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  1. Meet Graetoriax the Unbroken: Features List: Media: Please note: The main thread image is one big link due to the way RuneLocus's forums layout are setup. Doesn't allow for proper viewing of the image chopped up. Forgive me. So I linked the whole image to our main homepage!
  2. Hey, I have noticed alot of RSPS related discords but they might not be that easy to find by Runescape players. Therefore I bring you: Something simply linking users to discord servers. There are various bot capabilities, features, and updates.. TYes, this is a free to use platform. There is an option to add a "Runescape" tag, this essentially allows other people from let's just say Runescape to actually join your discord, and perhaps even play your RSPS. There's basically a bot you are able to invite and you may bump your server once in a while sort of like how forums posts are bumped on this forums, they are able to be recognized more! This is just something I wanted to share, feel free to leave us feedback. *If you'd like to see something added, feel free to leave a reply* Thanks. Sneak Peak: https://gyazo.com/32a2c0ceae70abfc6ede74edc73d2aff https://discordlink.com/?page=home
  3. Hello, members of Runelocus! I'm here to show a project I've been working on for a few months. I'm new to the Runelocus community and I hope you guys will like this. KingScape will be a 718 Server loading 901 the most recent revision Which will include an adapted version of the Mining/Smithing 2.0 * Feature * * Work In Progress * * Media *
  4. PartyScape is a brand new 317 rsps with unique content. We have weekly updates and giveaways to keep our players excited. With a highly dedicated & professional staff team, we're quite motivated to provide you an ultimate game-play that has never been experienced before. PvM: Custom bosses (PartyPooper, Santas Helper) OSRS bosses (Zulrah, C.Elemental, Cerberus, Venenatis, Callisto etc.) Classic bosses(K.B.D, Corp etc) Minigames: FFA minigame Zombie slaughter Nomad’s requiem Custom Christmas event with rare prizes Barrows Revenant town Skilling: All working skills Shooting star Evil tree Other: Custom items Particles Player Owned Stores Ultimate and regular Iron-Man modes Boss pets Wildy wyrm Well of goodwill Duel arena Loyalty titles Flower poker & dicing Different donator zones with different donator benefits Highscores https://i.gyazo.com/fab725ee5ac0d030c346f223434b2f23.png
  5. RunixScape RSPS Auto-donate and Auto-vote is up. Website Media Automatically Updated Drop table, Players online table, and donation table: Highscores, Player information, and player bank viewer: Support/Contact Us System: Automatically Sends Emails: Download Page (automatically detects your operating system and shows compatible downloads):] Game Media Teleportation/Transportation System Difficulty/Prestige System Info Tab Items Donator Chest Shops Page 1 Lightsabers Red Lightsaber (Force Choke) Green Lightsaber (Force Push (Anim is cut off here you don't see it)) Purple lightsaber force kick, Blue lightsaber force pull, yellow lightsaber is force heal, white lightsaber is force pickup item... Pretty neat Ice Torva and Energy Sword - Shadow Skin, Daedric Swords, And more! Videos: Episode 1: [video=youtube;bPF_90Dhu2w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPF_90Dhu2w&feature=youtu.be[/video] Episode 2: [video=youtube;y1GBOeGEZj4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1GBOeGEZj4[/video] Episode 3: [video=youtube;gIC5JC1EUwc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIC5JC1EUwc[/video] Credits: Aviansie (skype:fbowna92) Note: Still working on much more and higher quality media and more content. Please join today and/or message me!
  6. Currently wanting to start messing with RSPS's again.. And that being said im in need of a few coders. If you're interested feel free to message me on here, and we can go from there. Must be 18+ Know wtf you're doing Must be active $$$ WILL PAY USD $$$
  7. RS101 aims to provide a friendly Community Chat for the game we love so much. We strive to not only cater for the OSRS Players, but also for RuneScape3 Addicts and RS Private Server players. Instead of browsing yourself through the Internet to gather Information for Quests, Items, current G.E Prices, train your socializing skill to 99 and do it on our Discord! There's currently a 25M 07GP Giveaway running! Join now and try your luck! Discord: https://discord.me/rs101
  8. JOIN OUR DISCORD Website: www.valius.net Play Now: Play Now Doesn't work?(For Mac users) Download [ADMIN=Introduction]Valius is an economy based Old-School private server currently loading #171 OSRS data. Our goal is to constantly create unique and creative content that all Skiller, PVM, and PVP players will enjoy while bringing a healthy dose of player-suggested content into Valius as well. After tons of fixes and a rework of the whole economy, Valius is ONLINE! [/ADMIN] Mini Raids are HERE!!! #1: Trial of Flames GIFs will be posted in the post below along with tons more Media! make sure to check it out. [ADMIN=Bosses][table="width: 250, align: center"] [tr] [td]Crazy Archaeologist[/td] [td]Chaos Fanatic[/td] [td]Venenatis[/td] [td]Vet'ion[/td] [td]Scorpia[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Callisto[/td] [td]Lizardman Shaman[/td] [td]Zulrah[/td] [td]Kraken[/td] [td]Thermonuclear Smoke Devil[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Corporeal Beast[/td] [td]Cerberus[/td] [td]CHaos Elemental[/td] [td]Gelatinnoth Mother[/td] [td]BarrelChest[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Sea Troll Queen[/td] [td]King Black Dragon[/td] [td]Godwars[/td] [td]Dagganoth Kings[/td] [td]Giant Mole[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Demonic Gorillas[/td] [td]Ancient Warriors[/td] [td]Kalphite Queen[/td] [td]Members Bosses[/td] [td]Culinaromancer[/td] [/tr] [/table] 30+ Bosses, all with Pets! [/ADMIN] [ADMIN=Features] One of a kind home area! 171 data Theatre of Blood items! Active developers and updates Quick-access shops(Shops On-The-Go) tab Bonfires(RS3 like firemaking!) ??+ Custom Skin colors! Upgrade-able armor (Bandos (i), Armadyl (i), Barrows sets (i) + More!) Multiple highscores!(Normal player, Extreme player, Classic player, Ironman & Ultimate ironman each have their own highscores chart! THREE Experience rates to choose from: Normal: 150x Exp rates, no drop rate increase. Extreme: 15x Exp rates, 5% Drop rate increase, A title dictating how EXTREME you are! Classic: 5x EXP rates, 10% Drop rate increase, A "Classic" title! Vote-4-Donator We've reworked the whole economy on Valius so that players Feel a sense of accomplishment when receiving loots Double Experience Weekends Multiple highscores!(Normal player, Extreme player, Ironman & Ultimate ironman each have their own highscores chart! A Unique and creative, one of a kind touch on content and areas Dragon Flail Beautiful home area Server Support rank(for the most helpful and informative players) with Custom sprite Friendly, active Development team and staff Raid items loads of recolored rares 100+ Pets to aquire (Boss pets, Skill pets, Slayer pets, Cluescroll pets) Bloodmoney with rewarding shops Random reward drops while skilling(caskets, clues, pets, nests, Blood money, Exp bonus outfits and more!) Skilling sets with bonus exp All skills working including Hunter! Redwood woodcutting! Get rich while skilling Slayer helmets (i) fully creatable with dmg boosts & exp bonuses Boss tasks Battle-OS interfaces Ironman & Ultimate Ironman game modes Custom Lava items(Lava spirit shield, boots, rares) with moving textures Vesta pvp armor, Statius pvp armor & Divine spirit shield! Korasi long sword with a working special attack All max capes!(including Ardougne + Lava firecape with moving textures!) Tons and Tons of outfits to aquire and choose from(Both skiller, PVM and PVP Friendly) Get your FashionScape on!!! Hundreds of Monsters to train on 100% Working Clan chat [/ADMIN] [ADMIN=Developers] Divine - Founder/Server Developer [/ADMIN] [ADMIN=Credits] Vencillio Team Riley for Mayhem base Andy for lots of Server/Website help & services Anyone who gave me ideas and feedback [/ADMIN]
  9. 2Speced is the only real oldschool runescape private server out here. 2Speced is based of the real deal from 2009. With a jam-packed home including a lot of stores and a well-thought-of skilling area, this will bring you the real oldschool vibes. 2Speced is expanded with alot of new minigames and new bosses which will never bore you. 2Speced has the most unique travelling system and has the real oldschool music to listen to! Hop on and feel the oldschool RSPS vibes. Download: Click Here Website: Click Here 2Speced Bosses Thrilling pure oldschool bosses at 2Speced. 2Speced provides you with bosses from Godwars to the almighty King Black Dragon! But... Are you able to slay the big Slash Bash too? Minigames 2Speced has many fun minigames. Castle Wars at its finest along with Fishing Trawler. Get your dharok armour from barrows. Fight your way to the Fighter's Torso at Barbarian Assault. Save the void knights from the monster raids. Challenge your friends at the Duel Arena. Defeat players for cash at Bounty Hunter. You will never get bored at 2Speced. Skills All the 474 skills are playable in 2Speced. Reach your way to the top and never get bored. Challenge your friends! Stores With such a wide area as home it is easy to fill the place with stores. 2Speced has some well-though-of stores for the perfect economy. From robes to dragon weapons. Travelling 2Speced has a unique travelling system. With one single teleport to Port Sarim where you can travel all around the world. From gnome gliding to sailing. A fun way to unlock different oldschool songs! Random Events 2Speced has some fun random events. Imagine this: You are mining at shilo village for gems and suddenly you get attacked by a Rock Golem... 2Speced has it! Download: Click Here
  10. Website Forums Play Now Discord What to look forward from RuneFlex. Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide our players with quality updates that the community has suggested. We have a very friendly and helpful staff team that are dedicated to helping and assisting you, theyre always there to assist you in any way possible. Why choose us RuneFlex plans to be around for years, a lot of people want to join a server knowing that the server isnt just going to close in a week. Who wants to dedicate time to a server thats going to be down shortly We plan on being around for years, we have a dedicated team that want this server to thrive, this server isnt going anywhere anytime soon. We have a custom PVM Ranking system, your rank will go up automatically upon reaching a certain amount of npc kills, each rank has perks We have a very friendly and experienced community, if youre a new player, dont hesitate to ask any questions Most custom servers shy away from the RangeMage aspect, and focus mainly on Melee. RangeMage is very viable on RuneFlex, plenty of players prefer the MageRange route. - All 25 Skills - Auction House - Friendly Community - IronmanUltimate Ironman Gamemode - Well Of Goodwill - 100 Achievements - Amazing Donator Benefits - Custom PVM Ranking System - Lag Free 247 Hosted - 100 Clan System - NPC Drop Tables - Custom Clue Scrolls - Auto VoteDonate - Custom Items - Custom Bosses - Custom NPCSs - Custom Pets - Shooting StarEvil Tree - Custom Minigames - Hiscores - Active Forums - Dedicated StaffDevelopment Team - Numerous bosses - Abbadon - Triobros - Abyzou heartwrencher - Iktomi the trickster - Cyrisus - Direwolf - Wildywyrm spawns every two hours) - Many custom items - Many custom pets - GWD2 was in the making just need to add 2 more bosses with drops - Fixed banning/muting with a unique system - Wilderness Resource area with custom ore and a smithing system (didnt finish it though) - Great Kourend map - Inferno map - OSRS revenants caves - Working Toxic blowpipe (With charge/uncharge/loading system) - Unique upgrading system - Player owned shops - Custom items/Monsters - 20+ Bosses - Boss points - Boss pets - Trivia points/Shop - Evil Tree - Crashed Star - Npc Drop Table - Kill log - Drop log - Duo slayer - Bank tabs - Working cannon - Money pouch (Goes past 2b cash) - Revenant Town (high wildy) - Curses/Quick Prayers - All skills trainable - Working clue scrolls - Much Much more [/SPOILER] Website Forums Play Now Discord
  11. Discord Website [Play Now] Fast Growing Community a strong player driven community that strives to bring you the most enjoyable, content filled, exciting gameplay that you will ever experience on any RSPS! If you have any suggestions or comments for us, then please don't hesitate to post them on our community forums. CUSTOM CO-OP minigames NEW Custom Minigame PRISONERS on LoyaltyScape! First custom multi-tiered team based minigame since Castle Wars! Escape as a prisoner from Melzar the Mad’s prison or join the dark wizards to stop the prisoners from escaping! Best strategy minigame yet! Epic Loot Many great tresures and other rewards await you around the corner! we have Donation Boxes// Legendary Mystery Boxes, that offer TONS OF rewards! also npcs drop caskets, and bosses have amazing loot ! dont forget to search EVERYWHERE! GENERAL KHAZARD Take part in an epic battle with one of the strongest bosses in the planet! he drops EPIC loot! you wouldnt want to miss out ! Iron Man Mode Test your might and your will in this epic game mode. 1 life only. Can you do it? Unique PVM Train on a vast playing field with rare drops at reasonable rates from multiple bosses with a very unique boss point shop for great gear! Six game modes! create and combine your own special super class! by selecting from one of the 6 game modes! :: normal/ pk mode/ iornamn/ hcim/ normal game mode and rates / Medium game mode increases 5% drop rate/ Professional game mode 10% drop rate / Expert 15% drop rate Recent Updates Updated log in screen // currently working on the teleport innerface // updates to FFA // updated donator zones // upgrades to ZULRAH// daily updates and more! check out our forums to keep updated on all the changes! or join our DISCORD
  12. Hi, my name is Forty and I'm looking to make a RSPS but i have no experience with Java coding or coding in general, I have a lot of experience with RS and have a lot of time on my hands to help the project out, I am a Graphics Designer and a Social Media Marketer so I know how to grow an audience and i know how to keep people playing because of the amount of hours I've put into most RSPS i play to this day. If you would like to help please join my Discord so we can discus possible payments and maybe even partnerships. DISCORD [CLICK ME]
  13. Ive been wanting to get back into making a rsps, and was hoping that some one would be interested in help me get one up and running. I dont currently have a vps but intend to get one in the future. Already have source and client files but can change if needed. If you have some background knowledge in making an rsps or have programming experience and would like to offer help that would be great! You can email me at [email protected]
  14. looking for a java programmer interested in giving extra help in launching my sever (unpaid) but probably after the launch will be hired as official programmer call me discord if you have interest in help and to be a bigger with us ! HijaZi#6717
  15. Click the logo to visit our website. Play Now | Discord Media Features β€’ Client zooming in/out β€’ Custom Dungeoneering β€’ Custom Construction β€’ Pyramid Plunder β€’ Dominion Tower β€’ Squeal of Fortune β€’ Clan Wars β€’ Duel Arena β€’ Staking β€’ Recipe for Disaster (minigame) β€’ Glacors β€’ Fairy ring β€’ Forinthry Dungeon β€’ Loyalty points β€’ Kuradal's Dungeon β€’ Fight Cave β€’ Fight Kiln β€’ Queen Black Dragon β€’ Barrows β€’ Jadinko Lair β€’ Frost Dragons β€’ Slayer Tower β€’ Polypore Dungeon β€’ Corporeal Beast β€’ Kalphite Queen β€’ Bork β€’ Tormented Demons β€’ God Wars Dungeon (including Nex) β€’ Pest Control β€’ Player customisation β€’ Completionist cape requirements β€’ Dominion Tower β€’ PvM points β€’ Gilded altar (home) β€’ Squeal of Fortune β€’ Soul Wars β€’ Money pouch β€’ Vorago β€’ Puro-Puro β€’ Flower games β€’ Dice games β€’ No cash nulls β€’ Item lending β€’ Warriors' Guild β€’ Castle Wars β€’ Clan Chat β€’ Working Notes β€’ Abyssal whip and Dark bow colouring β€’ Polypore staff making β€’ TokHaar-Kal cape upgrading β€’ Tanning hides β€’ Pest Queen β€’ Blink β€’ Cannoneer's β€’ Handcannon β€’ Teleporting system β€’ 104m experience master capes β€’ Runespan β€’ Nomad's Requiem (miniquest) About As you may have seen, there's nothing that hasn't already been done with Lunar, if anything, Lunar is outdated, our goal is to bring back those 2013/2014 times with the 718 revisions. Some of you will notice instantly that Lunar is very similar to SiriusX and BoomScape, this is because it's the same source. We aim to keep everything we do professional. Lunar will be around for a long time, even if the player base isn't as expected. We want everyone to just have fun.
  16. Website Community Highscores Voting Download Crezion is a 718 loading RS3 RuneScape Private Server aimed at entertainment made by Crezion's Development Team for players & focusing on player satiscation with daily updates and a large amount of content, which is already available.. Crezion aims to capture a flawless gameplay experience for our players with features that the community wants rather than what the development team. Crezion's Features [*]Play Style - Ironman & Regular. [*]EXP Modes - Four different experience modes. [*]Construction - Most rooms are build able (saving furniture & room creation), supports a functioning build mode, multiple floors including dungeons, supports toggling, guests & kicking. [*]Clan System - Creating, joining, leaving, rank giver, color changing & motto’s, chatting & guests. [*]Toolbelt System - Supporting all kind of Tool, using them to do skills. [*]Achievements - Loads of Achievements to do to obtain the Completionist Capes! [*]RS3 Models - Boss pets, Mastery capes & Tier 90 armours. [*]Grand Exchange - Fully functioning player-based grand exchange including history & the stats/requirements of the items is being shown [*]MoneyPouch - Working adding & withdrawing, supporting stores. [*]Hunter - Supporting birdsnares (crimson swifts, tropical wagtail, wimpy birds, the golden warbler, copper longtails) & box snares (nearly for all kind, such as; grenwalls, chinchompas, geckos, racoons etc), also including falconry. [*]Slayer System - Supporting cooperative slayer, slayer masters which requires their own requirements, working enchanted & ring of slayer. [*]Farming System - Mostly all kind of patches are supported & use of all farming related tools. [*]Shortcuts - Supporting worldwide shortcuts (requires different levels of agility). [*]Magic Skill - Supporting all kind of spell books, transportation, alchemy (profit) & enchanting. [*]Reqs & Achievements - There are bunch of requirements to obtain Completionist. [*]Summoning - Pouch & Scroll Creation, including most familiars. [*]Lodestone Network - Activation, animation & short cutscene. [*]Clue Scrolls - Over 20 clues, including interface & epic rewards. [*]Duel Arena & Anywhere - You're allowed to send send a challenge anywhere. Perfected system including, friendly & stake duels. [*]Pest Control - Landers, player requirements, lobby, joining, timer & rewards interface.
  17. So I got this error which I have no idea how to fix or set the path for on eclipse, can anyone help me? https://imgur.com/74WiDTG
  18. [B]On behalf of Pase from Rune-Server.[/B] [SIZE=4]Important Information[/SIZE] [B]* More templates will be added as time passes and templates can be bought out.[/B] * Prices are discussed over Skype. Add PaseHD * Private requests are also done over Skype. Add PaseHD * Small changes upon early request are free. [SIZE=4]What I Do[/SIZE] - Website Templates - Custom Websites - Highscores (Separate work to the templates) - Donation System (Separate work to the templates) [SIZE=4]Templates[/SIZE] RuneYou (HTML/CSS/JS) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gqIwVfI.jpg[/IMG] Genuis Reborn (HTML/CSS/JS) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/luY8g2f.jpg[/IMG] Light Revolution (HTML/CSS/JS) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/X4AQXcC.jpg[/IMG] [SIZE=4]Contact[/SIZE] Skype: PaseHD
  19. AstralPS

    Cache downloader

    Hey guys, i can't find a fix and i don't know what i did wrong, please help.. ;( This is what error i got... Used this guide: This is where i uploaded files.. Cache downloader Checked alot of times what i did wrong but still can't find.. help plz
  20. metanoia


    Website Forums Check out the Boss Pictures here: Thanks! See you In-Game
  21. Welcome, thank you taking a look at my Advertisement thread. I've been messing around with a 718 server and creating it to my own liking and adding some cool content that some other servers don't have. I'm creating a free to play server no microtransaction no donating none of that bullshit. Why? Because every server I see on here always has something related to donating for better items memberzone ect ect ect.... I was trying to create a 317 but I just didn't feel it was right... So I switched back to 718s I feel like there needs to be a bigger community torwards 718s that aren't just download and host. I've been putting work into this and I've been learning while doing so. I've added some of my own content (No its not great ofc) But it is good. It's my own it's never before seen. which is what a player wants. So lets continue shall we? Yes indeed! We are VPS hosted to insure low downtime (If any at all only for updates) Which will be monitored everyday. So thank god for that! Welcome to your new home area. I've never seen it used in servers (Although I don't play alot) It's content packed with a load of shops. Everything you find will be free to the player... I've created a super user friendly interface under the task tab. There you can easily teleport around, obtain a new daily task. And of course as you can see above. Access different locations. There is a in depth help guide to Alterin. To help any player! It will also be udpated accordingly to the community. I loved this idea I came up with I feel like it will "handle" most of what you need. A lot of servers I see have pretty lame banks, I added players to login with some great outfits and better starting items. Nothing special here... I've added a cool login interface that changes to a new message upon every login. Thought it was neat. You can disable it under your settings... Which is also neat. good image hosting sites I'm always adding some new content or something different for the players. Although I'm ready to launch my beta version so I can get real player input on this. I've done some combat tweaking to some bosses and added a pretty cool path finding for NPCS. It was more mainly for summoning pets but I used it for this boss tweaking. Eh? Well what do you think? Just download that easy JAR file (Java is required) And just login and play straight away. No strings attached... There is a website (Sorta I'm finishing that up) You can click above or download right here Run Alterin 718 Updates
  22. Hello everyone! Today we unveil our newest RSPS project, Lucidity! It is a server that we've put much work into over the past month or so, ranging from small bug fixes, to completely redoing home, shops, and skilling areas! We have many cool features implemented into the server as well like custom currency for doing almost anything on the server that you can spend at their respective shops! Skilling? Skill Points! Combat? PvM/Boss points! You even get some for just playing for extended periods of time! While we've put a lot of work into it and remained very nit-picky on what and how we wanted this server to feel like, we hope that some of you will consider playing along with us and help us improve. Its a very new thing and a small, tight knit community being built. So no over-saturation of players, and an economy that still needs to be established. We hope you can be a part of that with us. Here are some small things you can look forward to on Lucidity: - Fully functional skills, with working skill cape emotes! - Max capes of all variations! - Customization in your screen size (Fixed, Resizable, Fullscreen) - Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Modes! - Fully working bosses, wildy bosses, minigames, and special events! Such as Corpreal Beast, Callisto, Cerberus, Ancient Warriors, Barrows, and many, many more! - Pet drops from bosses and skilling! The rest you'll have to just see for yourself! Interested? Come join us now while 2XP is active ALL weekend! Go here to download our client!
  23. Hi i am new to eclipse and rsps trying to learn . the rsps source and client are set up a little different that the one i first learned how to set up on eclipse . when i get the client window running it gets stuck on "connecting to update server " and i get this error