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  1. Welcome to the advertisement thread of my server! Anarchy is owned and maintained by professional developers who aim to bring high quality content to their community. Constantly striving for perfection, we take a lot of feedback from our community to improve our server, fix any bugs as they are encountered and add lots of quality of life features to make life more enjoyable. We are an economy server with a lot of PvM, PvP and skilling features, based on a 317 source with up-to-date OSRS content. Some of our notable features are as follows: ✔ Automated, scam-free flower poker minigame ✔ First server with a fully working Nightmare boss ✔ Perfect Grand Exchange ✔ G.E. interface to buy/sell items as if in a shop ✔ IM, HCIM, UIM and Group Ironman mode ✔ Full Inferno ✔ Theatre of Blood ✔ Full Raids ✔ Vorkath ✔ Revenant Caves ✔ Karuulm slayer dungeon with Alchemical Hydra ✔ Custom hotkeys ✔ 40+ OSRS Bosses with their pets ✔ All skills properly worked out ✔ All skilling pets ✔ 250+ Achievements ✔ Dwarf multicannon ✔ Rune pouch ✔ Imbued god capes ✔ Fully funtioning drop party room ✔ And so much more to discover Media: Group Ironman Automated, scam-free flower poker Nightmare Grand Exchange G.E. Set up buy G.E. Interface for immediate buying/selling Full Inferno Alchemical Hydra Vorkath Custom hotkeys Theatre of Blood Full Raids Revenant Caves A constantly growing community
  2. My goal is to make your playing experience the best it can be. I guarantee an unforgettable experience filled with many journeys along the way. Whether you destroy gigantic bosses, drop your opponents in wilderness, establish wealth like never seen before, or skill harder than none other, we look forward to welcoming you to your new home. Have fun playing Aesthetic-Realm! Homepage- https://discord.gg/9pxdtEmcde Discord- https://discord.gg/9pxdtEmcde - Receive a Leather Whip, and Basic Slayer helmet on start! (Requires Slayer Kills, and Total Level to Upgrade) - Choose to play as a Elite Mode with lots of benefits! - Skilling raw items are all stackable! No time waste banking! - Global Bosses that drop loot for whole team! - Click any Skill to teleport to its training spot! - Item and Objects Custom Hover tips! - Magic Bonfire event that replicates Wintertodt Rewards! - New Wilderness Skilling area for increased profits and XP - AFK for Rares event where you can get P-Hats, H'weens - Built-in Knowledge Base for FAQ's - Lots of redone interfaces - Support to show multiple ranks! - Larrans Chest Mini event! - Chance to get FashionScape Box when gaining XP! - Daily Tasks to keep you grinding! - Lots of AFK NON-OP activities! - Way to much to list! Check it out yourself! [video=youtube;g5ua0nSnmsw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5ua0nSnmsw&ab_channel=SavageRSPS[/video] turn picture into url code Homepage- http://aesthetic-realm.org Discord- https://discord.gg/9pxdtEmcde
  3. Fun Ironman Competition 25 July - 15 August Play Myscape on turbo mode! Triple Drops 3x Experience 3x Boss points 3x Slayer points 3x Money zone feather drops 3x Dragonball keys Kill counts are tripled for faster progression Every 5th Kuradel Slayer Task completed gives an Owner box Restrictions No donations! Fair gameplay for all in the competition! Raids must be soloed Cannot donate to the well of wealth Accounts are deleted after the end of the competition Tasks no longer progress after the end date The Tasks There are 30 tasks in total to complete. Most of the tasks are challenging milestone tasks. Every task gives a different number of raffle entries which are considered like points with the amount depending on the difficulty of the task. Cosmetic Trophy's The top percentiles of all Fun Ironman based on their total raffle entries determines their ranking. Every Fun Ironman account is eligible for a Trophy at the end of the competition. Please use ::setfunmain Your Main Account Name to be able to claim the reward when the competition ends on a Non Funironman account. Top 5%: Dragon Top 10%: Rune Top 20%: Adamant Top 30%: Mithril Top 50%: Steel Top 70%: Iron Otherwise: Bronze Raffle System and Competition We will have a large pool of items in a raffle. For each item we will pick a random raffle entry from the pool of each raffle entry from all Fun Ironman who have bought and claimed a Fun Ironman Competition Entry Ticket! This is important take note. You must get one of these items, claim the code, write down the code, and then use ::enterfun code. You can do this at anytime before the end of the competition if you decide to enter for these prizes. The Fun Ironman Entry Competition entry ticket items will be available on the web store and Donation point store. Top Players Prizes for the top Fun Ironman based on total raffle entries who have claimed a competition entry ticket can win. $100 Cash $75 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash Raffle Prizes $50 Cash $50 Cash Eldritch Cape Owner ring Owner aura Owner Platebody Owner Platelegs Owner full helm Owner boots Owner gloves Owner wings Owner bow Owner sword Owner staff Owner shield Eternal Ring Bankai Aura Overlord Aura Mew pet Raikou Suicune Entei $100 Bond Lil Purple pot Twisted slayer helmet (T10) Blessing Mage 10 Blessing Range 10 Blessing Melee 10 Join us today! Website
  4. This is brand new custom rsps! Discord Link to join: https://discord.gg/Z9gPjACG3U Features Custom bosses Perfectly balanced attack sytles. ( Mage, Range, Melee ) Choose what suits you best! Different raids ( Starwars, Vorago and Normal ) Alot of minigames Tons of grinding content Crazy upgrade and forge system Not P2W server ( That means you can get bonds etc from bosses, upgrading boxes, different skilling, achievements etc.. ) Amazing starting system ( Can choose between god for extra damage and ofcourse amazing Iron man systems ) Pictures
  5. Brand new custom server packed with content. Custom weapons, NPC’s, bosses, and more! Blood slayer and more as well! There is honestly too much to list. Join the discord now! https://discord.gg/fkrynATeWS
  6. Join best semicustom rsps server now with a 4 new unique skill and smoothest client u seen so far. Huge Giveaways by best youtubers this day! More Info you found at Discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/3Pg2Bg4UUg Releasing on 07.01.2021 +3:00 PM EST
  7. Found a new 667 (2011) server that has unique content,bosses,full treasure trails,great pvm and so much more. It's also gaining popularity. Play at: https://AsteriaPS.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Y5K3GXP
  8. Welcome To Lumbridge: We have brought back the original truly unique custom server, based on my old server, Imagine PS! We just launched September 12th, 2020 and maintain peak players counts of over 20+ online at times so far! Our goal is to continue the legacy of Imagine PS and provide brilliant, unique content for the players in our community! We do DAILY updates and poll all of our new content so that YOU have a say in what we're doing and the path the server takes. Website | Discord The Team: Hank - Owner/Developer K4rn4ge - Client Developer Karan - Part-time Content Developer Fahq - Part-time Modeler Patrity - Content Designer Our team has decades worth of knowledge in the RSPS scene and experience to bring the most unique and original content possible while maintaining our infrastructure/security to provide the BEST custom server experience around for years to come! Features: Automated Scam-proof gambling w/ multiple modes. Hundreds of Unique NPCs. Multiple Rotating World Bosses. Challenging and Interesting Achievements. A very unique Daily Task and Reward System. Two completely custom Raids. Several custom minigames. A requirements system for easy tiered content. A one-of-a-kind upgrade system. Multiple revisions including OSRS and 530+ data. A custom Player Auction System. 60+ Custom PVM Zones all with Custom Drops. OpenGL + 16X Anti Aliasing. MEDIA:
  9. Hey, welcome to the newest server! Join our discord https://discord.gg/TQ7NWMJ9
  10. The combination of perfection combined with the best era of RuneScape. Officially Released Now! Hello RuneServer and welcome to Insidious! We are a 317 revision hoping to bring you back the best OSRS content, we are focusing on the ECO/PVM elements as we all know that back in the day OSRS was the hype within the community, I want to bring you all a server which focuses on PRE EOC content aswell as loading the newest OSRS data, I welcome each and everyone of you to Insidious, I hope we can develop some friendships and become an amazing community! A little back story on myself and Insidious, I've been in the RSPS scene since late 2008, I've been on and off developing since then, i took a break for a few years as i lost interest and real life took charge, i've been back for abit over a year now and have been working closely with other people on their own servers and i thought it was time to make my comeback! I came up with the idea of Insidious and what i strived to achieve, This being a Eco/PVM server bringing back all the favourites that everyone loved! I strive for greatness and i strive to still be here running this server in 3 years time! OWNER: Brad & LRAfam DEVELOPER: CrazeNation[/URL]
  11. Free to Play | Virus Free | Economy | Grand Exchange | Minigames | Bossing Click here to join the adventure today! Home | Discord | Hiscores | Vote | Store
  12. Really new to all this, and I'm having trouble finding a good rsps base to work from. Currently looking for something that has Zeah in it, and a lot of the more modern stuff. My current biggest issue with finding server sources, is that they're all seemingly based on older versions. I'm wondering if any modern-ish OSRS sources even exist tbh.
  13. New RSPS 2020! Icarus-ps! Currently in BETA going live on June 19th, 2020. Be a part of the new wave! Join us for $100s of dollars worth of in-game and OSRS giveaways at launch for early members and participation. Invite your friends for a chance of exclusive prizes! Join our discord at https://discord.gg/s7Tst74 ! Also check out our forums at http://icarus-ps.org/forums/ ! Hope to see you soon. All bosses working with amazing boss interface, amazing new custom zones and great drop rates. --Working RAIDS --Working AUCTION HOUSE --Working DUNGEONS AND DUNGEONEERING -- SO MUCH MORE! Be the first to Max and win over $200 worth of prizes come launch. We are here with you! Join in on all the fun!
  14. Hello, I am All About RSPS! I have created a new youtube channel all about rsps's (duh haha). I have started a new channel for this so dont expect 1000 people to see the video right away. What am i offering? I will be making rsps videos for free! Server tours, content highlights and anything else you would like made for your server. Do you need a video made to help your server but dont have the budget to start right away with any of the big youtubers? Give me a try and i can definately help you get your foot in the door! Important things to know The videos are completely free. Contact me with the below information and i will let you know what i can do. I do not know how many requests i will recieve but i will attempt to do as many as i can! When i recieve your request i will let you know whether or not i am able to make your video, and when i can make it (based off of amount of requests) You can reach me on discord: All About RSPS#8191 or on my official discord (https://discord.gg/VHCXhxk) *which is also brand new * Is the server already released? Is this a server tour, a highlight of a new piece of content, or other? Is this video for the release of your server or is this a promo video for a server that has already been released? What links would you like put in the video or under the video? (Forums, discord, etc) What is the main thing you want showcased? What revision/ type of server is this? Is there a giveaway? (Are there any items you want me to giveaway with the video to attract players) Are there any special logos you want added to the video from your server? Is there anything specific that you DO NOT want in the video? (No dueling if your duel arena is broken, no swearing, etc) [I bleep out any swearing anyways but if you dont like that at all I can just cut any part that I swear in] Do you already have an account ready with stats or do you want me to make the video as a level 3? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM3v8u4CnnM
  15. Hello, I am new to coding. I know that its stupid but i have chosen project insanity as my base. It seems like the easiest starter and there are lots of tutorials to help me try and fix it up a little. I dont plan on making the next big rsps i just like learning how to do certain things. What i dont understand is this: i have used a blank pi and im updating to the newest osrs cache. I dont understand how to make the bosses though. I can add in zulrah but it does notgibg for example. How do i go about trying to make a boss have different hp, stats, and special attacks, not just melee or a ranged attack etc. Im not a vet in this so i need simple explanations lol. Just what file do i go into and what are some different ways i can try and start making these bosses like osrs. NOTE: I DO NOT WANT TO RIP FROM ANOTHER SERVER THIS IS FOR ME TO TRY AND LEARN PLEASE. Thank you guys a million!
  16. Welcome to Pylos - The #1 Spawn-Pking rsps! You may have been familiar with past versions of this server; DeviousPk, RuneReborn, RecklessPk, ArteroPk, InstantPk. Based off the Hyperion source, we are a spawn-pk server with a flourishing economy. Pylos has a long history; there have been many versions of the game released, but we plan on doing it right this time. You can read more about the Pylos history here, on our dedicated wiki (with over 3000+ pages!). The reason we decided to relaunch is simply due to our love for the game. All of our staff team are dedicated players who have played the various servers from 2011 to now. We know the game, we know its problems, and we have the passion to fix it. Most importantly, we have the ability to keep updating it to keep the experience fresh. Homepage Discord Features! - New player items! Login and received buffed armour to help yourself get accustomed to our server. - Rev caves, fight pits, avatar of destruction! - Duo slayer! - Pest control, with void + elite void! - Dedicated custom wiki with 3000+ pages, including drop tables, money making methods, and guides! - Dedicated developer team, filled with OG players - Custom AGS/Gmaul - Full pking shops - Unique combat! We don't promise a RS-like combat, but far from it. - Instant switching - Dedicated Pking zones (hybridding, pure pking, etc.) - Fightpits - Corporeal beast, avatar of destruction - Loaded presets - pick your favourite gear and save it, for the fastest gearing method possible! - Pre-loaded bank - Custom donator zones and benefits - Custom edgeville teleport station - Weekly community polls and events - Bounties! Place a bounty on your enemy - Fully working hiscores - In-game leaderboards for KDR and elo - 23 working skills, with more being worked on! - Revamped hunter! - Max cape, comp cape! - OSRS bosses and pets being added shortly! - Wildy wyrm, lava wyrms, wilderness bosses! Please enjoy the following Hybrid video which highlights our wonky combat! New Player Items Corp bow Lava strykewrym https://i.imgur.com/K0sosZY.png Custom skin colours https://i.imgur.com/ZN7OGfF.png Donator zone https://i.imgur.com/bvRhQ4A.png Custom portal hub https://i.imgur.com/ypibttY.png Pking Leaderboard https://i.imgur.com/YoQ3agk.png Pkp Shop https://i.imgur.com/K16q4Mf.png Rev Caves https://i.imgur.com/k2x7Nng.png Wildy wrym https://i.imgur.com/gA7QSZx.gif Credits Graham - writing and releasing Hyperion, along with anyone who helped with that Martin/Mad Turnip Jet, Joshy, Glis Wolfsdarker, Cres, DrHales Anyone else who worked on hyperion that I missed Maxence - website template Vukbrah, Darkwarden, Jesse 1422 - current dev team We hope to see you there! We are currently doing 20% off all donations, as well as having double EXP from March 1st - March 7th!
  17. Welcome To Heartless HomePage Play Now Community Discord HomePage Play Now Community Discord
  18. [CENTER]Hello there! Welcome to 'How to create a 508 RSPS', this thread will instruct you on how to create your own 508 server! Server Base: Palidino76/Bulby Revision: 508 Now I stated that they’re two bases above. Bulby was created off of Palidino76 and they’re almost identical. I suggest starting with a Palidino base because it is cleaner and is more popular. Although Bulby is jam packed with content, it is horribly written. Besides, if you download a server which is jam packed with content, what is there for you to do? As you can also see there is a revision number. The number changes when a new runescape update is released. Runescape is currently in the high 600s. The most known revisions are 317, 508 and 562. Please be aware that this tutorial is for users with the OS: Windows [U][B]Context[/B][/U] Step 1: Downloading Java Step 2: Downloading a Server Step 3: Downloading a Client Step 4: Understanding the Server and Client Step 5: Modifying your Server Step 6: Modifying your Client Step 7: Port Fowarding Step 7: Hosting your Server! [SIZE=5][U][B]Step 1: Downloading Java[/B][/U][/SIZE] First, head to this website. This is basic Java and is needed to play the actual Runescape game. [URL]http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html[/URL] It should be a very quick download and install. Once that is finished continue on. Now, lets begin on downloading the most updated JDK. The most updated JDK version at this time is 7u51. [B][SIZE=4]JAVA UPDATES THEIR KITS OFTEN. THESE NUMBERS WILL NOT ALWAYS GO ALONG WITH WHAT ARE IN THE PICTURES, BUT THE CONTENT IS ALL THE SAME.[/SIZE][/B] Now click the following button in the picture below: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ezw8i.png[/IMG] Once you have continued onto the next page be sure to focus on the part that looks like the picture below: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HPrHY.png[/IMG] Be sure to [U]accept[/U] the Terms and Conditions and then select your Windows System Type. [U]Don’t know your System Type? No problem![/U] [B] This is for Windows 7 Users[/B] Click on your start menu and right click on ‘Computer’ then select Properties. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/BbjDg.png[/IMG] Once there, you should see a great deal about your computer! You can find your Manufacturer, amount of RAM in your system and [B]OF COURSE[/B] your System Type! Locate your System Type and then go back and download JDK with the new-found knowledge your have inherited. [B]System Type 64-bit: Windows x64 System Type 32-bit: Windows x86[/B] Once it is finished you can find it by going to your Program Files > Java and you should be able to view it there! [B] You will also notice you have downloaded JRE7! It can be used, but will not be for this server setup![/B] [COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 1![/B][/COLOR]] [SIZE=5][B][U]Step 2: Downloading a Server [/U][/B][/SIZE] For this Tutorial we will be using [U]Palidino76 508 Server Version 3.1[/U] which can be found on the biggest Runescape Private Server community website Runelocus! This server has a good deal of content and is a great starter! Before you jump to that download, make sure you have WinRAR! [B]Downloading WinRAR[/B] WinRAR for Windows comes in two forms, 64-bit and 32-bit. Since you already looked up your System type, you can use that information to download the proper one for you! For 32-bit users: [URL]http://download.cnet.com/3001-2250_4-10007677.html?spi=222f96bb57aa00a9e989414cf09fdbf1[/URL] For 64-bit users: [URL]http://download.cnet.com/3001-2250_4-10965579.html?spi=867716b0067d2dc4c610d0dab9ec6da3[/URL] You just need to go through all the steps until it is finally installed! The install should only take around a minute. Now, since you have WinRAR we can continue with downloading the Server! (This is DavidScape. One of the ONLY 508 downloads I could find - I am not releasing mine. Simply click on: [URL]puu.sh/8vovr.rar[/URL] And your download will begin. Once it is completed downloading you need to open it in winRAR and it should look like this: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sct9l.png[/IMG] Now click on Extract and another window should appear. Select Desktop then ‘OK’ [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gpEbt.png[/IMG] Your Server will now appear on your Desktop! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vankS.png[/IMG] [COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 2![/B][/COLOR] [SIZE=5][B][U]Step 3: Downloading a Client[/U][/B][/SIZE] Since you have already downloaded WinRAR you a step ahead of the game! Now is time to download a client. A client is used to view the game, as the server runs it. I am supplying a blank 508 client with is set for you to use with ease. First go to: [URL]http://www.mediafire.com/?vaevvt4ned76kyw[/URL] A download should appear, let it download and once it is done it will open in WinRAR. Follow the same steps as you did above to extract it to your Desktop. Once that is finished, you now have a 508 Client compatible with your Server! [COLOR=#008000][b]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 3![/b[/COLOR]] [SIZE=5][B][U]Step 4: Understanding your Server and Client[/U][/B][/SIZE] A Server and a Client are like having a desktop computer. Your Tower contains all of the information and your client monitor presents it. A Server is like your desktop tower and your client is like your monitor. (I am just putting this into terms for people who are new to it all). Server: Your server contains the content. This is where you add information for others to see and use. Client: This displays the content within your Server. You can add custom items to your client, but they will not work properly if not edited within the server also. [SIZE=5][SIZE=5][B][U]Step 5: Modifying your Server[/U][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE] I will be showing you how to make yourself an Admin and how to create your own welcome message. [B]Compiling and Running your new Server[/B] Open your Server file and go into cmd. You will see Instalize. Instalize is the same as run, clicking it will start your Server. Mithscape’s Run is not compatible with your JDK version, all you have to do is change it. Since you downloaded jdk1.7.0_51 All you have to do is change your Instalize.cmd to: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT JAVA UPDATES OFTEN, SO IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE NEWEST FORM OF JAVA, YOU MUST UPDATE THE NUMBER BELOW. CURRENTLY IT IS 7.0_51, BUT NEXT MONTH IT COULD BE 7.0_52. [/CENTER] [code] [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off cd ../bin title Running 508 Server "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin\java.exe" palidino76/rs2/Server 43594 pause cls [/code] Your Server should now be able to start! Since you’re going to be updating your Source, you must make the compiler compatible too! Create a new file named “rs2.cmd” And add the following to it. [code] [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off cd ../src "C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin\javac.exe" -cp . -d ../bin/ ./palidino76/rs2/*.java pause[/code] Now you have a successful compiler! Now let’s make you an Admin! Administrators are the highest ranking members within the server. They have access to all commands unless defined otherwise. Go into src > Palidino76 > rs2 > io > Login.java Hit CTRL + F and type in ‘Whiz‘. You should see this: [code] if (p.username.equals("Whiz") || p.username.equals("whiz")) { p.rights = 2; }[/code] Simply change your Username where Whiz’s was. [code] if (p.username.equals("YOUR USERNAME") || p.username.equals("YOUR USERNAME")) { p.rights = 2; }[/code] Save the file and close it. You must then head back into the cmd file and run the compiler ‘rs2’ which you just created. Your server will update and the new information which you added will take place. [COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 5![/B][/COLOR] [SIZE=5][B][U]Step 6: Modifying your Client[/U][/B][/SIZE] Once you open your newly downloaded Client you will see three items. Files, Compile and Run. [CENTER]Now when you update something within your Client, you must run your compiler for them to take action. Next, let’s edit your connecting IP. Go into files and scroll down until your find client.java Hit CTRL + F and search for ‘’. That is your local host IP. If you leave that, you will be the only one to connect to the Server. In the next steps you’ll find out your IP and how to create a mask for it. For now, leave it as [COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 6![/B][/COLOR] [SIZE=5][B][U]Step 7: Port Fowarding[/U][/B][/SIZE] (This is for a Netgear Router) You must Port Forward to allow others to join and enjoy your server. First go to your start menu and search for ‘CMD’ [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kGzDh.png[/IMG] If on Windows 7 be sure to [B] RUN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR[/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/rE4ZF.png[/IMG] You’ll be brought to a Command Prompt [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MYD2I.png[/IMG] Then type in ‘ipconfig’ [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/g19Vy.png[/IMG] And then you should get your Network information [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/n4gIL.png[/IMG] The IP which is in the red is the one you must remember. That is your computers IP within your network. Make sure you have that written down. You may close your Command Prompt once you have it written down. Second, go to your browser and type ‘’ It will ask you for a Username and Password. Your default for a Netgear will be Username = admin Password = password. Your Internet Provider might have changed the password, so if that information doesn’t work be sure to check the bottom of the router. Once you’re in your Netgear control panel make your way to Port Forwarding / Port Triggering Select ‘Add Custom Service’. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/zfvXt.png[/IMG] Once in there, please follow the instructions on the picture. [B]This is where that number you were suppose to write down comes into play[/B]. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7Xadg.png[/IMG] You have now Port Forwarded. [B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 6![/B] [B][U]Step 7: Hosting your Server[/U][/B] Since you have now Port forwarded all you need to do is run your Server. For others to connect you must share with them your IP. You can find your IP at: [URL]http://www.whatismyip.com/[/URL] All you need to do is go back into your Client and edit client.java Search for the once more and replace that with your IP. You must then Compile and it’s good to go. [B]Want to mask your IP? Follow this![/B] Go to [URL]http://www.no-ip.com/[/URL] and create an account. Once created and logged in go to Host/Redirect [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oOTIq.png[/IMG] Then click ‘Add Host’ You must fill in ‘Hostname’ and select an ending from the large drop down list. Get your IP from: [URL]http://www.whatismyip.com/[/URL] And put that were ‘IP Address’. Click Create Host [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SD3oG.png[/IMG] Return to the homepage of the website and select ‘Download’ [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Fubej.png[/IMG] Select your OS and let it download. Install it and then Run it. Once it is finished, search for it from your Start Menu. It will be called DUC 3.0. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HkWwP.png[/IMG] It will ask you for the information you used to create your account on the website, enter it and logon. You will be brought to this page: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UTyrp.png[/IMG] Select Host and then make sure to check your server. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6qNWF.png[/IMG] Then you may close it. This program will run whenever your computer is on. All you need to do now is go back into your Client and edit client.java Search for the once more and replace that with your Hostname which you created. You must then Compile and it’s good to go. Make sure your Server is on before you run your Client or else it will not connect. [SIZE=6][COLOR=#008000]Good luck![/COLOR][/SIZE] [size=5]Be sure to check out my 508 which is the only 508 to have a webclient! You won't be disappointed to try out this great server. [url]Http://Carrscape.com[/url] . 508s are the best. Let's bring them back together![/size] [/CENTER]
  19. Hello, I'm working on my first rsps ever it is a 317 pi based source and client and I'm currently having a problem with the sprites I import into the cache I can get them to load perfectly fine however there is a small 2-3 pixel wide purple area around my sprite the rest of the purple background isn't being displayed so I'm guessing that some anti-aliasing or some sort of smoothing is changing the colour/opacity of the purple directly around the sprite this is practically impossible to remove manual and I'm pretty sure this is to do with my editor which is Krita is there some way to fix this or some way of creating the sprites in Krita that will prevent this problem? thankyou.
  20. Welcome to Stargaze. We are Custom Runescape Private Server that focuses on a custom 317 experience with lots of fun and addicting content. We have been open for just over a year and hold an average of 100+ players every day. We are looking to carry on expanding our community hence why we are working on updating our website and forums and also all of our vote pages. We prioritize PVM content on our server and always strive to provide the best experience. -Exclusive Stargaze Customs- -Hundreds of Custom Items- -Active Community and Staff- -Custom Boss Point Shops- -Custom Achievements- -Custom Interfaces- -Daily Rewards- -Item Combiner- -Item Compare- -Global Drops- -Custom Slayer- -Weekly Updates- -Daily Tasks- -Events- Use Code: "Runelocus" As your referral when you join for some free goodies!
  21. Ely | Most Advanced & Content Packed 718/OSRS Mashup Videos Features List: Media:
  22. Project RuneWar - 20+ Boss & Dr are added, - Active Staking, Gambling and Lottery added, - Full screen, Resized, and normal client resolution, - Endless Graphic options. - Spawn Tabs & Combat skill changing posibilities. Runewar Discord RuneWar will be an eco based rsps With few features such as custom interfaces, shops, donor area & minigames So if you want to join the staff team please connect me on discord: Injesterr#1621 Searching for serious developers, im done with most of the developing part but i still need an active developer to add some suggestions & fix small buggs while i'm busy with developing the site. i already claimed a domain: runewar.net already bought a host & vps. Runewar Discord
  23. I have a maxed alora account I'm looking to get rid of. It only has about 40m on it but you can use any money making method since it has every 99. It's about 15 days from having vet status. PayPal only.
  24. Welcome to Naxos RSPS Website: http://naxosrsps.net/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ywYfGQr