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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! Today we unveil our newest RSPS project, Lucidity! It is a server that we've put much work into over the past month or so, ranging from small bug fixes, to completely redoing home, shops, and skilling areas! We have many cool features implemented into the server as well like custom currency for doing almost anything on the server that you can spend at their respective shops! Skilling? Skill Points! Combat? PvM/Boss points! You even get some for just playing for extended periods of time! While we've put a lot of work into it and remained very nit-picky on what and how we wanted this server to feel like, we hope that some of you will consider playing along with us and help us improve. Its a very new thing and a small, tight knit community being built. So no over-saturation of players, and an economy that still needs to be established. We hope you can be a part of that with us. Here are some small things you can look forward to on Lucidity: - Fully functional skills, with working skill cape emotes! - Max capes of all variations! - Customization in your screen size (Fixed, Resizable, Fullscreen) - Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Modes! - Fully working bosses, wildy bosses, minigames, and special events! Such as Corpreal Beast, Callisto, Cerberus, Ancient Warriors, Barrows, and many, many more! - Pet drops from bosses and skilling! The rest you'll have to just see for yourself! Interested? Come join us now while 2XP is active ALL weekend! Go here to download our client!
  2. Online for 9 years as with another name, it is time for a drastic change! With more developers new direction and much more content and frequent updates! The Best of Etherum Instant Pking! It's easy to figure that we offer the best Combat System. You can join now and instantly PK with our pre-made PK sets for every kind of pking both MAINS and PURES! If our pre-made sets do not suit you, then you can use the FREE PK Suppy shop and choose between the items yourself! Remember we have bank preset option so you can make your set, choose from your own presets and gear withing seconds to PK! (This will be explained and shown down below). YOU CAN NOW SET YOUR OWN LEVELS! (combat only) PS: Monk at edgeville can set your prayer level as you wish! Presets Our preset system allows you to gear up for a fight in one second like mentioned above! PK Tournament Prove your Pking skills on the best tournament system that you have ever seen! SOON TO REWARD $250 WEEKLY! Game Modes Select a Game Mode and go straight to the point! On Etherum, we dont fudge around. You are the one playing and you choose your own game mode, Regular, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Zerker & Skiller. Combat System Our combat system was created from scratch in a project that took several months. We do our best effort to offer the most flawless combat experience that you will ever find. Bounty Hunter(Target PK’ing) We have a very sophisticated bounty hunter system that will match you fair fights. Kill your target to advance your rank and global position which is displayed in real time. Killing your target rewards you with blood money which you can buy OP items with! Bank System Our bank system is the most advanced, dynamic and smooth that you will ever see! You can destroy items, resize both ways and even take a screenshot to make others jealous! Looting Bag Delay that banking time with the looting bag! Rune Pouch Who doesn't like saving 2 inventory spots while PK'ing or PVM'ing? This is exactly why we have implemented the Rune Pouch so you can have the best experience while playing the game. Timers We think about quality experience for our players and knowing when you can veng, ovl etc again is perfection for the players. NPC Kills tracker Track all of your boss kills and fastest kill time! Our event hosters often have boss kill related events with very good prizes! This is your time to shine bright like a diamond! Game Titles Over 150 available titles to show out your achievements of PvP, PvM, Skilling etc. Live Game Scores With Live Game scores and many categories you have plenty of opportunities to appear on top! Item Customizer As many other items that can be customized as you wish, masters skill capes are one of them! Clue Scrolls Our Treasure Trial system is huge we have over 150 tasks available with hundred of unique rewards! The tasks includes Cryptics, Puzzles, Dancing, Scans and more! Our system is made from scratch for the perfectionists! Notifications With our notification system you will not miss a thing! Key Binding Configure your key actions exactly as you want! Tasks We have over 80 tasks available which rewards you various of items when finished! Dicing / Staking We offer a very secure and fun way to bet with others & We offer the most flawless Duel Arena experience, with no PID and very good anti-scamming systems! Slayer Slay monsters in hundreds of different assignments for awesome rewards! Boss Pets Slay bosses and get many available cute boss pets! Reaper Collection Died in wilderness and a stupid team blocked your cape? Void or any untradeable? Fear not. Here at Etherum we have a reaper collection system where you can buy back your untradeables for a low amount of price. Quick Teleporting Teleporting is easy! You can either click on the world map and choose where you want to teleport or even choose a keybind to open up the interface even more easily! Castle Wars Here at Etherum you find the most complete Castle Wars system, with very good rewards! Yell Customizer Choose exactly how you wish your yell message to be! Premium Item & Features If you like a quick start and want to show no effort, well then you can purchase some of the best items from the premium store! Want quality of life perks? Then Features store is for you! Vote Rewarding We love the people that vote for our server because thats basically whats keeping us up. So we are rewarding voters with unique items and points to buy expensive ones from the store! Some Of The Other Stores What are you waiting for?
  3. [center][url=http://invention47.com/]Invention47.com[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/webclient/]Browser Client[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/invention47.jar]Download Client[/url][/center] Invention47 is a RuneScape Private Server, which brings you back to old school roots. This server is easy to play and it's very fun, compared with other servers out there. But it has a lot of difficult challenges to keep players attracted by every single second. The servers name is Invention47. Features - Great Economy. You can earn money by doing every single skill. - Every single skill is trainable. Total of twenty-one to choose from. - Custom, but decent Quests. Total of four to choose from. - Great combat system and triangle, which is quite important between danger zone users. - More then twenty custom Treasure Trail tasks. Start them by killing monsters and finding your own clue scrolls. - Well coded chatting system. Ability to turn your chat offline or 'friends only' and guests will see you offline. Very useful for known people, who doesn't want to be disturbed. - Very creative home area. A lot of features can be found right there. - Online browser client, for people that don't want to download a browser client. - Deskop clients also are available, for people that doesn't want to play from browsers. - HighScores to battle for best ranks and titles, automatically updated every three hours. - Monthly community events and wars between player made clans. - Great and respectful administrators, who doesn't spawn or cheat, but play fairly as other players. - Friendly, nice community and amazing moderators. [img]http://invention47.com/home/images/pics/Untitled.png[/img] [img]http://invention47.com/home/images/pics/Untitled2.png[/img] [img]http://invention47.com/home/images/pics/Untitled3.png[/img] [img]http://invention47.com/home/images/pics/Untitled4.png[/img] [img]http://invention47.com/home/images/pics/Untitled5.png[/img] [center][url=http://invention47.com/]Invention47.com[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/webclient/]Browser Client[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/invention47.jar]Download Client[/url][/center] Best OldSchool Server you will have ever played.? See you in-game! - Deathbyu
  4. After several months of work and over 12,000 lines of code, it's finally ready: the construction skill, with all of its features exactly like it is in RuneScape! I even added several extra features to make the construction skill more worthwhile. [B]What this means:[/B] -> All rooms can be added, rotated and removed -> Players can access a second floor and a dungeon where they can build the appropriate rooms -> All furniture can be added and removed, including dungeon monsters -> All furniture has a use (except the purely decorative things like rugs and curtains) -> Normal and build mode: - In normal mode, you see doors, windows and roofs but you don't see any transparent 'ghost' objects - In building mode, you see the transparent objects but don't see doors, windows or roofs -> A butler will follow you around unless you ask him not to (then he'll wait at the portal) -> Players can visit other players their houses -> Players have control over who can enter their house and who cannot (linked to clan chat privileges). They can even choose to allow others to visit their house while they're offline (even RuneScape doesn't have that). Screenshots: Building mode: [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/10pni4w.png[/IMG] Me visiting another player his house (which he made on the actual server): [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2jaffic.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/2qv8m87.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/nga7nl.png[/IMG] Video: [video=youtube;FFQMSQOpspg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFQMSQOpspg[/video]
  5. [IMG]http://pkhonor.net/img/header.gif[/IMG] [B]Welcome to PkHonor![/B] -> Click [URL="http://www.pkhonor.net/PkHonor_Installer.exe"]here[/URL] to download our installer (Windows only) -> Click [URL="http://www.pkhonor.net/play"]here[/URL] to play our webclient (All operating systems) -> Click [URL="http://www.pkhonor.net/PkHonor.jar"]here[/URL] to download our desktop client (All operating systems) -> Click [URL="http://www.pkhonor.net/PkHonor_client.zip"]here[/URL] to download our zipped client (All operating systems) incase you have trouble with the other clients. Unlike the others, this one does not automatically update. Also visit us on our site, [URL="http://www.pkhonor.net"]www.pkhonor.net[/URL] and check our [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6yzhgr_eEM&feature=youtu.be"]trailer[/URL]. [B] Why PkHonor?[/B] -> First and only RSPS with fully coded construction, just like RuneScape (with even more features) -> Working Grand Exchange -> Godwars Dungeon with all 5 bosses including Nex -> Full hunter skill with 49 different creatures to catch -> Bank tabs and bank search function, as well as up to 800 available bank spots -> Clanchats with lootshare and clan ranks -> Perfect equipment switching, great for hybrids -> Extra oldschool wilderness (aside from the normal wilderness) for those who prefer oldschool pking (only '06 items, prayers and spells) -> Community-oriented: you tell us what you'd like to see added or changed in our game, and we'll make it happen! [B]And of course:[/B] -> Stable, completely lag-free and DDoS-protected dedicated server -> Over 4 years of history, with constant changes and improvements -> Helpful staff -> Every single skill worked out -> All minigames (duel arena, barrows, fight caves, fight pits, pest control, etc.) -> Custom minigames of our own: clan wars, zombie minigame, 'risky' barrows -> Lots of bosses to kill (Nomad, Nex, Corporeal Beast, GWD bosses, Bork, KBD, KQ, Frost Dragons, Tormented demons, Ice strykewyrms, WildyWyrm etc.) -> Chaotic, Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, Statius and Morrigan equipment -> Auto-updating client (you only have to download it once) -> ::settings command that gives you the ability to customize the looks of your client (hitmarks, hitpoints bar, animations, whip look, shortcuts etc.) -> No economy resets, EVER! In 4 years we have never had to do one, and we will never do one either. Daily backups guarantee the safety of our server and player data. Also Slayer points, lottery, highscores, dwarf multicannon, ancient curses, skillcape emotes, Korasi’s sword, godswords, dragon claws, all defenders, hand cannon, etc. etc. [B] Some media: [/B] Construction: [IMG]http://www.runelocus.com/images/server_uploads/480_40046.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/2qv8m87.jpg[/IMG] [video=youtube;FFQMSQOpspg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFQMSQOpspg[/video] Godwars Dungeon: [img]http://www.runelocus.com/images/server_uploads/480_594.png[/img] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/5dkufq.png[/IMG] Clanchat: [img]http://www.runelocus.com/images/server_uploads/480_596.png[/img] Grand Exchange: [img]http://www.runelocus.com/images/server_uploads/480_595.png[/img]
  6. [CENTER][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/Project-exileaddbanner.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [FONT="Fixedsys"][SIZE="7"][COLOR="blue"]Project-Exile ~ A server For Everyone![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE="4"][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/forumsimage.gif[/IMG][COLOR="green"]Forums:[url]http://www.project-exile.com/forums/[/url][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/Downloadclientimage.png[/IMG] [COLOR="green"]Download Client:[/COLOR] [url]http://www.project-exile.com/client.jar[/url] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/Downloadclientimage.png[/IMG][COLOR="Green"] Webclient:[/COLOR] [url]http://www.project-exile.com/webclient/Webclient.php[/url] [COLOR="green"] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/webclient.gif[/IMG] [url]http://www.project-exile.com/webclient/Webclient.php[/url] [/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#FF0000"]Project-Exile is a 317 Runescape Private Server which is dedicated to it’s players, when we decide on something it’s what the players want not the staff team. We will always talk to our players and never ignore them and there opinion is more valid than the staff. If you would like to join us then download the Client[/COLOR][/SIZE] :) [CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Lime"]Server Features:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="red"][SIZE="4"]Server runs off of a powerful VPS will soon be upgrading it even more! Fully working dicing! All working curses with emotes! 100% Normal prayers! Many bosses to kill including: Nomad's, all GWD bosses, corp beast, tormented demons & daganoths! Bork coming soon. EP Points system with a shop! You get EP Points from slayer, PvP and min-games. All new Rs items including: Korasi, dragon ornamental, Torva, virtus, virnix, spirit shields and many, many more! Custom donator zone with special attack restore altar and a portal to frost dragons! All working skills including summoning & hunter! Amazing hybriding item switches! Perfect PvP & Fun Pk! All working mini-games including barrows, fight caves/pits, pest controll & warriors guild and a custom mini-game coming soon! All ranks including Owner, Co-owner, Administator, moderator & donator! Soon adding V.I.P and support! And many more features![/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [SIZE="5"]Staff Team:[/SIZE] [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Owner: Raw Envy Co-Owner: (empty) Admins: Blue Dice (Empty) (Empty) Moderators: Algid Fire (Empty) (Empty)[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="white"]YouTube video: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jth_RkdPHgI]‪Project-Exile ~ A Server For Everyone! Server release‬‏ - YouTube[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="White"][SIZE="5"]Server Media:[/SIZE][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/nomad.png[/IMG] [CENTER][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/torva.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/summoning.png[/IMG] [LEFT][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/tormenteddemons.png[/IMG][/LEFT] [RIGHT][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/dicing.png[/IMG][/RIGHT] [CENTER][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/curses.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [RIGHT][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/skilling.png[/IMG][/RIGHT] [LEFT][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/jointoday.png[/IMG][/LEFT] [RIGHT][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/home-1.png[/IMG][/RIGHT] [CENTER][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/funpk.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/newitems.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/pointshop.png[/IMG] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]UPCOMING UPDATES:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][COLOR="red"]More Client features such as: Zoom in & out buttons, a new Client background and new interfaces. New achievments system where you will gain EP points from and i will make another EP points shop. A new custom mini-game! (You're love this when i release it :)!) Auto-donation system so once you've donated you get instant donator status! 2 New Custom ranks which will be: Super donator and V.I.P/Support. And any suggestions that i get on the forums/in-game from your guys the PLAYERS![/COLOR][/SIZE] First day of server release :) [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/firstday.png[/IMG]
  7. I currently don't have a PC and I'm left with a Mac. Would anyone happen to know where I can find a tutorial for making a RSPS on Mac? Link me to anything you know of, it doesn't have to be on runelocus. Thanks guys.
  8. iScape Client Download iScape Live Chat iScape Forums The New #1 Runescape 508 Private Server "Why should I join your server?" - We pride ourselves in holding together a close community were every player is heard and treated equally, we need your opinions and ideas to make our server more fun . - Since we're a relatively new server, we're looking for active and helpful members for our moderator/admin spots . - We try to keep the mood pretty laid back, it's a game, and we want you to have as much fun as possible, not grinding on monsters for endless hours just to earn a few levels. "Does it take a while to start pking on your server?" - Nope! You can just load up the client, sign in, and start max mage hybriding! "So you can spawn any item you want? That's Gay." - You can't spawn ALL items. Only some basic sets/gear that can be used to get you started. Things like Party Hats, Masks, Santas, Vesta, Statius, Claws, etc. Can all be purchased through either donations or the ingame store that charges "Pking Points". "I'll only join if you make me admin plz." - That's cool, but you can fuck right off. We only promote people who deserve the rank they're getting . "This sounds pretty decent, how can I learn more?" - Just keep on reading, but if you're already convinced, here's a link to the client: iScape Client Download "I want to ask you some questions in person." - Just come on our live chat on our website, here's a link: iScape Live Chat "Do you have a webclient?" - Not at this point in time, but we're looking to get one up very soon! "I want to join, but I still have a few questions first!" - Just contact us on our live chat, we'll be happy to answer any and all questions: iScape Live Chat "I'd like to see some pictures of this awesome server!" - It'd be my pleasure, here you go:
  9. [B]this is not my server!![/B] owner is validor co-owner is bruce head admin is fear mods are perry,sub3rl33t,neuken,zerker,mad(sorry if i forgot a few) please dont beg for staff/staff hunt. forums- [url]http://valiscape.webs.com/[/url] client link- [url]http://adf.ly/149Xw[/url] home!! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape.jpg[/IMG] new training! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape1.jpg[/IMG] tormented demons! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape2-1.jpg[/IMG] pray with turmoil! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape3.jpg[/IMG] barrows!!its a 1/8 chance for drop but u can do it the normal way of going under ground for 100% drop but its random [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape4.jpg[/IMG] bosses! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape5.jpg[/IMG] magicks! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape6.jpg[/IMG] skills! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape7.jpg[/IMG] agility [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape14.jpg[/IMG] runecrafting [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape15.jpg[/IMG] mining! [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape16.jpg[/IMG] smithing [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape17.jpg[/IMG] fishing/cooking/farming! the skiller shop is also here to [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape18.jpg[/IMG] donator zone!(this is dzone 1, there is dzone 2 for ppl who donated 20 or more) [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape8.jpg[/IMG] dzoneshops [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valscape9.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape10.jpg[/IMG] pking!/dual [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape11.jpg[/IMG] reward shop!(you get15 points for every time you lvl a skill) [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape12.jpg[/IMG] minigames!~~ [IMG]http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee339/reddark95/valiscape13.jpg[/IMG]
  10. Rekoj

    Custom Item , Help?

    Ok so , I added in all PvP Armour right? Here are the ints , [CODE]if(i == 13876) { class8.aString170 = "Vesta's Chainbody"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42593; class8.anInt181 = 1440; class8.anInt190 = 545; class8.anInt198 = 2; class8.anInt194 = 5; class8.anInt169 = 4; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42624; class8.anInt200 = 42644; class8.aByteArray178 = "Vesta's Chainbody, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13877) { class8.aString170 = "Vesta's Plateskirt"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42581; class8.anInt181 = 1753; class8.anInt190 = 562; class8.anInt198 = 1; class8.anInt194 = 11; class8.anInt169 = -3; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42633; class8.anInt200 = 42647; class8.aByteArray178 = "Vesta's Plateskirt, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13878) { class8.aString170 = "Vesta's Longsword"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Equip"; class8.anInt174 = 42597; class8.anInt181 = 1744; class8.anInt190 = 738; class8.anInt198 = 1985; class8.anInt194 = 0; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42615; class8.anInt200 = 42615; class8.aByteArray178 = "Vesta's Longsword, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13879) { class8.aString170 = "Vesta's Spear"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Equip"; class8.anInt174 = 42599; class8.anInt181 = 2022; class8.anInt190 = 480; class8.anInt198 = 15; class8.anInt194 = 5; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42614; class8.anInt200 = 42614; class8.aByteArray178 = "Vesta's Spear, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13880) { class8.aString170 = "Zuriel's Robe Top"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42591; class8.anInt181 = 1373; class8.anInt190 = 373; class8.anInt198 = 0; class8.anInt194 = -7; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42627; class8.anInt200 = 42642; class8.aByteArray178 = "Zuriel's Robe Top, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13881) { class8.aString170 = "Zuriel's Robe Bottom"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42588; class8.anInt181 = 1697; class8.anInt190 = 512; class8.anInt198 = 0; class8.anInt194 = -9; class8.anInt169 = 2; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42634; class8.anInt200 = 42645; class8.aByteArray178 = "Zuriel's Robe Bottom, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13882) { class8.aString170 = "Zuriel's Hood"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42604; class8.anInt181 = 720; class8.anInt190 = 28; class8.anInt198 = 0; class8.anInt194 = 1; class8.anInt169 = 1; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42638; class8.anInt200 = 42653; class8.aByteArray178 = "Zuriel's Hood, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13883) { class8.aString170 = "Zuriel's Staff"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Equip"; class8.anInt174 = 42595; class8.anInt181 = 2000; class8.anInt190 = 366; class8.anInt198 = 3; class8.anInt194 = 0; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42617; class8.anInt200 = 42617; class8.aByteArray178 = "Zuriel's Staff, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13884) { class8.aString170 = "Statius's Platebody"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42602; class8.anInt181 = 1312; class8.anInt190 = 272; class8.anInt198 = 2047; class8.anInt194 = 39; class8.anInt169 = -2; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42625; class8.anInt200 = 42641; class8.aByteArray178 = "Statius's Platebody, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13885) { class8.aString170 = "Statius's Platelegs"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42590; class8.anInt181 = 1625; class8.anInt190 = 355; class8.anInt198 = 2046; class8.anInt194 = -11; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42632; class8.anInt200 = 42649; class8.aByteArray178 = "Statius's Platelegs, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13886) { class8.aString170 = "Statius's Full Helm"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42596; class8.anInt181 = 789; class8.anInt190 = 96; class8.anInt198 = 2039; class8.anInt194 = -7; class8.anInt169 = 2; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42639; class8.anInt200 = 42655; class8.aByteArray178 = "Statius's Full Helm, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13887) { class8.aString170 = "Statius's Warhammer"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wield"; class8.anInt174 = 42577; class8.anInt181 = 1360; class8.anInt190 = 507; class8.anInt198 = 27; class8.anInt194 = 6; class8.anInt169 = 7; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42623; class8.anInt200 = 42623; class8.aByteArray178 = "Statius's Warhammer, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13888) { class8.aString170 = "Morrigan's leather body"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42578; class8.anInt181 = 1184; class8.anInt190 = 545; class8.anInt198 = 2; class8.anInt194 = 5; class8.anInt169 = 4; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42626; class8.anInt200 = 42643; class8.aByteArray178 = "Morrigan's Leather Body, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13889) { class8.aString170 = "Morrigan's Leather Chaps"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42603; class8.anInt181 = 1753; class8.anInt190 = 482; class8.anInt198 = 1; class8.anInt194 = 11; class8.anInt169 = -3; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42631; class8.anInt200 = 42646; class8.aByteArray178 = "Morrigan's Leather Chaps, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13890) { class8.aString170 = "Morrigan's Coif"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 42583; class8.anInt181 = 592; class8.anInt190 = 537; class8.anInt198 = 5; class8.anInt194 = 6; class8.anInt169 = -3; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42636; class8.anInt200 = 42652; class8.aByteArray178 = "Morrigan's Coif, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13891) { class8.aString170 = "Morrigan's Javelin"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wield"; class8.anInt174 = 42592; class8.anInt181 = 1872; class8.anInt190 = 282; class8.anInt198 = 2009; class8.anInt194 = 0; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42613; class8.anInt200 = 42613; class8.aByteArray178 = "Morrigan's Javelin, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); } if(i == 13982) { class8.aString170 = "Morrigan's Throwing Axe"; class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wield"; class8.anInt174 = 42582; class8.anInt181 = 976; class8.anInt190 = 672; class8.anInt198 = 2024; class8.anInt194 = 4; class8.anInt169 = -5; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 42611; class8.anInt200 = 42611; class8.aByteArray178 = "Morrigan's Throwing Axe, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); }[/CODE] And here are the models I downloaded , [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?ygnw2dehyz2#2"]http://www.mediafire.com/?ygnw2dehyz2#2[/URL] These are not my models , nor ints , Anything , I just need help.. So , I put ints in on , Class8.java , Thats correct , And I put models obv in model folder , Thats correct Thats all i did , and add models in-game to add models. and when i went to go pickup morrigans throwing axe or whatever did ::pickup ##### etc and then my whole client frooze , And before I restart client again , I have to go into characters , and delete the stuff I spawned thats , Glitched/Null , does anyone have any suggestions on what i should do or what i missed that i should do.. feel free to team viewer , message me or contact me at [email][email protected][/email]
  11. Hello Players, I have made a 317 server, and I myself have done it, I now need help with coding and creating the website. If you are intrested you will be full benefits towards the game. So if you know java very well, and if you can make an AWESOME forum and wanna join now please contact me through here or my email at [email protected] Thanks.
  12. Setting up VPS Hi Runelocus, I'm here to offer my service to setup Virtual Private Servers for 5-7 USD. My service offers: •Downloading and installing the latest JDK •Opening port of your choice (if neccesary) •Transfer your files •Put your server online •Will do more*I will also set up Personal Computers for a cheaper price depending on what you require. Prices: •Port forward problems - 2USD •Download and install Java (JDK) - 2USD •Vps Hosting/ Starts for $5/month • Any extra's - Price on request. Runscape Account Service •Powerlevel any skill 1-50 = $20 (takes 2 days) •Powerlevel any skill 51-80 = $40 (takes 4 days) •Powerlevel any skill 81-99 = $55 (takes 6 days) ~Runescape Gold~ •2M = $1.50 USD •4M = $3.00 USD •6M = $4.50 USD •8M = $6.00 USD •10M = $7.50 USD •20M = $13.00 USD •55M = $47.00 USD •Any Items?? Yes. I deliver any item on Runescape, We will decide it on your MSN or Pm me. •PM me i you want to choose your price and we will decide. Old Site will Come Back soon... MSN - [email protected] I require half before and the rest after. Any problems and a full refund will be given. Please leave vouches after I have completed the service: Friends/Customer Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Customers Name:Justin Date of Review:1-5-2011 Feedback: Alipotter123 is by far the best, I've ordered 40m, and I've gotten it without a problem. I'm waiting for them to transfer 30m to my new ppure im going to make. He delivers!!! Order from him, You won't be let down ppl trust me Customers Name:mike Date of Review:1-4-2011 Feedback:i ordered 60m goldfarming from him and they got me it one the day they said now im gong to order another 200m everyone this sight is the BOMB! Customers Name:pete Date of Review:1-4-2011 Feedback:best ever, Alipotter123 is the best! Customers Name:Heidi Date of Review:1-4-2011 Feedback:I boguht from him 6-7Times, and I trust him form my heart. I spent up to $200-$300, Thanks for everything Alipotter123. Customers Name:Jared Date of Review:1-4-2011 Feedback:Alipotter123 helped me with all my purchases and questions, thanks Alipotter123:) Amaaaazing service!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please note: If you change/upgrade your VPS after this service please contact me and I will gladly set it up again for you free of charge. Any problems will also be fixed free of charge. If you are having problems running or setting up a server then contact me via my MSN and I'll sort out a deal.
  13. I'm looking for someone willing to teach someone who is just learning, though has already learned most basics. The Server won't be posted up, its just for learning purposes, as i don't have a router. I would appriciate anyone willing to help
  14. Welcome to Project Dark! We have the best server out there. We have all working skills, emotes, high graphics interface, santa armor, vestas, armadyl, everything. Our staff is great. Our server is on 24/7, no lag. Good exp rate, shop prices, great shops, alot of tele areas, all godwar monsters, and more monsters. The drops are good. This is the best server you will ever play and im not just saying it, I mean it! Webiste: http://projectdark.yolasite.com/ Client: http://www.mediafire.com/?f8txq70oj8k2v2i Information Godwars Minigame! Kbd Minigame! Thieving! Correct GS Stances! Great Economy! No Rares in Shops! Armor and GS's From Minigames! New Home Area! Constantly Updated! Dedicated Staff! Constantly Updated Server! Never Goes Offline! Pictures Home Godwars Minigame Kbd Minigame Fight Pits Shops
  15. i would like to know how to spawn objects and make a private server
  16. first 10 people get rewards. download the client here http://uppit.com/am8d402ic3df/J-SCAPE.rar http://uppit.com/am8d402ic3df/J-SCAPE.rar http://uppit.com/am8d402ic3df/J-SCAPE.rar http://uppit.com/am8d402ic3df/J-SCAPE.rar
  17. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.multiupload.com/E6IDI3H5RI (Just Download and Play!) This is a fun and friendly server that everyone can enjoy. Theres a friendly community as well as loads of mini games and of course the WILD!! Whenever your in a bind contact our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you. We have so far 3 mods, one admin, and one owner. As our numbers increase we will be promoting more mods. Our mods know each other very well so we can relate to one another encase of any problems. Our rules are simple and easy so don't miss out on a great opportunity. JOIN US TODAY!!!!! Pictures: Home/ One of the three MODS Minigames Assault!! PK MAPS!!!!! The Owner Is Bad Ass!
  18. I am having trouble making my server and it is really confusing and I need some advice. I would like to make a server but at this time I dont know what to do would a 562 be a good idea? And I have tried making one in the past and have accidently deleted some programs I wasn't supposed to. I would be really greatful if any of you readers could help me and could possibly earn a staffspot in my server Thanks RANSOM.