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Found 3 results

  1. epuxzrewr

    Rotating NPC's?

    I've been looking around everywhere trying to find a solution and can't find one at all. But surely there must be some way to do this. I've heard about changing their walk values however that does nothing. If anyone has solved this please reply. Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to rotate an object diagonally without being restricted to the 0, -1, -2 and -3 rotations?
  3. Im making a zombie game in java and i need help checking collisions when the bullets of the gun hit the zombie. I am using a Rectangle object to help detect collisions with the zombie and the player, but when the player rotates the bullet Rectangle objects dont rotate with the bullet shape thats on the screen sorry for the terrible explenation but here is a pic [ATTACH=CONFIG]4880[/ATTACH] so the vertical orange lines are where the bullet rectangle collisions are and the yellow ones around the zombies are the actual displayed ones if anyone wants the code for it to help me out too thats cool because i know i did a shit job of explaining... :p