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Found 3 results

  1. Well before you guys start reading the thread. I want you all to know that I know I have made many different development threads and have never actually finished one. This time is different. I promise to have atleast a beta running by the 23rd of september. OT: Welcome to the official RisingEmpire Development Thread. I will be using this to keep you guys updated on things I add to RisingEmpire and things other people add to RisingEmpire. Information: Name: RisingEmpire Website: [url]http://www.RisingEmpireftw.com/[/url] Base: Matrix 718/723 Revision: 718/734+ [SPOILER=Updates] Added Squeal Of Fortune Added Grotworm Dungeon Added Money Pouch Uploaded Everything to VPS. Working On client. Added Highscores Added Shops Added Boards to Forums and applied a skin. Added The Veteran Cape (10 Years) SkillCape Emote. Added Automatic Server Messages. Edit Them In "data/messages.txt" New Mr.Ex Dialogue and Teleports. Got To Add NPC Spawns For Glacors and Frost Dragons If Not Already Added. Added Toy Horsey and Tizen's Advanced Control Panel. - Auto Donations fully work now! Thanks to a service on here for doing this for us :P - Made a ::home command that works like a Lodestone - Changed the Lodestone teleporting to new Animation and GFX - Fixed MoneyPouch glitch. Now we have it 100% - Decided that a Citadel might be our home? We'll see. - Still not much work done to the website yet lol - We have all emotes working like RuneScape. Finally figured out why they didn't work. - Totally redid all the commands. - Worked a bit on GrandExchange. - Fixed some XTEAS - Added where the MoneyPouch makes the noise when it opens and closes. - Added all 100% Emotes but the last few will not work. - Perfected a Random Beginner Tutorial - Fixed a Weird AGS dupe O.o - Fixed almost all warnings in source + client - Starting on Grand Exchange - Added Automatic Server Messages + They Don't Spam Chatbox - Downgraded to 732 cache, could figure out all the new opcodes - New MrEx Teleports - Veteran Cape 10 Years SkillCape Emote - Few Tweaks - Got Webclient Page, Now waiting to add jar at day of release. - Found Spectacular GFX's and Animations used with 734 cache! Will be working on finding more and applying some sweetness with a bit of awesomeness! - Changed Template - Arcane added all the Forum Boards. - Still working on client. [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Media] [img]http://i49.tinypic.com/ionfw2.png[/img] [img]http://i46.tinypic.com/b805y0.png[/img] [img]http://i48.tinypic.com/2e0u61d.png[/img] [img]http://i47.tinypic.com/1551n9l.png[/img] [img]http://i47.tinypic.com/107paox.png[/img] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/u1p2e.png[/img] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/2jtk7s.png[/img] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Development Team] RisingKing ArcaneStream [/SPOILER] If you want to apply for the development team just pm me or apply below. I would like custom applications :D I hope you guys support me even if you don't want to and I will be keeping you updated often!
  2. Hello people of runelocus. As most of you know Matrix 718/723 was released yesterday. I will be making a new server based on this source. I will be looking into the matrix files and editing some of them and fixing some of them. This is not a leach as I will be working on it. Below I will have my progress so far and my staff applications. [spoiler=Things I have to do] Fix RuneSpan Dungeoneering Combat Beta Two worlds - Spawn & Eco Clan camp and clan Citadels Squeal of Fortune Grand Exchange Loyalty Points Quests And much more +[/spoiler] [spoiler=Things I've done already] Added ALL npc combat Definitions Fixing Shops (halfway there) Added all Item bonuses Added a few shops Added Glacors(Did not use the tutorial) Added Jadinko Lair Added NPC Drops Added Money Pouch Custom Quest Tab [/spoiler] [spoiler=Media] [spoiler=Videos]Coming Soon![/spoiler] [spoiler=Pictures]Coming Soon![/spoiler] [/spoiler] I am looking for a Website Developer and Server Developers. If you are interested fill out the application and I will consider you and talk to you further via Skype. [spoiler=Applications] *Name - Age - *Experience? *Position Wanted - Time Zone - [/spoiler] I have all staff available as well so if you want to apply for that you may. Thankyou for taking your time and reading this. I will miss Matrix but it had to end one day.
  3. [CENTER][img]http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt96/SquigHopper/Rising_empire_vectorized.png[/img][/CENTER] Intro: Hello RuneLocus. My name is Rising King and I have had many projects before and have finished them but never made them public. This project is different. RisingEmpire is a server that is currently under construction. I am not one of those Noobs that can't even change the tutorial on there server. I have made a couple of updates as I had to start over. I will post the updates below and some images as well. This will be the best 667 Loading 706 Website: [url]http://www.RisingEmpireftw.com[/url] WebClient Beta: [url]http://www.risingempireftw.com/Play.html[/url] (adding in 5 mins) Updates: [4/7/2012]Removed Tutorial [4/7/2012]Added Trade [4/7/2012]Added Shops [4/7/2012]Changed Home [4/7/2012]Added Starter [4/7/2012]Currently Adding pets