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Found 2 results

  1. I know about fifteen thousand of these threads have been made already, but after brainstorming for a bit, and trying to figure out what brought people here in the first place, and made them stay, I think I have the solutions to some problems. This wouldn't be a huge re-haul of RuneLocus, but it would have a little change. To begin, I'd like to say that RuneLocus needs to start making money. Even non-profit organizations rely on paid employees. So, the first thing that would need to be done is to figure out how to make more money, and to start budgeting it well. I'm not saying that RuneLocus should be run 100% like a business, but if you want to be able to keep it alive during harder times, a saved amount of money is a blessing that you can give yourself. So, a strong budget, plus figuring out how to make money to improve the website, and add to our savings will be necessary. One thing that needs to be done is to find a team of mature, dedicated, and good programmers who are willing to moderate, help with issues, and help in other RuneLocus affairs. I would assume 3-5 members of this team would be sufficient enough to sustain the RSPS Section. If they would need some pay to do this, this shouldn't be too hard to work out. It shouldn't cost too much, and I think it would be well-worth the investment. Also, this team wouldn't only be here to moderate. They should also create small tutorials once a week, or bi-weekly that would spoonfeed the people who want to be spoonfed, but it would also give viable programming information and tips to those who wanted to become a better at programming. These tutorials could also be in collaboration with a graphic designer who would be willing to help spruce it up and make it look better in a general sense. Next, to add a little extra revenue to RuneLocus, and to possibly pay the programmers who work on the tutorials, you could add a section for premium members, filled with more advanced tutorials, which would do the same thing as the other tutorials, but they might include more detailed examples, more pictures, etc. It would give people more incentive to become a member, and, like i said earlier, it would put more money in RuneLocus' pocket. Another suggestion for staff is to find a mature, dedicated, and good graphic artist who would be willing to take over moderation of the graphics section. Again, a pay roll might be necessary, but it will be worth it. Paid work means that they'll be much more likely to perform well, as they could be replaced, and it means they'd be much more dedicated to the site. With this new graphic moderator, open the graphics section up back to its own section like it used to be. A strong graphics section helps tremendously. It promotes people buying and selling graphic pieces, It helps to promote RuneLocus in a whole, and it would draw in new members, and get more people interested in it. Thanks, Time
  2. Well, it seems as if Runelocus is starting to move right in the right direction. I think the only thing the site is missing now is a dedicated user base. I'm going to try to post new things that I write in the programming section as often as I can. I hope that the zeal of this community can be found again. I'm not all that good of a programmer, although I've been doing it for a few years, but I hope that w/help and dedication I can advance myself. I encourage others to learn object oriented programming and hopefully some more expericenced members in the community will step up and help teach the next generation.