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Found 4 results

  1. help with 711 changing ip's urgent help pls QuoteModifyRemove hi i have a 711 rsps and i made and coded everything in it and its all good working perfectly i just now need to know how to run it , i open the compile or run it says: (the system cannot find the path specified) says this both on client and source and i already have the cache and everything downloaded and unextracted , soo i really need help running it and to know also how to change the IP to post it up and running, so if anyone could please help me figure this out and help me run it it would be wonderful skype: mamali.tahamtan thankyou very much.
  2. need help need a coder that can setup a 728 rsps , and a coder that can code 728's urgently please .. will even pay if thats what it takes no problem just need a coder for 728 setup and coding asap... if you can help out please comment or add me (msn: [email][email protected][/email] or skype: (thedude31) thankyou regards ( malimt )
  3. [SIZE=6][FONT=Impact][COLOR="#00FF00"]RsPsVeTeRaN Here![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] [SIZE=2][COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Arial]To announce that im putting a new server developing team together. We as a team will decide the server name, source, and anything else. This will be a group effort. If you wanna join, you cannot think your ganna run the server and the team.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="#FFA500"]Here is a little about myself. I am a pretty decent coder. I am great With GFX editing. I can edit videos, make nice Photoshop backgrounds, signatures.....etc. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=5]I am looking for -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=2]1. Coders 2. GFX artists 3. Advertisers 4. Some one that can Host til we get a VPS[/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][SIZE=6]if ur interested post a reply, or add me on Skype. Mys Skype username is RsPsVeTeRaN[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  4. OK so i just got a new source and client from a guy who gave me permission to use it but it wont let me log in it says error connecting...my no-ip is:blingscape.no-ip.org i checked and its online i know i am suppose to connect locally because i am the host(i just started codeing again but haven't coded in a year so my skill are rusty and old-school so please help me out). i have team viewer and i am willing to use it(i would prefer team viewer but any help would be appreciate). thank you.