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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings gentlemen and gentleladies, I have become extremely frustrated with matrix at this point. A few hours of searching have pretty well resulted in the same issue over and over. First I simply added the spawns in packedspawns.txt, deleted the .p and restarted. All dandy, they spawned. They didn't move however, and I wasn't able to attack them. Then I began to tweak the combat definitions, still with no luck. Moved onto the NPC.java to enable walking. Added: [code]if(id == 1265) setRandomWalk(false); //also tried true if(id == 1267) setRandomWalk(false); //also tried true [/code] Above: [code]if (isForceWalking()) {[/code] Still won't move. Tried various other solutions. Then I tried this tutorial: [url]https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=553733.0[/url] Still nothing. Am I missing something, as that tutorial added the spawns via an old method, why am I unable to make them move? Is there some method somewhere stopping their movement that I need to override? I also tried adding a case here in NPC.java: [code]private static boolean forceRandomWalk(int npcId) { switch (npcId) { case 11226: return true; case 3341: case 3342: case 3343: case 1267: case 1265: return true; default: return false; /* * default: return NPCDefinitions.getNPCDefinitions(npcId).name * .equals("Icy Bones"); */ } }[/code] Again no luck for movement. Thanks for the help fellas! [s]EDIT: NPC 1267 is attackable, but not 1265.[/s] Nevermind, only attackable when spawned by command. [B][U]SOLVED![/U][/B] To fix this issue, go into your unpackedspawns.txt, and remove any inline comments from your spawns: From: [code] 580 - 2588 3088 0 //MAGE TRADER 2 BANK [/code] To: [code] //MAGE TRADER 2 BANK 580 - 2588 3088 0 [/code]