -Castle wars -Fight pits -Jad -Perfect duel wars -Pest control -Cannon -LOADS MORE Lots of stuff fixed/changed by me, also no anti leech. [SPOILER="Media"][IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338729-server1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338730-server2.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338731-server3.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338732-server4.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338733-server5.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338734-server6.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338735-server7.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338736-server8.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338737-server9.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338738-server10.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://uploadnow.org/image/338739-server11.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] Credits: R0cky Ownz
  6. I'm already excited for the next Elder Scrolls. My answer: All of Tamriel.
  7. Lol Drugs

    317 clue scrolls

    hey, thanks for reading, i was wondering if anybody knows where i can find a tutorial about adding clue scrolls to a 317? Thanks a lot!