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Found 3 results

  1. Free votes? Okay, let's call your function on bot [code] $confidentCaptchaJQuery('#confidentcaptcha_id_click_coordinates') [/code] for generating your coordinates this is on x,y|x,y format so convert these into numbers (2 locations), locations are splitted by |. then request the adding locations of 'Images' by calling [code] addLetter( x , y ) [/code] Thank you, fucking free votes. Proof? [url]https://captcha.confidenttechnologies.com/static/20130514/component_answer.js[/url] ^ look for addLetter function. javascript static script: [code] controller = $confidentCaptchaJQuery(".confidentcaptcha_visual").confidentCaptcha({ instructions:'"Type in the 2 letters you see on pictures of the <span class=\"category_name\">toys and games</span>, and the <span class=\"category_name\">bird</span>, in that order."', letters:'RFA', image_url:'https://api.confidenttechnologies.com:443/vs/captchas/6O8tfeuAuo/image', audio_url:'https://api.confidenttechnologies.com:443/vs/captchas/6O8tfeuAuo/audio', static_url:'https://captcha.confidenttechnologies.com/static', answer_output:$confidentCaptchaJQuery('#confidentcaptcha_id_code'), click_coordinates:$confidentCaptchaJQuery('#confidentcaptcha_id_click_coordinates'), display_style:'inline-below', server_image_columns:3, server_image_rows: 1, image_width: Math.floor(120), image_height: Math.floor(90), show_letters: false , ajax_verify: false , logo_data: null, billboard_data: {"width": "360", "image": "https://captcha.confidenttechnologies.com/static/confidenttech_billboard.png", "alt_text": "powered by Confident Technologies", "content_type": "png", "height": "46"}, callback_url: '', adcode: "<div id=\"azk59896\"></div>\r\n<script type=\"text/javascript\">var p=\"http\",d=\"static\";if(document.location.protocol==\"https:\"){p+=\"s\";d=\"engine\";}var z=document.createElement(\"script\");z.type=\"text/javascript\";z.async=true;z.src=p+\"://\"+d+\".adzerk.net/ados.js\";var s=document.getElementsByTagName(\"script\")[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(z,s);</script>\r\n<script type=\"text/javascript\">\r\nvar ados = ados || {};\r\nados.run = ados.run || [];\r\nados.run.push(function() {\r\n/* load placement for account: Confident Technologies, site: runelocus.com, size: 300x250 - Medium Rectangle*/\r\nados_add_placement(5646, 47394, \"azk59896\", 5);\r\nados_load();\r\n});</script>", captcha_color: '#f9f9f9', instruction_color: '#2e2d2e' [/code] here you see how it's managing the coordinates, it's generating the coordinates upon loading, not while submitting.
  2. 13-14 15-16 17-18 NOTE: Poll is PUBLIC.
  3. Here are a few tip's for those who haven't saw a phisher yet, or those that get massive email's from "Jagex Ltd", or "Runescape": Tip One: When Runescape email's you, they email you with images that are fully functioning and that do not bug, for example, they always test email themselves to see whether or not that the email can work correctly... They keep their Mistakes to the minimum. They sometimes email you with/without images when your rs account receives an infraction. They never start with "Dear Player," and they always start with "Dear" + RSNAMEHERE + ","; Sorry if i confused you now that I used a bit of Programming logic in it. Tip Two: Always Check the email and the link that they send to you! Sometimes they send you a link like: "services.runeszape.com", and please notice that i put a "z" instead of a "c" in "scape"; If you encounter something like this, please report it for fraud or phishing websites... Just to be safe, you can download: [URL="http://www.google.com/chrome"]Google Chrome[/URL], Google Chrome has safety knowledge in it, if the site has been reported for phishing, it will show a red screen telling you that what it has been reported for, then it will have input buttons saying like: "Proceed to the site, anyways." or "Get me out of here!". Tip Three: Although a lot of people used bot's, they have made many topic's of being hacked or phished, this could be for many reasons: 1) They could have typed their account info into certain input text box's and clicked "Save" or "Save Profile", as that would save the account info somewhere on your computer, then by sending that account info to a website or email... 2) They could have put their Account information in a fraud/false website, or also known as a "Phisher". 3) They could have had a weak password and someone pass guessed their account info, and hacked them(Highly unlikely though). 4) They could have sold are spoken hint or the exact password of the account, and then got "Hacked". Bot's are unfair and get your account banned, As of Tuesday October 25, 2011, Runescape has stopped bot's that use reflection... Their is still bot's out their that do not need account info and do not use reflection, they still get your account banned, Highly recommended to not use these... Tip Four: Try to keep your account with recoveries, hard to guess password's, bank pins, all items in the bank, and in the Green aka "Safe" zone when in appeal offense... Tip Five: Do not share account info, and look out for scams and phishers. Its just that simple. Those are my best tip's to Runescape Account Safety, and I will be writing some more tip's as I get more time... -Proud Runescape member 11-9 years :)