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Found 145 results

  1. Selling RSGP private message me if its legal to sell RSGP here
  2. I noticed some people have lack of patience, including myself at times. Although I have questions myself still when it comes to private servers, I am offering my help in exchange for RS3 gold. My Skype is Cjbeforlife, we would be doing it over team viewer, so it would be a learning experience for you as well. We can talk about what you want done and cost over Skype, as I said I still have my own questions so if it is something I cannot do I will notify you prior so you don't waste time or your gold. If this was an inappropriate spot for my post I apologize feel free to remove it. :)
  3. For some reason, I have port 5555 open, runelocus says my server is online, canuseeme says port is open, but when I try to log in through my client it says No response from server. Please try using a different world and theirs say error connecting to server.
  4. I open my port 5555 on my router and In U torrent, and it says that the port is open, I try to run my server and it says port or adress is in use or something, After that I thinking that its because I have it open on two ports, So I close it on my router and it says the port is not open while its open on utorrent So I TRY to switch it around and open it on my router then leave utorrent closed and it still says its closed Help please?
  5. I want to make a japanese version RSGP, but you know the chat box can only be inputted with language like english, I want to know is there any method about how to make the RSPS can be inputted with japanese? Sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother language, and I really want my japanese friend can play the awsome game with japanese, please help.
  6. Hello everyone, if you need any sort of help, name the price your paying for me in rsgp, and ill gladly do the best i can to help you.
  7. basically i am port forwarding , i try to open up the port 43594 but however it seems like it is not opening , can someone teamview me or give me some advice on how to get this running , i have reset my router and still not working i have the router hauwei echolife hg520b! heres what i entered: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8245[/ATTACH] and also the ivp4 is correct : [ATTACH=CONFIG]8246[/ATTACH] SOMEONE PLEASE HELP URGENT I CAN TEAMVIEW :D<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3lolking:eek:
  8. Dear Users, Over the past couple of months I have been working with and getting more familiar with forum development then ever. I feel as if I can help and create a simple but well made forum for a very low cost. From starting before the summer and taking classes throughout the summer my knowledge has grown to quite an extent. As for school, I am taking two courses that are related to web development and HTML/BBC Code. I offer these services to anybody, but especially newly made rsps that might have trouble setting up a nice, but simple forum. Here is a list of what I offer as well as a description: [B][LIST] For people who cannot read, im not just installing the forum. I'm making it complete. [*] SMF Forum Installation + Forum Setup -This includes the SMF Forum Software installed on your website as well as the configuration, boards, member groups, all to be assigned so you do not have to. [*] vBulletin Installation + Forum Setup (Requires License)- This includes the software to be installed on your website as well as the configuration, boards, member groups, all to be assigned. [*] Invision Power Board Installation + Forum Setup (Requires License)- This includes the IPB Software to be installed on your website as well as the configuration, boards, member groups, all to be assigned. [*] Website + VPS Setup- This includes the creation of your site as well as vps set up that you acquire. [/LIST][/B] Pricing (Discounts in Paypal) SMF Forum Installation + Forum Setup= $7.00 12M vBulletin Installation + Forum Setup= $7.00 12M Invision Power Board Installation + Forum Setup= $7.00 12M Website + VPS Setup- $4.00 7M Contact Info- If you are interested please pm me how you are paying and what you want done. Skype: Soccerbro138 Pm me on here as well if you do not have skype. I Promise that my services are great and that you will like them. If under any circumstances where you do not like the work that I have done you have the right to not pay me, but I have the right to delete everything that I have worked on. I will make this simple as ever, if you feel uncomfortable you can pay me after the service is done, however if I sense that I am being scammed. I am just going to stop what I am doing. Note: When I mean Forum Installation + Setup; I mean themes,membergroups,permissions,banners,logos,boards,mods,and widgets will be added into the setup. ONLY POST HERE TO VOUCH OR IF YOU ARE INTERESTING IN BUYING, PLEASE DON'T FLAME OR SPAM ON MY TOPIC.
  9. If u can set up a working vote shop for like spin tickets and other items, and how they can claim it in game add me on skype
  10. hello i am looking for a coder for my rsps Its a 667 What i need atm? Atm i have a problem with the trading What i have to offer? Well on my main runescape account i have 91mil What other i can give? I can also give you my runescape main account with all items buts its not members (It Was members) How i work? You add me on skype and we will speak from there i can show you my runescape account on teamviwer/Skype Screenshare My skype: [COLOR="#FF0000"]skillzatcodz[/COLOR]
  11. Hello,right now i can play my rsps(not really mine.i leeched.yes i know im a fag.im giving credits though.like 90% of it.),however,when my friend tries to connect he gets the "error connecting to server" Few things to note: 1)Yes im portfowarded. 2)Yes,the server is running. 3)Yes,i have no ip. Also,i already did this: [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/avlrx1.jpg[/IMG] ^ Did i do it right? or is actually supposed to be my ip of my no-ip (eg 192.x.x.x) or am i doing it right
  12. i need help please with compiling every compiler i use it never works also i need the new link for jdk and the classpath yes i aware im a noob but if i get help ill pay 10m rsgp
  13. i have a server i coded already but when i try to make it public it says error connecting to server. why?
  14. I know it has to be something simple and something dumb i just happened to overlook. but i have read guide after guide after guide. None of the bs they try to tell me works and its funny how every guide has different info on the same subject. But onto the problem. i made a server. can play it myself. have a no-ip for it called pyre-pk bla bla. portforwarded(i think). i have no idea how to make this public and most guides i read say to change the ips in the gui.java file to your no ip adress. well when i do that i go from being able to log in to gettin error connecting to server. wtf happened? btw i THINK im portforwarded cus when i check the port on websites it says open. when i portforward i have to do the web browser using which obviously a lot of ppl dont because they have netgear or linksys's easy click here click here okay youre done. but hope thats enough info for you to help me. if you can and it is runnin and my friends can log in then ill make you co-owner or pay you up to 50m rsgp.
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6918[/ATTACH] Few things to note: 1)I AM portfowarded. 2)I did go to client.java and set it to 3)The 2mrsgp is legit.If i scam report me and kick me in the balls. ALSO,i think its the problem with the run.bat (server sided). It says server listening to port think i have to change to any other ideas? Please help.
  16. need help with making rsps 525 or 562 (from port forward) at the end of it if you want go added me on facebook name :[url]https://www.facebook.com/mohmmed.bshote?ref=tn_tnmn[/url] or at msn : [email][email protected][/email]
  17. As the title says paying if someone can help me
  18. please help me to create a webclinet for my rsps i pay cash skype : nikan1212
  19. hi i paying rsgp please help to set mine server online .
  20. i p

    vps help paying rsgp

    so i bought a vps plan from x10vps and now i cant connect via my desctop panel if eny 1 could help me im paying 10m rsgp thanks.
  21. hi i dont know how to add super donator in 317 rsps please help me paying 5m rsgp my skype is:nikan1212
  22. need help coding skype:ish3zz paying rsgp
  23. Need some1 to make a good homepage to my 718 . skype Joker22157
  24. If you can find a fix for this bug [url=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?80323-Trade-Bug]HERE[/url] Ill pay you 2m RSGP. Add me on skype, mario4141718.
  25. No longer run a 317.