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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Runelocus, I am looking for an experienced ruby coder to teach me ruby. I've done CodeAcademy I've read a bunch of tutorials, I've read up on java I still do not really understand it and I know why. I can't read tutorials. If I don't understand something they can't just rephrase it for me I have to try to figure out what it means then I get all confused and I fuck up even more. So yeah if you're experienced or not even experienced just have a decent understanding of ruby please skype me: josh.cougan or reply in the comments. Thanks, Kingclawz.
  2. On corp ruby (e) bolts have a max hit of 1000, on nex they should have a max hit of 500, but on rune-evo source it hit's like 1500 sometimes? I need to find a way to make the damage cap to 500
  3. Rubyx


    Well, tonight, I started a new programming language for me named "Ruby". I would like to post it here and maybe get advices/constructive comments about it. I'm reading tutorials while writing slowly classes to practice. I got bored of Java for the moment, so I decided I would try another programming language. Here it is: [CODE] # simple class to practice a new programming language to me class Ruby def greet(name) @name = name puts "Welcome to this 1st Ruby program, #{name}." end def explain puts "First, this is my 1st Ruby class test." puts "This is a programming language I wanted to experiment instead of Java." end end ruby = Ruby.new ruby.greet("Guillaume") ruby.explain[/CODE]
  4. [IMG]http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w193/loroy111/Ruby.png[/IMG]