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Found 45 results

  1. IF YOU USED THIS PLEASE COMMENT OR SAY THANK YOU ATLEAST =p I will make this plain and simple. As simple as i can =p i wrote this up in 30 minutes post errors or constructive criticism please 1.open client.java 2.search [code]cr1[/code] 3.copy the last line and replace the number with 4 and whatever number changes, change it respectively. 4.next after you have finished searching for that search for[code] modicon[/code] next i will explain a little something before we go to the next step... byte0 = 1 means that when you set the player rights to 1 it will load that crown 5.search "modicon" and replace what looks like:: [code]if(byte0 == 1) { modIcons[0].drawBackground(xPos + 1, yPos - 12); xPos += 14; [/code] make a new line that says:: [code] } else if(byte0 == 4) { "what ever you will name your crown".drawSprite(xPos + 1, yPos - 12); xPos += 14; [/code] for example for donator icon i named my icon donatorIcon so i would put [code] } else if(byte0 == 4) { donatorIcon.drawSprite(xPos + 1, yPos - 12); xPos += 14; [/code] keep searching modicons till you have added "the name of your crown" and replaced drawBackground with drawSprite. now after you are done with that double checked you have replaced all of them correctly, compile and make sure you have no errors, if you do come up with errors redo this until it works. now for a pretty simple part. still in client.java search [code]declare custom sprites[/code]and type:: private sprite "the name of your sprite" mine looks like [code]private sprite donatorIcon;[/code] then search [code]custom sprite unpacking[/code] should be above it. and then type:: [code] donatorIcon = new Sprite("donatorIcon"); [/code] now compile make sure you dont have errors. now what to do next is if you have a sprites folder go into it and add whatever sprite you want for your icon to the folder and make sure the name is:: [code]donatorIcon.PNG[/code] "make sure it is a .PNG file or it WILL NOT LOAD!" also make sure it is the same name as u replaced modicons[3] with. if you dont have a sprite folder thats not in the cache then do this. cache folder>sprites folder>add donatorIcon.PNG save compile run and for whatever you set your rights set them to that setting and talk. should be done =] post any errors
  2. Hi, i want to know if theres any type of tutorial to add crowns that works. I already try so many of them. Im using deathlypvpz but crown system is kinda fucked up and i want to know if anyone could help me, that would be really awesome :) Thanks
  3. hey guys, so i recently got back into my RSPS & i recently made my own server. Most of the coding stuff is pretty straight forward. I [B]DO KNOW HOW TO MAKE MYSELF OWNER, [/B]however.. even when i do, some of the commands i try doing, wont let me because apparently i am [B]NOT THE OWNER.[/B] For example, i tried to do ::item 773 1 --- ( perfect ring ) & i got a message saying "(PLAYER NAME) does NOT give you permission to spawn this item, OWNER ONLY ITEM. Please if you have the answer to my problem, i'd really appreciate it. impatiently waiting, Memz ;)
  4. Who's all for gay rights? Debate !
  5. I use Insanityx V6.1 base. I made two characters. The only difference is character rights. character rights = 2 is admin and can ::yell character rights = 3 is owner and can not ::yell All the rest is same. Only character rights are different and name+password. Can anybody help?
  6. Hey guys So i desperately need some help here. I'm trying to add DonatorRights to my server but i keep getting issues. DonatorRights are set to 4 [code] if (c.playerRights >= 4) { rank = "[Donator]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } [/code] and if i make a command say this [code] if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.playerRights > 2 || c.playerRights > 4) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } [/code] then it WILL work but the problem is is that the donators can use all staff commands. But then i read around and heard that if you do this it will remove the ability for donators to use staff commands (Must do this for player rights on every staff command) only the groups with the permissions like the below can use it: [code] if (playerCommand.equals("bank") && c.playerRights == 2 || c.playerRights == 3) { c.getPA().openUpBank(); } [/code] Now the code does prevent donators from using the command but then when your staff and you use ANY command such as ::edge the command will work but when you spawn the bank will automatically open. Now i tried removing the bank command and trying the above code but then it just uses the next command. So if your next command was a god command (To fly around like your god) then when you use a command it will start the last command as well. So i did more research, I read that to try using c.IsDonator == 1 (or whatever it was) and it could work, So i tried that but then all i got when compiling was an error that c.IsDonator is not a statement. _________________________________________ and now i just tried adding this: [url]https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,503961.0.html[/url] then i made a teleport as such: [code] if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.isDonator == 1 || c.playerRights > 3) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } [/code] and it does yes work and theres no staff command problems on the staff side BUT donators can STILL use staff commands, even after adding this. i even updated this: [code] @Override public void processPacket(Client c, int packetType, int packetSize) { String playerCommand = c.getInStream().readString(); if(Config.SERVER_DEBUG) Misc.println(c.playerName+" playerCommand: "+playerCommand); if (playerCommand.startsWith("/") && playerCommand.length() > 1) { if (c.clanId >= 0) { System.out.println(playerCommand); playerCommand = playerCommand.substring(1); Server.clanChat.playerMessageToClan(c.playerId, playerCommand, c.clanId); } else { String rank = ""; String Message = playerCommand.substring(1); if (c.playerRights >= 0) { rank = "[Player]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; if (c.playerRights >= 1) { rank = "@[email protected][Mod]@[email protected]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } if (c.playerRights >= 2) { rank = "@[email protected][Admin]@[email protected]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } if (c.playerRights >= 3) { rank = "@[email protected][Owner]@[email protected]["+ Misc.ucFirst(c.playerName) +"]: "; } if (c.isDonator == 1) { rank = "[Donator] ["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[j]; c2.sendMessage(rank+Message); } } } } return; } [/code] __________________________________ and i just tried this also. [code] //Donators Commands if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.isDonator == 1 || c.playerRights > 2 || c.playerRights < 3) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } //End Donators Commands [/code] as well as i have tried this: [code] //Donators Commands if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.isDonator == 1 || c.playerRights == 3 || c.playerRights == 2) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } //End Donators Commands [/code] That also did NOT work. Donators can STILL use staff commands. So far i cant win. Makes it impossible to add Donators rights. Does anyone have a fix for this? I want to add DonatorRights but also have it so that they CANT use staff commands. I am using a Project Insanity base.
  7. PLEASE READ FIRST:: I will give 5$ over paypal to anybody who can SUCCESSFULLY get my source to change rights. WARNING: this is not your average source, i have changed player rights before. My source is [SIZE=5]@@@@@(VANITY)@@@@@[/SIZE] If you can help me change the player rights I will rep+ you and give you five dollars If you help and fail I will rep+ you but you will not recieve the 5$ reward, thank you [SIZE=5]I will need help using skype and I will share my screen, Thank You[/SIZE]
  8. kendal

    Changing Rights

    Using vanity v1 source and files are very wierd. after i change rights, it changes itself back to 0 and idk how to change
  9. hi.. how can i change my rights to owner in my rsps rune-evo 718???
  10. Having some troubles with rights using dementhium source mods have more rights then admins i've been trying to fix for so long please add my skype @ [B][U]tjl.beatz[/U][/B]
  11. hey, im new to this and all but i was wondering how i can make myself donator? any ideas, thanks:)
  12. so ye this is what it looks like [url]http://prntscr.com/1js3o1[/url]
  13. So I am trying to make it so on my server i can make a zone where only super donator/extreme donator can go. So like a special place with special benefit's for super donator/Extreme Donator. [B][I][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]How it is now![/COLOR][/U][/I][/B] 0 = Regular Player, 1 = Moderator, 2= Administrator, 3= Owner 4=Donator [B][I][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]How i want it to be![/COLOR][/U][/I][/B] 0 = Regular Player, 1 = Moderator, 2= Administrator, 3= Owner 4=Donator, 5= Super Donator, 6= Extreme Donator. Thanks, Keith
  14. xwrekt

    Player rights titles

    I can't seem to find where to change them. SOMEONE must know.....help me please. Thanks, much appreciated.
  15. I've tried 1-5 in the character-rights while editing my character's file and I will get the crown, but I am unable to spawn items, how do I fix this?
  16. [CENTER]RuneLocus badges seem to be a great update so i have made only a couple of the ' special ' badges . Ok first up we have the dds badge [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2dhwnxl.png[/IMG] To obtain this , you will need to provide sufficient evidence of dragon dagger(p++) spec attacking an opponent. Next up we have the abyssal whip [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/k99w1f.png[/IMG] To obtain this, you will need to provide sufficient evidence of using an abyssal whip and attacking an opponent. Finally we have vengeance [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/nzhu34.png[/IMG] To obtain this, you will need to provide sufficient evidence of using the vengeance spell @Ikiliki , Feel free to use them if you wish [/CENTER]
  17. how to change rights on a 718 when the files is on computer languagE? plz help me!
  18. There's no player file or Characters file, what do I do?
  19. runetube2k9

    Player rights

    How do I give my players on my 718 server, rights to use ::master and ::setlvl?
  20. Xandorious


    How do I add new rights, I already have in Commands but I don't know how to add the crowns and stuff, which file is that in? (for example 3 is admin, 2 is mod, 1 is donator, 0 is player) But when someone types in a message the admin crown shows up for 2 and mod crown shows up for 1 in public/private/clan how do I change that or is there a tutorial you could link me thx? NOTE: THIS IS DEMENTHIUM 639 SOURCE/CLIENT.
  21. How would I change "item" and "master" to make it to where anyone can use it? thanks in advance
  22. I don't know how to set my player rights without being able to manually edit the player files, there's no commands for it either.
  23. Need a little help on how to add the correct sprite to the correct rights. let me explain. i have 3 donator ranks [donator][super donator] and [extreme donator] now I have forum mod and server support rank, then mod =1 admin =2 but these up here ^ are commands. like ;;givesuperdonator (name) ect. I need to know how to make these rights only match the icon beside their name then I need to make it so they cant use the console if you've worked with this before. its a 718/728 and their is no floatbuffer.java in my client. 4- donator 5-super donator 6- extream donator I've got T.V <<